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All parties are over 18.


“If you can say something sexy enough to make my pussy wet its yours for one night,” That’s what she said… She looked damn sexy wearing a tight little t-shirt and short shorts. I had to try.

I looked her in the eye and leaned in close, “I can make your pussy wet. I can make you so damn randy that you’ll be climbing the walls if I don’t touch you.”

I reached over and pushed her hair back behind her ear and then let my hand trail down to the nape of her neck. She tensed for a moment as I slowly started massaging her neck. As she relaxed into it I stepped close and encircled her small 5’5″ frame with my other arm.

“mmmm…” she moaned into my shoulder.

“You like that?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah.”

Then I stopped I stepped away to the couch and sat down holding out one hand to her. She took my hand and I pulled her down onto the couch.

“Lay down with that ass up,” I told her.

She smiled as she complied. I started back in with the massage. Working through her shoulders and back and occasionally brushing the side of her breasts. I worked down her lower back to the top of her ass. Then I stopped. I started again in on her feet, causing her to moan again. I worked my way up her legs to her ass. As I massaged her butt she pushed up and back Demetevler Escort into my hands.

I kept massaging her getting closer and closer to the sensitive parts that I knew she wanted me to touch. Then just as I brushed the edge of her sex I stopped. And moved back up and massaged her back again. As I straddled her hips I made sure she could feel my arousal nestled between her ass cheeks. I would rock just a little to keep teasing her.

I worked my hands up under her shirt as the massage continued. While doing so I pushed her shirt up higher and higher, until she stopped and pulled it off. Now I would massage down her sides and as I did so I would work my hands around and massage her ribs under her breasts. Then switch back to her shoulders and neck and back again. As I continued she would raise herself up more and more until she was basically resting on her elbows and I could reach under and massage her breasts unobstructed. I would lightly pinch and play with her nipples, and then pull away and massage some “harmless” part of her.

Around the fifth time I stopped playing with her breasts, she literally growled. I just chuckled and continued massaging her lower back. I started working my way down to her ass again, and she sighed contentedly. Otele Gelen Escort As I moved my hands lower I pushed her shorts down as well, and then slid them off her legs.

From the position she was in she had to lift her ass in the air to let me get her shorts off. As I pulled them away she looked back at me. She looked amazing, looking over her shoulder while kneeling there with her ass in the air. I reached forward, grabbed one of her ass cheeks and cupped it in my hand. I squeezed and rolled her ass with that hand while I reach up and under her with the other. I rubbed her pussy and she moaned almost loud enough to be a shout.


I stroked her pussy that way as she ground her ass back at me. Her gyrations kept getting more and more wild and I could tell she was getting close. Then I stopped. As her head snapped around to glare at me I moved in close and kissed her. She melted in to me and grabbed my cock through my pants. I reached down and grabbed her breast causing her to moan into my mouth. I held her to me and stood pulling her with me.

I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes as she kept stroking me. Then I pushed her back on to the couch and knelt down between her legs.

“MMMM…” she moaned again Balgat Escort as she saw me kneeling between her legs.

I pushed her legs apart and reach under her and pulled her ass to the edge of the couch. She grabbed the back of my head and tried to push my face into her pussy. But I resisted,

“mmm… mmm… mmm…” she whimpered as I slowly kissed my way up her right thigh.

Then just when I was at her pussy I stopped and started again on her left thigh. This time though I nipped her every could of kisses,

“mmm… mmm… oh! mmm… mmm… mmm… oh! mmm…” I kept changing the interval so she wouldn’t know when I’d bite.

This time when I reached her I started to lick her. I licked her pussy getting every drop of nectar from her I could and through it all she kept moaning,


I worked my way up her pussy to her clit and licked her there,

“Oh yes!” she cried.

Then I planted my lips around that little button and I sucked on it while flicking my tongue across it. She immediately exploded into orgasm.

“OH GOD YESSSS!!! YESS!! RIGHT THERE! KEEP FUCKING DOING THAT! OH MY GOD THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! YES! YES! YES! YES! OH GOD YES!” she continued until she collapsed. I kept licking her but gently using very little pressure. She would shudder if I touched her clit. I would “accidentally” touch it every once in a while, to watch that little electric jolt go through her.

I stood up and undid my belt and she looked at me and said with a mischievous grin, “That was great, but you didn’t SAY something sexy…” Then she grabbed the front of my jeans and pulled me to her.

To be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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