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Memorial Day weekend started like Jason expected. Kind of. He didn’t really expect the “special treatment” on the car ride up to the lake, but he didn’t complain. Shannon brought toys along so she expected her treatment, but once again he wasn’t expecting that to happen.

They left around 10:30 Friday morning as soon as they got back from class and started the 2 hour trip south to Shannon’s family cabin. She had a white sundress on with her blue bikini bottoms and red bikini top on underneath. Jason had a tshirt and comfy shorts on. The weather on Memorial Day weekend could either be hot and sunny, or rainy and cold. This year they got beautiful, sunny and hot. They each packed a bag but didn’t figure they would need much for clothes, and the cabin would have most of the food they would want, or the store had the rest.

After about 10 minutes of driving, Shannon had scooted across the seat to sit next to Jason and cuddle up to him. And her hand drifted down to his bare leg. He reciprocated and touched her bare leg. Then her hand went higher, and then said, “Can you drive if I do this?” and unzipped his fly. He sprang to life into her hands. “Oh, someone is excited today,” and started stroking him as he drove.

“Uhh, oh, I’ve never… oh, I’ve never had this happen…while driving,” he said while breathing hard.

“Mmm, just don’t crash or I’ll bite it off,” she replied. “And THAT would be a shame for all humanity.”

It didn’t take long till he said, “I’m gonna cum! Oh Shannon here it…” and he exploded in her mouth. She swallowed it all down. He nearly lost control and had to pull over because she took her mouth off of him and started stroking him again.

“Too sensitive! To sensitive! I’m gonna crash if you don’t stop!”

She came up, licked her lips, and planted a kiss on his lips. “It would be a shame to crash because I haven’t gotten mine yet.” She made a big show of pulling her sundress up, sticking a finger inside herself, and then putting that finger in Jason’ mouth.

“Mmmm, you taste sooooo good!”

“I don’t think you can lick me while I drive,” she said, reached into her bag and rooted around for something, and when she found it, showed him her vibrator, and said, “but I think we can play with this, don’t you?”

“Oh, I think we will be able to do something with it,” he replied.

So he pulled back onto the highway as she took her bikini bottoms off and placed her right leg on the dashboard, opening herself up as much as she could in the car. She licked the vibrator, and slowly started working it into herself.

“Mmm. Oh, it’s smaller than you, but feels sooo good. Mmm, what does it do if I turn THIS?” She new damned well turning the rotating knob would turn the vibrating function on, but she was in her naive nympho role and why would he try and stop her?

As the vibrator kicked in, she let out a yelp and started moaning. “Wanna take over and THRUST this in me like you would THRUST your cock in me, Jason? Hmm, would you like that?”

Of course he would, and did. He worked it around as the road and traffic allowed, and when it wasn’t safe for him to do, she took over. Eventually she let out a loud shriek and came, with her leg shaking rather violently.

“Ugh, I can’t wait till we get to the cabin and you fuck me. You still want to fuck me, don’t you Jason? How do you think you will fuck me?”

“How about I bend you over the counter and pound you from behind? Do you like it when I take you that way, Shannon?”

“Oh, yes. Maybe we use the sex swing in my parents’ bedroom. Would you like that?”

“Your parents have a what?” Jason asked incredulously.

“Just kidding, but we can come up with some idea. I like the idea of going out on the lake with the boat and seeing if it’s ‘the size of the ship or the motion of the ocean’ that rocks my world. Do you think that sounds fun, Jason?”

“If you have a boat, I will provide the semen…”

“That was bad, Jason, but I will hold you to that promise. And yes, we have a boat.”

They did have a boat, a beach, a spacious cabin and Jason did bend her over the counter when they first got there. It was hard, fast, and animalistic. It was sex, not love, but neither complained. Love making would come later.

After they got First Sex out of the way, they went to the marina and got the speedboat. They might try water skiing, but probably not if it would interfere with their sex time. Shannon showed Jason around the lake, pointing out cabins she knew, and secluded spots they might visit later. Then they found a secluded spot on the water and she stopped the boat and asked, “Are you ready for the motion of the ocean, Jason?”

He laid down on the deck and she climbed on top, slowly engulfing him with her pussy. She never replaced her bikini bottoms after she took them off in the car, and was still soaking and dripping from their two previous encounters.

Since she was so wet she didn’t need to slowly sink down on him, and her entrance was used to his size by bayan gaziantep escort now, but they both loved the slow torture of her sinking down at a snail’s pace, bottoming out, grinding a bit, then slowly rising back up. It was a contest to see who gave in first. Would Shannon just start bouncing up and down or would Jason grab her hips and thrust up to meet her first? Jason usually “lost” but neither considered it losing at all.

This time Jason’s hips remained still while he played with her magnificent tits, and she slowly ground down on him, using his cock like she was controlling a joystick on some old arcade game. A couple of boats passed fairly close by, but Jason had no idea until she waved at one of them.

“What’s going on? Who are you waving at?”

“Just…some…neighbors. Oh, they look to be…headed this way. Finish fast… Fuck me and make me cum… before they get here!”

He felt his lap get wet, her body clamp down on him, and he finished up inside her. She sat there a minute until he plopped out, which was just before the neighbor’s boat came nearby. Right then, Jason sat up, startling the neighbors.

“Found it!” he exclaimed. “I thought my contact was lost!”

Hello Shannon. Who’s this young man?” the neighbor asked.

“Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. How are you? This is my boyfriend, Jason. We went to school together and he and Scott are best friends. Did your kids come along for the weekend?”

“No, they didn’t come home. Too busy I guess,” Mr. Johnson said before turning a suspicious eye back to Jason. “So you went to school with them, huh? Well, it is nice to meet you Jason. Hope you like our little slice of heaven here.” Then looking back at Shannon, “Are your folks here? We will grill tomorrow and you could all come down and join us.”

“No, Mom and Dad are out of state at a wedding. A couple more friends may join us, or Scott may come down tomorrow, so we will be more people, but we will see. What do we need to bring if we come over?”

“We will have plenty. Just bring yourselves. Nice to see you, Shannon. Nice to meet you, Jason,” Mr. Johnson said, and then sped away.

“Oh, wow, Jason, nice recovery with the lost contact thing. Not sure if he bought it, but it was quick thinking.”

“Thanks. Is someone coming down this weekend?”

“Maybe my mentor. She teaches at the school I did some observation at, and she has a friend who may come along. I know her friend from my classes also, and because of the age diffrence they don’t go out together a lot around town. I think you will like them.”

“Sounds great.” Jason was disappointed. He didn’t want to spend the weekend with some old lady and her young boy toy. But it seemed to be important to Shannon, so he would deal with it…


Still in bed, naked, covered in the smell and fluids of sex, about 7 in the morning on Saturday there was a knock at the door and a loud call, “Shannon? YOO-HOO! Wake up, sleepyheads! Aunt Kimmy is here!” came a loud voice from the front door.

“Great,” thought Jason. Family now, too? It won’t be any secret what we did.

Shannon got out of bed and strolled to the front door, buck naked. No shame whatsoever. She let the new arrivals in. There was a good looking, older blonde lady, probably close to 40, and a petite brunette that must be her daughter. “Cousin is kinda hot,” Jason thought, then felt shame for thinking that.

Shannon and her aunt greeted each other with a hug, the aunt said, “He must be here, let me meet him,” and then Shannon brought them both right into the bedroom.

“What the hell?!” Jason thought, making sure he was covered by the bedsheet.

“Oooh, he’s a keeper, Shannon,” the older one said, then turned her attention to Jason. “I’m Shannon’s college mentor, Kimberly, and this is my ‘friend’ Claudia. Claudia, say ‘hi’ to our host, Jason. It looks like we barged in on them when they were having fun.”

“Allo,” she said shyly. Jason detected an accent.

“Jason, I LOVE volleyball. Do you like to play volleyball? Beach volleyball in particular,” Kimberly asked.

“I guess,” he replied, still unsure what was going on.

“That’s not real confident or assertive, but I will take it I guess.” Then turning to the still naked Shannon, “Shannon, dear, do you think we will be able to find some volleyball matches this weekend?

“Probably,” she replied. Then explaining to Jason, “I owe you some explanations, dear. Kimberly is my mentor at college and she played Olympic beach volleyball 10 or 15 years ago-“

“Don’t age date me. You will make me sound old to Jason!”

“Sorry, she was an Olympian in beach volleyball. Claudia is someone we both know from college, is 20, and from France. She and Kimberly are dating. They wanted to come down for something fun and just need our help,” Shannon said.

“Help? How?”

“First with breakfast, and then with volleyball. After that, who knows,” Kimberly said.

Jason bayan escort gaziantep still felt a little uncomfortable and it showed, and the brazen Kimberly said, “You and Shannon are naked, and we are not. And you are uncomfortable with these two hotties who barged in in you. I’m sorry, I thought Shannon told you. Let me try and help.”

Kimberly grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, dropped it on the floor, and then unzipped her sports bra and let that drop, too. Then she pulled down her athletic shorts and panties, revealing a sunkissed athletic body, a nice landing strip above her pussy, and large A cup or small B cup breasts you would expect on an athlete.

“Your turn, Claudia,” Kimberly said as all eyes focused on the petite French girl with shoulder length dark hair and big, brown doe eyes.

Claudia reached back and unzipped her flower sundress, shrugged her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, revealing a beautiful lithe body, shaved pussy and fantastic, perky C cup tits that were to die for. Jason was not sure how he missed the fact she was naked under her dress when she came in. At the word “came”, he started to stir.

“Your turn, Jason,” Kimberly said.

He tossed the sheet off and got out of bed and stood up. He stood about 6′ 3″, was built, and his semi-erect cock was starting to twitch. He looked like a Roman God to all 3 ladies.

“Sacrebleu!” Claudia said, barely audible.

“Yep, with you and me, we will kick anybody’s ass in volleyball,” Kimberly said.

Shannon said, “Mmm, I still want more.”

Jason, feeling like a piece of meat, felt a little ashamed, but at the same time felt excited. “Hey, if they want to ogle all over me, and Shannon doesn’t seem to care, maybe something fun will happen,” he hoped.

They all ate a breakfast of sausage, bacon and eggs. Kimberly made pancakes that were pretty good, also. Then they all ran naked down the 100 feet to the private beach area that was next to the cabin and jumped in the water. No one was near enough to see what was going on.

Kimberly and Shannon wrestled and splashed each other a bit while Jason and Claudia just kind of looked on. Finally Shannon said, “Race you all back to the cabin!” and took off, leaving the others to follow.

They all got inside, dried off, and Kimberly said, “Let’s play a game to break the ice. How about ‘Truth or Dare’?”

Oh great, how cliche and predictable.

“Sounds great! I’ll go first,” Shannon said.

“No, we make it more random,” Kimbely said. “We get a deck of cards and each of us draws one card. The high card asks the low card, or challenges them, or whatever you want to call it. In a tie, both prevail.”

Shannon quickly found a deck of cards, they each cut, and Shannon had an ace and Kimberly drew a 3. Jason and Claudia were somewhere in between.

“Kimberly, truth or dare,” Shannon asked. Kimberly chose truth. “Have you ever fucked a man?”

“Wow, Shannon, going right for it, huh,” she said. Then continued, “Yes, twice. Once my college freshman year with a professor, and then with my fiance my senior year.”

“You were married?” Shannon asked.

“No, we called it off when it was obvious I was more interested in my volleyball teammate than my fiance. I like being penetrated from time to time, but men don’t interest me.” Then turning to Jason, “Sorry, Jason. You are a good looking guy, but Claudia gets me more excited than you do.”

“I can understand that,” he said. Looking right at Claudia, he said, “She is really cute.”

Next hand Jason won and Claudia lost, choosing truth. “If you are from France, how did you end up here?”

“BOR-ING!” Shannon and Kimberly both yelled at once.

In a cute French accent and small voice she explained how she was a foreign exchange student in what we call high school, then returned home, applied for and received a student visa to come back for college.

“Thats’s not fair,” Kimberly said. “Ask her if she’s ever been with a man.”

Jason, turning a little red, looked towards Claudia who barely creaked out a “no”. Kimberly and Shannon, for some reason, looked pleased.

Next Kimberly got to test Shannon, who bravely chose dare. “Put Jason’s cock in your mouth.”

“Mmm, my pleasure,” she said.

This was the first time anyone had gone this far but Jason quickly got over his stage fright. He loved to feel Shannon’s mouth on him.

“Okay, time,” Kimberly said way too quickly.

Next Shannon got to test Claudia, who likewise chose dare. “Touch Jason’s cock and stroke it.”

Jason earlier may have felt a little shame about being exploited, but this was getting interesting and fun. He just didn’t know what Shannon had planned yet.

Claudia shyly moved in front of Jason, who displayed himself for Claudia. He twitched his muscles, making his cock jump and dance. She took it and gripped it, not sure what to do next.

“It’s okay, stroke escort bayan gaziantep it. Shake it like you are trying to get ketchup out of a bottle. You won’t hurt it,” he coached her.

“Like zhees,” she said, her lovely accent coming out, as she stroked a cock for the first time in her life.

“Oh, yeah, you’re a natural,” he told her.

“Time,” Shannon said. She had a grin on her face. Why wasn’t she mad? And why was she the instigator in that last epidode?

Next Jason got to test Shannon, who chose dare. He figured, “what the hell, go for it.”

“Shannon, finger fuck Kimberly,” he dared.

Kimberly smiled and laid back while Shannon crossed over to her with a big smile. She licked two fingers and said, “Just like old times…”

What did he just hear? Did his girlfriend with nympho tendencies, whom he’s known since Kindergarten, and is his best friend’s twin sister just say she fingered this older mentor lady?

“Mmm, oh Shannon, that’s it. How long will Jason let us go? Till I squirt?”

He didn’t let them go that long, but when he called time, Shannon stopped fingering Kimberly, then licked her fingers. “Mmm,” she said.

Next Shannon got to test Kimberly. “Suck Jason’s cock.”

“I forget, do I use lots of teeth, or no teeth?” she asked.

“You use teeth and hurt him, I will hurt you, Kim,” Shannon replied.

Kimberly didn’t hesitate and got right to work. She had a lot of suction and Jason was about 30 seconds away from coming when Shannon called time.

Next Jason got Claudia. “Sorry about this, but I have always wondered what two girls do- that scissors thing. You and Kimberly, and describe it, please.”

Claudia looked a little embarrassed but complied with her older lover. She explained it in her French accent, threw in some French words for good measure, and Jason finally said to stop.

Next Kimberly got Jason. “Oh, hell, can you put that thing inside me? Do you think it will fit?”

They both looked at Shannon, who said, “I will if I do this,” and sucked it. When it was good and wet, she looked at Kimberly, who was already soaked, and said, “You’re ready. 3 strokes is all. Try not to cum in her, Jason, since you don’t have a condom on.”

What the hell? He had no idea of the rules or what was going on, but she was fine with it. Would he be fine if she wanted to have sex with another guy? He didn’t think so, so why did she not only go along with it, but actually encourage it.

“Fuck me, Jason, but don’t cum in me. I don’t want to give birth at my age,” she said.

As he started to slide inside her tight canal, he asked, “How old are you?”

That’s a question a man is never supposed to ask a lady, but the normal societal rules didn’t seem to be in effect right now.

“Oh God, ugh, 37, oh, that’s big,” she said as he bottomed out. 2 more strokes made the 3 she was to receive, and he withdrew from her, much to his disappointment. It was apparent these ladies were playing Russian Roulette with his cock. Who would end up taking the bullet?

Next Kimberly got to challenge Claudia. “Take Jason inside you. Sit on his lap and ride. We’ve practiced this before, you can do it.”

They had Jason sit on the couch, and Claudia turned her back to him and lowered herself on Jason almost the same way Shannon did during their first encounter a few months ago. But Claudia was tiny. She was just over 5 foot tall was all, and couldn’t weigh 110 pounds. She sat down, and slowly started her descent. “Oh, my, it’s much bigger than our toys, Kimmy, he is going to split me in half,” she said, but still kept on trying.

“You can do it, Claudia. I thought the same thing the first time he fucked me, too. And he was my first also,” Shannon encourgaged.


Shannon got in front of them and rubbed Claudia’s clit and Jason’s still exposed shaft while Kim stood off to he side, allowing Claudia to be distracted by her naked body. Eventually Claudia made it all the way down. “Oh, so, so good.”

She started her ascent, hit the top, and started back down. “Oh, I like this. I could really get used to this,” she said.

“Ride him you French little slut, you,” Shannon said.

Just like with Shannon their first time, and many after, each stroke left Claudia’s cream behind on Jason. Jason just enjoyed the feel while Claudia got more and more into it. She said this was her first real cock, just like Shannon had said, but one thing was for sure- they sure knew how to practice!

“Oh sacrebleu, I am going to orgasm! OHH OOHH YEEESSSSS!” she screamed as she came, her cum running out of her, just before Jason realized he was going to cum.

“Claudia, oh Claudia, I am gonna cum inside! You gotta pull off me now!”

“Noooo, can’t…stop…Won’t stop!”

She continued to ride Jason until he filled her with his load. Spurt after spurt- about a dozen in all- filled the hundred pound cutie’s pussy.

“Oh, my. I see why you like it so much, Shannon,” Claudia said. Then she pulled herself off of Jason and a stream of cum ran down her leg.

She was breathing hard, and laid down. Kimberly got between her legs and started licking the creampie up. Jason, now spent, didn’t know how Shannon would react. It was her fault after all. She reacted by licking his cock clean. “Mmmm,” was all she had to say.

So that was how it was going to go…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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