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Author’s Notes
Callia gets gang-banged. This chapter is not intended to be about Augustus Caesar. The man in this chapter is entirely fictional, and no disrespect to his name was intended.

Scene 01: Callia – Sex? No, but she’s prepping for sex. Still hot, IMO.
Scene 02: Augustus – Sex? Yes.
Scene 03: Callia – Sex? Yes.

She hadn’t been fucked in days. Hadn’t even been allowed around any man, and the female slaves who were attending her had been under strict orders not to touch her, or let her touch herself. She felt like she was dying.
The Emperor was coming. That’s why she’d been locked away. Father wanted to bruises on her body to heal. He also wanted her her to be out of her mind; dripping wet, mindlessly starved for cock. It was working. At that moment, she’d do anything to be touched.
She would have to wear clothes today, at least when she went to greet Augustus. Father had garments made for her, especially for today. Over the course of her young life, while she was still at Father’s secret club, the Emperor had been her only client for the first year of her working life. The other club was available only to the richest and most powerful of men of Rome, those who had very much to lose if their secret, illegal predilections got out. The girls were only allowed to work one day a month, for reasons she didn’t understand. Perhaps Father just wanted to keep their holes tight. But the emperor had been there to see her often. Augustus had spent more than a small fortune on her – which was why father had made a show of draping her in illusive, expensive sea silk. He wanted to pretend like she’d been given some part of the Emperor’s coin – when in reality it had done nothing but line her father’s purse.
Golden leaves, not laurels; a circlet of oak, yew and ash leaves – a nod to her mother’s high status in the Celtic world, she guessed – circled her head. Gold, too, were the straps of her sandals, crisscrossing up were slender, tanned calves. Her face had been painted like some of the older whores, thin lines of black khol around her eyes like Egyptian royalty, her lips were pale and shimmered in the light. Her red hair had been lightly curled and teased until it was full and wild. She looked like a young, nubile nymph – a wild, woodland child of the gods.
She’d been oiled for days, and made to lay naked and spread in the sun, turning at regular intervals and it had made her fair skin take on a golden, Roman glow. Her freckles were more prominent, instead of being restricted to her nose, they were sprinkled over her shoulders and the tops of her breasts. They hadn’t used enough of the sea silk on her body, but she assumed that was the point. It was sheer to the point of see-through, and when she looked in the mirror she could see the outline of her breasts and her hard nipples standing erect through the draping top. Her cunt was just barely visible through the too-short skirt fashioned from the material, she could just make out the line of her now-hairless little slit. A golden belt was cinched tight around her narrow, young waist. This was no aristocrat’s garment. It was a garment for a rare and expensive whore.
That made her hot. She could feel her knees trembling with the need to be violated. She liked being dressed up to suit a man’s needs, being changed into whatever suited his desires. Like she wasn’t a person at all, just a doll – a toy – to suit a man’s fantasy. She could feel the wetness between her thighs, and the way the soft silk brushed her skin made her ache to be filled.
When the door creaked open, she hoped against hope that it was someone there with a cock, or a tongue, or fingers.. Someone who would use her young, aching body.
Her father stood in the doorway, flanked by Gaius.. And Cassius. They were his oldest sons, it made sense that they were the ones with him, but she’d laid awake for days, arms chained above her head fantasizing about Cassius and when she saw him it was all she could do not to beg for his cock.
She, and only she, could tell that the feeling was mutual. Her oldest brother loved what he saw when he looked at her. She stood up straighter, back arched so that her tits jutted out almost imperceptibly.
Her father smiled as his eyes examined her. “Hm. Yes, yes I think that might be perfect. Callia, turn. Bend over.”
Hope soared eskort gaziantep in her chest as she obeyed. The skirt of her garment raised as she did. It was far too short, and when her hands wrapped around her ankles, her glistening little pink cunt was fully exposed to her father and brothers. She wanted to be mounted, fucked while still in this glorious silk.
They voiced their approval, and she was commanded to kneel before them. She did, knelt in the position she was taught. Her shins on the floor, legs parted wide, back arched to present her tits. She smiled to herself. When she knelt, her cunt was still perfectly visible. Maybe clothes weren’t so bad, after all.
“Come now, Callia. Augustus is on his way.”
She smiled. Surely he would fuck her cunt. Perhaps even let some of his guards use her as well.
As they led her down the hall, she felt Cassius’s hand snake between her legs to slide a finger between the lips of her pussy. No one noticed, but when she looked back at him, his finger was in his mouth.

Augustus hated the old Greek pimp. What he hated more was that Lykos had something he craved, something he could not buy. He’d wanted to own Callia since the first day he saw her. A sweet, naked virgin who had been so proud when she explained to him that she’d just sucked her father’s cock for the first time. She’d been so eager to tell him that she’d made him cum on the first try. He’d held her on his lap, spat on his hands as he rubbed her little clit as she told him the story in full, explicit detail. What his cock had tasted like, what his balls had felt like in her mouth, how much she’d loved it when her father had ordered her to leave his cum on her face until it dried.
She had squirmed and writhed against his fingers, getting as aroused by her recounting of the memory as she was by his hands on her cunt. He hadn’t been permitted to penetrate her, not even with a finger. It had infuriated him. He was not a man accustomed to being told no. He had ended up bartering with the old greek, paying three times her virgin price just to lay his cock against her, hold her cunt lips around it and jack his cock against her slit. He would have given Lykos anything but his empire to have fucked her that day. He’d received a promise that he would be the one to deflower her. And he had, a little over a year later.
He wanted to own her that moment, but his position -and his wife- would not allow that.
Today he was visiting her again, as a treat. Not for him, but for his six most favored guards. They’d served him well these past years, and he knew Callia was the perfect reward. And after they had used her, he would bury himself in a cunt he’d been fantasizing about for a very long time.
And then she was standing in front of him, barely clothed, made up like the finest little whore in all of Rome. Which she truly was. Young and eager, she whole-heartedly enjoyed everything that was done to her. That’s what made Callia so special. There was never a moment when he’d believed anything he’d done to her had been against her will.
He could feel the mood of the men around him changing, becoming hungry as they stared at her. Through her dress, anyone could see her body, young and supple. Pretty little freckled tits, a tight slit, round ass. Yes, all six of his guards would enjoy her. And he would watch.
She greeted him eagerly, and he could feel the heat of her body against his as he embraced her. His men groped her, hands on her tits, up her skirt to squeeze her ass and explore her cunt as she greeted each one of them in turn.
Her father ushered them all into a room set up for the festivities. Wine and food was abundant, areas were set up so that he, her brothers, and her father could watch. Callia was shaking as she was ordered to kneel, her little cunt exposed and soaking as she watched the men exchange greetings. She’d grown older, filled out, but she hadn’t changed. A whore was still a whore.
His men examined her. Rough hands on her soft skin, the shoved their fingers in her mouth. Bent her over to fondle her ass, spread her legs and ass wide open to see her tight little holes. Her lips parted in something close to a scream as one of his men’s fingers forced open her asshole.
“She’s been deprived for days.” Lykos informed him, his eyes never leaving his daughter’s body.
He could tell. She was licking and biting gaziantep esmer escort at her lips furiously as his men inspected her cunt. Two of them had fingers buried in the same hole, and she was forcing her hips against their hands. Finally one of his men filled her waiting mouth, and she sucked his cock greedily. She took it down her throat without even trying to wet it. She gagged around it even as she pushed her hips back, fucking the fingers that were inside her. He could see her thighs shaking, even from across the room.
“Somebody fuck the little bitch already,” Gaius, Lykos’s second son muttered next to him, and he laughed.
“Please,” Callia added, her mouth still around the head of his soldier’s cock.
One of his men, Cladius was only too happy to oblige. When Callia bent her body out to him, he slipped his cock inside her from behind. Cladius dug his fingers into her hips as he pounded inside and Callia went wild. She was no passive whore. She never missed a stroke of Quintus’s cock as she slammed her ass back on the cock impaling her. He could hear her moans muffled by the cock down her throat while she got her sweet little pussy pounded. Some of Lykos’s other girls knelt as his feet, and he guided his cock into the waiting mouth of one of them. A pretty young dark haired girl with tiny tits. He pulled her hair as she swallowed his cock, and he watched his men lay Callia down on the stone floor. One of his men held her arms, pinning her down with one hand and slapped her face repeatedly as Cladius pounded her cunt. She was screaming, begging them to fuck her harder, telling them in graphic and explicit terms just how badly she wanted to be covered in their cum. Two of them shredded her garment off her body, exposing the shaking, sweet little tits. They assaulted them, slapping them until they were a violent red before licking and biting on her little nipples. The man holding her arms slammed his cock back inside her mouth, and she had her first of many orgasms that day with a cock in her mouth, one in her cunt, and a different mouth on each of her tits.

Six cocks. Six deliciously thick cocks, all belonging to men she’d never seen before. And she was going to be fucked by them all. Her cunt was soaked, already being penetrated violently. None of them would go easy on her, because she wasn’t a woman. She was a whore. An object. She was made especially for their pleasure, three willing holes created solely to be filled with their cum.
She sucked the cock in her mouth like her life depended on it. Her cheeks and tits were stinging from their violent slaps and she savored the feeling of her lips being stretched wide, the way the head of his cock was forced down her throat over and over, barely giving her time to breathe.
The man pulled out of her cunt before he could cum, and she was jerked up, and rolled onto his stomach, her back to his chest. Two of the men grabbed her calves, stretching her legs wide open as she felt the man under her guiding his cock to the entrance of her tight little ass hole.
“Oh, yes. Yes please,” She begged him. “Put your dick in my ass, please. Please put your fucking dick in my ass.”
He obliged her, and she screamed, half pain, half ecstasy as his thick cock slid inside her tightest hole. She knew this position, knew what was coming, why her cunt was still empty and accessible. Even as the man beneath her assaulted her ass, she watched another taking his position between her legs. She shuddered, every inch of her body shaking as he shoved his cock in her dripping wet cunt. She whimpered, eyes closed, just taking it all in, the men fucking her there in front of her audience. She turned her head to find her father.
“Look. Look at me, Daddy.” She begged. “Daddy, I have two big cocks inside me, see?”
Her father nodded, shoving his cock deep inside another whore’s mouth.
He licked his lips before speaking, his voice shaky. “Yes, baby I know. I see you. Take those dicks like a good girl.”
Every set of eyes in the room were focused on her, every man getting his cock stroked or jerked by one of the slaves on the floor. Even Cassius had his cock buried deep in some blonde’s throat.
She was a good girl, so she made sure to squeeze her cunt and ass around the cocks inside her, staying so fucking tight as they fucked her. The other guards squeezed her tits and slapped gaziantep eve gelen escort her face, fisting their cocks in their hands waiting for their own turns inside her.
She could feel the man under her tensing, his strokes even fucking rougher than they had been before. He was breathing heavily, his lips against her ear.
“Do you actually like this, you filthy whore?” He asked as his fingers dug into her hips.
She moaned. “Yes. Yes, I love it. Oh Gods, I fucking love your cock in my ass.”
His nails dug in, hard enough to hurt her, and she knew. He had just pumped her little ass full of his cum.
Both men pulled out, and she was bent over. Her ass was spread, facing the couch where the other men sat, so that they could see the first load of cum she’d taken. And then the man who had fucked her pussy earlier slammed himself into her asshole.
He took her hair in his fist, and held her face down against the hard stone floor as he rammed his cock in her ass, deep enough and hard enough to hurt despite the pounding she’d already taken. He slapped her ass with his other hand as he penetrated her.
It didn’t take him long, she was begging with her face being held firmly against the floor, and after about ten more violent strokes, he rolled her over by her hair and shoved his sock in her face. She opened her mouth so eagerly, but her came before he could even get it past her lips. She could taste his cum on her tongue, and feel it hot and sticky on her lips.
She was rewarded with a vicious slap for making him cum too soon. He held her by the hair, and she presented her open, cum-filled mouth to the spectators.
And then she was filled again. Two of them tried to stick their cocks in the same hole, but the emperor wouldn’t let them. He planned on using her later.
They looked irritated, but agreed, and then one slammed his cock in her ass while the other took her pussy. They had done this before, she could tell. Fucked the same women at the same time, because their thrusts were as perfectly timed as daddy’s and Hectors had been. When the man in her pussy wrapped his hands around her throat, it was only two more rough strokes before she came around both of their cocks, being chocked reminded her of Cass, and the thought that he was watching made her fucking crazy. Her eyes locked with his as her body spasmed around two other men’s cocks. He.. He actually smiled at her. It was a frightening smile, one that promised punishment, but a smile none the less.
She threw her head back, and it cracked against the stone floor as the man under her, rolled her off of him and onto the ground. They rolled her over, and knelt over her as they pumped their cocks just inches from her face. She opened her mouth, smiling widely, dizzy and euphoric. When they came it was in unison, and it dripped over the lower part of her face, mouth, chin, cheeks, nose. She just laid against the floor, her body aching and lazy, almost broken.
But she wasn’t finished yet.
She was hefted to her knees, ass in the air as one of the last two men buried himself in her ass, and the other shoved his cock down her throat. She choked on it, but sucked hungrily, hoping he would end up spaying his seed down her throat. She hadn’t got to taste enough.
The man in her ass took his time. His thrusts were not rough and hungry like the other men, but they were violent just the same. He held her hair in his hands, and shoved so deep with every carefully slow thrust. His hand reached down around her hips, and he pinched her sensitive little clit between his fingers as he fucked her ass and watched her sloppily suck the cock in front of her.
She rotated her hips in small circles, both for the sensation it would give his cock, and the sensation it would give her overworked little clit. She grinned around her cock, felling that next orgasm starting to build, heat pooling. It gave her her second wind, and she looked up at the man in her mouth as she balanced on one hand and used the other to cup his balls. He petted her head in encouragement, voicing his approval in a soft groan. She held his balls in her hand as she felt her legs tighten, her knees shaking as her body prepared. She let go, trying to scream, but only succeeded in gagging and choking around his thick cock. His dick spasmed in her mouth and she felt it, that hot, salty seed hitting the back of her throat.
The man behind her shoved one last, painfully rough thrust deep inside her ass, and held her there as she felt his cock jerking inside her. Spent, he shoved her away and she collapsed, filthy, cum covered and exhausted. She curled up on the floor wearing nothing but her sandals and tiny gold belt, eyes closed, but smiling as the room erupted in applause.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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