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Anal Porn

In this crossover, Ophelia from my story “Life Hack” meets Kumiko from my PWYS series. It’s told from the former’s point of view.


Looking back, it’s amazing how nonchalant I’ve become about using the spare bed in my dorm for convenient self-relief. I deliberately peed on it out of desperation for the first time halfway through last semester, and it was an unexpectedly primal pleasure that I couldn’t help but want more of. By the time the semester ended, I often soaked the bed more out of convenience than desperation, exhilarated by the relief itself, the warmth of the puddle, and the naughtiness of it all. As the following semester began, I was actually looking forward to having that freedom again after about three weeks at home with my family. I love my folks dearly, and the holidays were as great as they always are, but using the actual bathroom to pee had acquired a certain ennui to it that left me fantasizing more than once about going in my dorm.

When I returned to campus in January, my bladder wasted relatively little time in giving me reason to wet the bed. After three hours of putting my stuff back into place, my parents left to return home in good spirits, but all that work had made me hungry. So I cooked myself a quick bowl of canned pasta and raided my mini-fridge for some soda (I have very blue-collar tastes). It was barely over an hour before my bladder signaled that it was getting full, but I kept watching a random movie on Hulu until it grew urgent, which didn’t take long. In just ten minutes, I started squirming ostensibly, but I endured only a minute or two at that stage before I swiveled my desk chair, stood up, and approached the unused bed, swiftly unfastening my jeans on the way. As I pulled the covers back and turned around, the urge intensified as if in anticipation, so I tore my jeans and panties down in a single hurried motion and had barely sat down before letting loose. I gasped as the warm flow started immediately and quickly swelled to my usual flood. I reveled in the feeling of my bladder deflating and a warm puddle spreading like wildfire and caressing my thighs, butt, and genitals. With already half-lidded eyes, I bit my lip and moaned loudly as I continued peeing into the mattress for about a minute or so, sighing in deep relief as the pressure dropped and the wet spot deepened. My already robust flow briefly swelled before I finally finished relieving myself. “Mm,” I purred to myself, “it still feels great!”

It would by no means be the last time. Before going to bed that night, I felt the urge again. This time, perhaps due to sleepiness, I didn’t even bother turning around to sit down on the bed like Maltepe Anal Escort a toilet. Instead, I yanked my pajama pants down to my shins and kneeled on it with spread thighs. I moaned softly as I instantly released a fierce torrent onto the bed, surprised at how pleasurable it still was despite not sitting in the puddle as it grew. The warmth in my crotch as the pee kept flowing out was enough by itself to elicit multiple satisfied moans from me over the course of another minute or so, and of course, releasing all that built-up pressure always feels incredibly soothing. When my bladder was empty at last, I lazily climbed off the bed, pulled my PJ pants back up, and crawled into my own bed for sleeping.

This is not to say that I never acted out of desperation. In fact, in a way, peeing on the bed after being really desperate was even a bit more enthralling. On one day in particular, an unexpected and rather long conversation with a professor of mine left me arriving home later than usual, and I was squirming so hard by the time I reached the door that I kept having to pause the process of unlocking the door just to massage my bursting crotch. As soon as it opened, I rushed in, and it hadn’t even swung completely closed again before I unzipped my jeans and ripped the button loose. I was practically panting as I lowered them to my shins along with my panties, tore back the covers again, and let a fierce stream of pee erupt from my vagina even before my butt was fully planted on the mattress.

I let out a long sigh as the pressure deflated rapidly and a huge puddle formed around me within mere seconds. “Oh, that feels so much better!” I breathed heavily as my flood finally dwindled after almost two minutes.

The next time I was that desperate, however, would take things to a whole new level. This time, it was my darn willingness to help my fellow students that left me leaving class later than usual, and I rushed home whining and groaning but also eager to unleash it all on my spare bed again. My heart sank, however, when I heard the familiar sounds of the fire alarm as I approached my building. “Are you kidding me?!” I cried in frustration as the crowds of students pouring out of the dorms at the direction of the RAs confirmed that I had arrived at the start of a random fire drill! “Is this really necessary?” I grumbled to myself. “If there’s an actual fire, it won’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that they need to get the hell out!”

I promptly pulled up along the sidewalk in front of the complex within earshot of the nearest RA and shouted, “Hey, I really gotta pee! Can I at least get into the commons?”

I groaned Maltepe Yaşlı Escort when the RA shook his head. “I can’t let anyone into any part of the complex during a drill. Sorry. It’ll just be about five or ten minutes anyway.”

“I may not have five or ten minutes, dipwad!” I thought while whining and massaging my crotch, which renewed its signals of urgency almost as if in protest to the RA’s words. As I did so, I noticed an athletic Asian girl apparently returning from a routine jog. She slowed as she reached me. “Fire drill?”

“Yep,” I confirmed begrudgingly. “And damn it, I gotta pee so bad!” I figured there was no point to discretion, given how my desperation left me no choice but to display some really obvious body language. I was still holding my crotch as I crossed my legs sidelong on the seat of my moped and visibly rocked my torso back and forth. I puckered my lips and hissed, and my companion gave me a sympathetic look. I was literally bursting by now, and my eyes started darting around the yard. “At this point I’d happily piss on the grass if I could find enough privacy somewhere!”

The jogger bit her lip and stepped closer to talk to me a bit more privately. “If you’re that desperate, you can go in my car if you want.”

I blinked, so shocked that I almost forgot my predicament for a split second. “What?”

“I know it sounds weird and maybe gross,” she hastened to add, “but seriously, I have an awesome cleaner that makes it very easy and quick to clean things up in there… and I speak from experience.” She gave me a pointed look with that last clause, making it clear that she’d actually peed in her own car before. “I swear, I don’t mind at all. You just look so miserable, and my car is right here.”

I groaned. Even though I still couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing, it was still tempting enough already, but when I saw that the vehicle she pointed out was a tantalizing mere couple of feet from where I sat on my moped, it almost did me in. I searched her face for any sign that she wasn’t earnest and found none, but as a sudden swell in my desperation almost had me wetting my pants right then and there, I decided the brief scrutiny would have to be enough. “Open it!”

She wasted no time in approaching her car, unlocking it with a remote from her pocket, and opening the front passenger door. I braced myself and rose from my moped, striding as fast as I dared towards the vehicle. “Just let loose on the seat,” my savior said as I climbed in. “It’ll feel great, trust me.”

Her confidence finally convinced me that it really was okay, and she had barely closed the door before I hastily unfastened Maltepe Zenci Escort my jeans and tore them down along with my panties. Collapsing onto the seat, my lingering hesitation managed to last hardly a second before I exploded with a loud gasp. I gripped the handle on the upper interior edge of the door and just gaped through half-lidded eyes as the immensely relieved sensation of an urgently emptying bladder overtook my entire lower abdomen, with warmth pooling at my crotch and spreading at incredible speed around my butt and thighs. I let out a long half-moan/half-sigh as I kept peeing uncontrollably into the fabric for at least a minute and a half. A subsequent moan turned into another audible gasp as I released the final burst and finished with a deep sigh of satisfaction.

Despite my companion’s prior assurances, I still felt a little embarrassed as I signaled to her that I was done. Nevertheless, I was so relieved that I barely cared as she climbed into the driver’s seat in clear eyeshot of my naked privates and huge wet spot. She actually looked impressed. “Holy crap! You must’ve had to pee like a racehorse!” she said as she pulled what looked like an aerosol can out of the glove compartment. “Pull your pants back up and either climb out or climb into the back if you feel that would be more discrete.”

I chose the latter option and watched in what quickly became awe as a simple spraying and wiping procedure had the seat looking as good as new within a mere couple of minutes. “Wow!” I said as I dared to touch the seat only to discover that it was just barely damp. “You gotta tell me where you got that stuff!”

“No problem,” she laughed. “I’m Kumiko, by the way.”

“Ophelia,” I responded in kind with a genuine smile. “Thank you so much! I needed that! I mean, I have to admit, I’ve peed on my bed before, but never in a car!”

She raised her eyebrow at my admission, but I could tell she was just amused and not at all disgusted. With that, we easily fell into conversation about our unusual peeing habits, to which I learned Kumiko was certainly no stranger. She, her twin sister, and their friends were actually bolder than I was! We actually stayed in her car chatting a little while past the fire drill, after which she invited me into her dorm, since by then I didn’t seem in any hurry to stop hearing about her unorthodox peeing adventures. It was an unexpected relief to find someone who also had some experience with naughty peeing. I even got to witness her nonchalance firsthand shortly before I finally left for my own room. Despite what I’d learned about her by then, I was still at least mildly surprised when, in the midst of our lively exchange, she casually dropped her jogging pants and panties right in front of me, squatted low to the floor, and just started peeing fiercely onto her own carpet! Kumiko spent about 90 seconds moaning softly as she emptied her bladder, leaving a very impressive wet spot on the rug.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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