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I close the door, another evening over. It gets harder every time he has to leave. We both know it has to be this way, and least for now, but the temptation is getting harder to resist; impossible to deny.

I lean against the wall opposite the door of my flat and close my eyes, sighing. The alcohol has made my head slightly fuzzy but I’m sober enough to know that the desire I’m feeling is real. How can he get me so worked up with a few kisses? God knows even a look is all it takes when I’m with him. Even now, as I hear him walk down the stairs outside my front door and leave the building, my knickers are damp. If there was anyway, I’d call him back and let him have me, right here and now. If only…

The thought of him fucking me against the wall only makes me even hotter for him. I know I’ll never be able to sleep like this. After turning out the lights I walk into my bedroom and shut the door. I undress slowly, teasing myself as I go. Running my hands over my soft kocaeli escort bayan curves as I lift my top over my head, squeezing by breasts hidden away in my bra. Stroking my smooth thighs as I slide my jeans down and step out of them.

My hands glide over my soft skin and I work my bra straps over my shoulders before reaching behind me to undo the fastening. Allowing my white see through DD bra to fall to the floor I run my hands over my breasts, squeezing firmly as my thumbs roll over each nipple, making them swell. I long for his touch, his hands where mine are now, and closing my eyes I let my mind wander and imagine he’s there with me now. My head tilted back slightly I stand, pinching and rolling my pink nipples as I think of his hands doing the same, his lips raining kisses all down my neck and over my shoulders. I shiver thinking about his body pressed against mine, pushing me towards the bed…

I make myself comfy on the bed, letting my hands wander down kocaeli sınırsız escort my stomach and over my thighs, just brushing the damp white fabric covering my soaked pussy. Oh how I wish it was his fingers sliding under the elastic to stroke my smooth shaved lips. Hooking my thumbs under the waistband I pull my knickers down my thighs and of over my feet, legs in the air, laid on my back.

I can smell him on my skin, where his hands were, his lips… Dreaming of his tongue on my skin my fingers slide between my wet folds of skin, dipping slightly inside, getting my finger wet before I slide it slowly upwards towards my throbbing clit. I work my finger in slow circles over my clit, wishing so badly that it was his tongue there instead. My left hand slides over my breast and squeezes slightly before raising it to my face so I can lick my nipple softly, where his mouth was only minutes before. Sending thrills through my body, I think izmit anal yapan escort of his teeth gently nipping as he sucks on me.

I’ve got my knees pulled up high, thighs spread, craving him between them. My fingers are working harder now, faster, my hips rocking back and forth as though he were inside me, fucking me at last. Rubbing my clit over and over, pinching my nipples hard, but it’s not enough, I long for him inside me. Letting go of my tit I reach just under the bed and find what I am looking for. My left hand slowly works my favourite toy up and down my slit, getting it wet before pushing it slowly inside me. In my mind he is entering me, stretching me open with his cock. I ease it in and out a few times gently before shoving it in as hard as I can, my other hand pinching, rolling, stroking my clit all the time. I fuck myself hard and fast with it while tormenting my swollen pink clit, so close now. Eyes closed, breathing shallow, imagining he is with me now as my climax rushes through me; feeling my pussy gripping the vibe hard, I’m wishing it’s his cock, moaning his name as I cum, and cum and cum.

A few moments later, as I catch my breath, I pull the covers around me and settle into my pillows, knowing I’m going to dream of him tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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