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A tale as old as modern America, or at least as modern American romcoms…

Shy athlete. Popular-ish nerd.

But law school is different. The lines aren’t as clean-cut. Classes are optional. I never see you. But when I do, I am floored. You’re on the softball team. I’m not one for stereotypes, but I also didn’t really need that as a giveaway. Your whole demeanor tells me. You aren’t straight.

At the end of our first semester, you show up for the one class discussion that isn’t optional. That’s the first time I see you in that class that I’ve been going to every week. We have different priorities, and that mystery attracts me to you more. We make small talk after class and your piercing green eyes make me lose my words. I notice you laugh at an occasional bad joke I make to the group around us. I’m talking to others around me, but I only have eyes for you. I don’t want to come on too strong.

We all head back inside to go to constitutional law class, which you told me you also haven’t gone to in a while. You say goodbye. Hitting the gym. It shows that you have been. Even in sweats on a Tuesday you look incredible. In constitutional, all I can think about is you. Why is this only rus escort the third time I’ve seen you in three months? How can I see you again? I take a peak at your Instagram. Am I just attracted to the idea of you? I barely know you. But your chuckle, soft voice and curly hair flash and echo in my mind. By the end of class, my notebook shows a blank page with nothing but the date in the top right corner.



The end of semester party has been planned for weeks. I show up early to help out my friend who’s organizing. You RSVP’ed to the Facebook event, so I’m praying this is where we’ll cross paths again. I know I look hot in my crop top. To thank me for the help, my friend buys me a few shots. The other first-years start to trickle in. The DJ starts dimming the lights and intensifying the music. The floors starts getting sticky. I dance in a sea of drunken smiles. A girl I worked on a project with is here and I know you two are friends from undergrad. I start up a conversation and ask her quite blatantly if she knows whether you’re seeing anyone. She doesn’t know but flashes me a smile. We joke around about the incestuous environment that istanbul bayan eskort is a law faculty. After some more chatting, I go back to the dancefloor. My buddy picks me up on piggyback and we’re having a great time. I don’t even notice you walk in.

I am sweaty, and tipsy. I’ve had a few people grind on me throughout the night, always jokingly. When I feel hands on my denuded hips, I just keep swaying. When I put my hands on these hands though, I am surprised at the delicateness. These aren’t my guy friends’ hairy paws. I turn around and have to catch my breath. You lean into my ear and whisper “no, I’m not seeing anyone.”

You smell delicious. You look insane. The tight black one piece reveals your toned biceps, perfect abs and curvy ass. We dance but I don’t want my friends to know about you. This is something I want to keep private.

“Do you want to follow me somewhere quieter for a minute or two?” I ask you. You smile and nod. I lead you back towards the entrance and down a hallway I noticed when I was setting up. There’s an old phone booth. I press you into the wall and feel your breath as you smile. You’ve clearly been wanting this as much as I have. I don’t ukraynalı escort let you kiss me yet, opting for your neck instead. I brush your curls onto the other shoulder and kiss your collarbone softly. I feel your body pushing against mine. I push your hands back against the wall and look into your eyes.

“Is this what you want?” After your vigorous nod, I press my lips against yours. Your tongue eagerly pushes through my lips and your hands escape to pull me closer to you. My knee pushes into you and I hear that soft voice slip through your lips: “fuck.”

We can feel the music through the wall, the deep base of the electro music. I push my hand against your groin and through the thin fabric of your one piece I can feel your wetness. I slowly start circling your clit with my fingers and your breathing gets heavier. As I gradually speed up, you start to hold onto me more intensely. Your fingers dig into my shoulders. Your moans turn into pleads for me to go faster. I keep going as I bite down on your neck. You beg me for more. “I’m going to cum. Please. Please. Please don’t stop.” I love to hear it, I am so turned on watching you beg. Suddenly, I feel you shudder against me. Your face falls into my neck and I am almost fully holding you up. I slowly lift your chin and kiss you softly. I walk back towards the dancefloor. My turn to get the shots for the friends.

She walks back in a minute after me, just in time for a cheeky smile and me to offer her a shot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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