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‘Whom You Least Expect’ is my wacky world. It’s more on the erotic side than my other stories (yes, I plan to write more). I wanted to create a world in which a character faced unexpected odds, and had to make decisions on the run. I think I succeeded with it during the first three chapters. The fourth one was different, it was a voyage into a character’s inner self. With this fifth installment we finally see a crack into Elsa and Violet’s relationship. I hope you’ll like Whom You Least Expect 5: Three words. This work is the sequel of Whom You Least Expect Ch.4 and should be read in order (Chapter 1,2,3 & 4 first) or it won’t make much sense. Thanks to mikseventeen for editing my work. Disclaimer: All characters in this story are 18 years old or older. Warning: This story explore mild D/s. You have been warned.

Whom You Least Expect 5: Three words.

“It’s a flood out there—. Violet what happened?”

I had just returned from a long time doing research at my college’s library, soaking wet from the rain that caught me on the way back home. The last thing I expected was Violet waiting for me, standing there, still wearing street clothes, in an anxious state.

Three weeks had passed since ‘Theresa’s Incident’ and not much had happened. Violet had started to run daily, I had fully committed to a ‘Freudian Slip Project’ and Sandra stopped appearing at our front door. Life couldn’t be better. But like all good things it wouldn’t last.

“Elsa. A package was delivered this morning.” My girlfriend stood in the middle of the living room with her arms crossed, a troubled look on her face. “It had your name on it.” She bit her lips as if trying to held the obvious question that was about to escape out of her lips.

“A package? Who sent it? Is it from Mom?” I closed the door and started to remove my soggy clothes.

“It doesn’t say. I was expecting you to tell me.” She said after handing me a dry towel. She was trying to hide it but her voice couldn’t disguise that this ‘package thing’ was eating at her. An uncommon behavior in Violet now; since our school days, she has become a much calmer person.

I took the towel and removed the extra moisture that covered my body. I looked at the small package in the center of our table. It was a box with red hearts and a beautiful golden ribbon. On top a white card with my name written in cursive.

Violet looked at me with anticipation, even worry. It finally dawned on me the reason of her behavior. This wasn’t looking good, not in the slightest.

I nervously extended my hand and held the package. I ripped the wrapping open to find an expensive box of Belgian chocolates.

Before I had time to ponder about it I saw Violet kneel on the floor and pick up a second card that seemingly had fallen from inside the wrapping. She read it and by the look on her face it wasn’t anything pleasant.

She gave me the card without saying a word, walked in direction to our room and loudly slammed the door.


I looked at the piece of cardboard and read:

‘From an Admirer.’

Fuck! This was bad.


I tried to reason with her, that my classmates could be behind it, they had a weird sense of humor after all. It took some time to convince her that this was cruel joke, a college prank. She believed me and everything was normal again. That was until I received red roses the following morning. Everything went downhill from there, she has been giving me the cold shoulder since.

I recalled the last time someone pranked me, it was during high school; and Violet, my mortified girlfriend, was responsible for it.


“Miss Castellano. Do you believe my Science project is good enough for an A?”

I had been struggling with my grades during the last month. Violet’s bullying had been taken most of my concentration, but the personal growth courses I kept attending helped me manage most of the stress. Her ‘malign’ influence still affected me though.

“It sure is Elsa, stop worrying, just remember to present the project on time and you will be okay.” Miss Castellano was my Biology teacher, a lovable woman reaching her retirement years. She styled her red hair in a short pixie haircut. Most of us believed she dyed her hair, which was quite probable given the glimpses of white that I was seeing on her scalp.

“I really need to raise those grades Miss Castellano.”

“I don’t get it Elsa. You were an excellent student starting last year, now you are struggling to maintain your grades.”

“Personal issues Miss Castellano.”

“I heard you have been bullied. Is that the reason?”

I sighed.

“Could be Miss Castellano. I just don’t want to talk about it.”

My teacher was about to say something then stopped. I knew she was respecting my wish and didn’t dig into it.

I grabbed my bag, and started to walk out of her classroom.

“Are you going to check on your project?” My teacher asked on my way out.

“Yes, it’s the final and most important xnxx measurement. Without it the project is worthless.”

“You are too harsh on yourself, you’re in high school, not the Smithsonian Institute.”

I smiled at her and left the classroom in good mood. As I neared the Biology Lab a young man turned the corner, and an uneasy feeling invaded me. He was Todd, Violet’s boyfriend. He just smiled at me and made a curt nod in my direction, then accelerated his stride as he passed me.

Oh no!

I turned the corner and the blonde, still in her cheerleader uniform, had just walked out of our Biology Lab.

“Hello girl. I just helped you in your gardening project.” Violet showed me a pair of scissors. “You can thank me later.” She laughed.

“What have you done?”

I strode past her and stopped. My project was all scattered on the floor. Only stubs remained where once healthy plants were. She had cut them to the root.

I was speechless. Everything I had worked so hard for was ruined. I removed my glasses to cover my face as tears started to drop.

“Don’t cry ‘Four Eyes’. It was only a joke.” I felt, more than heard Violet’s voice. Concern? Worry? Mock?

I stared at her, not caring for the tears that were now running rampant.

“You knew I needed this project to graduate! I didn’t know you could be this hideous!” I held my gaze with hers, I wasn’t going to let her win. Not this time… or ever.

I saw her raise her hand and caress my cheek. A strange behavior. But that wasn’t what made me flinch. It was her eyes. They were needy, regretful, and angry all at the same time. Her hand lingered on my cheek more time than expected. Then lowered it to my shirt’s collar and formed a fist.

“I told you to leave!” She spat. “You are the one to blame.” Violet stood, her gaze unreadable, and strode out of the Lab, leaving me with the disaster that was now my Science project.

“Hey watch out!” I heard a male voice outside.

I was still looking at the door when a scrawny boy entered the Lab.

“Elsa you wouldn’t believe who I just met outside…,” he stopped dead on his tracks and lay eyes on the floor, “I guess you already know.” He picked up a branch that still carried a blue flower.

“I wouldn’t let her win Trevor. I just need to find a new project that could be ready in two days.”

“Really? That would be tough.” He scratched his head, stared at the flower and that’s when his blue eyes started shining cheerfully. “We might have a way out of this.”

“You sure?” Damn! The kid was sharp! No wonder he was our ace at the school’s Debate team.

“Ever tried to extract pigments from a flower using electrophoresis?” I looked at him with confusion.

“I’ll tell you the details later. I hope you don’t mind me helping you Elsa. Do you?”

“Of course not Trevor, you are a life-saver!”

“Let’s pick the flowers Elsa, the red and the blue ones. We need some distillated water and flasks. We’ll show that princess the power of Science!” He raised his fist in a grandiose way.



“You are over-reacting.”


“I just want you to have your feet on the ground. And Trevor,” I stopped to look at him in the eye, “Thanks. I’ll find a way to repay you.”

“You are welcome. And you don’t need to give me anything. We are friends, we support each other.” His cheerful attitude enlightened my once gloomy day. It was hard to feel bad around him.

Trevor helped me with that project for two days. He recorded and analyzed the data. I wrote and arranged the dossier.

I presented my project and got an A. I was elated.

I found a way to repay his kindness. I wouldn’t go in details, but truth be told, it was more a thing of fulfilling a curiosity that lurked in my subconscious mind… and he was more than happy to let me indulge in it.


Violet was still evading me. She couldn’t believe a prank would happen three days in a row. To be honest me neither. I sat on the chair and looked at the high quality brand of Swiss chocolates that were laying on our breakfast table.

“Baby, I’m not seeing anyone else besides you. Believe me. This is a huge misunderstanding.”

“Yes of course.” She answered dryly. Her face buried in her laptop. Her shoulder long hair tied in a ponytail. Her whole attitude was despondent, as if my words were a nuisance. I felt her so far, so out of reach.

I panicked.

“Stop being a bitch and tell me what’s happening inside that head of yours. I’m studying psychology, not telepathy.”

She raised her blonde head from the screen and fixed her eyes on me. I recoiled from that glare, it was the same she had given me the first day we met, when she announced she was about to make my life hell. I felt a drop of sweat slide from my forehead, I hadn’t felt that pit in my stomach since high school. She stood slowly and walked in my direction. I didn’t miss the sway of her hips as she got closer. I gulped. Violet grabbed me by my bakire porno shirt’s collar and pulled me to her. Her beautiful lips so close to mine’s, I felt my mouth watering. Oh my God! What was happening to me?

“Do you want to know how I feel? Try knowing your girlfriend is seeing someone else behind your back. You know, someone like your sexy neighbor.” She turned to face the wall, where Sandra’s apartment was located. Was she referring to the time I was mad with jealously? I almost broke her friend’s nose back then. Well not really, I’m exaggerating of course, but I can’t deny the thought crossed my mind either.

“Oh! Point taken.” That’s when it finally sunk in. “Wait! Knowing? Are you saying for a fact that I have been seeing Sandra?”

“She is very resourceful, believe me. I wouldn’t be amused if she had snared you already.”

“Do you realize Sandra was after you right? Not me.”

“Yes. What’s the point?” I fixed my gaze on those lips. She was so close. Even when angry she was so sexy.

“And that she has a girlfriend now right?” She blinked a couple of times.

“Really? Who?” How could she be so dense?

“Who else? Theresa, dumb Girl! Weren’t you paying any attention to what was happening around you?”

She opened her eyes in disbelief, and looked at me awestruck. She was about to say something, but nothing came out of her mouth.

“Yes, silly girl. Your high school’s nemesis is your friend’s girlfriend. If Sandra is still your friend of course, given the way you treated her before, I wouldn’t be so sure now.”

“So the sounds I heard from her apartment were…,” she gulped.

“Those two. Yes.”

“And the reason she hadn’t pursued me anymore is…”

“They are a couple. Did you think it was me cheating on you while I was away?”

“I feel so stupid Elsa.” She said apologetically, the bitchy woman was no more. It was replaced by my willing, dutiful girlfriend again.

I felt relieved and disappointed at the same time. Weird.

“And now,” Violet held me by the nape and put her forehead against my own, “What’s the name of the person that’s sending you gifts.” Her voice was soft, but the grip I felt on my neck was anything but.

“Ow! Beats me! I know as much as you do, it could be a prank for all I know.” She took a rose from today’s gift and smelled the sweet aroma. “If you want to feel these lips again on… any part of your body, you better find who is sending these gifts. Until I have a name, and a face to match, no big ‘O’ for you miss.”

“You know I can force you to.” I said trying to sound in charge.

“Yes you can. But I have a feeling you wouldn’t.” So, she was perceptive when she wanted to. “Now if you excuse me, I have some work to do.”

She proceeded to sit on her chair and resumed her essay or whatever else she was working on.

Fuck! She looked so beautiful.

I better start finding that Admirer, I couldn’t handle another day in this dry spell.

Especially because I had her sleeping by my side every night.


One. Two. One. Two.

The constant squeaking of the weightlifting machine kept my mind busy, otherwise I could start to have weird thoughts again. Our college gym was a nice quaint place, where a few people met to exercise and keep in shape. It was early in the afternoon and most machines were free.

That Bitch! Who does she think she is?

Five days! It had been five days without any intimate contact. I wondered if I had the withdrawal syndrome some addicts have. I laughed at the thought, and then stopped after watching the stares I was receiving.

Was I addicted to Violet? Or maybe I was addicted to sex instead. Addicted to the sensual touch of a woman, her skin, her breath, her moans… I shook my head to clear my mind. Withdrawal syndrome indeed.

I stopped my reps. Focus Elsa! This line of thinking was dangerous. Dangerous for my health and my reputation, I felt wet down there. I didn’t want to give a show to the two guys at the weights…, or the two women at the bikes who were eyeing me suspiciously.

“Hey buddy! Did you finish with the machine?” I heard a masculine voice behind me. “Nice leg work out by the way. A little more on the thighs and it will be perfect…” He trailed off the moment I turned to face him. “Y-You are a girl.”

Typical male, they make you feel down without actively trying to. It flows so naturally l for them.

“Do I look like a man to you?!” I spat back.

“No. Of course not! I was kinda hopping you were one though.” He said that last part in a low tone.

Now I was attractive to gay men. Go figure. That didn’t do much for my self-esteem.

“Really? And what did you find attractive in me mister…?”

“Jefferson. But everyone calls me Jeff.” He completed for me.

“What did you find attractive in me Jeff?” I rephrased my question.

“Can I be brutally honest?” There was a gleam in his eyes now.

“Be my guest.” I was curious bedava porno now.

“That delightful butt, I could seriously turn straight just for you.” Warning symbols appeared in my head followed by a tremor that run from head to toe. My butt!! I didn’t need to guess what he was planning to do to me back there.

“Good God Jeff! You are a nice piece of male meat yourself,” I stood and faced him. He was a good five inches taller than my 5′ 6″, with muscles well proportionated in each part of his body. Dark hair and green eyes graced a very masculine face. It was hard to believe he was gay, or… maybe he wasn’t. He could just be trying to get laid in a weird way. “You need to work on your pick up lines though. Besides, my girlfriend wouldn’t approve of that.”

A smile crept over his face, he had the ‘I knew it’ look.

“It was worth a try.” He winked slyly at me.

Maybe, just maybe…

“By the way Jeff, have we met before? I can’t recall…”

“Before today you mean?” I assented. “Nope, first time,” then leaned toward me, his arms crossed, “but I hope I can continue seeing you in the future,” that wink again.

“Sorry Jeff, 100% gay and in love. Search somewhere else.” So he wasn’t the one sending me gifts.

When he was gone I decided I had worked out enough. It was time to hit the showers. I was too unfocused to make a good routine…, or a safe one.

I took my time watching my body in the locker room’s mirror: Short black hair, brown eyes framed by a heart shaped face. A toned muscular body covered with a tank top and Unisex sport lycra up to mid-thigh. What did he see in me? Besides the obvious I mean. I looked at my hips in the mirror and twisted my body for a better look. He was right, I had a nice butt.

“Did that girl turndown Jeff? What is wrong with her? Is she a lesbo or something? I would jump on a chance like—” A couple of women entered the locker room. The woman who spoke, a stunning redhead with beautiful curls, stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes reflecting something akin to fear the moment she looked at my face.

“I-I forgot something on the bike, will be back soon.” Her friend, an African-American woman with beautiful dreadlocks and an enviable body, deserted her the moment she realized I was there.

“Lola…?” The redhead trailed off when she found out her friend wasn’t around her anymore.

“That what’s wrong with me?” I slowly walked in her direction. She unconsciously walked backwards until her back hit the lockers.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound disrespectful.” Yeah right! She watched me with her eyes wide open, like a mouse caught in a trap.

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong with me.” I ignored her apology and stopped a few inches from her. “Try receiving gifts every day from a secret admirer, have your significant other know about it and stop having sex until you give a name. Try being without sex for some time and desperate. And you know what the worst part is? That I haven’t the slightest clue who he, or she, could be.” She was about my size, and our eyes met at the same level. Now up close I could see a couple of pretty red lips…

“M-More than a reason to accept Jeff. You could finally rest satisfied, and your ‘significant other’ would be to blame.” She said in a shaky voice. Her eyes fixed on the exit, as if expecting her friend to come and save her.

I soundly put my hand against the locker door. She flinched.

“Nonsense! For the record I would rather have a nice kitty like you in bed than Jeff!” The words slipped my mouth before I could stop them.

Oh Shit!

I freaked out, I had revealed too much. In my mind’s eye I could see Violet disapproving look. I turned and opened my locker, too ashamed to see her directly.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see her figure, standing in the same spot, I don’t know if she was absorbing what I had just said or preparing to escape at the first opportunity. I removed my clothes not caring for modesty and walked toward the shower stalls.

Well done Elsa, now everyone will know. It was not as if I was hiding it, but I didn’t want to publicly announce it either.

I exited the showers expecting to be alone, but she was still there, in the same spot I had left her. Her ‘friend’ still absent.

“What kind of gifts?” I heard her murmur in a barely audible voice.

I snapped the back of my bra before turning to look at her.

“What did you say?”

“I said what kind of gifts did you receive?” Louder this time.

“Chocolate and flowers.” I answered.

“I work part time in a gift shop a few blocks from here. I have received some orders the last five days. To send some flowers, or chocolates, to a certain Miss Martinez,” she made a pause, “And that I should send them with a note entitled ‘from an Admirer’.”

I strode in her direction and held her hands. I felt her flinch. I knew my desperation was showing, but I didn’t care.

“Please tell me a name. I need to know.” She looked at my hands holding hers and gulped.

“I can’t. I could lose my job!”

“What can you tell me then? Please.”

“It’s a man who is sending them. I don’t think he knows you are… like that.” I guessed she was referring to me being a lesbian.

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