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Chapter 13: Captain’s Wife Gets Crazy

I walked out her door and into mine. I raced to my bedroom where I turned on the set. I heard Shirley walk into her bedroom. Then I heard Peter say, “I saw what you did to the bitch; you wanted me out of there so you could have first crack at her. That was some show.”

Shirley responded, “I’m glad you liked it; I saw you there in the hallway watching me, jerking your cock. It would have been nice if you would have joined me and fucked me while I ate her you know.”

Peter said, “Are you kidding? No fucking way. I got off on watching you two. Do you think she really sleeps that hard? I mean I watched her get off.”

Shirley said, “I think so; to her it was nothing but a sex dream. I bet she was thinking of her husband over seas. Poor baby, her husband is over there getting all the fun he wants and she is stuck here bored, as she puts it.”

I heard a drawer open and then silence, and then Shirley said, “Smell this. I washed this today; after lunch when I used it. I think Linda used this while we where at the club.”

I heard Peter say, “Maybe you should send her down to the sex shop in town, or take her there. That way she can buy her own.”

I felt my face turn red and warm. OH FUCK! How could I be so stupid? Why didn’t I wash that?

Then Shirley said, “Check your things. is anything missing? Did she go through your things? I heard drawers open and close. Then I heard walking. My heart was pounding in my chest. They knew I snooped around. They knew I used Shirley’s black rubber dick.

I heard walking again then Shirley said, “Look what Linda watched while we were out.”

Peter said “So? You told her to help herself. I heard you.”

Shirley said, “Yes I did. But look at what she chose.”

“Holy fuck! No kidding! She watched this? How do you know?” Peter asked.

Shirley said, “Because when you put the DVD on stop it always brings you right back to where you were when you stopped. She watched it to the end. My guess is she watched this and got horny. Found my black cock and used it pretending to be the bitch in the movie.”

Peter said, “Hmm, makes sense. Why didn’t she clean it? Do you think we came home too early and she didn’t have time to clean it or what? She sure seemed like she was asleep to me. You don’t think she was faking and just let us do that to her do you?”

There was a very long silence, then Shirley said “I don’t think so, I am sure I can tell when a person is asleep or not. Her eyes were moving under her lids in REM sleep; she was out. I just think she didn’t know better. I’ll think of something besides it is nice to have a hot, little, sexy neighbor again. Who knows, if we play our cards right we may be able to make Linda’s life a little less boring.”

“Can you tell how much of that thing she got inside of her baby?” Peter asked.

Shirley responded, “Look at this; she must have been wet as could be. Look at the juice line she left behind; she had it all the way up to here; Jesus her old man must be hung like a horse for her to take all of this.”

Peter quipped, “It looks like she took as much as you can or close to it.”

Shirley said, “Hmm, now that is a nice picture. You really think she can take as much as I can?”

Listening to them was driving me crazy. I had never heard anyone speak like that and it all concerned my vagina and me. It took me a long time to get that into myself and it look ed like Shirley took that size all the time. From their conversation, it was obvious to me that Peter must be as big as that rubber thing at least in the length. But no man could be as thick as that thing was. Shirley couldn’t mean that when she said it!

There is something real bad about laying in bed at night listening to other people’s most intimate moments. It was so hot listening to them talk about me. Listening to them as they cuddled, kissed, and made love.

Oh how I wished I had the rubber cock with me. I listened to the two of them have sex for the longest time. My hand and fingers were almost numb when I just had to stop. My arm was tired and I could not climax anymore no matter what.

I heard Shirley say “I saw Linda the other day at the Exchange; she bought a large box of condoms.”

Peter said “Fuck, I bet her old man is having her send them to him. I bet he told her their for his men’s rifles.”

Shirley asked, “What makes you think that? Maybe she’s just making sure he doesn’t bring anything home that won’t fit in a suitcase. Or make any baby’s over there. You asked me for rubbers and I sent them. You never told me why; you didn’t just go to the Exchange and get them yourself.”

He said, “I couldn’t. If anyone saw a married Officer living in the BOQ buying rubbers, the Commander would have skinned him. Oh he didn’t give a shit that we got some ass. He just didn’t want anyone to know that he knew. It’s an Officer thing. The enlisted can fuck around all they want, we have to play hide and seek.”

Shirley beşevler escort laughed and said, “Hide and seek my ass. Everyone knows what’s going on; all you officers are horny bastards.”

Peter said, “Yea, here everyone is married and together. When we go and screw around it’s all behind closed doors. No one gets caught with their pants down.”

I laid there thinking that they are all wrong about John; he would never screw around on me.

I heard Peter say to Shirley, “I’ll be going out for a week starting in the morning. I’ll leave you F.F. and I expect to find you that way when I return.”

I thought, “how sweet, he says the same thing to Shirley that John says to me. He wants her to be feeling fine when he gets back.”

Then Shirley said “Oh you bad man. Don’t worry, I’ll be freshly fucked for you when you get in, maybe just by minutes.”

I heard that and sat straight up in bed. F.F. that means FRESHLY FUCKED? No way. No fucking way. John wouldn’t mean that. F.F. had to mean feeling fine, not freshly fucked.

I pulled open the nightstand drawer where I kept John’s letters to me, I began opening them and reading. It was the fifth letter where he began putting that in the Postscript. I also caught something else; he kept telling me to go out and have fun. Not to stay home all cooped up. He told me to go to the club and let my hair down. What was he telling me or trying to tell me? Was he telling me to go to bed with other men? No way, NO FUCKING WAY!!!

I sat there holding the letters; I guess what Peter said to Shirley was true. John must have a girlfriend over there and he was easing his conscious by telling me to go out and get laid. How could he?

I turned off the monitor so my neighbors would not get into my head and mix it up anymore tonight. I laid down and kept going over and over it in my mind, my phone conversations with John. I just thought he meant he wanted me not to be bored. I thought he cared for my happiness. It was all a lie nothing but a big fat lie.

I may not love the sex with John, but I do or felt like I loved him. I do love him. Maybe he doesn’t love me anymore? Maybe when it comes to sex he is not happy with me? Maybe I am the one that is not satisfying him?

He could not think that. I mean I would give him a blowjob at the drop of a hat. We would have sex all the time. (He just wasn’t good at it, but we did it all the time it seemed.) Maybe if he was a good lover like Peter or even Jimmy for that matter (what would happen if he was a good lover?).

I knew one thing, that Shirley and Peter loved each other and they loved the sex. I mean they really loved it. God, I wish John was like Peter in the lovemaking department. Oh I don’t know what to think. Obviously Peter had a different outlook on sex than most men, maybe even John.

Fuck, what do I do? I am always horny; my husband wants me to screw around; he’s fucking around on me. Why shouldn’t I have some fun myself? Who knows, maybe I will find a man like Peter for myself.

The more I think about this, I have decided to get out of the house, I made a mental note to check out the phonebook in the morning and see what this sex shop was and where was it downtown.

When I got up, I was feeling horny as usual. My fucking neighbors were at it again. My speaker was beside my head on the pillow it was their wild loud sex that woke me up. I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:30. I thought Peter was at work, I mean that early in the day on a base everyone is at work. Maybe he had a day off or was going in late.

I turned on the monitor and I heard a voice that I didn’t recognize; it hit me hard. It wasn’t Peter on the other side of the wall fucking Shirley. Who ever it was, was much more vocal than Peter and he was pretty vocal himself.

I heard him yell, “You like that cock bitch? You like my cock in your ass baby?”

Shirley as always was loud and screamed back at the man “FUCK YEA, GIVE ME THAT COCK! FUCK ME, HARDER! HARDER! ALL OF IT, FUCK ME YOU PRICK! YEA YEA, JUST LIKE THAT.”

The man moaned, “You are one hot bitch. Your asshole fits like a glove. Your ass is milking me dry Shirl, work it baby, work it.”


I heard her do her scream as she came. I could hear the bed bouncing hard and fast as this man Baker kept screwing Shirley. They finely, finished after some time and there was a lot if kissing going on. They began to talk

The man asked, “When are you and Peter coming over?”

Shirley answered, “What do you mean? Are we suppose to come over?”

The man said, “Yea, last night don’t you remember Jan invited you both over for dinner this coming weekend? You said you büyükesat escort would; that you had a babysitter for Tommy. You know she wants to get Peter in bed again. You told me to stop in and we would set the time. Why did you think I stopped by today?”

Shirley laughed and said, as she laughed, “For a piece of ass. You always come over this time a day for a piece of ass; what else!”

The man laughed, “Yea your right. But we should set up a time. What about Friday night lets say 7:30 okay?”

Shirley said, “Okay, tomorrow at 7:30. I’ll see if my neighbor can watch Tommy. I’ll have Peter let you know later. Should we dress for an intimate dinner with just the four of us or what?”

The man said, “Just the four of us. No orgy I want you to myself.”

Shirley laughed and said, “I think Jan will have something to say about that. You know how she and I like to play by ourselves.”

The man laughed and said, “Yea, but we got all night, see if your sitter can spend the night. We’ll have a sleep over.”

Shirley said with out laughing, “Make it three couples and we will sleep over. Why not see if Ken and Carol can join us? It’s been a while since we last all got together.”

The man said, “Hey, if Peter don’t mind, I’m game.”

Shirley said, “Are you nuts? Peter is never going to turn down pussy. I don’t care who the bitch is. Set it up for the six of us and we’ll spend the night.”

I heard them as they dressed and I laid there sweating as I ran it all through my head again and again; I kept touching myself. My neighbors were animals, they were sex perverts; I thought of sex all the time. They did it all the time and it looked like they do it with whom ever they wanted without the other partner getting mad.

I know John; he would kill me if I were like Shirley. I just know that he would not do anything like that. I think it would be a kick to try a swapping thing once. But I think I know my John, he wouldn’t.

Since there was nothing coming from next door anymore, I got up and took my morning bath. It was nice to just lie there and relax in the water. I kept going over everything that I had heard in my mind; the things last night and this morning.

I dressed, made coffee, and around eleven thirty I heard a tapping on my door. I opened it to see Shirley; she had a cup of coffee in her hand. I invited her inside and we sat down at the kitchen table.

Shirley said, “I wanted to thank you again for watching Tommy last night. I wanted to ask you if you would mind spending the night tomorrow, Peter and I are invited to an all night orgy and it is no place for a child.”

It threw me when she said the word Orgy. I mean I knew what she was going to be doing. I just did not think she would want me to know. She was being so open with me that it shocked me. It took me so much by surprise that when she said the word Orgy I was sipping my coffee and I almost swallowed it down the wrong tube. I had to cough a bit.

She said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to shock you.”

I coughed a little more and managed to say. “Oh you didn’t shock me. Well maybe you did; I wasn’t expecting to hear that from you.”

What she said next really shocked me; I mean I never expected her to be as open as she was. She said, “I thought you understood Peter and my sexual activity? We are both very active people. I saw that you used my black beauty last night and watched one of my favorite porn movies. I just figured you were like I am. I am so sorry, I’ll leave, you must think of me as an awful person.”

Shirley stood and I stood as I said, “No, please, I’m sorry. It just took me by surprise. That’s all. I am sorry for using your stuff and watching the movie. You must think I am a awful person myself.”

Shirley laughed, “Are you kidding, I offered everything to you last night remember? I said to make yourself at home. Hell, I don’t care about your using my black beauty; if you had washed it when you were finished, I would have never known. But when you left your lovely scent on it, well let’s just say it was a turn on as I cleaned it off with my own mouth last night. You were awake last night when I ate you weren’t you dear?”

I sat down and looked into her eyes as she sat back down; I said softly, “Yes, I never experienced anything like that before. I didn’t know what to do. I am so ashamed.”

She said in a stern tone, “Ashamed? Are you nuts? You did nothing to be ashamed about. And I didn’t either. Were you awake when Peter was fingering you Linda?”

I looked at her and said softly “Yes, yes I was.”

Shirley said, “I thought so, Peter thought so too. But I told him you were fast asleep. You know he watched me eat you from the hallway.”

I gasped, “He did?”

She said, “Oh yea, he watched you get off. Last night when we had sex I’m pretty sure he was fucking you and not me. When he is thinking of someone else he gets sort of wild, and çankaya escort very hard. I hope we are not too noisy for you. I have no idea how thick the walls are here. With your husband gone I never hear you. But then, I wouldn’t would I? I mean if you had a boyfriend come over for sex you would most likely try and keep the noise down wouldn’t you?”

I sputtered, “I ah, no. I mean I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Shirley said, “Hmm, I thought I saw you at the exchange shopping the other day. Weren’t you buying a large box of condoms?”

I said, “I ah, buy those for John. He gives them to his men to keep the end of their rifle barrels covered when they are out in the field.”

Shirley said, “Ah yea, Peter told me the officers do that for their men. But I thought Peter told me they keep the guns all locked up and hardly have to pull them out over there. Maybe they use them more where you’re husband is at. Never mind that, you know what you need is a black beauty like mine all for yourself. There is a place down town called `The Pleasure Zone’ it is an adult theater, bookstore, and video center. You can pick up a lovely cock like mine for under twenty bucks. And since you won’t let me pay you, I’ll tell you what; I want to buy you one for your lonely nights. You know while hubby is overseas and you are in need like last night. What do you say, will you let me buy you one, Linda?”

I felt flushed; I knew I had to be seven shades of red. I was excited talking like this. Yet I did not wish to express my excitement. Besides, I really did not know Shirley well enough to be speaking of such intimate details as we were talking about.

I stumbled over my words I said, “I ah, well I ah…”

Shirley interrupted me and said, “Look dear, don’t go thinking I am trying to get into your pants. I was tipsy last night and it won’t happen again unless you tell me different. I’m just being open and honest. I am sexual and so are my friends. Peter and I have lots of friends and life is too short to lie to each other and ourselves. Now I know you liked doing what you did last night. I figured you don’t have a dildo, so what do you say? Will you allow me to buy you one of your own? You can always use one of mine; just do me the favor of washing it when you are finished. It’s a hygiene thing.”

I had no idea what to say, or how to respond. I looked at her and just shook my head yes. She reached in her pocket and pulled out a ten and twenty. Placing it on the table, “Just give me the receipt and change when you get back. I would go with you, but I have company coming over later and I don’t want to miss him.”

I welcomed the opportunity to change the topic from me to her so I quickly smirked, “Sounds like Peter’s coming home for a nooner!”

Shirley chuckled and said; “Not likely, Greg is coming over for a nooner. His wife is giving Peter a nooner herself. Like I said we have lots of friends. And all of them are as sexual as you and I are.”

She did it again. I was shocked, I had no idea what to say next. Every time she opened her mouth I got shocked again.

Shirley noticed and said, “Oh don’t be such a fucking prude baby, it’s just sex. If your old man was around I bet you both would be joining us in our key club.”

I knew she was way off base now, I said “Oh I know that John wouldn’t swap. He’s too straight laced.”

Shirley said, “Hmm, I never met a man yet that could turn down some hot young thing willing to give up her ass. Maybe he is different. When did you say he was getting back from Korea?”

I answered, “I don’t know, maybe six more months. Maybe another twelve.”

Shirley gasped, “Shit Linda we need to get you a boyfriend. I know just the guy. He’s hung like a horse and loves the swap club. We won’t let him come alone; it’s a couples thing you know.”

Putting up my hand I said, “Oh no, no way. I don’t need any boyfriend. I’ll go get that thing today and I’ll be fine.”

Funny how things happen. I had no intention of going down to that sex place and buy that dildo. I guess it was a defense mechanism when I blurted it out. Once I said it I knew I wanted to go get the thing.

Shirley said as she got up to walk out, “Suit yourself. But I know men, and your Johnny is getting all the pussy he wants over there. You might as well have your fun too you know. But if you can get by with the rubber cock instead of the real kind more power to you. I can’t. I’ll stop by later to see what you bought and pick up the change.”

I sat there in a daze. I had known this woman less than two days. I mean I knew of her and we had said hi once in awhile, but in less than twenty four hours she and I spoke of things I have never spoken to anyone about. I have shared sexual things with her that I have never shared with another soul. I am letting her buy me a sex toy that I will be using to help me forget about the sex that I am missing being married to a husband that is not around and even if he was around, he was not an accomplished lover.

I have no idea just how long I sat there in the kitchen; my coffee was ice cold when I came back to my senses. I looked at the money and thought to myself “Why the fuck not!” I stood up put the money into my shorts and grabbing the car keys started walking out the door. As I got to it, I realized I had no idea where I was going.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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