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This story is for my wife, Jacqui. This hasn’t happened yet but will be our guideline for when it does.

As we moved into our new house nothing is ever good enough. “I don’t like the colour of the gutters, do you?”

“I don’t mind, does it really matter?” This is where I got the eye ball roll and the attitude, I guess it does matter. “What colour are you going to paint it?”

Jacqui replied, “I won’t be painting anything, I thought you might like to do it for me,” with a coy grin that says there might be sex involved.

“You will have to do better than that if you want me to paint all the gutters because I’m betting it means the eaves as well, I’m willing to make a deal.” I replied.

“You and deals! What did you have in mind.” She responded. That’s when I told her I would do the painting if we went to a nude beach. That’s when she flipped out and said no.

I always liked the idea of taking her to a nude beach, seeing other men and women checking out her sexy body, knowing that im the lucky man that gets to take that girl home and fuck her till she cums all over my cock. Even after 2 kids at 31 she still has a sexy body, size 10-12 with a great pair of 34Ds that are still perky and have the best nipples.

Fast forward a month and she drops the bombshell on me that she has bought 2 thong one piece swimmers. This is unusual for her as she is generally conservative but can surprise me from time to time with her inner freak. She is actually considering going to a nude beach with the raunchy swimwear a way of warming herself into it.

That is enough for me and book a stay at the beach in a month’s time, organise the kids to stay with the Grandparents and off we go for a sex filled fun adventure.

5hrs later we are pulling up to the nude beach I found on the Internet that is supposed to be the nicest and less creepy. I can tell that Jacqui is getting nervous so I point out the other people we can see in the carpark. None are your supermodel type, they are just your average everyday person, generally everyone was older than us and all had that bit of extra around the middle.

I step out of the car and tell Jacqui to get changed while I organise all our stuff to take down to the beach. “No peaking” she says. That’s fine with me because I can’t wait to see the finished product. “I’m ready” as replies as she steps out if the car. I’m blown away with the sight before me! Jacqui Demetevler Escort is wearing a multi-coloured thong swimsuit, it has a plunging neckline that shows plenty of cleavage and side boob. She spins and shows me the thin piece of material riding up her crack. “You might want to think about something else” She grins as she points out my growing hard on.

“Lets go!” I say as I do my best to disguise my boner. As we are walking down the path to the beach we see our first nude person walking the other way, a man in his late 50’s, beer belly and an average sized dick. He smiles at us then his eyes lingure on Jacqui as we pass each other.

As the path opens up onto the beach it is still mostly deserted. I take the opportunity to drop everything, that includes my shorts. I asked Jacqui if she was ready to join me. “Give me a while, I still want to enjoy this new swimsuit.”

We walked along the beach till we found a spot we liked and laid down our gear. As we lay down I suggested that we need to put some sunscreen on and quickly offer to apply Jacqui’s for her. I do her back first then work down paying special attention to her exposed butt cheeks around the thin strip of fabric disappearing in her crack. When I’m finished the back I get her roll over so I can do her front. With both hands ready with the sunscreen I run them down her plunging neckline then push the fabric out exposing those great 34Ds. She smiles at me and says, “that was your plan all along wasn’t it!” She knows me too well but then surprises me by pulling the rest of the swimsuit off showing all her naked body. As she lies down I can see she has shaved her pussy bare, Jacqui says nothing but I know this only happens on special occasions.

We are relaxing and notice that the beach is starting to fill up, naked people everywhere. The both of us comment on the people passing by and others on the beach, chuffed that we are younger and slimmer than most other people on the beach. Jacqui is having a great time examining all dicks around but I enjoy it when she talks about the other womens tits, which ones are good or bad, the big ones and the other women that are bare down below.

After dip in the cool water I fall asleep. When I wake up it looks like there is another woman just leaving our spot. “What was that about?” I ask. Jacqui tells me that was Helen, apparently she Otele Gelen Escort could tell we were first timers and wanted to make sure we were comfortable and ok, that this was a safe non judging place for everyone to enjoy. Helen commented that obviously I was comfortable in the situation if had fallen asleep, taking the chance to check out my package telling Jacqui that the first time is always great because it leads to great sex when you get home. Jacqui checks to make sure no one is looking and tells me to touch her pussy, she is soaking wet. “I think Helen was right babe, lets get to our hotel and see how good the sex will be.”

We get to the hotel to check in, Jacqui is wearing a long throw over shirt over the top of her thong one piece. I can see she is attracting a lot of stares as we walk up to the desk. Her shirt is just thin enough that people can see the thong riding up her crack. We get in the elevator to go up. Both of us have too many things to hold onto to kiss and touch each other so Jacqui rubs up against the front of me, she uses her thigh to rub against my cock, we can both feel it getting hard. The elevator stops on our floor and as the doors open there is an old lady waiting to get in, as we are getting out she notices the bulge in my shorts and looks disgusted, we are too turned on the care.

We put our bags down and Jacqui turns to face me pulling her shirt over her head, and pulls the swimsuit to the side showing me her boobs again. Grabbing my shirt she pulls me into her locking her lips onto mine, I feel her tongue parting my lips and let her in. Kissing passionately she walks me over to the edge of the bed. Untiring the draw string on my boardies gives her access to slide her hand down and wrap her fingers around my shaft using her other hand to push my shorts around my ankles. Going down on her knees then licking the head of my cock while staring me in the eyes. She lifts my cock and runs her tongue along the bottom side from the base to the tip closing hers lips around then taking my whole length in her mouth. Jacqui always gives great blow jobs and this one was no different, working her magic she takes me to the brink of cuming. Sensing that I’m close she removes her lips with one last slurp.

Standing up she pushes me down on the bed, climbing on top of me with her big tits in my face I see how hard her nipples Balgat Escort are and know she is turned on. Reaching down she pulls the thong of her one piece to the side and slides her pussy down on my cock moaning as she goes. Her pussy is hot around shaft and I can feel how wet she is as she starts long slow strokes while riding me. Those nipples are hanging right in my face, grabbing both full breasts with my hands I guide each nipple in my mouth sucking on each one to make it harder. Her hands grab mine and slide them off her tits and down to her waist as she straightens up, now she goes to town. She is grinding and working her pussy on my cock as her wetness runs out of her pussy down my shaft and balls.

Throwing Jacqui over on her back with me still inside I’m now on top. “Fuck me nice and hard” she says I start to drill her pussy. I can hear her moan and feel her pussy tighten as she cums around my cock while I’m starting to really fuck her hard. Lifting her legs up I drive deeper in her pussy, she gaps and tells me how good I’m fucking her.

Pulling out she knows whats coming and gets on all fours exposing her pussy for me to fuck her from behind. Getting behind her I rub my cock over her pussy lips and clit teasing her until she begs for me to slide my cock back in to her willing pussy. As I do she throws her head back enjoying the feeling. Grabbing her hair in one hand I smack her arse with the other. Jacqui loves it when I grab her hair and dominate her I start to fuck her as hard as I can. Screaming out she is on the verge of pain but the pleasure in her pussy is even better. Letting go of her hair I spit on my fingers and reach around to tickle her clit. It doesn’t take long and a tremendous orgasm racks her whole body, her pussy spasming uncontrollably.

As it subsides I ask her where she wants me to cum. “I want to suck the cum from your cock” she replies, Jacqui loves me blowing in her mouth but always spits it out afterwards. Both of us get off the bed, me standing and her back on her knees she starts sucking me again. One of her hands is working my shaft and the other working my balls, doing a great job. I feel my balls tighten ready to blow, not slowing down sensing I’m close she is eager to get me off. My body stiffens and cums erupts from my cock sending spurt after spurt into her mouth, Jacqui moans around my cock telling me how clever I am because we both know it is a massive load of cum I just blew in her mouth.

Releasing my cock from her mouth I expect her to go to the bathroom to spit it out. Surprising me she opens her mouth and shows me the big load of cum she just sucked out of me then Swallows.

“Helen was right” she said “sex after the first time to a nude beach is great. We will have to do it more often.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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