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I’ve always liked stories that start out with a rain storm pelting a large glass window nearly to the breaking point. Lighting that is so bright the whole sky is lighted making it day light. Thunder so loud that it about burst ones ear drums. However as this story started out is was an early May night with a bright moon that was almost full and stars so big you could reach up and grab a handful.

Rod; husband and father of two sat on the back porch in a well padded wicker chair with an iced glass in his hand enjoying the cool breeze. Martha his wife of twenty years was on the swing with her well shaped legs pulled up under her firm chubby behind. Martha was getting ready for bed when Rod wanted to go out and sit looking out across the back yard. Martha was naked under a thick terry cloth robe.

Rob said “Open your robe let me see your breasts. I want to see if the moon is bright enough to see those sweet globes?”

Martha smiled and without a word opened the robe wide enough to show her full round forty-four double D’s.

Rod said “You would think after all these years I’d be past having a loving interest in your gorgeous juicy globes. I’ve never got over how much I love your breasts. Ever since that first night you allowed me to see the nipples and touch them. Guess I’m just a nut for tits.”

He laughed and Martha said “I kind of feel that way about your dick. I loved the feel of it in my hand that same night if you remember rightly. I felt the warmth, the hardness and how I could feel the beat of your heart as I gripped it. I still love to feel your cock. Yes, yes I know you’re going remind me that I also gave you your first blow job that night too.”

Rod said “I wish I had kept count. You must have sucked me off a couple of thousand times since then.” He laughed and said “I bet you’ve swallowed a gallon of semen since then.”

Martha laughed out loud and said “Maybe more.”

Off in the distance an Old wise Owl hooted as if to confirm the conversation he was listening too. Hoot, hoot and then the flutter of wings took it out of ear shot**.

A few minutes later Martha was on her knees in front of Rod’s chair with his cock deep in her mouth. Rod moaned and lifted his ass off the chair as his cock jerked wildly. Martha swallowed milking his cock of every last drop licking the little mouth with the tip of her tongue getting all Rod had to offer.

Martha stood let her fingers trail a loving pattern across his fevered cheek. Martha went in through the kitchen and up stairs to the master bedroom.

Rod followed a few minutes later when his legs allowed him. He always wondered why it was that when a guy came his legs just about gave out. “What the hell did ejaculation have to due with his legs?”

Rod stopped in the kitchen to put his highball glass in the sink then followed Marta’s foot steps up to bed.

Martha lay on her back with the twisted sheet around her waist leaving those full round breast with firm nipples pointing toward the ceiling as Rod took one last look then tip toed out the door hoping to get in eighteen holes and be back by a little after noon.

The bursa eskort bayan phone rang waking Martha from a steamy dream. Martha was surrounded by several young men with massive erections all pointing at her. Martha was wondering which to suck first. She blinked shook her head not wanting to leave this circle of hard cock. She rolled over grabbing the phone off the night stand and crankily saying “Hello”

Twenty minutes later Martha was pulling into the hospital parking lot. Eyes bleary with tears she jumped out and ran in through the emergency entrance.

William Noble; Rod’s golfing buddy caught her in his arms and held her from running wildly through the ER. William did not have to say anything. Just his arms firmly holding Martha told her she was too late.

Shaking and sobbing Martha leaned across the sheet covered body of her fifty one year old dead husband.

The funeral behind her Martha stood with the twins hugging her from both sides. The church had a lunch for the mourners and now only the widow and her two children were left to grieve in their own way.

Rodney junior drove his mother and sister Betty slowly home to a now lonely house. It was Friday and as Monday rolled around both kids kissed their mother and headed back to state college some one hundred miles away.

Martha went out on the back porch sat in the Wicker chair and held a lukewarm cup of coffee between her hands. Martha sat not seeing, not hearing not feeling anything. This was the first time she truly felt alone, really alone. She felt the weight of the loneness crush her chest. Her heart felt like it was about to stop due the pressure of the alone feeling.

Head was throbbing and the tears ran slowly down her cheeks the coffee cup slipped from her grip splashing coffee on her dress and running through the light fabric. Martha felt the warmth of the fluid trickle down through her panties warming the proud little clitoris that stood like a tiny cock guarding the entrance to play land.

Martha let it warm her, let the warmth bring back memories of the joys of married life. Then without really thinking the fleeting feeling of lose again grabbed her like a giant claw. Words filled her head “Who will now full fill your needs?”

She refused to allow herself these thoughts. Not this soon. This was abhorrent to her. She was an uncaring bitch. How could she think such things this soon after?

Martha stood in the shower letting the hot water wash away the sadness and grief. Drying off she wrapped her chubby round body in her thick white Terry robe and went back down stairs.

The door bell clanged like a bell in a church tower. It was never this loud before. Martha stood facing the front door not wanting to open it. It might be bad news again. But after the second ring she went to the door and opened it. Not even thinking she was naked under the robe she smiled up a tall dark haired man. He was dress in western garb, jean jacket, jeans and boots. If she ever saw a cowboy this was one.

This was the first time in a week that she felt like smiling. However bursa merkez escort containing her emotions she said “Yes may I help you?’

His smile was wide yet reserved, she thought for a moment he was looking down the deep vee neck of her robe while at the same time not wanting to do so.

“Are you Mrs. Rodney Hunter?” his voice was deep soft and in a strange way soothing to her ears.

“Yes, I’m Martha Hunter”

He stepped back and smiled again in a slightly warmer way while his eyes devoured her from top to her bare feet.

“Let me introduce myself. I’m Tom Billingsley I manage your husband’s ranch.”

Martha laughed and said “You must have the wrong Hunter. My husband died last week and we did not own a ranch.”

He reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out a folded paper opened it and held it out for her to read.

It was a deed to a thousand acre ranch in Wyoming. Martha read the name over and over. R.V Hunter Oak Drive, Bay City. Martha blinked, took a couple deep breaths and moved back from the door and half fell and stumbled into the den collapsing on the sofa.

The stranger grabbed her by the arm slowing her fall. The terry cloth robe fell open. Martha’s full round breasts were in full view. The nipples hardened and pointed straight out like little desirable sugar gum drops. Still holding the paper Martha leaned back on the sofa seemingly holding her breath. She put her hand to her heart and realized her robe was open. Calmly she pulled the robe together.

He did not say anything for a few minutes. Then in a few words they agreed he was indeed at the right house and it was also established Martha did not know her husband owned a ranch.

Martha had Mr. Billingsley sit while she called her lawyer. After a brief conversation she called long distance to Wyoming and talked to another lawyer and was told she was now the owner of the ranch, house, lands, and all the cattle and horses plus a small bar /Roadhouse out on the highway. Like Martha knew where the highway was let alone this damn ranch.

She ran Mr. Billingley off to the Hotel Knox down town telling him she needed to check out a few things and would get back to him. She called her lawyer back and after more talk she found he only knew that at the time of her husband’s death he was to give her the names of two out of state lawyers. But since the reading of the will was not supposed to be until next week he had not informed Martha of the contents.

Later that afternoon Martha drove to the Hotel Knox and had the cowboy come down and meet her in the lounge. Martha wanted to know all about the ranch and the roadhouse.

After three drinks with Tom’s soft words dancing around in her head there were visions of a large log house and a staff of three and six more working the ranch Martha was feeling like she had just won the lottery.

When Tom started talking about the roadhouse Martha got all warm thinking of the western music, cowboys hugging the cowgirls low lights and them Tom told her there were a few rooms up stairs that were for rent by the hour. bursa sınırsız escort bayan He quickly followed this telling her that he had nothing to do with the roadhouse.

Martha asked who managed the Roadhouse. Tom said “Ace Manner. He is a tall heavy set guy that keeps the place going and keeps the rough housing out side. I think they do pretty good.”

Martha was slipping from this little Hotel bar to the wide open spaces and a loud, western roadhouse filled with sexy cowboys.

She said “So Tom what is it you do? Tell me again?”

Tom seemed to be closer and he was bending down close so he could talk with out others in the bar hearing him.

“I manage the ranch. That is I’m kind of like the Forman I make sure the cattle are taken care of and the horses are taken care of. We had a round up two years ago and the heard is about ready for another soon. It takes a lot of work to get all the cattle back down into the valley pens so we can ship then off.”

Martha laughed and said “You mean I could be eating my own beef?”

Tom said “Yea I guess so.”

Martha turned and knocked the drink over. The said “Oh, fuck.”

Tom pushed the table back so what was left in the glass did not run over on them.

He pulled Martha off to the side and in doing so managed to get her close to his chest. Martha looked up and lifted her face to place a kiss on Tom’s lips.

Tom cupped her generous breasts and squeezed as he kissed her back. Martha moaned and slipped her hand in between the jean covered thighs.

Tom whispered “Oh fuck.”

Martha felt around found his cock hard and fighting it restraints. She squeezed whispering “I need this. It’s been a while.” It really had not been awhile but the words came out with no meaning. More of a justification of what she was doing. Martha was going to let the drinks and loneliness work in her favor.

Martha pulled Tom down close and said “Lets go.” Then as an after thought she said “I love to suck a hard cock until it fills my mouth with hot pungent cum.

Tom said “Oh fuck.” Again.

Tom said “Are you sure?’

Them he felt Martha’s mouth close around his cock. The seat was as far back as it would go and Martha had lifted the center console. Her head was bobbing up and down as if she were bobbing for apple. Tom was not thinking about kid’s game.

Tom said “Oh fuck.” Then busted a nut.

He had not done so in a couple of weeks and so filled Martha’s mouth to over flowing. Martha true to form swallowed milking his cock of every drop, licking the tiny mouth to get all he had.

Arriving back at the house Tom helped Martha into the house. Up to her bedroom then left her nearly passed out on the bed. He wrote her note leaving it on the kitchen table. It said he would come by in the morning and would have some one from the hotel drive her car home.

Martha woke after a couple of hours. She got up undressed, showered and went back to bed thinking about what she had done. She remember giving Tom a blow job well enough but had only vague memories of getting home.

She tasted semen until she brushed her teeth and gargled the second time. Rolling over grabbing a pillow to stuff between her legs Martha was smiling as she dropped off in to a deep sleep with lots of cowboys crowding around her.

Martha found the note in the kitchen as she made coffee. Cup in hand she went out on the back porch to enjoy a new day.

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