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The following story is true. The names have been changed to protect the horny.

One boring Monday at work…

It had been a week since my first encounter with Rose. Seven long days since our friendship of a few years had finally crossed the line that we had danced around for so long. We had known for many months about our shared love of sex, and had many frank discussions about the deliciously naughty things we could do with and to each other. That late night it finally happened- I visited her in the late evening, and fucked her silly until we were both drenched in sweat and cum.

Now, a week later, Rose was at home- alone and horny. I knew that as soon as my shift was over I was going to narrowly avoid breaking several traffic laws as I sped to her apartment to give her what she so wantonly craves. I have known many sexually charged women in my day- but Rose is in a category above and beyond all others. It takes a special kind of person to be highly educated, driven and strong-willed but at the same time a total whore in the bedroom. Rose and I shared many of these traits, particularly the latter.

As the hours ticked by, I tried to hide my non-stop erection from my co-workers as she and I chatted online about tearing each others’ clothes off and working up a good sexy sweat once again. Suddenly, Rose told me something that would take our afternoon in a somewhat different direction than we had been planning…

“What time are you going to be here?” she asked.

“Hopefully no later than 4pm” I replied.

“My friend Orlando wants to come fuck me this afternoon too. He should be here between 4 and 4:30.”

Rose went on to tell me that Orlando was a friend and former co-worker of hers- a fit and handsome black man with a big cock that she just loved to suck on and feel deep inside her pussy.

“3some?” I queried.

“That’s the plan- he’s cool with it.”

Clock check- 12:30… It was going to be a long three or so hours……

Finally, my shift ended and I booked it to the parking garage. As I drove down the freeway towards her apartment, cinsel bilgiler I couldn’t help but wonder how this was going to go down… Would Orlando get there first? Would he and I be able to perform with each other there? What if its awkward? These questions were all about to be answered…

I parked my car by Rose’s place and called her cell phone. It took a little longer than usual for her to pick up… and when she did she sounded a little out of breath, but I didn’t want to spoil my own surprise of what I was about to walk in on. I told her I was downstairs and again noticed it took an unusual amount of time for her to buzz me in.

As I headed up the stairs and neared her apartment, I could hear music coming from inside. I knocked on the door… nothing. I pushed the doorbell button… still nothing. Then, during a pause between songs, I heard the distinct sound of Rose moaning. I finally tried the door knob… bingo, it was open.

As soon as I stepped inside I could tell that Orlando did indeed arrive before me. Rose’s bedroom door was open and I could clearly see their lower halves as he was on top of her in the missionary position and was pounding the hell out of her pussy.

I didn’t say a word, but quickly stripped naked, still out of their view. I went into the bathroom for a moment just to give myself a once over, and when I emerged Rose was standing in the hallway, totally naked. We kissed hello and kind of laughed for a second. From the other room I heard Orlando’s booming voice-

“You on your knees yet?”

Never one to dissappoint, Rose quickly dropped to her knees in front of me and starting sucking my already rock-hard cock. As she expertly licked and sucked my cock, Orlando emerged from around the corner, still in the buff as well. I gave him a hearty handshake and we exchanged pleasantries- all the while Rose had my 8-inch dick stuffed in her mouth.

After Orlando and I officially met, he suggested we move to the bedroom. Once there, I didn’t even have a chance to sit down before Rose bent over cinsellik bilgileri and once again took my thick cock in her mouth. As she sucked me and caressed my balls, Orlando stood behind her and vigorously fingered her pussy. After a few minutes of this, he sat on the bed and suggested that it was my turn to fuck that little hole.

As I pulled my spit-covered member from Rose’s eager mouth and reached for a condom, she immediately turned to Orlando’s throbbing black dick and swallowed it whole. With her head in his lap and her ass in the air, Orlando nodded towards her backside- although I needed no direction at this point.

I reached two fingers under Rose and rubbed her clit and felt her wetness- before plunging those same fingers deep inside her just-fucked pussy. She moaned a muffled moan as that chocolate cock filled her mouth, and I positioned my cock at the opening of her sopping wet hole.

Fearing for her teeth on my new friend’s dick- I told Rose to ease off his cock for a second. As soon as I saw her head lift off of him, I slammed my cock balls-deep in her dripping cunt. Once I was deep inside, I saw Orlando push her head back down onto his waiting cock. Grabbing onto her hips, I pounded her pussy deep and hard as she choked on the long dick that was being forced into her hungry mouth.

As I drove my cock deep into her over and over again, I felt that Rose was enjoying it way too much and gave her a firm spanking on her quivering ass. This sent her into a frenzy and she starting sucking Orlando’s cock even more furiously as my hands came down on her flesh over and over again- leaving big red hand prints on her lovely ass.

All the while, I was telling Rose what a fucking slut she was. Asking her how she liked being stuffed full of cock. Making her confess to how many cocks she had sucked that week. Orlando got in on the nasty talk too, telling her to take my cock deep and to suck his big dick. One of my off-the-cuff comments nearly drove us all from moaning to laughter as I told her I was gonna fuck that whore cinsel bilgi pussy until she earned the four quarters it had cost me to park outside.

After a good while of fucking her while she sucked that black cock, my knees began to get tired and I told Rose that I wanted her to ride my cock. I pulled out of her now-gaping pussy and sat down on the bed as she and Orlando both stood up. With my feet still on the floor, Rose lowered herself onto my waiting cock with her back to me. She reached down and spread her ass cheeks as she fucked herself on my pole. As I enjoyed the view of her little asshole peeking at me while my cock violated her cunt, she once again took Orlando’s dick in her mouth as he stood in front of her.

This lasted only briefly, as Rose’s desire to bounce on my cock did not jive well with keeping the other dick in her mouth. Orlando suggested it was my turn to cum, as he had already done just after my arrival.

Needing no further suggestion, I pushed Rose down on her back onto the bed and was quickly on top of her, fucking her pussy deep and hard just as my darker-skinned counterpart had done earlier that hour. I found an angle that allowed me to fuck her so that I literally bottomed out with every stroke. This caused her to scream, which in turn set me off and I furiously pounded her as I looked her in the eyes and told her that I knew she liked the pain and pleasure. She told me to shut up and keep fucking her, which I did as I leaned down and shoved my tongue down her throat.

The sensation of her well-fucked pussy gripping my cock as her big tits rubbed up against my chest and her pierced tongue swirled around in my mouth was finally too much. With my lips close to her face, I asked her where she wanted my hot cum. She motioned to her tits and torso and with a final deep thrust into her hot cunt, I pulled out of her as I ripped off the condom with my left hand and gripped my throbbing cock in my right. Long ropes of hot, sticky cum shot out of my pulsating dick onto her writhing, sweaty body as Orlando cheered from behind us.

With my cock drained and my parking meter running low, I quickly washed up and got dressed. After giving my new buddy another firm handshake and kissing Rose goodbye, I drove home and went right to the shower, where I jerked off and came once again thinking of how I had just double-teamed my slutty friend- and how it would definitely not be the last time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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