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Camille, the princess of the land, the patron of the tournament, the symbol of hope, the joy of the faithful, sat upon a plush throne on the edge of a cold, dark room. The stone floor and walls stood in stark contrast to her royal grandeur.

Her golden locks cascaded down in waves onto rich furs and exquisite silks. Her radiant cheeks were stained with deep crimson and her bone-white fingers trembled as they gripped the chair. Before her, there was a kneeling man whose features were entirely concealed by the thick pleats of her dress. Faint lapping was barely audible through the layers.

However, her attention was somewhere else entirely. One of her emerald eyes was squeezed shut so that the other may peer through a hole in the adjacent wall. Through this tiny and very intentional opening, she watched a raven-haired slut sucking cock.

Though she only wore barely enough for the weather, her clothing crushed down upon her. Every breath was a herculean effort, made even harder still by her vain effort to maintain an air of dignity. Her heart felt like it was going to explode, but she barely noticed between the riveting sights beyond and the dutiful consolation between her legs.

From time to time, his rhythm fell out of sync with the facefucking in the next room, but he could not be blamed. After all, he could not see what was going on. It was up to her to reach down with a hand and apply gentle pressure until his bobbing was corrected. That stiff tongue parted those pleading lips perfectly.

Beyond, the slut began to gag and choke. She was desperately holding onto his legs to keep her throat full, even as every urge in her body begged for air. Camille’s endless envy was without equal, but her unadulterated lust came far closer than anything else.

The tightness in her chest forced itself out in a whining moan. With both hands, she grasped the head and held him in place. He responded appropriately and devoured her pussy. What was once resolute and hard Büyükesat Escort became the frenzied tongue of the parched. Every lash drank deep within her, painting the walls.

Through the waves of intensity, she gently tapped with her fingers, yet still held his head firmly with her palms. He slowed and withdrew, but only his tongue. His lips pressed upon hers. Sliding kisses traveled down and then up again.

Through fluttering eyelids, she returned her attention to the peephole. The princess cursed in mild irritation as she noted that the knight was gone. All that remained was the slut, lying on the floor in all of her glory, greedily sucking her fingers and enjoying his glory.

Camille closed her eyes and fought down the urge to pound on the wall. There was nothing to be done about it now. She wanted to finish to the sight of this thick spurts, but there was always later.

She absently withdrew her hands and tapped a rhythm upon her makeshift throne. Should she go again? Was there enough time? A playful possibility crossed her mind and she flashed her perfect teeth between pale lips.

“Hair, now.”

In a flash, the temporary object of her desire had extricated himself from the folds of her gown. He knelt before her, face down and desperately wiping with a handkerchief before facing her. Ostensibly done, he pocketed the wet cloth and stood. Camille was more than a little aroused to see that his efforts had not been entirely successful. He fumbled for a moment, searching for his tools.

She stood up and reveled in the surprise on his face. He had expected to come around behind the chair and prepare her hair, as he always did. Such was his confusion that he did not resist as she pulled him forward and then shoved him down into the chair.

She dropped to her knees before him. He awkwardly fidgeted with his pouch of pins and needles, clearly unsure as to what he was supposed to do. Was he to Beşevler Escort address her whims from this position?

But Camille’s mind was elsewhere entirely. She couldn’t make out the outline of his cock. She couldn’t tell if he was aroused and that vexed her. If not, then this might take entirely too long. Without another thought, she reached out and grabbed it.

Oh, this will do nicely.

With only the slightest care for her nails, she set to work with both hands, frantically searching for the opening. She completely ignored his shocked and incomprehensible babbling. After what felt like an eternity, her hands closed upon flesh. She snaked it out and held it in her hands. It was not particularly large, but that was of little concern.

She glanced up beneath the jagged shadows of her eyelashes. He was shaking.

“Hair, now.”

She continued to watch him with his cock in her hands, not moving at all. She felt a heat within as his shaking fingers desperately prepared. When she felt that he was suitably ready, or close enough, she moved her hands to his thighs and descended. With tongue outside her lips, she slid down his cock, flicking with the tip as she went. Up and down she went, barely resisting the urge to reach down and please herself as well.

At some point, he finally found his courage and she felt his fingertips on her head. Despite her attack, he worked nimbly. She took it as a challenge and redoubled her efforts.

Some of her fingers began to lightly trace patterns against his skin. Some of her fingers pressed lightly against the base of his cock, joining with her lips at the nadir of every hungry gulp.

Still, he continued.

She took a different approach. Her tongue focused on the head, her lips only touching the very tip. Around and around she went in search of victory. One hand slid up and down the slick shaft while the other caressed below.

He was halfway done.

She Cebeci Escort took a deep breath and slowed down. It was necessary to remind herself that this was all in preparation for her time with him. It was not a contest for her to win. It was just a matter of reaching a satisfying conclusion.

And that was all it took.

The tugging on her hair vanished. She looked up to see that he had quickly pulled his hands away and was squeezing his tools tightly. His eyes were closed and drops of blood fell where the pins pricked his palms. His grimace was exquisite.

At the last moment, she remembered, and took him entirely within her. Warm twitches reverberated through flesh and then there was a burst of sticky warmth. She swallowed over and over again, growing increasingly distressed at the sheer quantity of cum that she had produced.

Above, he slowly loosened his grip and looked at his hands. He looked at her, but he did not meet her eyes. He was still for only a moment longer before he burst into action.

She paid little heed to the cock in her mouth as she watched his hands fly. She couldn’t see what he was doing, but the direction of his eyes and the sensation in her roots painted a clear enough picture.

“If you don’t mind, Princess.”

It took a moment for her to realize that he was addressing her. It was unusual, but perhaps he was emboldened by the experience. Would she need to punish him for that later? She started when she realized that he was staring at her and not moving. His gaze flicked down below her face and she hesitantly released the treat in her mouth.

He sighed in relief and set back to work. She felt his fingers dance on her scalp and let out an involuntary sigh. She began to adjust herself and the work immediately stopped. Still kneeling between his legs, she propped her elbow on his thigh and rested her cheek upon her hand. She looked up at him and he resumed.

She hadn’t noticed before, but he was rather handsome. Of course, all of her servants were, but there was something unique about him.

The glow of sex, of being a man? Perhaps. Ah, maybe it’s that my love still stains his face. Could that be it?

And so the princess sat before her servant while he swiftly arranged her preferred hairstyle for the tournament that would shortly begin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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