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Truth be told, I was happy that I lost the game, about the only time I can recall ever being happy about losing. It had been a simple game, each player dealt one card, low card loses, the first to lose seven times was the overall loser. The two winners, my wife Jean and her friend Linda, had left me the instant I had turned over that three. I was a bit suspicious since my wife had dealt the cards without shuffling but didn’t really mind, given the stakes. As the loser, I was the sex slave of the other two players, required to do all they told me to do, no safe word allowed. Becoming the sex slave of two women struck me as a huge win.
After an interminable wait, my wife called for me to come down the hallway to the door of the master bedroom. Hanging from the door knob was something black with a bright post it note attached. I pulled off the note and read it, my excitement reaching a peak.
‘Put on the hood and come into the bedroom. Speak only when spoken to.’
The black object was a leather hood with a zipper in the back and holes for the eyes, nostrils and mouth. I pulled it on and zipped it into place before opening the door.
There were lights all around the edge of the room, which was very large with a massive king sized bed and a rather wide padded bench at the foot of it. There were at least five video cameras situated around the room. My wife and her friend were lounging on a sofa that faced the beds, wearing long white robes and decorative Mardi Gras style masks.
“Take your clothes off, slave,” my wife ordered. “Slowly. Then walk over to the bed.”
I tried to undress sexily but just felt a little silly although the women gave me encouragement. Then I walked over to the bed, noticing for the first time a large shopping bag on it.
“Those are for you, slave,” Linda said. “Put everything on except the collar.”
In the bag I found a black corset with garters, black fishnet stockings, a black thong, four black leather cuffs and a black leather dog collar with silver studs. I obediently pulled the thong on, stuffing my half erect cock into the silky material. Then I struggled into the corset before sliding the stockings up my legs and attaching them to the garters, then putting on the cuffs.
“Damn, Linda, you were right” my wife said. “He looks pretty hot like that.”
As the women got up to inspect me, I could see myself in a couple of the mirrors scattered around the room. I looked surprisingly good at first glance, pale skin framed by the black lingerie. Certainly no sex goddess but, if not examined too closely, I’d do.
The women tightened the strings on the back of the corset, constricting my waist to an almost uncomfortable point which undeniably gave me a more feminine shape. They then ordered me to kneel and I instantly complied.
“You are our slave,” my wife said in a solemn voice, the collar in her hands. gaziantep bayan escort ilanları “You will do everything you are told to do without question or hesitation. Do you understand?”
“Yes, mistress,” I said humbly as she wrapped the collar around my neck and secured it while Linda produced a ball gag and strapped it around my head, the ball between my teeth.
They led me to the padded bench and had me lay down face first on it so that my knees were on the floor and my head, chest and stomach were on the surface. Then they bound me securely to it, a spreader bar attached to my ankles.
Then they left the room and closed the door. When you’re tied to a bench waiting for two women to have sex with you, every second feels like an eternity. Finally the door reopened and my wife came back in. She sat down on the bed and leaned toward me.
“We have a surprise for you, slave” she said with a smile, pointing toward the door.
Linda walked into the room with a leash in her hand and a man in a hood like mine except he was blindfolded and not gagged. I squeaked a bit in protest which drew a smack across my ass from my wife.
Stopping in front of me, Linda circled behind her prisoner and put her arms around him from behind. He moaned softly as she ran her hands down his chest to the robe’s belt.
“Alright, baby, you’ve been very patient waiting all tied up in the other room with those nasty headphones keeping you from hearing what’s going on but you’re about to get your reward,” she cooed as she untied the belt. “There’s another slave here for you to fuck and I want you to fuck that slave really good. Can you do that for me?”
“Yes, mistress, anything for you.” he breathed as she removed his robe.
I gave another small squeak as I realized the rules of the game had not barred other participants. He was much bigger than I was and very muscular, looking something like an NFL linebacker. His thick penis hung down well past his heavy balls. Linda stroked it until it was soon the biggest dick I’d ever seen in person.
Linda then dropped her own robe, revealing a pink see-through baby doll nightie, her dark nipples clearly visible. My wife also stripped off her robe to reveal an identical while baby doll.
Linda positioned the other slave next to the bench before joining my wife on the sofa.
“Take off the blindfold,” she ordered.
He eagerly pulled off the blindfold and tossed it aside. I could see him looking around the room the same way I had, his eyes lingering on the women on the couch. Then he looked down at me appraisingly. He walked started to walk around me, then I saw his head snap in Linda’s direction, having realized that I was a guy.
“Fuck him, baby,” Linda said, my wife next to her nodding in approval. “Fuck him hard.”
He circled me slowly as I twisted gaziantep bayan eskort my head to follow him, then stopped in front of me. The look in his eyes was predatory now and he wrapped his hand around his erection and stroked it deliberately. I gave an involuntary groan of despair at the sight, not sure if this was a no lose situation any more. He grinned wolfishly at the sound and began slowly circling me again. This time he reached his hand out to check the bonds holding me in place and to run his fingers over the corset and my ass. I shivered and squirmed against my bondage helplessly, mewing in protest, much to the giggly delight of the two women.
After two slow inspection trips around me, walked to a table next to the bed and pulled a large tube of lube out of a drawer. Holding his gigantic erection in one hand, he squeezed out a long line of lube from the tip to the base, then unhurriedly began to spread it all over the shaft. I looked toward the women for rescue but there was none there, each had slid their hands between their legs and was watching the scene eagerly. He walked slowly toward me, the massive cock now shiny and throbbing in its thick coating of goo.
He got behind me and put a pillow over the spreader bar before dropping to his knees between my outspread legs. I whined, feeling sweat running off of me as he took his position.
“Don’t worry, bitch,” he growled, stroking my ass gently. “I’ll take my time. I want to enjoy this.”
With that he grabbed the thong and abruptly ripped it off my hips, letting my cock and balls pop free and exposing my asshole. I moaned helplessly and then shuddered as cold lube was squeezed between my buttocks. He certainly did take his time, using his cock to spread the lube up and down my crack and then adding even more, ignoring my impotent muffled protests.
I felt a hand pushing my left cheek to one side and sensed him shifting his weight, then felt something unbelievably large and hard press against me.
I turned my head as best I could, seeing the look of concentration on his face as he slid the massive head up and down my crack. Finding the opening, he gripped my buttock harder and pressed against it. Feeling it start to enter me, I bucked and squealed. One small part of my brain was excited to hear my wife moan in excitement as her husband’s ass was violated, the rest was focused on my the pressure on my asshole. The head spread me open slowly as he grunted and moved his hips back and forth. I quivered and shook as centimeter by centimeter it slid in.
“Bitch is tight,” he groaned. “Come on, open up and take it. You know you want it.”
Just when I thought he was just going to rip me open, my anus gave up the struggle and he gradually slid all the way inside, his hips making contact with my buttocks. I went rigid and wailed gaziantep escort helplessly as he gave a bark of triumph. I heard Linda gasp and moan, vaguely aware that she had just come against her hand. Then I went limp, all my resistance gone. He held that position for several long moments, patting my ass reassuringly, as I adjusted to the situation. When I had caught my breath he began gently rocking against me, keeping the shaft buried to the hilt.
To my surprise, I heard myself moan in pleasure as he did this. Apparently my asshole was not the only thing to give up all resistance. My hips involuntarily wriggled back against him and, with a small laugh, he pushed a bit harder. Then he began to change from rocking to thrusting, pulling back a very short distance before firmly pushing back. His thrusts were soon slow and rhythmic and I found myself rocking back and moaning to the same beat. This went on until we were both breathing heavily and were rewarded with the familiar (to me at least) sound of my own wife’s orgasm.
He heard it too and took it as a sign to stop and pull out. leaving the tip just resting between my cheeks. After catching my breath, I turned my head back to look at him. He just smiled and stayed where he was. Mewing helplessly, I futilely struggled to push my ass back to his dick. After letting that go on for a few moments, he unexpectedly reached out, unbuckled the gag from the back of my head and pulled it out of my mouth.
“If you want me to fuck you, you’re going to have to ask, bitch,” he growled.
I was too far gone, unconcerned with what the women or the man might think, at that moment, I just wanted to be fucked.
“Please fuck me…please fuck me…please fuck me…” I babbled.
This drew moans from the women and a triumphant smile from the man. He pushed the head of his dick just inside me and then drove it deep with one violent thrust. I jerked against my bonds and gave a loud scream as his hips slammed into my ass (apparently the neighbors were going to get the whole show). With only a short pause, he pulled most of the way out and then remorselessly thrust it back in, drawing another involuntary squeal from me.
Grunting and swearing, he increased the pace of his strokes, the smack of his hips against my quivering buttocks, while I whimpered, howled and moaned. Soon, I realized that I could feel his heavy balls bouncing off my own. I was totally his bitch and I didn’t care. It went on and on, until we were both dripping with sweat and gasping for breath, completely lost in fucking and being fucked.
“Alright, bitch,” he yelled at last. “I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna come.”
With that he slammed it all the way in and came with a series of spasmodic jerks. I swore I could feel his gigantic cock pulse inside me and heard the unmistakable sounds of the two women reaching orgasm at the same time. It occurred to me but didn’t bother me, that everyone in that room had had at least one massive orgasm except me. I wondered if that would be corrected soon as the other three came down from their highs and I felt some of his hot cum dripped down my balls. In all likelihood I would have to beg but, at that moment, I had no problem with that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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