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Special thanks to Kumani for her editorial work on this.

The afternoon air was warm, but not unusually so for that time of year. It had been ten minutes since the local highschool had been dismissed for the weekend. Two eighteen year old students were making their way through quiet neighborhoods nearby.

Ethan found it extremely difficult to walk properly, even on the smooth, level footpath. A mixture of nervousness and excitement was causing him to over-think every step. By his side was Brooke Kallan, an extremely beautiful yet enigmatic girl from his school. She was leading him back to her home, a detour Ethan hadn’t expected when he’d left for school that morning, but one he had no qualms whatsoever in taking.

Earlier in the day, Brooke had suddenly approached Ethan and asked, “Would you come home with me after school? I need a tutor for my calculus finals.”

The request had left him speechless, for she had never spoken to him before. She waited patiently for him to utter an impulsive, “Umm… Sure!” Then she walked away, smiling, leaving the subtle scent of her perfume lingering around him. Ethan knew that Brooke wasn’t in his class and therefore didn’t take calculus. But for some elusive reason he hadn’t considered her request suspicious.

Brooke and her three best friends, Ava Ilmari, Sera Hadyn and Adamine Felsen were extremely unusual girls. All four were very attractive and had great bodies; they all exuded a strong sense of self-confidence, yet they seldom associated with anyone else in school. On the other hand, they didn’t strive to be seen as ‘rebels,’ either. They all dressed very stylishly. They could’ve easily fit in with any clique in the school, but it seemed that they simply didn’t want to. Instead, they spent most of their time in school hanging out together, having their own conversations and sharing their own secrets.

The other students didn’t know quite what to make of them. The other girls would watch them carefully as they walked the school halls, intrigued but wary. The guys would all comment about how sexy the girls were and privately ask each other, “Which one would you do, if you got to pick one?” Yet strangely, no one had ever dared to hit on any of the attractive girls. Not even one of the most egotistical jocks had approached them.

In some ways, the strong friendship the girls shared was understandable, considering they had grown up together in the same house: Arnford Manor. It was a large, plantation-style manor supposedly built before the civil war. They shared the home with their four single mothers, all of whom had likewise been raised in the old house. Most people in the town believed that the house had been divided into a set of apartments long ago, and the four women were merely lifelong tenants who were far too savvy to ever move from what were probably rent-controlled homes. But in truth, the manor was just as mysterious as its residents were and the rest of the town could only speculate about what it was like inside.

Ethan wondered about what he would see inside the manor as he and Brooke rounded the corner onto her street. Though mostly, he was preoccupied with thoughts of Brooke herself. He desperately wanted to talk to her, but words failed him. Brooke hadn’t spoken since she’d met up with him at last bell. Several times during the journey, Ethan had glanced over at her. Most of the time her face was hidden from his view by her long, light brown hair. But a couple of times he got to see that high-on-life smile she always wore and even those amazing eyes, that sparkled as if she could see wonderful things that the rest of the world could not.

He suppressed a sorrowful sigh as he lamented this fleeting opportunity with the girl he thought of as the most beautiful in town. But he consoled himself by remembering that soon he would be at her home, tutoring her and from that point on they would surely have a flowing conversation.


In a dark stone chamber, illuminated by torchlight and burning braziers, four hooded figures gathered around a shallow pond. The pond was of such size that the four women could stand at equal distances around the edge and just be able reach each other’s hands. Each of the attractive middle-aged women wore an identical black hooded cloak and a distinct necklace around their neck. One necklace bore a sky-blue sapphire within its tear-shaped bronze frame. The second necklace had a cigar-shaped gem that alternated between crystal-clear and milky, with a bronze frame coiled around it. The third necklace had many bronze tendrils with sharp points, all rising upwards from the large ruby at its base. The final necklace somehow seemed much older than its counterparts. It was a circular plate of bronze with a dull emerald set in the center, with four concentric circles etched around it.

The women all gazed into the pond and the one with the sapphire necklace made a sweeping gesture with her right arm. Instantly, Escort bayan the water began to shimmer with unnatural brilliance and within a few seconds a rippling image of Ethan and Brooke appeared in the water.

“They approach their destiny,” the woman with the emerald necklace stated.

“Mathair, athair, radharc!” the woman with the sapphire necklace chanted her Gaelic command with yet another sweeping gesture.

The image in the pond morphed and split into two separate images divided by a long, narrow swell of water that stayed in place. One half of the pond showed a balding, middle-aged man behind a desk, talking on a phone while reading a computer screen. The other half showed a middle-aged nurse conversing with an elderly gentleman who was propped-up in a hospital bed.

The woman with the milky-gemmed necklace reached for a small brown pouch that was tied to the hip of her panties, the only garment she was wearing under her cloak. The pouch held a coarse grey powder that had been ground from mushrooms with amnesiac properties. She poured a small amount into her hand and held it high above her head.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…” the other three women began to chant deeply, in unison.

Then the woman with the powder spoke an incantation,

“Till morning’s light,

Hold no concern

Though thine child

Doth not return.

Abide the loss

Of his company.

Think naught of it.

So mote it be!”

She tossed the powder into the pond, the man and woman in the image both blinked slowly, as if trying to clear sleep from their eyes. The three chanting women fell silent.

“It is done,” the woman with the milky-gemmed necklace said in a normal voice. “His parents shall not miss him tonight.”


The tall, 18th Century double doors to Arnford manor had been left unlocked. Brooke opened only the one on the left and stepped into the expansive foyer, followed by Ethan. The first thing that caught Ethan’s eye upon entering was the wide staircase on the right side of the chamber, leading up to a second level and a balcony that overlooked the entire room. Along the first floor walls were several tapestries marked with bizarre symbols and dominating the floor was a large circular rug, also inscribed with an odd symbol. Ethan was surprised by just how much daylight managed to get into the room and soon realized that the roof was at least three stories above the floor, with two large windows at the top of the room letting most of the light in.

“I have to take care of something,” Brooke said as she turned to face her guest. “But I won’t take too long. You can wait in my room, if you’d like. Just go up the stairs, go straight ahead until you reach a hallway on your right. Follow the hallway, it’s the second door on your right.” She flashed him a warm smile then strolled off through an archway behind the staircase. Ethan didn’t take his eyes off her until she disappeared from view.

He took another good look around the grand entrance chamber, then did as Brooke had suggested and made his way to her bedroom. Her directions had been very clear so he had no trouble finding it.

The bedroom was very spacious. The walls were a light cream color with elegant cornices that betrayed the room’s age. On the far wall was an open door that appeared to lead to a bathroom and a closed set of louvered double doors. Venetian blinds partially subdued the sunlight pouring in from the large window on the western wall, but the room was still bright. There was very little furniture cluttering up the room; a short bookcase rested on the left-hand side of the doorway and a heavy-looking vanity sat against the western wall. The dominant feature of the room, however, was the enormous bed against the eastern wall. It was much, much larger than a traditional double or even a king sized bed. The solid frame was made of a very dark brown timber. It looked very old, almost medieval. The footboard, including the corner posts on either end, was engraved with an intricate botanical motif. But those decorations paled in comparison to the colossal headboard. A complex scene, carved in high relief, filled the board from end to end. Every last detail had been etched out with painstaking care. The design included several mythical creatures, such as satyrs, elves and imps, many of whom had an uncannily mischievous air about them.

Ethan tentatively stepped into the room and walked to the bed. He felt a little uncomfortable entering Brooke’s room alone, even though she’d said it was okay. He dropped his bag against the wall. He’d left all but the books he needed for Brooke’s tutoring and a weekend economics assignment in his locker, but it still felt good to get the weight off his shoulders.

True to her word, Brooke didn’t take long on her unknown errand and she entered the room shortly after. Ethan heard her footsteps and turned to find her staring at him, admiringly.

“Thank Bayan escort you for your help, Ethan,” she said in a genuinely gracious tone. “You have no idea how much this means to me.”

“Well, I, uh… Glad to help!” Ethan chuckled awkwardly. Brooke continued to advance on him, her deep blue eyes locked upon him like a panther stalking its prey.

“So… I guess we should get started?” Ethan said, just to break the silence. He turned around and kneeled beside his school bag. After fumbling with the zipper for a second he opened the main compartment and retrieved his calculus books.

As he turned back towards Brooke and stood up, he began to ask her, “What was the first section you started having… trouble…” He trailed off when he discovered that Brooke was standing only a couple feet behind him, nonchalantly unbuttoning the last two buttons of her blouse. They stood there, frozen silently for several seconds. Ethan’s mouth was gaping in disbelief.

Finally he stammered, “You… you… you… you want to get changed! Of course! Sorry. I’ll just…” He tried to leave the room as quickly as possible, making every effort to avoid looking at the wonderful things visible through Brooke’s open blouse. But she grabbed him by the hand as he tried to walk around her, stopping him dead in his tracks.

She slowly guided his hand inside her blouse and pressed it flush against the side of her waist, so that his little finger just brushed the fabric of her short skirt. Her skin felt so smooth and so warm. Ethan began to hyperventilate. She moved his hand upwards, giving him a teasing taste of her fine teenaged curves and finished by letting him feel the full expanse of her breast, which was wrapped in a smooth cotton bra. The entire time, she stared deep into his eyes with a dreamy gaze and a ‘naughty girl’ grin.

Ethan stood before her motionless, holding the fruit of heaven in his right hand and some banal academic books in his left. It wasn’t long before he completely forgot about the latter and let them fall to the ground with a muffled thud.

“I, uh… um… uh, well… uh…” he started jabbering, as Brooke shed her unbuttoned blouse and cast it to the floor. Brooke put a stop to Ethan’s meaningless babble by pulling him close and kissing him slowly and tenderly on the lips. The bulge in his pants, which had almost been invisible up till now, began to rapidly expand. When the kiss broke off, Ethan was once again speechless. Brooke also remained silent, but in her case, it was all part of the tease.

She took his free hand and led him over to the bed.

“I can’t believe it!” Ethan thought. “She’s gonna give me a special ‘thank you’ for tutoring her, UP FRONT!” Against all odds, the image he had jerked off to countless nights alone in bed, was suddenly coming true. He sat down on the comfy mattress and found her ample mounds, still in their blue bra, right before his face. In a split second, dozens of mental images flashed through his mind, of all the lusty ways he wanted to enjoy them.

Brooke swayed her hips as she undid the zipper on her skirt and let it drop to her ankles. Her panties matched her bra and were also blue. The sight of that downward-pointing triangle shape made Ethan’s desire for her almost unbearable. He reached for her thighs, but Brooke suddenly knelt, placing them out of his reach. Still wanting to touch her creamy skin, Ethan began to caress her shoulder and upper back, as Brooke got to work unlacing his sneakers.

Then something made him look up. That was when he noticed Brooke’s three best friends standing in the doorway, watching the action. Judging by their expressions, they found it very entertaining.

“Oh! Hello!” he greeted, as his cheeks began to turn bright red. “I was… We were… Uh… Um…” he rambled. The three other girls looked at each other, then approached Brooke and Ethan. Brooke had her back turned to the door and hadn’t seen her friends enter.

“Brooke! Brooke!” Ethan tried to alert her, at first at low whisper, but then louder. She didn’t react, so Ethan stopped caressing her shoulder and began to gently shake it. Again, no response. It was as if she were in a trance. By now, she had removed the shoes and socks from both his feet and was about to tend to his pants. Ethan couldn’t believe his terrible luck; he was just about to score with Brooke Kallan… and he gets caught! Brooke’s failure to realize what had happened was only making things worse. “Brooke!” Ethan said, loud enough for the entire room to hear, only to be ignored once more.

That was when he just happened to look up and see something that made him forget why he was trying to get Brooke’s attention in the first place. Ava, Sera and Adamine were each taking off their tops, followed by their jeans (or in Ava’s case, skirt). Their feet floated silently across the floor as they undressed, carrying them closer to Brooke and Ethan with each step. Before long, Ethan was surrounded Escort by not one, but four sexy young vixens wearing nothing but their underwear.

Adamine, with her chestnut brown hair in a bouncy bob-cut style and her prominent D-cup breasts, wore a matching bra and panty set. Both pieces were black and elegant, with a floral pattern embroided across their surface. Her face, while just as pretty as her friends’, had always seemed to radiate a stronger sense of kindness than the others.

Ava was the tallest of the group by a good two inches. In her near-naked splendour, Ethan could not help but admire her long, athletic legs. She wore a plain white bra over her C-cup breasts and a matching set of sexy hipster panties. A jet-black curtain of straight hair flowed behind her head, reaching just below the level or her shoulders. While Ava’s beauty did not quite match the perfection of Brooke’s, at least as far as Ethan was concerned. Her sharp, dark eyebrows and her naturally long lashes made her eyes almost as hypnotic.

And then there was Sera. Quite simply, Sera had it all, shiny blonde hair that she usually kept tied back in a thick ponytail, pouty pink lips and as for curves; well, Sera’s body had hit the trifecta. Firm, ample breasts, a slender waist and hips that were just the right width. Indeed, it seemed that Sera had just been made for turning men into horny, complacent thralls. Her young body exuded sexuality and she had the personality to match. Of all the girls in the room, Sera was the only one wearing see-through underwear. A lavish design of lines and dashes covered the cups of her bra and the front of her panties. But Ethan could clearly make out her egg-sized areolae and the outline of her nether lips beneath the transparent red fabric.

The three new girls all stared at him with bedroom eyes and wicked smirks. Ethan hadn’t noticed, but Brooke had already removed his pants. She climbed up and kneeled beside him on the mattress and began to remove his polo shirt. Ava stepped over to Ethan’s other side to assist her. By now, Brooke surely must’ve seen the other girls, yet she had never reacted to their presence. Ethan could only think of two explanations; either Brooke was under some kind of spell that had turned her into a mindless puppet, or the four girls had planned this in advance… Whatever ‘this’ was.

When all that was left of Ethan’s clothes were his briefs (stretched to their limit by one hell of a raging boner), Brooke crawled around behind his back. He felt her gentle hands fall upon his shoulders as they began a slow massage. Ava turned his head towards her and began to kiss him repeatedly on the lips. Their mouths remained closed for the first couple kisses, but then her frisky tongue pushed its way through Ethan’s lips and the kisses became more wanton. Meanwhile, Sera and Adamine had kneeled before their houseguest and began to tenderly caress his thighs and the bulge in his undies with their fingertips. Every now and then, Brooke would lean over Ethan’s shoulder to kiss him on the side of the neck, or cheek, or both.

During the girls’ little ‘touch and feel’ session, each one of them removed their bras. They only teased Ethan like that for about forty seconds, before the girls silently motioned him towards the center of the bed. Sera, Adamine and Ava all climbed up on the bed with him and Brooke. Once again, the girls surrounded Ethan and together, they gently pushed him down so that he was lying flat on the bed quilt, with his head resting in Adamine’s lap. When he looked directly up, he could see her large, luscious mounds swelling out above him. It was without a doubt the hottest sight he had ever seen.

Ethan was turned on and fully erect, but he was also concerned and very suspicious. Nowhere in America would the four hottest girls in a highschool ever come on to a nobody like him… unless it was some kind of cruel prank. He could practically see Stu Jafferty, the school’s designated douchebag, jumping out of the bathroom with a camera and yelling, “PUNK’D, LOSER!”

“What’s wrong, Ethan? You seem so nervous,” Brooke asked in a sweet voice, as she continued to knead the tension out of his shoulder.

“We won’t hurt you,” Adamine said, playfully.

“Mm-hmm!” Sera agreed, “As a matter of fact, we want to have fun with you!”

“That’s right,” Brooke said. “We really, really, want to have some fun with you.” She leaned over and gave Ethan a very long, slow kiss. That seemed to quell his anxiety a great deal. His heart was still racing, but that was for a different reason, entirely.

After Brooke pulled back, Sera took Ethan’s right hand and placed his fingers upon the underside of her panties.

“Do you see how hot I am?” she asked, flexing her back to make her impressive bust appear even larger. The surface of her womanhood was indeed sweltering.

Before he had a chance to answer, Brooke grabbed his left hand and bought it over to her own loins. She guided two of his fingers in through the leg-hole of her panties and from there, they easily found their way to the bare skin of her labia. He barely touched her soft folds and a copious flow of her vaginal juices started dripping on to his fingertips.

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