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Alice shifted her weight from one foot to the other. She had been standing in the exact spot, her mark, for what seemed like forever in her mother’s four-inch stilettos. Her legs ached but she did not dare move as Nicole did not want her to change position during the multiple takes of her introduction. Alice looked at her reflection, took as deep a breath as she could in the tightly cinched corset and thought about her transformation. She tried to ignore the butterflies churning in her stomach.

Alice knew she had promised her virginity to Nicole, but the past week had been a whirlwind of activity and she was too preoccupied with everything Nicole was throwing at her to really think about fulfilling that promise. That all changed on Wednesday when Nicole installed cameras in her bedroom and took her shopping for the cloths and toys for the event.

Thursday followed with no more lessons but the morning and afternoon was one long photo shoot. After donning her French maid’s uniform Alice had to prepare dinner and spend the rest of the evening doing a thorough cleaning of the house, particularly her bedroom and bathroom. Once completed Alice was secured to her parent’s bed for the night, since Nicole didn’t want to disturb the preparations they made to her room, the set, for today’s big event.

After waking and untying her from a restless night of sleep, Nicole ordered her to shower and get ready for their appointment with Nicole’s beautician. Alice took her time in the shower as she enjoyed her tiny moment of freedom, even though she knew she was still bound to Nicole’s perverted desires.

At the salon Alice simply watched her transformation as the beautician did her magic per Nicole’s orders. Her hair was cut and died from its original rust red to a bright red. Moving with skilled hands, the beautician added false eyelashes, eye primer and quickly covered Alice’s face with foundation, defining her cheekbones and thinning out her nose The beautician then carefully applied pink eyeliner and black mascara to her eyes, pink blush to her cheeks and pink lip liner to fill out her lips. Using a brush she applied pink lipstick and a clear topcoat

Looking at her reflection Alice couldn’t believe her transformation: her nose now looked so small and cute, her eyes so large and alluring. Every time she blinked their movement was noticeable as they flirted with her mirror image. Her cheeks looked as if she was nervously blushing. Her lips were a subtle pink. When closed, her mouth looked absolutely adorable, so perky and full just begging to be kissed and when open it was so sexual, so inviting. Her face was perfectly framed by her voluminous bright red hair.

“If I reminded people of the little mermaid before, I’m a dead ringer for Ariel now,” thought Alice as she watched a string of white pearls with a white teardrop added to her hair like a halo.


“Okay, one last take, puppet, and we will move on to the next scene,” stated Nicole as she crouched back down ready to do one last take of her introduction.

Breaking out of her self-critic Alice took a deep breath, thankful she would no longer have to repeat her line but knowing she would then be one step closer to having to have sex with Nicole.

“And action!” announced Nicole as the camera focused on Alice’s white stilettos, and slowly started to rise following the outline of her white nylon encased legs.

Alice was wearing the outfit Nicole had chosen for her, spending over an hour getting the few items on; Nicole wanted to make sure everything looked perfect. And as Alice followed the cameras ascent, she could imagine the image she was portraying. Wearing her mothers four inch white stilettos she was almost standing on her tiptoes as the bend of her ankles really tightened and highlighted her calves, the white nylon stockings themselves giving her legs a slight shine that enhanced the effect of the sparkle powder applied to her shoulders and face.

Alice could imagine the white satin ribbons coming into view as the camera passed her knees and made its way up to the top of the stockings, resting just below the curve of her ass. Nicole had spent a lot of time making sure the stockings were straight and the tops level across both legs. The six garter straps were clipped tightly and pulled taut by the base of the corset. The front two clips framed the embroidered white rose on the front of her white panties, her red pubic hair visible through the panty’s sheerness. The side two peeking out of the lengthening skirt and the back two following the curve of her ass. Held in place under her hidden panties, the short bustle skirt covered the center of Alice’s ass and giving the illusion it was larger than it was.

Moving further up, the camera passed over the perfectly tied bow resting at the bottom of the corset. The white satin ribbon lacing tied perfectly, making it hard for Alice to breath, but giving Alice an hourglass waist. şişli escort As the camera moved on, Alice’s hands, encased in white satin opera length gloves, which were resting on her hips started to slowly slide up her sides and abdomen. Alice could feel the tightness of the corset as her hands ran over her stomach; Nicole was more interested in esthetics than Alice’s comfort and Alice knew better than to complain. As the camera reached the level of her breasts, Alice’s hands stopped matching the cameras ascent and simply lingered on her breasts. Her eyes catching the white pearl bracelet on her right wrist, the companion piece to the three-strand pearl choker Alice wore around her neck and the pearl earrings. All four pieces were real and belonged to Nicole’s mother. Nicole borrowed them from her jewelry box and at $50,000 they were by far the most expensive items Alice had ever worn, or seen in her life.

Staring at the reflection of her face in the mirror, the image before her was of innocence, beauty and sexiness all in perfect balance and Alice knew it was time for her line once again:

“Hello, my name is Alice MacHeatly and today Friday, December 19th 2008 is a very special day. For today is the one week anniversary of meeting my girlfriend, and today, on the one week anniversary of my very first kiss, I will give my virginity and hymen to my girlfriend, my mistress, my love and soon to be lover, Nicole Charmer.”

“Aaannnnd cut,” announced Nicole as she closed the screen on the cam-corder. “That was fantastic puppet! Now just let me place the cameras and we will move on to the hallway scene.”

At Nicole’s command Alice started to seductively strut out of her bathroom and towards her bedroom, staring at the camera setup before her in her parents bedroom. The silence of the house was broken only by the rhythmic clicking of her heels on the hardwood floor as she moved toward her destination, the skirt bouncing in time with the movements of her ass cheeks, rubbing back and forth against her bare skin, the lengths of ribbon tickling the back of her thighs. When she reached her bedroom door, Alice slowly turned and faced a smiling Nicole.

“Excellent puppet,” announced Nicole as she caressed Alice’s arm. “Let me move the cameras into the bedroom and we can take a break and get in the mood for the main scene.”

Alice could only give a small nod in reply.

Sitting in her parent’s room, Nicole opened the bottle of champagne. The butterflies in Alice’s stomach returned with a vengeance as she waited for the event to be over with. In a daze, Alice blankly looked at Nicole as she filled the two glasses, her black satin opera gloves holding the bottle as she poured. Her legs crossed, barely showing the black panties she wore, the panties soon to be replaced by the strap-on sitting next to her. The black corset she wore firmly encasing her body, with her breasts pushed up at the top and the black bow tie choker around her neck. Nicole was confidant and in charge. With her darker, more exotic make-up, she was an erotic ideal of a woman about to seduce her partner.

With a smile on her lips Nicole handed one of the glasses to Alice and held hers up for a toast. “Here’s to you becoming a woman,” announced Nicole as she clinked her glass against Alice’s.

Alice brought the glass up to her lips, careful not to do too much damage to her lipstick. As she took the drink Alice could feel the firmness of the corset as the champagne made its way to her stomach. As Nicole refilled her glass Alice noticed how hungry she actually was. Being so worried this morning she hardly ate any of her breakfast and Nicole was so preoccupied with photographing Alice and getting ready for the filming that they skipped lunch. The tightness of the corset kept her stomach from feeling empty and now, at seven o’clock, the liquid reminded her of just how hungry she was.

Nicole however did not even notice the missing meals; she was too focused on making sure she recorded her taking of Alice’s virginity perfectly. Looking at Alice, she could not help but smile at the angelic beauty sitting quietly before her, dressed in white. The outfit looked like it was made for her and was the perfect look for a virgin about to enter womanhood. Nicole could tell that Alice was nervous, but then who wouldn’t be and Susan’s gift of a bottle of champagne was the perfect way to ease Alice’s nerves. She wanted to make sure Alice had at least two glasses, if her corset would allow them. She’d had to tie the corset tight but the effect was stunning and Nicole made a mental note to have Alice wear corsets often.

As Nicole placed her glass back on the nightstand she couldn’t help but notice the tingle running through her body. Too much of a tingle to be from alcohol alone and she felt the electric effect her hands had on her thighs as she slowly rubbed them up and down. Nicole suspected that Susan had also added a little of Joe’s liquid X to help take the edge off.

Standing up, Nicole pulled down her panties and gently rubbed her clitoris as she grabbed the strap-on and began to use her own juices to lube the dildo that was to take Alice’s virginity. Nicole stepped into the harness and positioned the dildo within the harness against the opening of her pussy. She let out a whimper and a sigh as it slid up and disappeared between her legs. With a smirk on her face Nicole twisted her hips and reached out for Alice’s hand. “It’s showtime,” she announced.

Alice simply took Nicole’s hand and meekly followed her mistress to her room, her private place. The effects of the alcohol were becoming noticeable as Alice felt her body tingling all over, especially as the back of her skirt teased her ass and the ends of the ribbon danced over her thighs. Subconsciously Alice started running her satin covered fingers over her bare thigh as she rubbed her other fingers against Nicole’s clenched hand

Upon reaching her bedroom, Alice stood at her door, her mark for the beginning of this scene. Alice simply watched as Nicole turned on the cameras sitting on her dresser and above her bed, supplements to the web cams and nanny cams already placed around her room. Alice remained frozen to the spot and subconsciously ran her hands over her corset as her nylon-covered legs began to rub against each other, her eyes fixed on the appendage now attached to Nicole’s groin as Nicole glided around the room.

After looking into Alice’s eyes, Nicole reclined on the bed. Alice was in turmoil once again as her body was becoming aroused by what she was seeing and what was happening. Part of her brain, her primal side, was excited about the pleasure it was about to receive but her evolved side knew she didn’t want this and that she was only in this position because Susan was forcing her. Her evolved side struggled to understand why her body and emotional side were so excited by the situation she was in. The conflict meant that she had to navigate the tricky situation while convincing herself that she wasn’t really interested in loosing her virginity to a girl. As Nicole pulled herself up from the bed and moved to the space between Alice’s bed and her closet, Alice knew the moment had come. She also knew that her betraying emotions and body would inevitably win as she was forced to play the scene.

Stepping before Nicole, Alice let out a small gasp as she felt Nicole’s hands glide over her hip and breast. The feeling was electric and her body tingled from the touch as Alice felt her arousal level increase. Even the tightness of the corset and stockings started to feel more like an erotic embrace then the restriction she felt for most of the day. Alice began to run her own hands over Nicole’s corset encased body wondering if she also felt the same way, if her body tingled, if her fingers felt the charge from touching another body.

Looking into Alice’s eyes Nicole dropped her hands to Alice’s hips and slowly pulled Alice into her, until her breasts were pushed against the bare skin of Alice’s collarbone. Leaning forward Nicole began kissing Alice, her tongue pushing its way into Alice’s mouth as her hands continued to caress and grope Alice’s body.

Alice simply accepted Nicole’s kiss and willingly accepted Nicole’s tongue, just as she had been trained to do, as her hands roamed over and pinched her own breasts. To her amazement Alice could feel her nipples harden and her pussy twitch as it began to swell and lubricate. As she felt her clitoris harden, she could not believe how much her body was betraying her. In her mind, Alice did not want to have sex with another girl but her body not only seemed to not care, it wanted it, needed it and was willing to surrender its virginity to get it. A small whimper escaped Alice’s lips as she felt Nicole grasp the dildo pressed up between the two of them and slowly begin to force the head down towards her virginal pussy, leaving a trail of erotic tingling in its wake. Alice pushed up a little on her toes as she felt the dildo snap between her legs and began to rub against her already wet pussy, the curved end poking playfully against her anus.

Nicole simply let Alice’s arousal increase as she continued to caress and fondle Alice’s body. Sensing that Alice’s arousal was peeking, Nicole turned Alice until she was facing away from the bed and slowly started moving forward until Alice’s legs were pinned against the bedding. Nicole took Alice in her arms and lovingly lowered her prize onto the bed. She then slowly climbed on top of Alice and gazed down at Alice’s red hair, fanned out, framing her face. Nicole now straddled Alice, her hips just above Alice’s and pressed her legs against Alice’s thighs, pinning her in position, and leaned down to once again kiss her lover. Breasts pressed against breasts, corset rubbed against corset, nylon covers legs wrapped around each other as the tip of the dildo pushed against the gusset of Alice’s panties demanding entry, an iconic image of two women about to make love.

Sitting up, Nicole smiled at Alice as she pulled aside the panties protecting Alice innocence, exposing her swollen, wet lips to the cool air of the room. Alice held her breath and reached down, as Nicole had instructed her earlier, and let out a quiet moan as she guided the cock between her labia to the entrance of her glistening wet pussy. Alice closed her eyes and whimpered as she felt the dildo push into her pussy coming to a stop after penetrating only an inch as the tip came into contact with her hymen. After it pulled back, Alice felt a sharp pain as the dildo was thrust forward, ripping through her maidenhead and taking her virginity.

Alice gasped, inhaling as much as her corseted chest would allow. Nicole penetrated deeper and deeper into Alice’s untouched body, the tightness of her vaginal cavity impeding Nicole’s progress as she started to rhythmically fuck her.

The sharp pain Alice had felt as her hymen was breached quickly dissipated as the most intense pleasure she ever felt replaced it. Each thrust of the dildo sent shock waves throughout her body and her cry of pain turned to that of pleasure as her pussy began to squeeze and milk the wonderful entity that had entered her body and was gifting her with so much pleasure. Alice gripped tightly to Nicole’s shoulders and wrapped her legs around Nicole as she lifted herself off of the bed with the most intense feelings of euphoria enveloping her, her entire body shaking from the orgasm. Collapsing back, Alice simply laid there, limp, as her body continued to shudder, mewing incoherently as Nicole gently pulled the dildo out against the tight grip of Alice’s vaginal cavity. A feeling of emptiness replacing the erotic fullness she had just felt.

Alice let out a squeal as she felt the dildo push back into her empty void. Her hands clenching into fists and she arched her back forcing the dildo deeper within her. Alice could think of nothing else as she felt the swell of pleasure building up yet again as her rock hard clit sent a shock wave of pleasure up to her nipples and back down again as the clit stimulator made contact with every stroke of the dildo.

Alice could only gasp shallowly as Nicole continued to drive the dildo deeper into her pussy, as the corset would allow nothing more. Her head rested deep in the pillow, drops of sweat beading and running down her face, her hair now wild and matted to her forehead, her body covered with perspiration. Releasing one final moan Alice collapsed back onto her bed, unconscious.

Catching her breath Nicole looked down at the sweat-covered girl sleeping beneath her. Nicole smiled and brushed some of the hair now clinging to Alice’s face aside. This was the first time she had ever seen someone collapse from exhaustion due to sex. She was proud of the fact that she had accomplished it and had it on tape. Nicole saw Alice as the perfect sexual mate. She was beautiful yet innocent, naïve yet bursting to push the boundaries. Nicole could lead her anywhere and demand she do anything and Alice would comply with her orders. In one week Alice had gone from her first kiss to having her virginity taken on camera. She had walked naked through a movie theater and sat naked in a restaurant. She had made out with twins, brought a Hooters waitress home to make out with and perform in a three way, all caught on film and now that her virginity was removed, her whole body was available for Nicole’s pleasure.

Nicole slowly pulled back, attempting to dislodge the dildo, still imbedded deep within Alice’s love channel, without waking her sleeping beauty. As the tip of the appendage neared the entrance it slipped free, releasing more of Alice’s blood and fluids. Grasping the dildo Nicole wiped it clean on the front of Alice’s white corset staining it red and slowly backed off of the bed. Nicole walked over to Alice’s vanity and picked up a silver necklace. She unscrewed the glass bottom of the charm and returned to the sleeping Alice. Nicole carefully placed the small bottle between her legs and captured some of the virgin blood still being secreted by her pussy. Standing back up Nicole carefully inspected her prize and quietly left the room.

Alice slowly regained consciousness; the hunger of her stomach, the ache in her body and the soreness of her pussy all conspired to pull her out of her slumber. Pushing herself up in bed she noticed that for the first time in a week she was not secured in some way. Swinging her feet out of the bed Alice felt her mother’s heals hit the floor and noticed she was still dressed in the erotic outfit from last night. The hands of her gloves, the bottom of the corset and her sheets were all tainted in blood, physical reminders of the events of last night. The tingling of her skin had turned to crawling as Alice hesitantly pushed herself off of the bed and staggered over to the vanity stool, the ribbons from the now undone bow dangling at her feet, her sweat covered clothes clinging to her skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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