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The crowded room was hot, and filled with the scent of alcohol and smoke. Alice didn’t usually attend these kinds of parties, but made exception for this one. This was the last party of her senior year in high school, and she decided that one last blowout wouldn’t hurt. Alice quickly found herself caught up in the pounding rhythm of the music that flowed throughout the house, and the punch that was being served was definitely spiked with alcohol. Alice was popular, and even though she was not a virgin, she didn’t sleep around. Many of the guys at the party had wanted to get between Alice’s legs since freshman year, but hadn’t been so lucky.

The heat of the room quickly combined with the alcohol in the punch, and Alice found herself not only relaxed, but very horny as well. She eased off of the punch, and drank a few glasses of cold water, trying to break the effect of the alcohol. Peter approached Alice while she was finishing her water. She smiled as the boy came up to her, apparently resisting the urge to run away from her. Peter was the shy kind of guy, and although he was handsome, he had very little confidence. Alice watched as he finally stepped up to her.

“Hey Alice. How’s it going?” Peter asked her, his voice shaky.

Alice smiled at him and finished drinking her water. Peter may be shy, but he was just what the doctor ordered. Alice quickly made the decision that Peter was going to get lucky. She sat her cup on the counter and stretched. Her breasts pressed tight against her blouse, and she felt her already stiff nipples press into the fabric.

“It’s not bad. I’m pretty hot, but I don’t know whether it’s the heat, the punch, or that I’m just horny.” She said matter-of-factly.

Peter could hardly believe what he had just heard. He took a quick drink from his cup, and tried to formulate a response. After a few drinks, he realized that he had no response for what she said. He took a deep breath and finally responded.

“Well…” Peter began. He stopped, not knowing what to say.

Peter wasn’t saying much, but from the bulge expanding his pants, Alice knew that they were on the same wavelength.

“I had to back off of that punch. Whatever’s in it is pretty strong. How’re you holding up?” Alice asked.

Peter shrugged. “Pretty good. Typical party. Everyone seems to have paired up for an evening of fun.” He said. “Did you come with anybody?”

“Nah, I came by myself. Why, did you want to help?” she teased.

Peter shook his head with a smile. Alice’s flirting excited him, but also put him at ease. “Anytime you need some help, just ask.”

Alice giggled, and quickly reached for his crotch, her fingers gripping Peter’s hard cock through his pants. “I could use some help now, and you seem ready right now.”

Peter gasped as she stroked his cock. He brought his left hand up to her right breast, and gave it a squeeze, causing Alice to moan in approval. Peter broke himself away, and took her free hand in his. He was about to lead her out of the kitchen when girl with a candy bowl came around.

“Hey guys. Take a piece, I guarantee you’ll like it.” She said as she held the bowl of candy out to them. “Red, green or blue. You’ll like them all, but only one to a customer.” She chimed.

Peter took a green piece and popped it in his mouth, and waited for Alice. Alice knew the candy was laced with drugs, probably LSD or something similar. Her parents had been into drugs when she was younger, and she had seen it all. She even stole a lick from a spiked sugar cube once, and had been thrown into a severe trip. In her drug-induced state, she had invented a whole fantasy world and had experienced an adventure big enough to fill a book. She had stayed away from drugs since then. Alice cautiously picked a blue piece of candy from the tray. She looked at it as the girl walked away. She quickly made the choice and popped the candy into her mouth. Peter began to lead her from the room and down one of the hallways. He searched for a bedroom, but Alice had other plans. She pulled him into a bathroom, and locked the door.

“I don’t want to make love, I want to fuck.” She told him as she pulled her skirt up.

Peter quickly helped her remove her panties, and lifted her up onto the bathroom countertop. Her pussy was hot and peter could smell it. He dropped down to one knee, and buried his face between her spread legs, and nuzzled into her cunt. He didn’t waste anytime as he drove his tongue into her slit, immediately getting a mouth full of her creamy girl juice. Her pussy was oozing wildly, her thighs already wet, and a puddle formed in the cleft of her asshole.

Peter snuffled like a pig in the mud, his mouth and cheeks becoming soaked in her juices. His chin was dripping as his tongue speared into her repeatedly. Alice closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride, rotating her hips and humping forward, trying to bury his tongue deeper into her cunt. She grabbed the back of his head and rode his face as the flat of his tongue began to drag against her clit. Peter got the hint, and pulled his tongue from her slit. He placed his mouth over her hard clit, and began to lash it with his tongue. He felt as if his tongue was going to fall off, but the reaction he received from Alice was worth it.

Alice moaned loudly as she felt her orgasm building up. Her clit was on fire, and Peters tongue was pounding out a steady rhythm against her wet nub. The heat built in her stomach, and rushed downward. She didn’t expect it, but her orgasm shot through her without warning. It may have begun quickly, but it lasted a long time. Alice gripped the back of Peter’s head as if her life depended on it. It felt as if every muscle in her body was tensed as her body shook violently. She was still shaking when peter managed to disengage himself from her hands.

Alice groaned in pleasure, but also at the loss of Peters tongue. Peter stood up, and quickly jerked his pants down. His cock sprang out, hard as a rock, and Peter aimed it at the target. Alice screamed in pleasure as peter drove his cock into her with one brutal stroke. Cream splashed from her cunt as he began to drive his cock like a jackhammer.

“Oh fuck! Fuck me, fuck me!” Alice yelled.

Peter grabbed her thighs for leverage, and increased his pace. Her pussy was juicy from coming, and was getting even wetter. He could feel her cream splashing over his balls, causing them to slap wetly with every hard stroke. Peter tried to take his mind off of what he was doing, but the feel of her cunt was overpowering. He pulled her further from the counter and used her own weight to drive his cock even harder into her. Alice grunted and held onto the edge of the counter, trying to match his thrusts with ones of her own. The severe pounding she was receiving kept her at the edge of orgasm, having never come down from the first. When Peter’s hands dug into her legs, and his stroked became unbearably hard, she knew he was on the edge.

Peter tried with all his might to hold out, but everything was just too good. He drove into her with every muscle in his body. He felt his muscles tighten, and the familiar heat in his stomach. He groaned loudly when he came, and could feel the thick sperm blast up his shaft. His grip on her thighs tightened as he blasted spurt after spurt into her milking cunt. Alice began to climax again as she felt his thick sperm coat her cunt walls. Her body collapsed, and she couldn’t control her limbs. The sensations were too much, and she bounced like a rag doll on Peters still pumping cock.

Alice lay exhausted on the counter, and only whined as Peter pulled his cock from her still grasping cunt. A thick mixture of cum oozed from her lips, and pooled on the counter underneath her. Peter sat down on the dressing stool exhausted, and closed his eyes, trying to catch his breath. Alice tried to sit up, but her orgasm had left her weak, and the laced candy was beginning to take effect. She made one more attempt to sit up, but the spinning colors in her eyes kept her down. She eventually gave up trying, and closed her eyes. Strangely, the swirling colors didn’t disappear. Alice made note of it, right before she passed out.

The bed was soft and warm, which was in striking contrast to the hard sharp pain pounding through her head. Alice tried to open her eyes, but the light coming through her open window was blinding. She eventually gave up and settled for simply laying in bed. She soon began to run the previous nights happenings through her mind. Peter sure was a good lay. She would have to keep him in mind for future fun. The pounding in her head began to subside as a few realizations came to her. She had no idea how she got home. In fact, she couldn’t remember anything past her mind-blowing orgasm in the bathroom.

Alice soon gave up thinking on the subject. Peter must have realized how out of it she was, and drove her home. Either that or someone else at the party had taken pity on her. Alice only hoped that her parents had not seen her. She did not want to hear one of their lectures on the ‘responsible use of narcotics’. Alice had never understood her parent’s ethical standards when it came to drugs. They made no attempt to hide their approval and use of certain drugs, but their stance on how to use and when to use seemed silly. They would not be mad that she had tried something, but would be pissed that she had not done it in what they would consider a ‘safe’ environment. Just thinking about it made her head throb.

As temping as the soft bed was, Alice knew that she would have to get up. Her head had finally returned to what seemed like normal. Alice took a nice long stretch, and slowly opened her eyes to the morning sun. Alice sat in abject shock. The bright sunlight was not coming through her open window. In fact there was no window, and she was not on a bed. All at once, Alice knew where she was. The bright colors, the odd shaped landscape, even the giant mushroom she was laying up screamed one word. Wonderland!

Shit. It had been years since Alice had experienced her first trip, but the memories were vivid in her mind. Her parent’s were going to be pissed. The first time it happened, she was gone for days. They had been so worried that they did not know what to do. They finally found her when she stumbled into the back yard of the house. Where she had actually been was unknown. Her parents had not called the police. They didn’t trust them. Police were always dusting for fingerprints and looking for things. Police always turned uncivil when they found drugs. No, her parents could not have risked the police invading their privacy and finding their stash. It was pure principal.

Alice shook her head. How was she going to get back to reality? How, was she going to wake up? She tried pinching herself, but it just made her arm hurt. She tried closing her eyes and concentrating, but that didn’t work either. Alice sighed in exasperation. What was she going to do?

“Lost your mind?” a voice asked from behind.

Alice spun around but saw nothing. “Who’s there?” she inquired.

“My, my does age make one daft where you come from?” The voice mocked her.

Alice was getting a bit frightened, but also angry at being mocked. She looked in the direction of the voice, and caught a quick flash of white teeth. Damn, she thought. Some things never change.

“I would hope that you would have developed manners in your old age cat, but I see that you haven’t.” she said curtly.

The air shimmered where the mouth had been, and the figure of a very large cat came into view. “Touché! You seem to have grown some claws dear Alice.” The cat said in a voice that was half speech and half purr.

Alice stayed seated upon her mushroom as the big cat padded over to where she was. “I had almost given up hope on seeing you again.” The cat said. It leapt up onto the mushroom, and quickly curled itself around Alice. “What kept you so long?”

Alice shook her head. This was just a drug trip, but she couldn’t help herself but believing that it was real. The cat apparently could sense her confusion. It rose up and walked around until it was looking her in the face.

“I get it. You don’t think this is real do you?” the cat asked.

“Of course it’s not real. My parents told me all about the last time.

“Really? Do tell.” The cat said after giving her nose a quick lick with its rough tongue.

Alice was frustrated and annoyed by the cats’ antics. “If you must know, it was all because of some drugs. I had a really bad trip, and was out of it for days. My parents say that I wandered off, and didn’t return for days. When I came down from the high, I returned to normal.” She explained

The cat tapped a paw on her nose. “Nope, you only got part of that right.” He said with a wide grin.

Alice growled. “Look, I don’t know why I’m even talking to you. You’re not real. You’re an hallucination.” She fired back.

The cat looked genuinely hurt. His cat face sagged, and he shimmered as if to disappear, but soon came back into focus.

“I’m just a cat, and being an hallucination and all, but I doesn’t make sense.” He said


“You had a bad trip? Like you said, I’m just a cat, but I never heard of a trip lasting for days. Not to mention the fact that no one knew where you were. I just think that was a convenient tale.” The cat explained.

Alice opened her mouth to speak, but then had a thought. Strange escort gaziantep rus bayan as it was, the cat was right. Her parents had told her that they found her asleep in the back yard and had brought her to bed, but that could not have been right. When she had first awakened, she had been dressed in her favorite white and blue dress, the same dress that she had been wearing while in wonderland. It had been raining outside, and the lawns were muddy, but her dress was clean. The more Alice thought, the more things did not match. She remembered jumping through the Red Queens magic mirror. The mirror would send her through the large looking glass in her own bedroom. It must have been a rough trip because that was the last thing she remembered before waking up in her own bed. She also remembered that the mirror had been removed from her room. Her parents told her that her father had tripped over it while putting her to bed and broke it.

Damn. The cat was right. But, if that was the case, then she was in deep trouble. Alice groaned as her head gave an unexpected lurch. She finally steadied herself and hopped down from her perch on the mushroom. She looked around and tried to get her bearings, while the Cheshire cat popped in and out of view.

“So tell me cat. Have the rules changed? Or can I still get out through the queens mirror?” Alice asked the oft- invisible cat.

“Well, have your rules changed?” The cat replied with his own question.

“Look, I don’t have time for riddles. What is that supposed to mean?” Alice said, flustered by the cats evasiveness.

The cat appeared in front of her, preening his fur. “It’s very simple kitten.” He purred “Wonderland was a place filled by a child’s imagination when you were a child. Things are different now that you are older.”

Alice didn’t know what that meant, but did know that she needed to find a way out of wonderland. “Okay, fine. Which way to the red queens castle?” she finally asked.

The cat disappeared then reappeared on a nearby tree branch. “Just take this road and you’ll find her. But I do think that she might be looking for you as well.” He said before disappearing again.

Alice really didn’t care if the queen was looking for her. The last time was different. Alice had just been a little girl, but this time she was older. Alice was a cheerleader and in great shape. If the queen wanted a fight, then she sure as hell was going to get it.

Alice set out down the road to find the red queens castle. The sun was bright and golden in the sky, and she soon found herself hot and sticky. Her white blouse became soaked with sweat, and her short blue skirt clung to her like a second skin. Alice began to look around for a place to rest, and possible something to drink. She was near her wits end when she heard a voice coming from over the next hill. She kept walking, and just over the hill spotted a small pavilion. There was a table and chairs sat under the pavilion and a familiar face pacing back and forth. His big hat bobbed up and down as he walked.

Alice walked down the hill and toward the pavilion, remaining unnoticed until she was only a few feet away. The man smiled at her as she approached, and the smile was somewhat unsettling.

“Look, it’s the guest of honor!” the man shouted out.

“I didn’t think you would be happy to see me Hatter.” Alice said cautiously as she came to a stop just before the pavilion.

“Oh nonsense my dear. Of course I’m happy to see you. I even organized a little party. It’s been hot out, so I brewed some nice, cool iced tea.” The Hatter explained, sweeping his arm to the table and chairs.

“You’re the first guest to arrive. Please have a nice cool drink.” He offered.

Alice didn’t totally trust the Mad Hatter, but she was mighty thirsty. She scooted by him to the table and took a glass of iced tea from the table. Alice gulped the tea down and reached for another glass. She took her time with the second glass and sat down in one of the chairs. She kicked off her shoes and began to rub her sore feet together. Alice felt a bit odd, and felt her head begin to swim. Alice barely managed to sit the glass back on the table.

“Oh shit. What’s in this tea?” she woozily asked the Hatter.

The Hatter grinned his insane grin. “Oh it’s my special blend. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, something hidden inside of my hat.” He explained as he crept toward Alice.

“It will help you relax. My parties are always a blast.” The Hatter said, coming to kneel in front of Alice.

He took one of her feet in his hands, and began to slowly run his hand along her sole. Alice groaned at the wonderful pressure on her sore foot, and she let him continue his massage. The Hatter pressed and rubbed then slid his hand up along her ankle to her calf. The muscle was tight, and his thick, stubby fingers quickly loosened it up. Alice jerked and moaned as the Mad Hatter did the most unexpected thing. He leaned forward and ran his tongue along the sole of Alice’s foot. She giggled and squirmed as his tongue darted between her toes, eventually sucking each of her toes into his mouth.

Alice’s breath became quicker as her toes were engulfed in the Hatter hot wet mouth. Through the haze from the tea, she felt herself getting wet. Her pussy was beginning to ooze its cream and she felt warmth growing in the pit of her stomach. She pouted when he stopped, but began to squirm and giggle again when he began lavishing the same treatment to her other foot.

Alice had never had a foot job before, but the Hatter seemed to be a pro at it. He licked every inch of her feet, and nibbled her toes, causing Alice to squeal. Her hand was busying fluttering over her dripping slit as the hatter continued to gobble her feet. Alice pinched and tweaked her clit and tried to wedge as many fingers as possible into her cunt. She glanced down and found that the Hatter had pulled his cock from his pants, and was furiously jacking off while sucking her toes. His cock was as odd as he was. It was somewhat gnarled, reminding Alice of a tree limb, and the head curved upward making it look like a golf club. Alice really didn’t care, it was thick and hard and that was all that mattered.

“Come on Hatter, fuck me.” Alice growled.

The Hatter stopped his slobbering and stood up. He grabbed Alice and lifted her onto the table. Alice scooted to the edge of the table as the Hatter moved between her legs. Alice shivered as the Hatter dragged his cock along her sticky slit. His odd shaped cock-head felt like a battering ram as he tried to wedge it between her lips. Alice wasn’t going to be beaten. She bore down as he pushed and the head of his cock slowly slipped past her lips. Alice groaned loudly. It felt like she had a tennis ball wedged inside her cunt. She held onto the edge of the table as the Hatter pressed forward, forcing his cock deeper inside. Once he was in as far as possible, he began to pull back. The Hatter stopped as the head of his cock was just inside and reversed his stroke, driving back inside of Alice again.

Alice shook her head as the Hatter began to pick up the pace. The odd angle of his cock banged against the roof of her pussy with every stroke, sending jolts of electricity through Alice. Alice felt like her entire cunt was being stroked all at once and her orgasm ripped through her. The Hatter pulled Alice’s legs up, and resumed licking her toes as he continued to slam his cock into her. Alice’s orgasm had began to subside, but set off again as the Hatters wet tongue darted along her skin.

The Mad Hatters pace picked up and Alice thought she was going to blackout from the abuse her cunt was taking. The Hatters thrusts became so brutal that the table rocked as he drove into Alice. After three exceptionally hard thrusts he began to spurt. Alice groaned loudly as his sticky sperm flooded her cunt. She could feel each spurt as it pulsed against the roof of her cunt. The Hatter continued to pump Alice until his cock became soft. He finally pulled his cock out, the head popping out with a gurgling wet sound. Alice could only lay and try to catch her breath as a river of juice poured out from her gaping cunt.

It took a few minutes before Alice could slide down from the table. Her ass was thoroughly soaked, and her blue skirt sported a huge wet stain. The Hatter had gone back to filling his glasses and arranging the chairs. Alice retrieved her shoes, and declined another tea when offered by the Hatter.

“I really would like to stay, but I must find the magic mirror.” Alice explained as she left the pavilion. She was still a bit wobbly as she resumed her journey. The Hatter was a weird one, she thought, but he sure could fuck. Alice kept walking down the road, but the road soon split in two. She stood and looked. Which way should she go? She had no clue, which way the Red queens castle was, and the cat had not said anything about a split in the road. She didn’t want to walk all the way back to the Mad Hatters place, especially since he would probably be no help anyway.

Alice was just about to scream in frustration when she heard a familiar voice. It was coming from down the left fork in the road.

“Oh gosh! I’m late. I’m late!” the voice said repeatedly.

Alice grinned as the fuzzy rabbit hopped into view. He was running at full steam, and didn’t even notice her standing in the middle of the road. Alice tried to catch his attention but it didn’t work. The rabbit ran straight into Alice, sending them both tumbling to the ground.

“Oh my! I’m so sorry, but I’m late.” The rabbit explained. His feet were already moving when Alice picked him up deftly by the ears.

“Wait rabbit. It’s me, Alice!” Alice yelled.

The rabbit stopped wiggling, and his eyes blinked rapidly. “It is you! I was just heading to your party!” the rabbit explained.

“I know, but I’ve already been to the party.”

“Oh dear! I can’t be that late. Did my watch stop!” the rabbit cried, and began to examine his watch.

“No. No. I was early. I’m trying to find the way to the red Queens castle. The cat said to take this road, but I don’t know which side to take.” Alice explained.

“Oh. I’m not sure. It wasn’t down the road I used.” The rabbit explained, his whiskers twitching madly.

Alice shook her head. If it wasn’t down the road the rabbit came from, then it must be the other road. She sat the rabbit down, fully expecting him to hurry away. Instead, he just stood sniffing the air, his whiskers twitching.

“The party started without me!” The rabbit said excitedly.

“No rabbit. I told you. I was there and nobody else had arrived.” Alice tried to explain.

The rabbit danced about, hopping on his furry little legs. He jumped around Alice, circling her. “I knew the party started without me.” He said, pointing directly at Alice’s crotch.

Alice felt embarrassed, as her thighs were still sticky from her encounter with the Hatter. She wasn’t stupid, and she began to understand what the rabbit was saying.

“Are you saying that fucking me is the point of this party?” Alice asked in a surprised voice?

“Yes! Yes!” the rabbit agreed, nodding his little head. Alice was shocked to see his small, pink rabbit penis coming out of the white fur between his legs.

“The Hatter sent invitations this morning! Oh I didn’t want to be late!” he cried.

“Well, the guest of honor is gone, so I don’t know how much of a party there will be.” Alice explained. She kept watch on the rabbit as she spoke and was astounded at the size his little pink cock was attaining. It eventually stopped growing, and was quite impressive, even if it had not been on such a small body.

Alice found that she had to keep turning, as the rabbit kept moving behind her. She had to admit that the rabbit had her curious. It hadn’t even been an hour since the Hatter had fucked her, and she was already contemplating on giving the rabbit a shot. The rabbit’s bouncing caused his cock to bob up and down, and Alice couldn’t resist.

“I’ll tell you what rabbit. I’ll let you party with me before I go. I don’t have any of the Hatter’s tea if you don’t mind.” Alice said sweetly.

“Oh no. That would be great! I really don’t like tea anyway.” The rabbit responded, his little head shaking vigorously.

Alice smiled and moved off of the road. She found a soft area of grass and sat down, the rabbit bounding up to her. Alice couldn’t resist grabbing the rabbit’s cock, which he stuck out proudly in front of him. She cooed to him as she wrapped her hand around his stiff member, marveling at how hot it was. It wasn’t as big as the Hatters, but it was still a nice tool. The rabbit’s cock was already leaking as she stroked it, and he rapidly pounded one of his little paws against the ground.

“Well now Mr. Rabbit, what do you plan on doing with this?” Alice teased him She stretched out on the grass and guided the rabbit by his cock. The rabbit for his part was more than happy to be lead to his party. He half hopped, half waddled as Alice pulled him between her legs. Her cunt was still hot and wet, and she had no trouble guiding the rabbit inside. Alice sighed contentedly as the rabbit sank to the hilt in her gooey slit.

It was at this point that Alice realized that there was quite a physical difference between her and the rabbit. The rabbit was enthusiastic enough, escort bayan gaziantep swinger but his small physical size kept him from getting much of a thrusting action. His wiggling felt good, but Alice wanted his cock moving in and out. She tried thrusting her hips, but it only succeeded in bouncing the rabbit to and fro.

“Oh, this is working.” Alice whined in frustration.

The rabbit, who was not normally a patient fellow was even more agitated at being so close to his goal. He bounded off of her, his cock pulling free like lightning. He bounced around with his cock dripping her pussy juice.

“Turn over! Turn over!” the rabbit shouted.

Alice turned over onto her knees, with her head on her arms. She craned her neck and watched the rabbit. She couldn’t understand what he would be able to do. This position was even worse. Her ass was higher in the air than he was. Alice sighed and watched, as the rabbit seemed to be preparing for something. He rubbed his front paws together and gave a few short hops. One, two and then three, and launched upwards. He landed on all four feet, perched on the top of her ass. Alice couldn’t help but laugh, as she figured out what he planned. She arched her back and shifted her ass higher to give him better access.

“Oh yes, yes! This is just right!” the rabbit chattered. He shifted around, trying to get his cock in the right position. He found the angle and began to push, but was aimed a little bit higher than he needed to be.

“Hey! That’s my ass!” Alice protested.

The rabbit either didn’t hear her or didn’t care. He kept pushing until the head of his cock was firmly wedged in Alice’s tight hole. Alice turned her head to protest just as the rabbit pushed away with his back legs. She gasped as the head of his cock popped free, her eyes widening as gravity took over. The rabbit held on with his front paws, as his backside went up, then down. He came down with all of the weight of his little body. His cock found the entrance to Alice’s ass and drove right in.

Alice yelped as the rabbit had half of his cock embedded up her back pipe, and watched as he prepared for another jump. He jumped again with the same force, and landed with his cock fully lodged up to his furry balls in her ass. Alice was seeing stars as the rabbit wiggled about. He adjusted himself to the tight feel of her ass and then launched again. This time felt better, and Alice slipped a hand underneath her and began to rub her clit. Her ass began to relax, and the rabbit soon found an easier time. His jumps became quicker and Alice herself being thoroughly ass fucked by a horny rabbit. His cock was drooling like a hydrant, turning Alice’s ass into a gooey mess. She could feel gobs of cream splatter his asscheeks every time his cock popped free.

Alice was in heaven. She had never been fucked in her ass, but the rabbit was doing an expert job of it. she loved the tight full feeling that she felt every time he drove into her, and the incredible friction on her hole was driving her crazy. The rabbit was faster than Alice, and began to jerk excitedly as he came.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” The rabbit yelled as his whole body shook. He cock erupted and Alice could feel him flooding her bowels. She couldn’t believe that a creature so small could come so much. The rabbit kept on plugging her as he came, his come seeping out of her ass with each thrust. It dripped down between her cheeks and oozed over her fingers. Alice rubbed the slippery juice into her already wet pussy, her clit throbbing with each stroke. She felt herself falling over the edge, and found it difficult to keep still. She didn’t want to interrupt the rabbit’s wonderful pace. She yelled and went stiff as her orgasm came, her pussy gushing girl juice over her hand.

The rabbit’s pace slowed, and he eventually settled down as Alice finished coming. If anyone had passed by at that moment, it would have looked like the rabbit was giving her ass a big hug. They would have had to get closer to see his still twitching cock firmly rooted between her cheeks. The rabbit took time to recover, then pulled free, his cock shrinking as he settled on the ground. Alice could only lay still and recover as her well used as slowly began to close. Her ass was still throbbing when she turned over, and she could feel the rabbits come still dribbling from her hole.

“My rabbit! That was fantastic!” she exclaimed

“Oh yes, yes. That was very good indeed. Now that your back, we can have a party every day.” He said.

Alice wasn’t sure about that. She didn’t plan on staying, and she didn’t think she could take a party like this every day. She took a minute to catch her breath as the rabbit straightened his whiskers. He checked his watch once he was done, and began to hop again.

“Oh my! I’m late! I’m late for dinner!” he yelled.

The rabbit sped off before Alice could say anything. He bounded back down the road he had come and was quickly out of sight. She sat for a few moments and collected her thoughts. She began to wonder if everyone in wonderland was out to fuck her. If that were the case, there were individuals that she definitely needed to avoid.

Alice set back on the road, taking the right split. The road wound it’s way through a forest, and Alice was sure that she was getting closer to the red queens castle. She spied a caterpillar in one of the trees, and hid to avoid it. The caterpillar was busy smoking a pipe, and Alice knew what was in it. She watched a few minutes, and the large bug drifted off to sleep. She crept from her hiding place once she was sure that it was safe, and resumed her walk down the road. She thought the bug had been a pervert when she was a child, and shuddered to think what he was like now.

The road soon led out of the woods, and down by a river. Alice stopped at the river, she was hot again, and her thighs were sticking together from her previous fun. She pulled off her skirt and shoes and sat them by the shore, and found a spot to enter the water. The water was cold but not too cold, and Alice waded in until the water was almost at her waist. She spread her legs a bit, and let the cold water wash over her skin. The water felt good against her heated pussy, and she let it wash the remains of the Hatter and Rabbit away.

Alice felt clean and refreshed when she left the river and resumed her walk down the road. She began to hear a knocking sound coming from down the road, and cautiously made her way toward it. She shook her head as she came across two very large men. They were bent over like charging rams. She watched as they charged each other, their heads making a loud noise as they crashed together. Alice shook her head. TweedleDee and TweedleDum were not the brightest crayons in the box. Alice looked around to find a way and avoid the two, but they caught her before she could leave.

“Hey, it’s Alice!” Dee yelled to his brother.

Dum looked at her and quickly broke into a smile. “It sure is brother.” He replied.

Alice wanted to keep the conversation to a minimum. Neither of the brothers was very bright. She smiled as she approached them and tried to keep things simple.

“I’m off to the Red Queens castle. You guys have a good day.” She said, trying to get by them.

Both of them were immediately blocking the way.

“I don’t think you want to do that. The Queens not very nice.” Dum told her.

Dee nodded his head in agreement. “Yeah, she yells a lot.” He offered.

Alice tried to scoot around the brothers, but they were constantly in front of her. This was getting her nowhere. She eventually gave up. She needed to outwit the two of them, maybe tire them out. Alice began to think, and a wicked plan formed in her mind. She thought of an old saying and decided to go for it. ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans’ she thought.

“I just came from a party. I thought the two of you would have been there.” She told them.

The two brothers looked at each other, their brows sweating from concentration. Alice could swear that she heard the gears turning in their minds. They each broke into a grin and then frowned.

“We thought that was tomorrow.” Said Dee

“We missed it.” Continued Dum sadly.

Alice shook her head from side to side. “Oh no, you didn’t miss it. I brought the party to you.” She tried to explain. Both brothers perked up, but they quickly became confused.

“But there’s no tea.” Dum said

“Or cakes.” Said Dee

This was really going nowhere fast. Alice looked at the two of them, and then sat on the ground. She pulled her skirt up; exposing her cunt, then pulled her blouse up over her head, exposing her breasts.

“I think we have all we need to party right here guys.” She said to them seductively.

The brothers looked around at each other, still somewhat confused. They looked around and then began to scratch their heads.

“But tea and cakes taste good.” They began to complain.

Alice thought about and realized that this was going to be more difficult than she thought. She would have to put all of her effort into this. She started thinking back to her first boyfriend. He had no idea what to do when it came to sex. It was lucky that her parents had been very big on sexual education. She had guided him through the entire process, and had even managed to have some fun. She began to think of the brothers in the same way.

“Okay. Come here.” She said, motioning with her hand.

The two walked over to her and stood, still as puzzled as ever. Alice decided to start with Dee first. She moved to her knees and tugged at the zipper of his trousers. He was too startled and too dim to ask what she was doing. Alice unzipped his fly and whistled as her hand snaked into his pants. Her eyes went wide as her hand wrapped around the biggest cock she had ever felt. It wasn’t very long, but it was easily thicker than her wrist. She had to use her other hand for help as she hauled it out of his pants.

“Now don’t move.” Alice told Dee as she turned to his brother.

Dum was watching with curiosity as Alice turned to him. She quickly pulled on his zipper and reached inside his prize. She thought that the brothers would be exactly the same, but she was wrong. Dum’s cock was much thinner, but far longer than his brothers. Alice was so amazed that she spent a few seconds looking back and forth between the two of them. She wrapped a hand around each cock and began to slowly stroke. The brothers shifted about nervously, but their cocks responded as Alice planned. Each was soon sporting a stiff erection and emitting small noises. Alice turned her head to Dee and began to lick around the head of his cock. It was way too big for her to fit in her mouth, so she had to contend her self by licking as much as she could.

Alice kept a firm hold on Dum while she slathered his brother’s cock. Her lips became smeared and slippery as his prick began to ooze. Alice turned her attention to Dum and found his cock much easier to handle. She slid the head in her mouth and sucked greedily. It felt like a smooth egg as she pulled more of it into her mouth. Alice got another wicked idea in her mind, and tried to relax her throat. She sank her face forward and felt the head of Dum’s cock press against the back of her throat. Alice took a deep breath and relaxed her throat. She pressed forward again. This time Dum’s cock slid down her throat. Alice began to set up a rhythm, and was soon swallowing his cock with deep strokes.

Dum’s hands were waving in the air as Alice began to hum. She could feel his balls tightening as he began to come. She pulled up a bit as his shaft swelled, and was rewarded with a thick gush of jism. Alice made shallow strokes and kept swallowing as Dum’s cock flooded her mouth. She kept sucking until his cock began to soften. Alice released him, and Dum fell, crashing to the ground.

Alice didn’t miss a beat, and turned her attention back to Dee. She tried, but still could not even fit the head of his cock into her mouth. She finally came about a better idea. Alice turned herself and wiggled between his legs. She pulled Dee downward and positioned him over her chest. Alice placed his cock between her breasts, and then pressed her soft pillows around it. Dee didn’t have a clue what to do, so Alice had to tug her breasts up and down. Alice’s tits were soon coated with sticky come as Dee’s cock began to drool. Her breasts became slippery, exciting Dee even more. Alice was staring at the tip of his cock emerging from her breasts when the first shot splashed against her chin. She opened her mouth and caught the next few spurts on her tongue, swallowing the thick salty fluid. She continued until Dee was empty and on the verge of collapse.

Alice extracted herself from under Dee, and used the brother’s momentary exhaustion to get away. She grabbed her clothes and quickly jogged down the road, leaving them panting and unable to follow. Alice stopped running after the brothers were out of sight. She knew that they would loose interest in her quickly. Alice was soon able to see the Red Queens castle in the distance. She began to formulate a plan in her mind. She couldn’t walk right through the front gates because she would be caught almost immediately. She headed a bit to the right of the castle, and decided to wait for the sun to go down. If she could slip through the hedges without being gaziantep travesti escort kızlar caught, then she might be able to sneak in the back of the castle through the kitchens.

Alice hid until dark, and searched the hedge wall. She found a small hole in the leaves and crawled through. Alice stayed close to the edge of the hedges and found her way around to the back of the castle. It was just as she remembered it. Other than a few card dogs playing there was nobody around. Alice quickly made her way past the dogs, and ducked into the kitchen doors. The kitchen was empty, and Alice gave silent thanks that the kitchen was closed.

The castle was just as she remembered it, and Alice made her way to the throne room. She searched around and was upset to find that the mirror was not there. Alice couldn’t think where the mirror could have been moved. She stopped and caught her breath as a thought came to her. What if the mirror had been broken? Alice hadn’t given it much thought; she had just assumed that the mirror would be there. The only choice she had was to continue to search the castle. Alice tried the basement first, hoping that the mirror had been put in storage. She found plenty of other discarded items, but no mirror.

Alice returned to the main floor and began to search. She dodged the card guards and swept each room, but turned up nothing. Alice finally started going to the higher floors. She made her way through all the rooms, and still no mirror. Alice stopped at the hallway leading to the last room. Two card guards guarded it, and Alice knew that it must be the Red Queens room. It was the only place that the mirror could be. The problem was, that she needed to get by the guards. Alice came up with a plan. She quietly made her way back downstairs and outside. She grabbed two of the card dogs from the yard, and brought them inside. It was difficult keeping them quiet, but she managed. She stopped by the kitchen and found the last piece to her plan.

Alice stood around the corner from the Queen’s bedroom. She sat the two card dogs down, and let them smell the soup bone that she had found in the kitchen. She tossed it down the corridor and the dogs ran after it. They yelped and barked as they both fought for the bone, drawing the guards’ attention. When the guards came to chase the dogs away, Alice slipped behind them and headed for the Queen’s door. She opened the door, and quietly snuck inside.

The room was quiet and dark, but Alice could see the mirror sitting in the corner of the room. She tip toed across the room, and almost made it to the mirror. She was stopped in her tracks, as a lantern was uncovered. Alice froze in her tracks as the Red Queen sat up in her bed.

“I knew you would be coming for the mirror.” The Queen said with a wicked smile.

Alice judged the distance to the mirror. There was no way that the Queen could reach her before she jumped through. Alice made a dash for the mirror. She was just about to reach it when she tripped over something on the floor. She landed hard, and spun around to see what she had hit. There was nothing there. Alice began to move and try for the mirror again, when she saw a smiling pair of teeth appear in the air. She stood up, but the Red Queen was already upon her, blocking her way to the mirror.

The Cheshire cat appeared on the Queens bed, smiling as usual. “You don’t want to leave so soon do you?” he purred.

Alice growled at the cat. “You set me up! Damn cat!” she yelled.

“I told you that wonderland had changed. Why shouldn’t I?” he countered.

“I don’t care how wonderland has changed. If you think I’m going to let this wacko chop my head off or bake me in a pie then your ask crazy as she is.” Alice yelled.

Alice hadn’t paid enough attention to the Red Queen, and was surprised when the Queen grabbed her from behind. The Queen overpowered her and struggled to get Alice to the bed. Alice put up a good fight, but was not a match for the Queen. She found herself pinned to the bed, with the Red Queen on top of her.

“I don’t think you’ll be getting away this time.’ The Queen whispered.

Alice noticed for the first time that the Queen was not exactly as she remembered her. Whereas the Queen had been quite round before, she was now quite shapely. Her breasts bulged underneath her red gown, and Alice could see an impressive amount of muscle in her arms. Even more surprising was the Queens face. She wasn’t ugly any more. In fact, she was quite attractive, in a gothic sort of way.

“See, the Queen and I have become friends. She appreciates my…talents.” The Cat explained, his head appearing over the Queens shoulder. “I hope you like the Queens new look. She has great…taste.” The cat chuckled.

The Queen rolled her eyes at the cats’ last statement. “I knew that you would be back, and I was right. You were quite the little tart before, and your even more so now. I am going to have so much fun.” She said.

“Yeah, yeah. ‘Off with the head’. I know.” Alice growled.

Alice was gathering herself to try and push the Queen off, but she did something unexpected. The Red Queen leaned down and kissed Alice. Alice was taken off guard as the Queen pressed her lips tightly to hers. It was a deep kiss which Alice tried to fight, but couldn’t. She felt the Queens tongue pressing into her mouth and slowly accepted it. Alice soon found herself eagerly kissing the Queen back. The kiss lasted for minutes before the Queen pulled away.

“Mm…she does taste sweet.” The Queen said.

“I take it you don’t want to cut my head off?” Alice asked. She was now very aware of the Queens body pressed against her.

“I’m a different Queen now. I started working out, and found the real me.” The Queen explained, cupping her hands to her breasts. “I think I was a little harsh on you before. You certainly have grown into a fine you woman.” The Queen explained.

“So what do you want with me?” Alice asked.

“That’s pretty simple.” The Queen said with a smile. She took Alice’s hands and placed them on her breasts, making her squeeze. Alice was speechless. She hadn’t expected for the Red Queen to look like she did, nor did she ever think that the Queen would be trying to get under her skirt. One thing she did have to admit; the breasts she was squeezing were firm and felt absolutely delicious. Alice had never done it with another woman, but wasn’t averse to trying it. She gave the Queens breasts a few more squeezes, and then circled each nipple with a thumb.

“I guess that I can hang around for a while. But I do need to get home eventually.” Alice explained while she pinched the Queens nipples.

“I can agree to that.” The Queen replied. She reluctantly pulled away from Alice and stood up. She pulled her nightgown over her head, and stood smiling. Alice propped herself up on her elbows and looked at the Queen. She had to admit that the Queen sure had changed, and for the better. She was a different woman from head to toe. Her black hair was now short and straight, and her lips were painted a deep red. Her body was barely short of fantastic, not like how Alice remembered. She was about the same height as Alice, but was now busty with a slim waist and flared hips. Alice couldn’t help but notice that the Queens pubic patch was dyed red, and shaved in the shape of a red heart.

“Wow, you sure have changed.” Alice said in amazement.

The Queen grinned and ran her hand down her stomach. “I use the royal ab-cruncher for thirty minutes every day.” She said. “You seem to have grown quite well yourself.”

Alice kicked off her shoes, then pulled off her blouse and skirt and tossed them to the floor. She pulled herself up to a sitting position, with her legs tucked underneath. She had almost forgotten that the Cat was in the room, but saw his tail swishing back and forth from atop a table.

“I’m still mad at you cat. Don’t even think about joining the fun.” She told him.

For the first time that Alice could remember, the cat wasn’t smiling. “What do you mean? I did all of the work and I can’t play?” the cat asked forlornly.

“That’s right, you don’t get to play. If you would have been up front in the beginning, then you would have saved us a lot of time.” Alice said with a huff.

“Well now, lets not be so hasty.” The Queen interrupted, “He does have his uses.”

“Come now cat. You should apologize to Alice.” The Queen said, motioning the cat forward with her hand.

The Queen climbed onto the bed and gently pressed Alice onto her back. She turned around and pulled Alice’s legs apart, holding them open. Alice watched as a pink tongue appeared between her legs. She was prepared as the long tongue swiped lazily over her exposed pussy, but she wasn’t prepared for the feeling. The cat’s tongue felt soft and rough all at once and her hands dug into the sheets.

“I told you he was good.” The Queen said. She continued to hold Alice’s legs apart as the cats’ eyes popped into view. His tongue flicked rapidly over Alice’ pussy and her head thrashed from side to side. Alice felt like she was in heaven as the cat drilled his tongue into her slit. She new that it couldn’t be possible but she felt herself beginning to come. It hadn’t been a minute yet, and she felt her stomach tightening. Alice was soon gushing cream over the cats’ tongue, which lapped up every drop.

“Now, now cat. That’s enough.” The Queen ordered the cat when Alice seemed like she couldn’t take any more.

Alice was drenched in sweat, and felt as if she had just ran a marathon. “Holy shit.” She groaned as her body still shook.

“Now you see why I keep him around.” The Queen explained.

The Red Queen lifted and positioned herself over Alice, replacing the Cat who was now sitting in a chair licking his paws. Alice found herself looking into the very wet red slit of the Queen. She lifted her head and stuck her tongue out, letting the tip barely touch the queens’ lips. Alice pulled her tongue back and evaluated her first taste of another woman. She found that the taste wasn’t unpleasant, and gave the Queen a much deeper lick. She started at her clit and let her tongue sink between the Queens lips, licking downward slowly.

The Red Queen moaned and lowered her mouth to Alice’s slit and began to nibble on her clit. The stimulation shot through Alice like a jolt of electricity. She pressed her mouth tightly to the Queens syrupy cunt and sucked hard. The Queen was oozing cream like a faucet, and Alice slurped down every drop. She had never been with another woman, so she just tried all of the things that she liked. The queen was soon hunching her hips and grinding her pussy down on Alice’s mouth. Alice gulped and swallowed as the Queen came, her mouth filling up with sticky cream.

Alice was hot and almost in a frenzy when the Queen moved from atop of her. She began to finger herself as she watched the Queen. The Red Queen hurried to one of her trunks and flipped the lid open. She came back to the bed carrying her royal scepter. It was made of gold and jewels, and each end was capped off by a large heart shaped ruby the size of a golf ball. The Queen climbed back on the bed with a gleam in her eye. She position one end of the scepter against Alice’s pussy and began to push. Alice yelped in surprise as the smooth ruby parted her lips and slipped into her slippery cunt.

“This is one of my most favorite toys.” The Queen said as she fed more of the scepter into Alice. Alice grunted as the Queen began to move the scepter in and out, fucking Alice with the jewel-encrusted rod. The Queen stopped for a moment and re-positioned herself on the bed. She sat down and placed her legs over Alice’s. She positioned the other end of the scepter against her own cunt. She didn’t tease, and quickly drove the rod inside. Alice and the Queen locked arms and kissed. There mouths twisted together as they frantically humped the scepter. The rod was just long enough, and their wet cunts mashed together at the end of each thrust. They were soon making wet smacking sounds, holding on to each other as they experienced one orgasm after another.

Alice and the Queen kept fucking in one way or another until early in the morning, finally falling asleep, the scepter still sticking lewdly from Alice’s overworked slit.

Alice was finally awakened by kisses from the Queen, and after another bout and a long bath for two, was ready to leave. The Queen provided Alice with a new blouse and skirt, exactly like the one she already had. It seemed that the Queen had really liked the outfit. The Queen also presented Alice with two gifts. The first was a videocassette of the previous nights exploits. It was clear that the King of hearts had been stowed away in a closet with his camera. The queen had prohibited him from playing for the evening, and confided in Alice that she planned on using him after Alice had left. It was apparent that the King got off on that kind of treatment.

The second gift the queen gave Alice was a bottle of purple pills. Any time Alice wished to visit wonderland, all she had to do was take one of the pills. Alice tucked the bottle in the pocket of her skirt. She knew that she would need them.

Alice stepped through the mirror, and concentrated on the one located in the family living room. The Queen had been quite helpful in telling her how it worked. She stepped out of the mirror and into her house at 11:30 pm. She was home a half-hour before her curfew on the night she had left. Alice brought the bottle of pills up to her room, and hid them in her closet. She didn’t want her parents finding them. They would use them all up and she wouldn’t get a chance to go back to wonderland.

Alice headed back out the house and back to the party. After all, the night was still young.

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