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A fresh dusting of snow lightly covered the grass as Tina pulled into Frank and Marci’s driveway. It was early evening, and the promised whitening had begun. Tina knew that fellow weather-geek Frank would have the latest details.

Tina bundled up her jacket against the cold wind that hit her as she stepped from the car. As she walked up to the front door, she playfully stuck out her tongue, trying to catch one of the fat snowflakes falling softly from the sky. A fortunate flake managed to find its way right onto her tongue, bringing a smile to her lips.

“Hey Tina, come on in,” Marci greeted Tina with a hug at the door.

Tina slipped out of her jacket, revealing a wonderfully sexy ensemble. As always, Marci accurately noticed how great Tina looked.

Frank smiled and waved from the living room. He was watching the TV with a crinkled brow. He had the Weather Channel on, as Tina had anticipated. She was the first to arrive for a little get-together.

“Tina, you’re a nerd, come look at this,” Frank began. “Looks like we’re gonna get more snow than they originally thought, but not for a couple hours.”

Marci returned to the living room with Tina’s favorite cocktail, a chocolate martini. Marci was working on some vodka tonics, and Frank was drinking whatever was placed in front of him.

The group sat in the living room, enjoying the warm fire, the chit-chat, the music and rapid rounds of drinks. Then the phone began to ring. And ring. And ring.

Soon it became apparent that the little shindig had shrunk to three, thanks to Mother Nature and Old Man Winter. If he had to be trapped by the old meteorological couple, who better to be stuck with than Marci and Tina, Frank thought to himself.

“Welp, we might as well make the best of it,” Frank said with a laugh. “How about a game? Scrabble, anyone?”

Marci hopped up to remove the air from everyone’s glasses. Frank locked on to her lovely form as she left the room. Without thinking, he said “gotta love that ass”.

“Yes indeed,” Tina purred and concurred.

Frank smiled and blushed. He knew all about Marci and Tina’s mutual attraction. They made little effort to hide it. He had heard many times about a particular chick getaway weekend, when the two horny milfs spent a night together in a bed, spooning. Nothing overtly sexual happened between them, but they were tempted. In fact, once Marci confirmed that Tina was asleep, she gently reached into her own panties and massaged her aching twat to a silent and fierce orgasm. Marci used the image of rubbing and spooning up against Tina’s gorgeous, curvy body many times. She had masturbated to the thought dozens of times, in the shower, in bed, even in the car on long solo road trips.

What Marci didn’t know was that Tina had returned to bed that night after a trip to the restroom, saw that Marci was sleeping, escort tanıtımları spread her own legs wide and fingered herself home as well. Tina also replayed that evening, with some enhanced editing, in many of her own self-love sessions.

Frank returned to the living room with the Scrabble game.

“Snow starting to pile up out there,” he reported diligently as he set up the board.

Marci returned with a smile and a handful of fresh drinks. She sat on the couch, right up against Tina and gave her a playful kiss on the cheek.

“I’m so glad you came over tonight.”

“Me too,” Tina replied, returning the kiss on the cheek and adding a hug.

“Ok you two, get a room or something,” Frank said, his mind beginning to wander.

He sat on the floor, on the other side of the coffee table from the two sexiest women he knew. He had pictured their night of spooning many times on his own, and ended up splattering all over himself. Frank and Marci had also discussed it many times while he was deep inside of her.

The game began. The constant sexual tension began to grow.

Inevitably, the words on their minds began to emerge on the game board.

“Hmm, I think I will build off of this K…” Frank said, adding an L-I-C in front of it.

“Oh my,” Tina whispered, the thought of receiving a lick from Frank catching her off guard.

It was Marci’s turn. Building off of the L, she put a C above it, and an I-T below.

Frank realized he was on to something. “Looks like the beginning of a good sentence,” he said with a sly grin. He thought longingly of lovingly licking the two clits on the couch in front of him.

“I suppose this should be an equal opportunity game,” Tina laughed. Using the K from Frank’s word, and putting a C-O-C above it.

Marci moved a little closer to Tina on the couch as they both hungrily thought of the cock on the floor across from them. It was Frank’s turn again. He used the T from Marci’s word, and put an R-E-S in front of it, and an I-V-E behind it.

“Restive?” Tina and Marci said in unison. “Use it in a sentence.”

He was going to use the actual definition, but being a pun-type of guy, he went for the sexually suggestive laugh…

He stood up, walked to the window, shook his head at the piling snow and said, “Tina I think you should spend the restive the night with us.”

The girls laughed, then Marci turned and ran her fingers though Tina’s hair. She wanted another opportunity to spoon her.

“Yes, that would be nice.”

Marci moved in closer and gently placed her lips on Tina’s, as her hand wandered from her soft hair to her soft breast. Marci began to trace circles around the outline of Tina’s hardening nipple, the outline of which had begun to emerge from beneath her sweater. Tina could feel gaziantep escort tanıtımları her heart beating in her throat and her thighs begin to ache.

Slowly, Marci began to ease Tina onto her back on the couch, a repositioning that Tina accepted happily. Tina pulled off her sweater and wiggled out of her jeans, revealing that magnificent body, covered only by a sexy bra and panties. Marci followed suit and began to run her hands all over Tina, who arched her back in excitement and anticipation.

Frank watched, amazed and erect.

Marci leaned down and began to run her warm lips and tongue across Tina’s bare stomach. She slipped her hand between Tina’s smooth thighs and began to gently caress her. Marci could feel the heat burning out from behind Tina’s panties.

“Why don’t we take these off,” Marci suggested, giving a gentle tug. And just like that, with a tilt of her hips and a quick flick of her wrist, she was naked and writhing, almost purring with eager excitement.

The hostess stood quickly and removed her bra and panties as well, Tina bit her lip as she approvingly looked her up and down. Marci maintained eye contact with Tina as she went down on her. Tina spread her legs wide, placing one leg on the coffee table.

Frank could feel the wet spot on the tip of his cock growing larger. He peeled off his pants and began to stroke himself.

Tina gasped and tilted her head back on the arm of the couch as Marci’s tongue made contact with her already-wet pussy lips. She felt like she was on fire. One hand was on the back of Marci’s head, gently holding her head, while her other hand was pinching her own nipples and squeezing her tits. Marci had always dreamed of this. She made long, slow strokes the entire length of Tina’s glistening lips, just like Frank always did to her.

She slipped a finger under her chin and entered her friend. Marci gently pumped her finger in and out as she found Tina’s now-swollen clit and began to lick and nibble.

“Oh my God,” Tina managed softly before her voice vanished in an orgasm.

Frank, naked now, positioned himself on his back on the floor between Marci’s legs. She was kneeling on the floor next to the couch, living her fantasy. Frank softly placed his tongue in the same manner that Marci’s tongue was placed on Tina. He placed his big, warm hands on Marci’s ass and held her in place while his tongue flicked and danced around her throbbing pussy. She had never stopped licking Tina, and now picked up the intensity.

Tina looked down and could see Frank licking Marci. She also noticed his rock-hard tool bobbing up and down, ready for action. Marci’s face was covered in Tina’s sweet juices. Her body locked in place as Frank’s nibbles and tonguing took her over the top. She yelped with delight as she came, gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları the juices running down her legs and all over Frank.

The girls managed to stand up, weak-legged, and pull Frank up into his chair. They rubbed their hands all over one another as they dropped to their knees in front of him.

Marci began to lick his clean-shaven balls, as Tina paid attention to his wide, wet hood. She grabbed him at the base and licked circles around the hood before taking him all into her mouth. He felt hot and hard in her throat. Tina used her free hand to cup Marci’s tits and twirl her crinkled nipples. Marci returned the favor, as their bodies were tangled between Frank’s legs.

He wanted to watch, but Frank’s eyes had rolled into the back of his head.

Marci whispered into Tina’s ear, “I want you to ride him,” and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Tina quivered at the thought of his cock piercing her and stood. Frank slid down to an almost-flat position. She straddled him and guided him in. His hood pushed past her soaked lips, along her walls and all the way to the back. He filled her perfectly, as Tina began to rock back and forth. She braced herself with her arms on the back of the chair, on either side of Frank’s head.

Her full, luscious tits were in his face. He took a nipple into his mouth and gently worked it. He could feel Marci rubbing his balls and Tina’s ass from behind. Tina began moving harder and faster.

She was really fucking him now, and she felt a big one approaching. Tina collapsed her arms and buried her face in Frank’s neck as she exploded on his cock.

Marci was delicately fingering herself, waiting her turn on the ride. Frank turned Tina around and guided himself back into her. Now she was facing away from him and towards Marci. Marci stood up and pressed her body up against Tina’s. Their breasts squashed softly together and they stroked each other’s hair.

Tina began to ride Frank’s rod again. Up and down, up and down she went, each stroke more electrifying than the last. Frank smacked her lovely ass and watched himself vanish and reemerge over and over again. He could feel the steady building deep in his balls.

Marci pulled Tina onto the floor and hungrily attacked her pussy yet again. Marci spun around and dropped on top of Tina into a 69. Tina happily licked her friend’s sweet pussy. Frank gave the girls a few moments of dual-licking enjoyment, but he could take no more.

He climbed out of the chair and slipped into Marci from behind. Marci moaned as his stiffness pounded her. She could taste some of Frank’s come on Tina’s blazing hot slot.

Tina squealed with ecstasy as Marci’s mouth gave her another smoking orgasm. Frank could hold back no longer. He mumbled something, then froze and ruptured deep inside of Marci. The hot rush of fluid made Marci release in return. He felt her pussy contract and grab him as she came.

The explosions of the moment left the group collapsed on the floor in front of the fire, sweaty and spent. After a few moments of sweet silence, Frank spoke up.

“Know what the best part is?”

The girls, spooning in front of the fire, both shook their heads.

“We still have the restive the night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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