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Double Penetration

I considered taking Kelly right back to my place for more sex, but after drinking and screwing all night I was actually pretty hungry. So as she followed me I drove to a restaurant near my place that does a mean breakfast. Nothing fancy, just a regular eggs-and-pancakes place but with big servings and strong coffee. I asked for a booth for two and took Kelly’s hand as we followed the waitress. When we got to the table I nudged Kelly into a seat and then immediately pressed in after her. She gave a little squeaky, “Oh!” of surprise and looked at me as I corralled her into the inside part of the booth and trapped her there. I kept my eyes down but flashed her a smile to tease what was to come.

I put my right hand on her thigh immediately and kept it there while we chatted about the menu and ordered. Not too far up, just above her knee and on the top, and not in a way that would attract attention. I was caressing her thigh but very lightly until the waitress took our order. When she left I moved my hand up her thigh a bit and changed to squeezing it a bit, gently but firmly. This time she looked at me again and smiled. She picked up her silverware roll and undid the paper clasp. Then she began to unroll the napkin and then the knife and fork inside, and with a pretension of determination. Then she gave a smile as she began to lay out the set on the table as if it was an important task.

I took her smile as encouragement and got progressively more bold. I moved my hand further up her thigh, then further. As went up I allowed my fingers to creep a bit inward, and I began to tap them against her thigh. Eventually, with a muffled huff, she shifted slightly. Acting like a host accepting an annoying imposition she parted her thighs a fraction of an inch, but deliberately. Then I knew the game was on.

But then, rather going further, I moved my hand to the outside of her thigh. I moved quickly, running my hand esat escort between us but with my fingers tracing her flesh until I found the waistband of her panties. The panties I had found so cute the night before.

Thinking of them suddenly made my cock awaken. It began to strain against my jeans. I let my middle finger get under the elastic, just a little bit, and then ran my hand along it, the inside of the panties’ leg, to rest just where her bottom met the seat. Then I held my finger there, acting completely casual, and started up some small talk. I was trying to contain my grin, but she was not as good at it, so as she answered my inane questions she began to grin and even giggled a little. I held my hand there, under her skirt, immobile. Well, except every few seconds I made my finger, still just barely peeling the soft cotton from her flesh. give her butt cheek a little pressure.

Once I’d done it a few times she started to get the idea and gave another little giggle in response to an utterly boring question. I took this as approval. It’s not like there were a lot of people around, so we weren’t exactly being exhibitionists. Nor were we in a secluded section either, however. In fact the booth we were in was pretty large in itself. So the table didn’t really give us a lot of privacy covering the seat and our midsections. So even though I was being subtle, if anyone had approached the table and glanced down they would have seen that my hand was clearly up her skirt. One glance at our faces, surely the next step, would tell the story entirely. So I let the risk of the waitress coming back with our food dangle out there as I kept up my small talk charade.

But what Kelly couldn’t see from the inside of the booth was the upper corner of the door to the kitchen peeking just over the frame of the booths between ours and the counter beyond. I could keep it in my peripheral vision etimesgut escort as I kept my eyes on her as we talked. I continued to ask ridiculous follow-ups to her every banal detail to my banal questions. As she spoke I just let my gaze move along her face. I admired her features: her bright eyes. Her cute nose, pointy and angular, but with a little roundness to the tip and nostrils that made it friendly. She had low and round cheekbones, a bit freckly now that I looked closely, which combined with her small pink links for a pretty smile. I hadn’t let myself notice how pretty before now; and as I looked at her, in the midst of our game on the seat, I let myself revel in her simple beauty.

Just then I saw the corner of the door give out light as it was pushed outwards from the kitchen. I took a guess. I moved my hand away from her bottom, out from under her skirt, and onto the table in front of us. Then I said, interrupting what she was saying, “I’m SO hungry!”

I didn’t yell, I just raised my voice enough to be heard a few feet away or so. Enough to bowl over our conversation, which had lowered until it reached conspiratorial levels as I had pressed her cheek under the table teasingly. I had guessed correctly, and as our waitress appeared around the corner with a tray I tore my gaze away from Kelly and looked at the woman carrying our food. “And there’s our food! Perfect timing!” I said, a bit louder now, and with gusto.

I don’t know if the waitress heard my first comment, but when she saw me smile at her and look longingly at the food she was putting on the table, she smiled back.

“Allright there ya’ll go…anything else ya’ll need right now?”

I surveyed the fare in front of us, feigning strenuous calculation and study. But in all seriousness it was all an act because the food looked genuinely appetizing, in the way a great breakfast will after a night ankara escort of drinking and making love.

“I’m ready to dig in,” I proclaimed, smiling again at the waitress. Then I looked over at Kelly to my right, moving my hand to hers on the seat.

“How about you?” I asked, giving her palm a little squeeze.

She rewarded my playacting with a smile and then looked at the waitress. “I’m good. It looks great!” As she angled her face up to our server the light caught them and her eyes twinkled prettily. I let my eyes linger on that for a heartbeat, wanting to remember it, then turned to look at the waitress again.

“Thank you,” I said, meaning for it to sound thoughtless, the way one speaks to servers hundreds of times at a restaurant, with more intent to end the interaction than genuine appreciation. Nor as I trying to be sarcastic for any reason. But in the moment, caught between the humor of the game’s ending, the excitement for the food, and the anticipation of sharing a meal with a sexy girl next to me, my voice betrayed me and it came out with just a bit too emotion as I smiled somewhat stupidly at the situation.

It seemed the waitress caught it, and her eyes darted from my face the Kelly’s, and then back. Then a knowing smile came to her, and with all the knowledge and wisdom of a veteran waitress she gathered up her tray and began turning to walk away. She gave me a sly look and threw a, “Okay ya’ll enjoy it, kids!” over her shoulder and left us.

I squeezed Kelly’s hand again softly and then brought it up to the table. I began attacking my plate, and Kelly did as well. By now our hunger was too real for anything else, so without pretense we put each other on hold and began our meal. We dressed our plates, arranged our portions, and began to eat.

The food was great. Nothing fancy, but solid and made with love. And again, exactly what we needed in our depleted condition. We made a few comments to each other as we ate, but really the conversation was now all about the food and how much we were enjoying it. But as the meal progressed and I began to feel nourished I wanted to tease Kelly again, my purpose being to entice her back to my place again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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