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Winter was coming up and there I was riding the grub line. The place I’d been working had decided to lay off people for the winter and it was a case of last hired, first fired. Reasonable, I suppose, but being reasonable didn’t make me any happier about losing my job.

I was slowly heading towards a city, figuring that there’s always work available in a city if you’re prepared to put some effort into it. Meanwhile I was just going from ranch to ranch, cadging a meal and a place to stay overnight in exchange for a few chores. Right now I was riding up to what looked like a small ranch, the sort of place run by a single man, possibly with the help of one hand.

By the time I reached the house the sky was darkening. Not because night was approaching but because it seemed a hellacious storm was coming up. I banged on the door and a woman answered, demanding to know what I wanted.

I pointed out the storm approaching, my hungry state, and my willingness to work for a meal and a place to stay for the night. I didn’t mind if I had to stay in the barn because it would be dry and probably fairly warm.

The woman stepped out of the house and looked in the direction of the approaching storm and sighed.

“I suppose I’d better let you stay but you’ll have to earn your meal.” She turned and bellowed, “Tracy.”

Two young ladies popped out of the woodwork. It took me about one second to deduce that they were twins. I’m quick that way. I see two perfectly identical people and my brain immediately says twins.

“This young man has just volunteered to help you feed the stock,” her mother said. At least, I assumed that the older woman was her mother. “Put his horse in one of the boxes.”

One of the girls was dressed in overalls and a flannel shirt, while the other wore a crimplene dress. I was guessing that the girl in the overalls would be Tracy

“Okay,” she said, stepping out. “Come on you. Bring the horse. I assume that is a horse you’re riding.”

“Close enough,” I agreed. “He’s a jackass.”

She gave a startled look towards my valiant steed and then an irritated one towards me.

“I suspect that you’re the jackass,” she grumbled.

“I’m Tim,” I told her with a smile. “I take it you’re Tracy.”

“Wow. You work that out from mother calling my name? Well you’re right. My sister’s Leonie and my mother is Marcia. My sister and I are twins, which you’ve probably already guessed, you being so sharp and all. We’re nineteen. Marcia is twenty nine. Our father and Old Joe are driving some cattle up into the hills for the miners up there. They’ll be back in a couple of days.”

“Hold on a moment,” I said as we entered the barn. “You say you and your sister are nineteen?”

“Yes. What’s wrong with that? Don’t we look nineteen?”

“Don’t ask me. I’d never dream of trying to guess a woman’s age. If you get it right, she’s offended. If you guess too high and she wanted you to guess low, she’s offended. If you guess too low and she wanted you to guess high, she’s offended. It’s a mugs game. But for all that I’ve got to say that if your mother is twenty nine she got started awfully early on having kids.”

Tracy looked blank for a moment and then laughed.

“Yeah, I see what you mean. Technically I should say that Marcia is our step-mother.”

“That does make more sense,” I agreed.

We got to work feeding the animals and doing the general work required in the barn. I found it quite an interesting experience as the top couple of buttons on Tracy’s shirt were undone. All fine and demure while standing but when bending down the shirt sagged away, letting me have a fine view of her breasts.

We had effectively finished and Tracy was looking around to see if there was anything we’d missed. Personally, I was just looking at her.

“Tell me, Tracy,” I said softly. “What would be your reaction if I started taking off your overalls and shirt?”

I could see her tense up, eyes flickering towards me and then towards the barn door, relaxing a little as she realised that I was leaning back against the wall and she had an easy run to get out of the barn.

“Why would you want to do that?” she asked warily.

“Are you really that naïve?” I asked, smiling at her.

“Oh,” she said, blushing. “And if I say I’ll scream or fight you what are you going to do?”

“Nothing. I’m very easily discouraged. I have a very sensitive ego that goes off and sulks if it gets rejected. Alternatively, if you say you’re just going to stand there so that I can look at your naked body then I will be only too happy to start taking your clothes off.”

“You don’t really think I’ll let you do that, do you?”

“If I don’t ask you certainly won’t let me. If I do ask you might, which means I could pet you a little and see where things go.”

“I am not having sex with you,” she stated quite firmly.

“Maybe. Maybe not. But you are thinking it might be fun to stand naked in front of a man, aren’t you. What could it hurt?”

I bursa escort bayan could see she was thinking about it, not really ready to agree. That was fine by me. I just needed her not to disagree. I pushed away from the wall and moved in her direction until I was standing in front of her.

“Let’s just see how it goes,” I told her. “You can always cry stop, after all.”

I brushed the shoulder straps off her shoulders, letting the bib of the overalls drop away and started undoing the buttons on her shirt. There weren’t that many of them and I had the lot undone if a few seconds. That done I brushed the shirt off her shoulders, exposing her breasts. They stood out proudly, her nipples starting to crinkle and come erect.

I touched her breasts lightly, first just a gentle touch and then moving on to stroke them slightly more firmly, rolling her nipples in the palms of my hands, softly praising her the entire time. Satisfied with her reactions I bent to kiss her breasts, my hand just naturally sliding down to her hips as I did so. I don’t think she even noticed when her overalls slithered down to the ground.

She did finally notice when I lifted my head and took a step back, my eyes running over her.

“Those have got to go,” I told her, reaching for her panties.

She looked panicked for a moment but it was too late to stop me sliding them down. With them gone I just naturally covered her with my hands. Her fur was soft and curly and I ran my fingers through it, commenting on how soft it was. From there my hand slipped between her legs, rubbing her vulva, hearing her breath catch in shock at my audacity.

It seemed to me that she was now in two minds. She wanted to tell me to stop but she was liking the feelings that I was evoking. She couldn’t make up her mind which way she wanted to jump which effectively meant that she was permitting this.

Ah, decisions, decisions. While I’d love to have her holding onto my erection I had a nasty feeling that my whipping it out and wrapping her hand around it would be enough to make her cry off. Reluctantly I just eased her down onto the straw, continuing to touch her in those forbidden places.

Instead of whipping it out and putting it on display I eased my erection out of my trousers, encouraging her to move her legs further apart at the same time. Picking my time I moved between her legs, my body hiding what I was doing. Of course, I couldn’t hide the fact that my cock was now pressing against her lips, especially as I’d spread them slightly to assist in pressing home.

Her eyes were open wide and she was staring at me with a look of shock.

“Um, your cock,” she mumbled.

“That’s right,” I agreed. “Just relax and let it happen.”

She bit her lip and stared at me, not really objecting, and seeming to take comfort from the way I smiled at her. At the same time I was pressing deeper into her. Not a virgin, I decided as I pressed home. At least, no hymen that needed to be broken. I kept pressing in, finding Tracy was now tentatively pushing against me, helping me enter her.

Now that she was actively helping me things went a little smoother. I talked softly as I moved in her, praising her to the skies, my cock sliding easily back and forth while my hands stroked her breasts in the same rhythm. She had a dreamy look on her face, getting slowly carried away by the sensations running through her.

It was funny how it all developed. Normally I’d set a brisk pace, going hell for leather at the end when I thought my partner was ready. This time I just kept going at the same easy rhythm, carrying her along with me. Even when I could feel her tensing up and knew she was about to climax I felt no need to change what I was doing.

She opened her mouth in a silent scream as she climaxed, her passage clamping down on me, the contraction enough to trigger my own climax, all without the frantic activity I’d normally associate with this sort of activity.

Afterwards she didn’t say anything, just cleaning herself up and dressing again. We headed back to the house and from her demeanour you’d never know that anything had happened.

The mother, Marcia, let me know that I’d be sleeping in the barn that night. Understandable as they wouldn’t really want a strange man staying in the house overnight. It wasn’t going to worry me. All the animals were in pens or stalls and their presence would help keep the barn warm.

“If you care to chop some firewood in the morning I’ll give you some provisions to keep you going for a couple of days,” Marcia informed me, and I nodded agreeably. I didn’t mind the work and it would save me having to scrounge.

I made it back to the barn just as the storm broke, and quite a storm it was. It didn’t bother me at all. The crashing thunder and flickering lightning wasn’t enough to keep me awake and I dropped off almost as soon as I lay down.

I woke up in the middle of the night. The storm had passed on but it was still pitch gorukle escort black. I could sense something moving in the barn and assumed that one of the animals was restless. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I noticed that there was a glimmer of light coming through the open door of the barn. That struck me as wrong for some reason and then it registered. I’d closed that door when I went to bed.

Whoever was next to me was lucky they didn’t get a fist in their face when they suddenly touched me. Whoever it was had apparently adjusted to the light a lot better than I had and they knew exactly where they were touching me. I hadn’t taken my trousers off when I retired, but I had undone the belt and zip. Now someone’s hand slipped neatly through that open zip and closed around me.

I wasn’t erect when that hand first seized me but I certainly was by the time my cock was dragged out into the open. I could feel it swelling and forcing her hand to open somewhat. Yes, I said her, because that was a small hand and I didn’t think any little men would come strolling into an out of the way barn looking for a man to molest.

My first big question was who the hell is holding me like that. There were three likely suspects but which one was it?

“Who?” I asked, being interrupted before I had more than that first word out.

“Never mind,” came the whispered reply. “Just relax.”

Instead of wildly groping around to take hold of the woman holding me captive I did things the easy was. I knew where one arm was and simply placed a hand on that arm and followed it to where it joined a body. A very naked body, I quickly discovered. A naked body with nice bouncy, naked, breasts. My hand just naturally rubbed against them.

Before I could continue my exploration she started moving. She swung around, straddling me. She knew just where to kneel. I guess her grip on my cock was sufficient for her to determine relative locations. A gentle adjustment to the position of me erection and she was settling down onto it – no help from me required.

She just seemed to relax, letting her weight help settle her down, sliding onto my cock with the ease of a veteran. Once she was nicely settled on me she adjusted her position slightly and started rocking on the spot. She’d lean forward until her breasts were just brushing my chest, only to straighten up and lean back, then forward again.

She was making pleased little murmurs as she did this. I guess she was getting enough movement to help build her arousal. I naturally tried to help out by pushing up against her each time she started to lean back, helping to return my cock to where it belonged. At the same time I reached for her beasts, letting them crush against my hands and following when she moved away.

After a while she apparently decided that what she was doing wasn’t enough as she started twisting about on me, moving side to side as well as back and forth. It had a very peculiar effect on me.

Finally she started bouncing, sliding up and down my pole quite vigorously. This was something that I could definitely get behind and I was pushing up into her with an eagerness that might have been considered a bit much. (I didn’t consider it so, but some people might.)

She was really putting on the pressure, getting noisier by the second, and I was responding in a similar way. Then I reached a point where I couldn’t wait any longer and I clamped my hands onto her hips as I gave her my all, spraying her convulsively.

Not that she minded. She gave a small shriek and had her own orgasm, clamping down on me and making sure she extracted everything I had to give. For a few moments she sagged against me, with me enjoying the feel of her naked body. Then she rolled off e with a sigh.

“That was marvellous,” I said after a few moments of silence. “It’s probably crass of me to ask at this stage but who are you?”

Silence greeted me so I reached out to grab her and draw her closer. She wasn’t there, was she? At the same time as I came to this conclusion I heard the door to the barn close. My mysterious visitor was gone.

Probably Tracy coming for seconds, I thought, but the doubt persisted. Who was it? I sighed and went back to sleep.

I woke bright and early the next morning. The sun was barely up so I decided that I’d go and chop the required wood so as to work up an appetite for breakfast. The first question was where was the wood? I hadn’t noticed when I looked around yesterday and it sure wasn’t in the barn. Possibly in a shed or lean-to attached to the barn? That would maximise the room in the barn and still keep the wood dry. It’s not like the wood needed four walls to keep it warm.

I found the wood shed attached to the side of the barn facing away from the house. There was also a couple of solid stumps in the ground near the wood shed. They both showed signs of having been used as chopping blocks. There was an axe leaning against the wood so I grabbed bursa merkez escort bayan a couple of chunks and started work.

I’d only split up the first chunk of wood when one of the twins came trotting around the corner of the barn and sat on the stump I wasn’t using.

“Good morning,” she called. “I thought I’d watch while you do a bit and then carry in what we need for the day while you lay up a store.”

“Morning, Leonie,” I said. “I’m Tim, by the way, in case Tracy didn’t tell you my name.”

“Yeah, I know,” she said, sounding puzzled. “Ah, how do you know I’m me? I could have been Tracy. There’s no way you can tell us apart.”

“Apparently there is,” I pointed out. “I don’t know. You just feel like a Leonie.” And I suspected that Tracy’s reaction would have been a little different if she found herself alone with me.

While I worked on the current log my mind kept teasing me. Girls talk, it said. Sisters tell each other things. Twins probably tell each other everything. Just what did Tracy tell her sister? Is Leonie out here for more than wood?

It was annoying but I just had to know. What did it matter? I might get shot down but at least I’d know. I buried the axe in the log and turned to look at Leonie.

“Could you do something for me, Leonie? I’d like you to stand up and put your hands on the stump you’re leaning on.”

“What? Why?”

“Just do it and I’ll show you why,” I told her, giving a little circling motion with my hand in a sort of come on, get moving gesture.

She gave me a puzzled (and suspicious) look but did as I asked, turning around and leaning forward to put her hands on top of the stump. I promptly stepped up behind her, bent down to catch hold of the hem of her dress, and hauled it up to her waist, my hand resting firmly on her back.

A good thing my hand was on her back as she gave a startled squawk and tried to straighten up, foiled by my foresight.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she demanded, twisting her head around to glare at.

“I could ask the same question,” I replied, running my free hand over her bare bottom. “What do you think you’re doing?”

To emphasise what I was talking about my hand slid over the curve of her bottom, disappearing into the gap at the top of her legs, casually poking at the soft and tender flesh it found there.

“Stop that,” she hissed. “Don’t you touch me like that.”

I ignored what she was saying, happily rubbing her vulva, enjoying the feel and heat of her.

“Are you listening? I said to stop that.”

“I heard you. I heard you. Um, it’s only fair to warn you but if I take my hand away from here it will be so I can put my cock here.” A couple of fingers slipped between her lips, probing her passage. “Are you sure you want me to stop?”

“Yes,” she snapped caught on to what she was saying and changed her answer. “I mean no. I mean you wouldn’t dare.”

“I’ll tell you what I’m going to do,” I said. “I’m going to undo my trousers and then I’m going to slowly ravish you, not stopping until you scream.”

I let go of her, completely, moving a little to one side so she could see me. I unbuckled my belt, unzipped, and let my trousers and shorts drop away. Leonie was looking at me with wide eyes, taking in the size of my erection. She was also still bent over the stump, dress up around her waist, naked bottom and other parts on display. If she didn’t want this then she should have stood up and run away.

I moved up behind her again, moving my cock between her legs, letting its natural tendency to stand up keep it pressed against the length of her.

“Far be it from me not to give you a fair choice,” I told her. “If you’d rather I’ll lie you on the ground and give you a chance to watch my cock as it enters you. Would you like that or just go on as I am now?”

I could actually see her considering it. She seemed to be dithering, not sure what to say. I sighed and made the choice for her.

I adjusted the angle of my erection slightly and pushed firmly, driving up into her with no fuss, my initial thrust enough to take me all the way home, accompanied by a loud “Woooaahh” sound from Leonie.

I hadn’t really planned this and so I decided the hell with it, just do it. Accordingly I started banging away quite heartily, quite content to have things happen as they did. Leonie must have been of the same mind as she was reacting just as heartily as me, lifting her bottom and pushing it back hard against me, almost begging me to impale her, time and again.

She was way excited, babbling enthusiastically as I took her, encouraging me and wanting more. I can assure you, I was doing my best to give her more. I wasn’t keeping track of the time (well, you don’t, do you) but I didn’t think we’d be going all that long when Leonie just went up in flames, slapping a hand over her mouth to muffle her screams as she climaxed. (And I do mean screams, plural.)

As soon as she started climaxing and screaming I went to full power, doing my best to shoot my load before she recovered and I found her just putting up with me instead of participating. That extra effort on my part possibly explained the extra screams on hers. I’ll swear that she was having multiple orgasms as I pounded her, finally letting loose inside her.

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