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Dedicated to the hottest teacher I have ever met!

It’s another boring Saturday, stuck in the office catching up with paper work, when I could be doing so many more interesting things! In an attempt to beat my Saturday blues I have a quick scan through a couple of Lit stories, it gives me an idea…….. Leaving a post on the personals page for someone to relieve my boredom, I get my head back into the figures and try and make some progress. After checking a couple of times there are lots of views on my post, but no replies — ah well not to worry! After a while I have almost forgotten about my post, when all of a sudden I have mail. Opening the mail I see it’s from a fellow lit browser wondering if I am still stuck in the office. I reply quickly, my mind racing in anticipation of who might be at the other end of the e-mail.

After several email exchanges the chat moves to msn, and quickly gets more heated. Unfortunately I am conducting this hot chat sat in an office with a constant stream of staff moving past the door…….the frustration is immense — I am sat here, my imagination running wild with thoughts of escort izmit my horny new friend as we play out our fantasy in cyber space. My cock is aching to be free of these tight jeans, my balls straining for some release, but the there is just no way! After many wonderful minutes of sexual exchange over the web our cyber sex reaches a thundering climax, and we part company… of us happily relaxed, and glowing, the other horny, hard, and desperate for some release!!

The rest of the morning passes slowly, my cock regularly reminding me of our unfinished business. Eventually all the weekend staff clock out and I am left alone in my office. My mind drifts back to the mornings chat session, my horny teacher friend and our hour spent ravishing each other in a quiet country hotel. I can almost smell the sweet aroma of her as I open her picture on my desktop, her sweet face smiles back at me, the glint in her eye, the inviting sheen on her soft pink lips…

My cock is straining at my jeans as I remember our chat, and I gently rub myself through the fabric, I imagine her hand stroking me, slowly releasing the buttons izmit escort as my cock springs to attention……..I slide my chair back, and drop my jeans to the floor, enjoying the cold feeling of the leather seat on my bare cheeks. My hand slowly strokes the length of my shaft, I can almost feel her as I imagine her kneeling in front of me, a small bead of pre-cum glistens on the tip of my purple head…….I run a finger over it, spreading it and using it to lubricate the head of my cock as I roll it between my finger and thumb. I bring my fingers to my mouth and taste the sweet pre-cum.

I unbutton my shirt, and run my hands over my chest, pinching my nipples as the stiffen with arousal. Spitting into the palm of my hand I slowly stroke the length of my cock, imagining her tongue tracing my length, I cup my balls with the other hand, just as she had done for me earlier……I rub faster, the urgency of my orgasm increasing.

I move lower in my seat, running a finger down between my legs, teasing by sack, moving lower, tracing over my tight hole, as my I tease the tip of my cock with the other hand izmit kendi evi olan escort I twitch involuntarily form the intense sensation.

My breathing gets faster, as does my stroke rate; God I need her so much, I look at her picture imagining her sweet lips engulfing my hard cock, my length disappearing into her mouth as she deep throats me, using her hair to pull her head down on my cock, her fingers teasing over my balls, she slips a finger slowly into my tight ass, as she swallows my hardness…………I am stroking hard and fast now, I can feel my balls tighten as I build towards my release….

Her eyes on the screen follow my every move, I imagine her open hand wrapping around my shaft as she sucks on my engorged head…..she strokes me quickly, long intense strokes, her grip tightens on my shaft, I am almost there as her grip restricts the flow of cum……my legs shudder as a jet of cum explodes form my cock, spraying over my chest, I stroke myself slowly now, purposefully drawing every last drop of juice from my member,

Oh my cute little teacher, if only you could see what you have done to me!! I relax into my chair, the relief spreading through m body. MMMMmmmm I look forward to my next encounter with a smile on my face.

Saturday in the office will never be the same again. Thank you my anonymous friend — you know who you are. XX

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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