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I walked to the party at a frat house not far from me. As I was passing through, Brook, a girl I knew from my Mythology class motioned for me to sit next to her. I didn’t know her well, only that she sat in front of me and I remembered that she seemed intelligent and had a really nice ass.

“We’re playing would you rather,” she said by way of introduction. “Would you rather lick my asshole, or drink my piss?” The other players erupted in laughter. They couldn’t believe she asked me that question either.

“And I can’t choose both?” I asked, not being too familiar with the rules.

“I’m going to marry this man,” she announced in response. She seemed very excited at my answer, and also pretty drunk.

“If I have to choose,” I said, remembering how nice her ass looked in leggings, “I’d go with asshole licking.”

“Prove it” someone said. “Yeah,” said another. “We dare you.”

I looked at her trying to determine how she felt about the dare.

“I will if you will,” she said.

“Stand up, then,” I ordered.

She stood, and with only a slight indication of balance issues, positioned herself in front of me. She was wearing a truly short skirt, and clearly visible cotton panties. This was an indication that she had prepared ahead of time for some action. I simply slid the panties down and let them drop to her ankles. Her ass was as phenomenal as I remembered, more so now that it was naked in front of my very eyes. I couldn’t indulge my desire to examine it at length, since so many hecklers were insisting I get busy licking ass.

She bent at the waist and touched her toes—without falling or losing balance—and spread her cheeks with both hands. I was thinking to myself, who wouldn’t want to lick this delectable asshole, but that probably only shows the depth of my depravity. And that’s when I realized why she was so excited about my answer. She realized that she and I shared some, perhaps uncommon, perversions. I hadn’t time to dwell on it now. There was an asshole that needed my tongue to explore it. And that’s exactly what I did, to the escort bursa hoots and hollers of the onlookers.

“I can’t believe he’s doing it,” someone said. “That’s so disgusting,” someone else remarked. Both of these sounded like female voices. I thought that maybe the other guys were sorry that they weren’t in my position.

After a couple of minutes, she stood up straight, turned, pulled me up straight, and kissed me, driving her tongue forcefully into my mouth—not that I offered much resistance.

“I want you in me. Get your cock out,” she ordered, fumbling with my zipper.

I helped her free my member, which took a little finesse because it was semi-hard. She pushed me down on the couch and guided the head of my cock, harder now due to all the attention, into her sloppy wet pussy. I’m not exaggerating about that, either. Her pussy was literally sopping wet. And it felt warm, tight, and wonderful.

By this time, I’d forgotten that there were other people present. I was in my own little world and there was only one other person in it. Brook came quickly, which was good because I was only a thrust or two behind her. Her thrashing hips indicated a successful copulation and was awarded a round of applause from those who were formerly participating in the game, along with a few others who couldn’t resist watching a good couch bonk at a party.

“Now I have to pee,” she said. “Will you drink it?”

“I will if you were serious about marrying me,” I said, only half joking.

“We are soo engaged,” she said thrusting her pelvis in my face.

Dutifully, I opened my mouth and covered her vagina as tightly as I could, realizing that anything that didn’t go down my throat would go all over the rest of me.

“That is so disgusting!” one girl said. “I think it’s hot,” said another.

For my part, I didn’t really consider what it was like. I just did it, guzzling it as fast as she went. And the girl must have had some beers in her because she went plenty. Only afterwards did I realize that I also inadvertently swallowed bursa merkez eskort my own creampie, but after the fact it didn’t bother me, whereas if I had thought about it beforehand it might have.

“Will you drink my piss, too?” asked the girl who said she thought it was hot.

Honestly, I thought she was hot. And ordinarily, I would have done it without a second thought. But since I had just gotten engaged, I decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea. Besides, did I mention that I just drank a gallon of piss? Any more just didn’t seem that appealing, even from a vessel as attractive as she.

“Sorry,” I said. “I’m engaged,” and sat down pulling my fiancé, who had restored her panties to their proper place, into my lap.

“Did you just deny poor Heather because of me?” she asked, only slurring slightly. “That’s so sweet!” She looked at her, then at me and said, “but you should do it. I want to watch.”

I looked at Heather. “I’ll do this, but I want your ass and pussy, too.”

“They’re all yours, babe,” she said. Heather was a petite thing, not super curvy, but curvy enough, and her ass looked delectable. “Now open wide.” She had already pulled her leggings down. There were no panties.

Again, I opened my throat and swallowed her stream of piss straight from the tap. Fortunately, she didn’t have as full a bladder as my fiancé. Her flow slowed to a trickle, then stopped. I cleaned her labia thoroughly with my tongue, getting a few teasing licks in on her clitoris as well.

“Now do my asshole,” she said, turning and sticking her ass out in a most erotic pose.

Her ass was as tight as they come and looked delicious. I would have no trouble licking her ass. I would have trouble stopping. I grabbed her hips and pulled her ass tightly to my face, driving my tongue persistently against her anus. Eventually, it relaxed, and I was able to press my tongue inside.

I know in the movies, when you’re watching someone suck ass, it looks very erotic, but in real life, quite honestly, it smells like bursa sınırsız escort shit. Nonetheless, you get used to the smell and the rewards from their moaning and the wetness of their pussy that you get to enjoy afterwards makes it worth it. Plus, I just happen to like girl’s assholes. Sue me.

Heather moaned really loud. It probably was more due to whatever she was doing to her cunt with her fingers than from me licking her ass, but it spurred me on. I stuck my tongue as far up her ass as I could get it to go, wishing I had a tongue like Gene Simmons from that old classic rock band Kiss. She just had to settle for my best effort though. It must have worked, because a minute later, her ass is bucking against my face. The girl came hard.

She wasn’t finished, though. She pushed me back onto the couch next to Brook and mounted my rigid pole. Brook began fondling Heather’s small tits (she wasn’t wearing a bra, either) and the two of them began kissing. I probably would have shot my load immediately were it not for the fact that I’d just fucked Brook a few minutes ago. As it was, I didn’t last much longer. I did have an exceptionally good orgasm, however, and was pleased to shoot what felt like a quart of sperm in Heather’s love canal.

Our sex show disrupted the game, however, and when Heather pulled up off of me I realized that all of the others who had been playing the game had move on to other pastures.

“What now,” Brook asked with slurred speech. I hadn’t really had an opportunity to survey the party, and the night was still young, but Brook needed looking after. I figured I’d better get her somewhere safe before she passed out.

“Heather, would you mind helping me help Brook to my apartment? You could spend the night. I have beverages,” I offered.

“Sure, cowboy,” she replied. “I’ll help you tuck the Brookster in. After that, maybe you could give me some more of your hard cock.”

Brook pretty much passed out once we got her to my place. Heather and I had sex again; she rode me cowgirl style. That night the three of us became friends with benefits. We would often have fantastic sex together in the days to come.

Brook, as you might imagine, was very adventurous sexually, so adding Heather to the mix was not a detriment to our relationship. Yes, we went on to have a relationship, but that’s a story for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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