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Jason was standing near the window in his office, gazing out at the east side of the Hyatt that faced his building. When he was bored, he’d stand there and scan the windows, hoping to catch a glimpse of something interesting going on in one of the rooms. The frequency with which he did was rather astonishing to him. He never understood why so many people felt hidden in a room that had wide, floor to ceiling windows, but they did. Of course, it was possible that some folks wanted to intentionally put themselves on display. Jason was quite happy that they did.

He had just returned to his desk when one of the claims adjusters entered his office with a file in her hand. She smiled as she dropped the file into his inbox.

“Good morning Mr. Stewart,” she jovially said.

Jason sighed and rolled his eyes. “Why do you insist on calling me Mr. Stewart, Blair? I’m like only five years older than you.”

“Because it’s fun to irritate you, Mr. Stewart. Do I need a better reason than that?”

“You’re really very easily amused, aren’t you Blair?”

Her full red lips parted and spread into a sweet smile before responding. “I’ll make a deal with you. One day when you’re married, I’ll leave the job of annoying you to your wife, okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” Jason said, waving her away with his hand. “Go get back to work. We don’t pay you to bust my balls,” he said with a chuckle.

“As you wish Mr. Stewart,” Blair replied, a twinkle in her bright blue eyes as she turned and walked out the door.

Jason watched her go, the sway of her hips catching his attention as she did. Damned rules, he thought to himself. He understood quite well why the company had a strict no dating between employees policy, especially between managers and their subordinates. He understood, but that policy had planted him in a special kind of hell.

He managed a group of a dozen claims adjusters, ten of them women. The entire group got along with each other very well, which is why Blair’s behavior was not unusual. Despite the fact that they all worked for Jason, the department had a night out together once a month to promote teamwork. As a result, they were all friends as well as colleagues, and they messed with each other unmercifully. Even so, none of them wanted to lose their job, so they all respected the rules and avoided overt flirtation and sexual innuendo while in the office.

The problem for Jason was that each of the women was quite attractive, with one of them more beautiful than the next. One would think that the law of averages would prevent such a thing from occurring, but in this case, one would be wrong. Not only were they attractive, but they were all likable and charming as well. They ranged in age from twenty-two through twenty-seven, and only two of them were married. Three more were involved in relationships. The rest were free agents, free to pursue anyone that wasn’t a co-worker, of course.

The dirty dozen, as Jason had taken to calling them, sat in a row of cubicles stretching away from his office. The cubicle walls were low, and they sat six on each side of a center cubicle wall, facing each other. When they finished with a case, they brought it to him for review and approval. He seldom went out by the cubicles, but they frequently came into his office. Although he didn’t fixate on them, Jason at times certainly did find himself watching as the women walked in and out of his office. It would be impossible for any straight man to avoid noticing them.

He grabbed the bottom folder from his inbox, opening the file and glancing at it with little interest. He frowned and let out a sigh before closing it, feeling less than inspired. He wasn’t in the mood to do any work, deciding to spend an hour indulging his hobby instead. Jason pulled his small Chromebook out of his briefcase and opened it, bringing up the document he had started the previous evening.

Over the previous year, he had decided to write. He had discovered a website that published erotic stories and decided to try his hand at writing some of his own. He fancied himself a decent author, but more importantly, found that he enjoyed the creative process. No one knew of his little hobby, as he kept it as his own dirty little secret. He would often draw from his everyday experiences, twisting them into erotic tales in his mind.

Jason spent the next hour pounding on the keyboard, making progress on his latest work. It was the first in a planned series of stories written in first person as a woman. In his mind, the character has a mundane office job and she becomes sexually fixated on her boss. The entire series will take her from being an innocent young woman with a crush who progresses into a sexual creature intent on an ever increasing level of debauchery.

Of course, as he wrote Jason could and did picture any one of the beauties that worked for him as being the lead character in his story. How could he not? As such, he decided he’d keep his descriptions of the woman vague gaziosmanpaşa escort enough as to allow any of the ten women to fit the bill. He found himself enjoying writing this story much more than his earlier work, because it gave him an extra thrill as it felt more real somehow.

Once the hour was up, Jason closed his computer and got back to work. The morning flew by and before he knew it, it was time for lunch. He had some errands to run, so he rushed out of the office to ensure he’d be back in time for the meeting he’d scheduled with his group early that afternoon.

•* * * *

Blair looked up from her computer and watched Jason on his way out of the office. She had been busy all morning, and didn’t even realize that lunchtime had arrived. She saved the file she was working on and glanced across at her friend Kathy, who sat across from her.

“Are we going to the Tacoteria?” Blair asked.

“I am. I don’t know about the other girls, but I’ve got a craving.”

Three of the other girls chimed in as well. The five of them locked their computers and gathered their purses before heading toward the exit.

“I’ll drive,” Blair said as they walked.

“I’d drive, but my Smartcar won’t fit the five of us too well,” said Kayla as she twisted a lock of her raven hair.

“It’s no problem,” Blair joked. “You can buy me lunch.”

“Not me,” Kayla laughed. “It’s Amber’s turn. Or Heather’s.”

“Oh please,” Amber said with a giggle. “I’d drive but I’m low on gas.”

“You’re always low on gas,” Kayla quipped.

The joking continued until they climbed into Blair’s Malibu and began the five minute drive to Tacoteria. Once out of the parking lot, Heather leaned forward from the middle seat in the back and started their usual out of office conversation.

“Oh my God. Did you see how blue Jason’s eyes look today in that shirt he’s wearing? Ridiculous.”

“Forget his eyes. Did you see his ass?” Kathy asked from the front seat, blushing as she said it.

“Girl’s got it bad,” Kayla said with a laugh.

“Well? The guy is stupid hot,” Kayla responded. “I swear he is totally clueless about it too, which is even better.”

“You’re all going to get fired,” Amber cautioned. “Then I’ll have him all to myself,” she said with an evil smile.

Blair drove along quietly, listening to her friends fawn over Jason. It wasn’t that she didn’t agree with them. She had grown up in a religious family, and hadn’t even dated until college. She was essentially an innocent when it came to men and sex. She did have an outgoing personality and would joke around with them, but beyond that, she kept her thoughts to herself. She didn’t think it appropriate to share those types of feelings with others.

Blair guided the car into the busy parking lot of the strip mall that housed the Tacoteria and maneuvered into a spot. The women stepped out and went inside, still going on about Jason. Blair thought that the company’s policy probably had the reverse effect that what they’d intended. She didn’t think there was any way her friends would be so fixated on this man if the company rules had been a little more lax. The lure of forbidden fruit enticed them, and she supposed it might have enticed her too.

The line was long but moved quickly, and the women were soon sitting at a table by the window enjoying their food. They ate at the place at least once a week, since the food was good and the price was low. They chatted in between bites, each of them groaning about the training session that was planned for the afternoon. Finally, they all piled into the car and headed back to the office.

The other half of the department left for lunch when the women returned, and by two-thirty they were all sitting in the conference room, their attention focused on the large screen attached to the far wall of the room. Jason was demonstrating a new claims platform which was going live within the next couple of weeks. During the presentation, the computer lost its data connection, forcing Jason to log back into the system. Everyone managed to avoid falling asleep as the afternoon dragged on. Finally, Jason was finished and fielded the few questions they had before dismissing them for the day.

•* * * *

Blair sat at a raised countertop in her kitchen, picking on a salad for dinner as she browsed the web on her computer. Finding little of interest, she decided to do a web search of the username Jason had used to relog into the system during the meeting, People often used the same user names across multiple sites, and she wondered what she might find using his. Perhaps some crazy political rant, she thought. Maybe his Facebook profile.

She brought up Google and typed in his username, Stewjaws, and hit return. The page filled with a number of search results, the majority of which showed up because the page contained either Stew or jaws. She browsed through the results, advancing to the next page. There, haymana escort in the middle of the page, was a result that caught her eye. It was a link to a member profile for Stewjaws on a website that appeared to be some kind of erotic story repository.

Blair’s tummy did a little flip as she clicked on the link and examined the profile page that came up. She stared at it, scanning for some definitive proof that this really was something that Jason had set up. Whoever had created the profile had entered precious little information, leaving her with no way to determine whether her suspicions were correct.

She decided to click on the tab labeled stories and a listing appeared, showing story titles, a brief description, a category and the date posted. She clicked on the oldest one and began to read. It was a story about a young man and his first sexual experience. Blair ran through a range of emotions. Initially, she felt embarrassed, then progressed into near mortification, and lastly found herself becoming quite aroused.

Blair closed her browser three times, feeling shame for even being on such a site. Each time though, curiosity got the better of her and she brought it back up, finishing the first story and reading two others. She was impressed by the quality of the writing. Whoever wrote these stories could easily write what she thought of as a real story. She stayed up past midnight reading, finally forcing herself to go to bed where she rolled around for another hour before falling into a fitful sleep. A different woman might have given herself some relief, but Blair wasn’t that kind of woman. She didn’t think it right for a woman to do such a thing.

•* * * *

The next morning, Blair finished her first case of the day and brought it into Jason’s office. She found herself blushing as she dropped off the file, turning around to leave without saying anything to him.

“Someone’s a grump this morning,” Jason said with a chuckle. “What happened? Did you not get any sleep?”

Blair turned around and looked at him, blushing even more deeply. “I slept just fine, Mr. Stewart. I’m just very busy today.”

“You didn’t even say good morning, Blair. That’s so out of character for you.”

“Well good morning then Mr. Stewart,” Blair said with a lopsided smile, now feeling as if her face was on fire.

Jason raised an eyebrow. “Something seems different about you today. I’ll figure it out, I’m sure,” he said with a smile. “It certainly isn’t that you’ve stopped calling me Mr. Stewart. That I do know.”

Blair broke out into a genuine smile with that comment, gaining some control of herself. “You let me know if you do, Mr. Stewart. Until then, I have a load of cases to work on.”

Blair walked out and over to her desk, sitting down and letting out a deep breath. There was no way those stories were written by him, she thought. He seemed so straight laced in the office. It just wasn’t possible. Thinking about the stories made her think about the stories, and she found herself becoming aroused again, which made her blush even more. That was it, she told herself. She would not go back to that website again.

Of course, that evening she sat at her kitchen counter and started up her computer. Temptation got the better of her, and she once again found herself on the site, reading the next story Stewjaws had posted. In this story, the main character had bound his girlfriend’s wrists together and attached them to a wood beam over an arch between two rooms in his house. She stood there naked and exposed on her tiptoes as he circled around her, admiring her body.

He came out in front of her and asked her to focus her vision on his hands only, no matter what else he did. He ran a hand gently over her ass and up one side, finding her breast and pinching a nipple between his thumb and forefinger. The woman gasped with pain and delight, and he kept at it until she begged him to stop. His other hand came to rest between her legs, and he manipulated her until she came for him several times. When he was finished, he rewarded her by allowing her to suck his cock, but only if she agreed she wouldn’t lose a drop of his cum.

By the time Blair had finished reading, her body was humming and her mind spinning. This was so bad and so wrong, and yet she couldn’t deny that the words she had read had deeply affected her. She pictured Jason’s hand on her breast, pinching and twisting her nipple, completely in command of the situation. She was squeezing her thighs together as she sat there, adding to the feelings she was having down below. Quite unexpectedly, the squeezing caused her to erupt into an orgasm.

Blair knew what it was, but she had never before in her life experienced one. She half feared that she was going to die right there in her kitchen, leaving the open laptop and filthy website up in plain view for whoever would find her body.

Once she had calmed down and realized she was going to survive, ankara escort she closed the computer and headed into the bathroom to shower. She felt guilty that she had come sitting there in her kitchen, and worse, had to fight the urge to pinch her own nipples as she showered. She headed off to bed early, and for the second straight night she had a horrible slumber.

•* * * *

The office was busy the next morning, which was a welcome relief to Blair. She had woken up early, and had to fight off the urge to open her computer and read some more. She wondered what was wrong with her, allowing such material to affect her in the way it had. She wasn’t like this. Once she was at work, she was able to focus and push those thoughts out of her mind. The fact that Jason was out at a meeting for the morning helped her with that.

Once he had arrived, Blair felt as if she had gathered control of herself. She’d had a moment and now it was gone. She had finished several cases and got up to bring them into Jason’s office. He was leaning back in his chair, reading a document when she entered. He glanced up at her and smiled.

“Hi Blair. How did things go this morning?” he asked with a smile.

She paused in confusion for a moment, thinking he had some way of knowing what she’d been reading and asking her a question with a double meaning. She quickly gathered herself and smiled back at him.

“Very productive this morning, Mr. Stewart. I was able to finish several case files.”

“And here I thought I needed to watch all of you to make sure you were doing what you were supposed to be doing,” Jason joked as he leaned forward and pressed his hands together in front of him.

Blair glanced at his hands and instantly became fixated on them. Images of his fingers grasping hold of one of her nipples filled her mind, and she nearly gasped with the thought. She felt herself blushing, and the more she thought about it the redder she became. She stood there speechless for what seemed an uncomfortable amount of time before finally replying.

“I guess you’ve trained us well, Mr. Stewart. We do what we’re told. You know that.”

Jason nodded and grinned. “Are you sure you’re okay, Blair? You’re definitely a bit…off as of late.”

“Well, I guess I haven’t been sleeping great. It happens now and again.”

“Is there anything I can help with?” he asked with a serious look.

HIs words sent a jolt of energy directly down to her pussy, nearly making her gasp. She imagined his hands on her skin once again.

“No, but thank you for asking, Mr. Stewart,” she croaked. “I’d better get back to work now. I still have a lot to do,” she said as her heart pounded in her chest.

Jason watched as she walked away from his desk and out the door. That woman has one sweet ass, he thought to himself with an evil grin. All of them did, but Blair’s was exceptional. With a shrug, he pushed the thought away and picked up where he’d left off.

Blair had no idea how she made it through the rest of the day. Finally, the clock ticked to five and she shut down her computer as she prepared to leave. Kathy looked across at her and stretched.

“Do you want to leave your car here, Blair?”

Blair looked at her strangely. “Huh?”

“Did you forget we were going to Friday’s tonight?” Kathy asked. “Friday’s on Friday, remember?”

Blair rolled her eyes at herself. “Oh God. I’d completely forgotten. Sure. You can drive. I could use some wine after this week.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really. I didn’t sleep well. You know. Just a little anxious this week for no good reason. I get that once in a while.”

“Sounds like a wine prescription is in order,” Kathy joked.

The women walked out together and headed to Kathy’s car. Blair felt relieved that she wouldn’t be tempted to go home and bring up that story website again, but deeper down she was disappointed that she wouldn’t be. It was as if she had discovered sex for the first time, which in a way, she had.

She wasn’t a virgin, having had relations with two of her boyfriends in the past. It felt good, but in truth she didn’t understand what all the hubbub was about. She went about it as if it was her duty, and as a result, she had gotten little out of the experience. These stories, however, had opened up her mind, and she now had an inkling as to what it was all really about. In her heart, she felt it was wrong, but she wanted more.

The women had dinner and shared a bottle of wine. Kathy limited herself to a little more than a single glass. Blair, on the other hand, had uncharacteristically drank nearly the entire bottle by herself. She was intoxicated enough for Kathy to insist on driving her home and making sure she got inside safely.

Once Kathy had departed, Blair started to get ready for bed. She removed her blouse and took off her bra, which felt great after a long day. It was chilly in the bedroom, and she could feel her nipples harden in the cool air. She looked down at her breasts, and the story she had read the previous night came back to her with a vengeance. Before she even realized what she was doing, she was seated on the edge of the bed, squeezing her thighs together as she pinched and kneaded her nipples, imagining the hands were Jason’s instead of hers.

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