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Propped against my monitor was a note. I saw it immediately when I returned from having lunch.

You and Me- 8:00- Room 313

I looked around the cubicles surrounding me. No one paid me any attention. “Who could have left this?” I wondered to myself. I looked over at him, the fella in cubicle number 3. Could it be him? After his naughty emails and jokes, this was something he would do. There was only one hotel in the area, so finding the room wouldn’t be a problem. I decided to take a chance, gathered my stuff and left.

I rushed home to jump into the shower, my familiar routine of washing my hair and soaping up calmed my nerves. The steam rose from the hot water as it flowed over me. Thoughts of this evening chased each other through my head. I ran my hands over my body. My breasts swelled up with need and my nipples hardened. Pulling the nipples gently, I felt the electric shocks flow straight to my center.

Wetness pooled between my legs. My hand slid down my stomach to stroke my hooded clit. My knees shook with the need that hit me. I rubbed in circles, each stroke harder than the last. Needing more, I reached up to unhook the showerhead and turned the nozzle to pulse. I leaned against the wall and lifted a leg to the edge of the tub. Aiming the spray between my legs I closed my eyes and relaxed as the water touched me.

The force of the water hitting my aroused and swollen clit had me breathing heavily. Moving my hips against that stream of water, I thought of what may come tonight. Pictures of being thrown up against the nearest wall, my gown lifted high, and having my panties removed ran through me. My panties ripped from the force of his hand. That thought sending shivers through my body. I could feel the wall against my breasts as his dick slams into me, over and over again.

Waves of pleasure rolled over me as my orgasm hit. I bit down on my bottom lip as I let the pleasure go on as long as possible. The movement of my hips slowed as I calmed down. Putting the showerhead back up, I grabbed the washcloth and cleaned the extra moisture off of me.

I rinsed and left the shower. I walked over to the closet. “Hmm what to wear for such a special evening? Oh yea, this will work,” I thought as my hand reached out for the blue number that fit like a second skin. The lingerie I recently bought would finish the outfit. bursa escort I sprayed the scent of vanilla over myself and then slipped the silky pair on.

I studied myself in the mirror that hung on the door. Holding a pair of thigh highs in my hand as I did. I wouldn’t stop traffic, but with my dark brown hair and chocolate eyes, I looked good. Rolling my eyes at the thought of me stopping traffic, I slid the stockings on and hunted down the shoes that matched the dress.

I looked at the clock. After 7, I needed to hurry. I paused just a moment, wondering if this was a good idea. Knowing that this was a chance I had to take, I grabbed the keys and left.

When I get to the hotel, I bypass the desk and head for the elevator. Butterflies fill my stomach as it went up to the third floor. Breathing deep and smoothing my dress helped me calm down. There was an attractive guy in the corner. I looked at him and smiled. Smiling back, he stood a little closer. Slipping a business card into my hand, and never saying a word, he stepped off on the second floor. Dumb founded at his actions but feeling good, the nervousness left me. Obviously someone thought I looked good, I thought as I slipped his card into my purse. If this meeting wasn’t with the fellow who I thought it was, I plan to call that man.

I knock softly on the door to room 313. It opens slowly and I can see the flickering light of candles. Walking into the room, a hand stops me by a touch on my shoulder.

“Shh…. not a word,” I hear as a soft piece of fabric covers my eyes. The voice that whispers in my ear was too soft to recognize. I am a bit scared, and yet excitement rolls through me as I follow the pull of my hand and we go deeper into the room.

I can feel the side of the bed as I move forward. I turn around and sit down on the edge. I feel my leg lift and fingers moving up my thigh. Soft gentle strokes, followed by the lowering of my stocking. I feel his hands move to my other leg as he gently lowers the other one. I feel the touch of a lightly placed kiss on my calf as the last of the stocking is slipped off.

I turn around as I stand up once more. Hands rub my shoulders and along the length of my back. My hair is pushed out of the way and a kiss placed on the side of my neck. Hands once more move on my back as I feel the zipper released. The cool bursa escort air of the room hits me as my dress slides down to pool at my feet. Standing there blind and clad only in my bra and panty, I try to cover myself when my arms are held and lowered to back my sides. Hands move over my breasts. I can feel them squeezed and pinched through the lace. My nipples harden instantly and a moan falls from my lips.

The removal of the bra is slow and deliberate. Kisses touch me as each piece of skin is shown. Shivers race through me as the sweet torture continues.

I was pushed back toward the bed. I move backward until I lay upon the bed. I feel my panties ripped off as I move to the center of the bed. Nervous now, I started to rethink this encounter when I feel my arms lifted above my head.

“Wait,” I whisper as I feel the silkiness of the cords that are encircling my wrists. “Shh,” I hear again as something soft brushes against my lips.

The wispiness of whatever is touching me filters through my myriad of emotions and it dawns upon me that it is a feather. It’s running over my breasts now, each tip getting a bit of attention. Sliding down my stomach, it moves down each leg, giving a tickle on each foot as it reaches there. Moving back it softly brushes over my mound, rubbing harder on my clit. Groaning as the electricity shot through me, I thrashed on the bed. Moving up my body once more he spreads my essence over each nipple. I feel breath as his mouth comes close to my swollen breasts, taking a nipple into his mouth and licking it clean.

“Dear gawd!” I scream as the force of the sensation rockets through me. A masculine chuckle rings out in the room as my nipple is released and the other one is sucked into a hot mouth. Moaning and pulling at the cords holding my arms, I feel him kiss my lips, and I taste myself on his tongue.

Our tongues duel in the mating dance as he holds me still with a hand in my hair. Breaking off the kiss he places small ones along my jaw line. Moving down my neck, nibbling and licking his way down. He stopped long enough to kiss my breasts and rub my stomach with his hands as he moves down to the tops of my thighs.

He spreads me and trails his fingers up my leg. Upon reaching the swollen clit that aches to be touched, he does. Gentle flicks are given as I feel bursa eskort his breath once again hit me. I feel the tip of his tongue touch me, making me jump. His hands reach out to hold my hips as his teeth nibble gently on the folds. Tossing my head and moaning, I buck wildly in his hold, making him follow me with his tongue. Heat races through me as I feel the wetness grow under his tongue.

Riding his tongue now, I am so close to my peak that nothing could have stopped me from screaming as my orgasm hit. He slowed his touch as the waves went through me, licking up the juices that flowed from me.

Exhausted, I lay there panting as I feel him move. The bed dipped near my head as I feel his hands on my face. He turned me until I felt the head of his dick press against my lips. I licked the tip with my tongue and open my mouth to have his member slide inside. I sucked hard upon his dick as he moves inside me using only my mouth and tongue to pleasure him. Holding me still with handfuls of my hair, he moved within my mouth. Only after a few strokes, he removed his dick. Sliding it across my cheek as he left my mouth trailing the wetness across my cheek.

Moving quickly, I can feel the bed shake as my legs were thrown apart. His entry is hard and deep. Moving my legs to his shoulders, he slowly pulls out, only to ram it back into me. Over and over he moved, making me moan, until he grabbed my hips and started to pound me. Hard, deep, thrusting over and over. Pleasure spreads through me. Feeling another orgasm coming I grind my pelvis against him.

“There oh god yes there,” fell from my lips as the waves of my pleasure burst through me. I can feel him tense as I come, and he shoves once more into me, holding me still. I can hear groaning as his dick jumped inside me.

He pulled out and lay beside me. Panting and exhausted I lie there, still bound and blindfolded. Feeling movements, my arms are released and the blindfold removed. Sitting up, I blink, trying to adjust my eyes to the light. Looking over at the person laying beside me, I saw his smile.

“Pretty good for a first date wasn’t it?” He asks looking wonderful sprawled beside me. Thick black hair disheveled just so. His blue eyes twinkled like the way he teased me in the hallways at work. Not looking at all like the well-dressed man I usually saw. Lying down across his chest, I idly moved a finger over the heat of his skin.

“I had hoped it was you. So what are we going to do for our second date?”

Raising his arms to hold me against his chest, and bringing his lips close to my ear, he whispers. “Shh” and holds me tight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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