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Left off from my last story, I had an interesting night taking care of Mr. Barnhart and him taking care of me.

A few days later, I was asked again to take care of him for my mother which I eagerly accepted. That afternoon, I ready myself for another fun evening with him. I decided to shave my pussy and wear an extremely short mini skirt that barely covered my ass cheeks. And picked out a loose fitting shirt that would fall open exposing my firm young breast each time I bent over. Only being 5’1 this outfit really made my tight 19 year old body stand out, accenting my short brown legs and 34C breast.

That evening quickly approach and I arrived at his house just before dinner to prepare his meal. Walking into the living room, he looked me up and down from head to toe. His mouth was slightly open, leaning forward, and his eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw me. My pussy instantly got moist seeing his reaction to my outfit and I batted my innocent young eyes at him.

The other nurse gave me an update then left quickly because she had to go pick up her kids from school. Mr. Barnhart sat in his recliner and I sat down directly across from him on his leather couch. He licked his lips as his eyes slowly traveling up my silky smooth legs to my short skirt that just covered my upper thighs. We made so small talk before I got up to go make his dinner. Slowly I uncrossed my legs and slid off the couch which caused my yavuzeli escort skirt to slide up my hips giving him a perfect view between my legs. I know he got a perfect view of my freshly shaven pussy lips.

Sitting in his chair, he had a perfect view of the kitchen. As I went about making his meal, I purposely took extra time bending over reaching into cabinets looking for a pot. My skirt was riding up exposing the cheeks of my ass and my hot moist honey box to him. He asked me to helped him to the dinner table so I headed over to assist him up. I bent forward putting him in perfect position to the opening of my shirt. As it fell open exposing my perking round firm breast to him, he let out an audible moan. When he stood up his hard fat old cock was straining against his pajama bottoms and his hand went directly for my ass. As we went to the table, I told him he was being a bad boy and that he had to wait for dessert which put a huge grin on his face.

During dinner, he told me that his elder friends didn’t believe his story about the last time we were together and would love to prove to them that he was very lucky enough to have such a hot young girl taking care of him. I asked him how do you suggest we do that? He reached behind him into the hutch drawer, pulled out a Polaroid camera, and placed it on the table between us. He had a mischievous grin on his face and waited for me to yavuzeli escort bayan reply. I was shocked at first, but strangely the thought of him showing off my young naked body to all his senior friends was very arousing.

After clearing the table, we made our way to his bedroom so I can give him dessert. He took out the camera and directing me to get in various position snapping picture after picture. He took pictures of me bent over his bed with my skirt pulled up showing off my puffy pussy lips and tight little ass. As I undressed, he continued snapping pictures until all my clothes laid on the floor leaving my young naked body completely exposed to him.
My pussy was dripping wet and loved the way he ordered me around taking my picture. I kept eyeing his huge erection pushing against his pajamas and have to take him in my mouth. So I dropped to the floor, crawled over to him and grabbed the sides of his pj’s pulling them down releasing his thick juicy cock.

Taking his fat cock in my hand, I notice the contrast of my tiny young hand wrapped around his old tool. Stroking up and down his 7 inch shaft, he snapped several pictures and begged me to take him in my mouth. Eagerly I swallowed his entire cock, taking him deep into my mouth so my face was buried into his gray pubic hair. As he pumped his cock into my mouth, he took more pictures of my baby brown eyes staring up at him. escort yavuzeli His cock was leaking a ton of precum and he loved it as I licked the tip of his engorged head.

He ordered me to lay on the edge of the bed with my legs hanging off. Then he stood between my legs rubbing his thick cock against my slippery pussy lips. His big head felt incredible rubbing against my hard clit and I begged him to stick it deep into me. He slowly slid his fat prick into my tight hole causing me to gasp for air. His old wrinkly skin was shaking as he drove his cock into my pretty pink well. He took pictures of my young fat pussy lips stretching and wrapping around his thick swollen cock. Driving his cock deep into me must have found the right spot because I was soon clutching my legs around him, bucking my hips, and incredible surge came raising through my body as I shook from an brain shattering orgasm.

My tight pulsating pussy muscles grabbed hard on to his manhood and must have sent him over the edge. He began pounding my pussy super hard with his old wrinkly balls slapping hard against my ass. Grabbing my thighs and pulling me down hard onto his fat meaty cock, I felt him shoot his throbbing cock shoot its cum deep into my womb. He slowly slid his cock out and his cum came rushing out of my freshly fucked pussy hole running down the crack of my butt. He told me not to move, grabbed his camera again, and began snapping pictures of my young freshly fucked pink pussy dripping with his man cream.

We gathered up all the Polaroid pictures that had fallen on the floor and enjoyed reliving our event all over again. We took a bath together later and continued to have fun that night but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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