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The next morning, as I walked out of my office looking handsome in my crisp shirt and tie, I noticed you are at your desk. “Mary, come to my office after you are settled in for the day. We have to have a discussion about what happened with your phone yesterday.”

My statement makes you shiver with worry, or anticipation, you’re not sure which. You realize with some trepidation that your hope of me forgetting about you looking at the hard cock on your phone yesterday was in vain. You feel your panties moisten as you get up to come to my office, and completely forget my order yesterday that you are never to wear panties in my office. Either that, or you want to find out what I’ll do if you wear them after I forbade it.

You come into my office and I tell you to shut and lock the door behind you. After locking the door, I have you come over to stand next to me behind my desk. “Show me,” is all I say. You shyly pull up your skirt, revealing your legs and thighs.

“Higher,” I say as I run my hands up your legs, pushing the hem of your skirt up past your thighs until it is bunched up around your hips and I am face to face with your flowery white panties. I look up at you and you see a look of disappointment come over my face, but think you detect me trying to hide a devilish glint in my eyes as well.

“I see you have either forgotten after less than a day, or chosen to ignore my command that you are to never wear panties in my office, if you wish to keep your job.” You gasp as I put a finger in each leg opening of your panties and firmly pull up on the material between your legs so there is a rush of sensation as the material is roughly yanked between your smooth pussy lips and against your clit. Your gasp turns quickly to moans as I begin to run a finger of my other hand up and down the strip of material of your panties, and you feel my finger against your pussy lips that are sticking out around your panties, and the pressure of my finger on your clit. With the bursa escort bayan hand holding your panties up tight, I begin to drag the strip of material side to side. You feel the rough sensation left to right over your clit, different from a tongue or fingers, but still pleasurable.

After pulling your panties side to side, I pull them farther to the side, revealing your pussy, and lean forward to lick your clit to taste your wetness. After the taste, I pull out my camera phone and take a close-up picture of your pussy.

“Since you like looking at inappropriate pictures on your phone at work, I am going to have some of you on my phone,” I say.

“Turn around,” I bark, and after you do I reach up to the waistband of your panties and yank then down off your ass and down your legs and have you step out of them, then put then in my desk drawer. “Bend over and spread your cheeks, now!” I command, then take a picture on my phone of your hairless pussy and asshole through your spread cheeks.

I slap your ass just hard enough to sting a bit, and tell you you stand up. As you do, you reach for the hem of your skirt to pull it down, but then feel my hand on yours, stopping you. To your surprise, I pull the bottom down and straighten your skirt and your think with a feeling of both hope and disappointment, that maybe I have decided your punishment is over for today.

After straightening your skirt, you feel against your thigh as my hand travels from the bottom of your skirt to the waist, and finds the zipper and unzips it, then pushes the waist down over your voluptuous hips and luscious ass and down your legs for you to step out of it. “Take you shirt off and give it to me,” I say as you realize I only pulled your skirt back down to make it easier to remove it entirely.

After you have taken off your shirt and reluctantly handed it to me, you feel slightly embarrassed to be standing there in just your bra. I put my hands on your bare hips, gorukle escort and firmly pull you down onto my lap so that you feel my very had cock against your bare ass through my pants, and a moan escapes your lips at the realization of how turned on I am. As you grind your ass against my lap, trying to turn me on enough that I can’t stand it and just take my hard cock out and fuck you, I unclasp your bra and push it off your shoulders, laying it on my desk with your shirt and skirt. You are now completely and beautifully naked in your boss’s office, giving him a lap dance. You realize amid your embarrassment at the situation, that your pussy is soaking wet.

I have you stand up and walk you around in front of my desk, and I lean against it as I take out my phone and take another picture, this one of you naked as the day you were born. “Now, since you didn’t seem to learn yesterday, if you want to keep this job you will do exactly as I say, Mary. Are you ready to do that?”

“Yes sir,” you say, somewhat breathlessly.

“Then come over here and suck my cock,” I say as I pull my hard, throbbing cock out of my pants and let my pants fall to the floor in front of my desk. You come over and kneel between my legs, licking from my balls up my shaft to the head while having your gorgeous eyes looking up at me with lust.

While you are taking my cock as far into your pretty mouth as you can, I take out my phone to get one last pic, of you looking up at my with my hard cock filling your mouth. You slide your lips along my shaft, leaving a slight trail of your dark lipstick on my skin, and poke your tongue out and lick the bulbous mushroom head of my cock.

After taking the pic of you sucking my cock and enjoying your tongue and mouth for a bit, I take your head in my hands and lift your mouth off my cock, grabbing your shoulders and lifting you up end telling you to sit on my desk. Putting my hands on your knees, I spread your legs bursa merkez escort bayan to see your glistening bare pussy, and move forward to line my cock up with it, while taking my tie off and wrapping it around your head through your mouth as a gag before thrusting my cock hard into your wet, warm pussy, eliciting a gasp that turns to a loud moan from you as you feel yourself filled by my thick cock, and realize quickly why I gagged you with my tie.

Thrusting faster and faster, you begin to pant as you feel yourself close to climaxing on my cock as it slams into your pussy and my body slams against your clit. I lean down to take one of your pink nipples in my mouth and nibble on it lightly, as I increase my pace a bit and realize I won’t last very long as I feel you reaching the pulses of orgasm in your pussy, almost like it is trying to milk the cum out of my cock. You try to scream as you cum but you’re muffled by my tie in your mouth, and you feel me shudder against you as my cum pumps over and over into you in waves, causing you to climax a second time. After I pull out, I take my tie off your mouth, and on impulse lean in to kiss you. After the kiss I pull my pants back on, and say that you may now get dressed again. After you put on your bra, shirt and skirt, you remember that for the second day in a row, I still have your panties.

“I am keeping this pair too, and as many more as it takes for you to obey. When you step through the door of my office, you are to be bare-assed under your skirt or dress. Whether you don’t wear them at all, or remove them before entering my office and shutting the door, is up to you. You will obey me, or I will keep taking them until you have no more to wear.”

“Now as for your proclivity for looking at inappropriate pictures on your phone at work. You may choose to continue that habit, but every time you do, it will be a constant reminder that in this office is a phone with very inappropriate pictures of you on it, that I can look at whenever and wherever I please. Now return to your desk, and you’ll just have to live without panties the rest of the day,” I say with a smile as you leave my office and pull the door shut behind you, still tingling from the orgasms and thinking about my cum dripping out of your pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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