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The first time she saw him Tina blushed at the broad shoulders hulking over her. He was talking amongst a crowd of pleasure-seeking college folk –all out to get drunk and see what happens. She was in another Circle of Dionysus, but not too present to the lively chatter in front of her. Her gaze had wandered to the athletic boy and sort of stopped there involuntary. He turned and looked her way catching her gaze, blue eyes pausing briefly, and then a friendly smile, “Hello, I’m Pat.”

“uhhh . . . Hi” she stammered. He turned back to the conversation at hand. Tina disparaged. As is all to common with petite gorgeous women – the booze goes right to the brain. Tina was no exception, and right now was feeling a combination of dizziness and regret at her temporary inability to communicate without awkwardice.

“. . . so what do you choose?”

Tina looked up to the voice speaking at her, embarrassed at being caught spacing out “umm sorry?”

The scrawny boy in front of her laughed and explained, “If you had to give up oral sex or cheese which would it be?”

The three other people, two girls and another pale musician, laughed. A hilarious premise the first time she had heard it. Now it was just . . . stale. She put on a coy smile and bit her lip. A smirk passed on her face; a unique face only Tina had mastered, something resembling sexual contemplation. “Oral sex. Yes good cheese is much harder to get around here.”

People laughed at her lame joke. One of the scrawny boys eyed her intensely. Tina smiled. She got a lot of attention but the sad truth was she was a virgin. Despite appearing sexually playful, Tina had never known a man before and this worried her. Not because she couldn’t get a man, but because all the men around her it seemed were, well, weak.

While Tina thought about this the scrawny boy approached and tried to discreetly place himself next to Tina in the circle of laughing people. Apparently everything’s hilarious in college.

“Tina, great job on the Handel solo last night. I was wondering if you could show me sometime how you get that vibrato on C#?”

“God” she thought, “could he suck my dick more.” “Thanks Ryan. Sure”

“Hehe” he snorted and Tina suddenly pictured the violinists limp white body on top of her and shuddered. She glanced over at Pat, that’s what she needed, if only.

Ryan looked like he was going to make another pathetic pass, but before he could do so there was commotion.


And the 704 teeth in the room boiled with laughter and excitement.

“What?” Tina asked to the tall, lanky clarinet player next to her.

“The Big Lebowski – you’ve never seen it? It’s the best!” He walked off and high-fived another clarinetist who had just smoked out of the bong.

People keçiören escort started find their way towards the television and claiming seats and Tina topped off her drink and was lucky enough to claim a coveted large green lazyboy.

“Quiet, quiet, its starting” The host popped in the DVD, turned off the lights and walked back to the couch. Many people were sitting on the floor and maybe five were crammed onto the couch.

Tina glanced up as Pat walked into the room. His blue eyes scanned the room. Tina couldn’t help but look at his large hands clutching the red solo cup drink. She followed the muscle tension up his muscular arms and found him turning towards her.

She quickly glanced back at her phone. “Hey, you mind if I squeeze in here.”

“Who me?” Tina said.

“Haha, yes Miss” he laughed.


Pat put his drink on the side table and eased his body in beside her. A tight fit in the lazyboy. The chair was luxurious for one but a tight squeeze for two. As Pat sat down she felt his hard abs rub against her arm and her heart started beating.

Tina was nervous. Here he was sitting right next to her. Okay it was stupid crush. What if he was nervous too. No way. She could see him whenever the TV screen flashed bright. Pat looked calm and sipped his drink as he watched the movie. Tina’s mind continued to race as she felt the mass of man next to her.

After about ten minutes into the movie Tina calmed down a little but did not know what was going on. Something to do with a dude, and besides with 22 drunk college kids watching a movie, the “funny” comments and interjections made it impossible to comprehend the plot without having seen it before.

And then Pat took his arm off his lap and placed it in the small gap between their thighs. She felt his hand sitting there touching the tight jeans she wore and a tingle radiated from the point of contact towards her crotch. Pat acted normal. I guess he was just changing positions.

After a particularly funny scene Pat looked at her and smiled. His high cheek bones glistened in the electroglare of the CRT. Tina blushed. “Gorgeous,” he whispered.

“What?” she said under her breath, quickly losing her voice.

“The composition of that shot.” She could barely hear him over the pounding in her chest.

“Really? You are admiring the cinematography of The Big Lebowski?”

He laughed and gave her a smile. A tender face and a glance that seemed to last too long for their exchange of friendly banter. And Tina was the first to look away. “Could he? Is he,” Tina thought, “No. Wishful thinking.”

Although there was a room of friendly people and a supposedly good movie playing Tina could not stop thinking about the man next to her. And that’s when it happened.

Tina kızılay escort felt Pat’s hand lift off her thigh and slide behind the small of her back and lock onto her far side. Pat looked down at her, smiled and whispered “Sorry its a little crowded, do you mind?”

“No that’s fine.” She smiled confidently. A mask that did not betray her inner turmoil. She shifted and moved a little closer to Pat so that she was completely nestled against his side. Pat squeezed her in closer.

Tina looked around. It was a dark room and no one else could see them. She was pretty sure now that he was not just getting comfortable. There was a real energy flowing and she sensed that he needed to touch her.

Pat continue to cradle her against his side for the next several scenes. Tina’s heart was still beating and all she could think about was the feeling of his muscle against her skin. Her shirt had lifted up from the jeans and his hand placed on the skin.

She felt him stroke the side of her stomach. Touching and lightly feeling what he could. A surprised gasp escaped her lips but was quickly silenced. And she did nothing but focus on the sensation of his fingers dancing across her side.

His fingers twirled and stroked for scene upon scene of the movie. And he kept extending the reach of his stroke and the expanse of his dance. The canvas for his touch had initially been local but as the movie went on and the energy swelled he moved his hand all over where he could reach. He started dipping a finger into her jeans and feeling the elastic of her underwear.

One finger dipped into her underwear and Tina let out a barely audible moan. Only Pat heard it and reached further down into her panties.

By now his entire hand was crushed between her tight jeans and tight body. Pat twirled her pubic hair now. The rhythym of his fingers increasing in tempo and intensity. And then he dipped one finger into her slit and Tina shuddered. The tingling was radiating from the tips of his fingers and exploded when he dipped his brush into the wet ink of her body.

The movie continued and noone knew and Tina could barely think straight. It was all happening too fast. Suddenly Pat let out a “Oh Fuck” and as he pulled his hand out of her pants and started to stand up a drink already in motion hit their laps and burst. A grenade of rum and coke.

“Shit sorry guys –sorry Tina”

Tina could only let out an “oh”

The entire room was looking. Pat’s red solo cup had contacted his elbow and fallen onto their laps. They were soaked.

“Nice one” a bro shouted. But people continued to watch the movie.

Pat procured paper towels and stepped over people in the dark. He quickly tidied up the mess and whispered in Tina’s ear, “We need to go get kocatepe escort cleaned up.”

Pat grabbed Tina’s hand and pulled her up to the attic of the apartment where he lived. It was several stories above where the party was.

“Sit.” he said. Tina sat on the bed in the tiny room, yellowed by a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Pat walked over and got on his knees in front of her and motioned for her to come closer. Because of her short stature their faces were at nearly the same height.

She leaned in and Pat kissed her tenderly. Tina moaned and Pat nibbled on her ear and whispered “Take off your pants.”

Tina trembled. “Pat. I umm . . well .. I’ve never done this before.”

He smiled. “Take off your pants”

Tina started fumbling with the button on her jeans and Pat jumped in and undid. He slid the jeans of her body and immediately started kissing her thighs as he did so.

He was very gentle and Tina laid back on the bed as tingling spread throughout her legs. He moved one hand onto her underwear and moved it to the side exposing her pussy. He licked around it very gently and Tina gasped at the first taste. He continued to play with her before quite suddenly inserting his tongue into her slit. It slid right in and Tina groaned as she exhaled. He touched every part of her as he pleasured her with his tongue. It was as if he had 8 arms constantly twirling her nipples, stroking her stomach and even fingering her asshole. She had never felt anything like it before.

After he was done he stood up and removed his pants. “Tina I would like you to put this in your mouth”

“I’ve . . . never done anything like that before.” But he continued to look.

Tina pulled down his pants and an erect member sprang out. She looked at it. With some hesitation she opened her mouth and was about to put it in but then stopped. She tried again put seemed unable to put it in.

Pat stroked her hair and finally she closed her eyes and wrapped her mouth around the penis. It was salty and Tina could not believe she was doing this. Things had progressed so fast in the last 30 minutes. It was crazy.

Tina was nervous at first, but eventually she decided she like it. It just tasted . . . right. And she look up and smiled with the cock in her mouth. Pretty blue eyes. She removed and said “Just do it. Take me.”

Pat flexed his muscles as he grabbed Tina and flipped her onto all fours. Her gorgeous body was completely naked at this point –a firm but round ass and two full sized boobs hanging underneath her. She looked back with wide open eyes.

Pat smiled at her and she felt him rubbing something between her spread cheeks. Her heart pounded. This was it finally.

Pat continue to rub his cock on her wet lips until she could take it no more and screamed “DO IT.”

And finally Pat stuck it in and all was good. Tina smiled after he finished. Cum was running down her leg and she put some on her finger and tasted it. Tasted . . . . right.

She smiled at Pat who stood over her. The Big Lebowski is a good movie she thought. A good movie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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