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Big Dicks

It was such a relief to be alone.

Over the past six months, I’d been going nonstop. Meetings, conferences, travel, seminars, go, go, go. And now, here I was… my favorite tiny beach, in my favorite place. There was nobody around, because who goes to the beach at seven in the morning in March in Wisconsin?

Me, apparently.

It was chilly, but the sun was hitting me and warming me up despite the cold air. I wore my swimsuit only because I was on the beach and craved the feeling of it. I wore a wrap around my hips and a shawl around my shoulders, and a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. I had brought a book to read, but all I wanted to do was sit in the sand and feel the sun on my skin.

I laid back on the sand, feeling the velvety silky texture press against the contours of my body. A light breeze picked up, and I listened to the waves crash, and the rustle of the flora around me.

I was enjoying the sounds and the feel of the sun when I sensed someone nearby. I stilled, closing my eyes behind my sunglasses, and listened. Please don’t talk to me, I thought. Please just walk by…

Whoever was walking by stopped, and I heard a soft intake of breath. “Sweet Jesus,” I heard a soft whisper. I could almost feel eyes grazing over me. Can he see my eyes behind my sunglasses? I wondered. I decided to risk it and opened my eyes.

Because of the angle of the sun, I couldn’t see him perfectly, but I could tell he was tall, and fit, and tan. He looked from side to side, as if he were checking to see if there was anyone around.

For a moment, a rush of nerves went through me. We were alone. What if he tried something? He took a few steps closer and came off to the side of me, keeping his distance and walking slowly to stay quiet. But anadolu yakası escort he didn’t approach and he didn’t speak. I kept my head still and followed him with my eyes, and then finally got a good look at him.

Handsome was an understatement. He was broad shouldered, tanned from hours in the sun, with dirty blond hair. His chest was ripped and defined with hard, cut muscles, and covered in a thin scattering of blond curly hair. He wore a pair of swim trunks that sat low on his hips. My mouth watered at the sight and I resisted the urge to squirm under his intense gaze.

His eyes were a dark shining blue. And they were definitely fucking me.

I let my mind wander, wondering what could happen. Would he dare try anything with a sleeping stranger? Did I want him to? I’d spent the past few months of travel satisfying myself, but God knows it’s not the same.

I watched behind the safety of my shades as his eyes roamed my body, taking in every inch of me. I listened as he sighed, the hint of a growl or a rumble in his chest. That sound went straight to my pussy and I felt myself getting wet.

His hands dropped to his crotch. He was gently rubbing himself through his trunks, and I could see the large bulge under his hand. He looked around again, and, satisfied nobody could see him, he reached down into his pants and pulled out his dick.

Oh my. That was… well.

Not all penises are nice to look at. I’d seen my fair share, both willingly and not. But this was… a nice one. Thicker at the base, maybe six or seven inches, and veins. My god the veins.

He sighed as he began slowly pumping himself, his eyes still taking over me shamelessly. He sighed and mumbled something to himself, ataşehir escort but I couldn’t catch it. I was too busy watching this horribly handsome man touching his gorgeous thick cock and thinking about my body. Then he licked his lips as he looked down at my hips. “I bet you taste good, don’t you?” He whispered softly. A drop of precum appeared at the tip of his dick.

At the thought of his tongue between my legs, I felt a rush of desire, and a strong clench in my stomach. A flood of wetness gushed between my legs. against my will, I gasped.

He stopped pumping, his eyes jumping from my hips to my face. “Oh. Oh shit.” He said.

Shit. We’ve both been caught.

He began putting himself back in his trunks, looking embarrassed.

Before I could second guess myself, I reached down towards the wrap around my hips, and began to untie the knot. He stopped, his hand still wrapped around himself, not willing to let go of the moment or the pleasure.

I let the wrap fall open. He exhaled long and slow. “You are…” He began stroking himself again. “Will you show me more, baby? Only if you want to, okay?”

My whole body felt alive, tingly under his lustful gaze. Excited, I reached up and wiggled to remove the shawl around my shoulders.


That one quiet admiration made me squirm. I bit my lip. I wanted to keep going, to really get him. I wanted this stranger to lose himself admiring me, and I wanted to watch it happen.

I reached behind my neck and wrapped my fingers around the halter tie of my bikini, and began tugging at the tie. I watched his face as I pulled at it, and his eyes widened as the bow came loose. I let the cups fall away.

He groaned. I couldn’t resist the smirk.

“Yeah ümraniye escort you know you’re hot, don’t you,” his voice was rough and strained. He nodded to his dick in his hand. “You see what you’re doing to me?”

I smiled and started running my fingers lightly over my breasts, twisting my nipples slightly. He huffed a laugh of disbelief. “Fuck me,” he whispered.

More, I thought. I want more, and I want him to see how wet I am.

I felt myself blush as I reached down and began untying the bottoms of my bikini, and pulled it away from me. He gasped as he watched me bend my legs, parting them slightly.

“Oh fuck baby. Look at that pussy.”

I inched my fingers down between my legs, letting a finger slide between my lips.

“Are you wet, baby?” His voice was getting more strained. I watched his face as I teased my clit, ripples of pleasure rolling through me. I sighed softly.

“You thinking about my tongue down there?”

I rolled my clit again, slowly gyrating my hips.

“Make yourself cum, baby. I want to see.”

Slowly, I let a finger slide inside, then two, gasping at the pleasure. I watched him stroke and pump his cock, groaning as he watched me finger myself. My hips thrust. My thumb rubbed against my clit. My mouth fell open and I heard a moan escape from my lips.

“Fuck!” He choked, and he shook as he came in his hand. Watching his face crumple sent a hot white purse of arousal into my gut, and I came on my own fingers. It was fast, but it shocked me at the intensity and suddenness of it. I let my hand fall away, shamelessly letting him see my pussy dripping onto the sand below me.

He chuckled and smiled, showing me delicious dimples. He winked, tucking himself away. “Good morning.” Then he turned and left.

I tied my suit back on and wrapped back up, and spent the rest of the morning laying in the sand, memories of his face and his cock keeping my arousal levels at an all-time high.

Too bad I was only here for a few more days. Maybe I should come back out again tomorrow morning?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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