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I was driving along the highway when I saw your car on the side of the road. Steam was coming from under the hood so it was obvious what had happened. I didn’t see you and Mike until I was a little further along. I saw the two figures walking and figured it had to be you. I pulled along side and asked if you were having fun.

“My fucking car,” was all you said.

Mike looked at me and asked, “How about a ride into town?”

“I don’t know. You guys look like a couple of desperate characters. A girl could get herself into real trouble picking up the likes of you,” I teased as I unlocked the doors to let you both in. You slumped into the back and Mike climbed in front. “AAWW, don’t look so glum. I’m sure it’s not THAT bad,” I assured through the rear view mirror.

“My car is fucked.”

“Yeah maybe it just needs some water.” I tried to sound encouraging.

“That’s not all of it,” Mike volunteered with a smirk on his face. I could tell when you guys got in you were already half lit.

“Oh, really?! What else are you 2 up to?” I had a pretty good idea but I was in a good mood and wanted to mess with you a bit.

“It don’t matter,” you sulked.

“What? Is there anything I can help with?”

“Not unless you want to give us a ride to Jonesville.”

“Why what’s in Jonesville?”

“We were supposed to meet up with a couple of older chicks over there,” Mike filled in.

“Oh I see. So you were looking to get some beer AND get laid before the car blew up on ya, huh?” I chuckled. I was loving the predicament you guys were in.

“Something like that,” you grumbled.

“Oh come on now. It’s not all bad. I’m not going to take you back to Jonesville because I just came from there but I have no plans so you can hang out with me. Fun, FUN!” I laughed.

“What were you doing in Jonesville anyway?” Mike asked, trying to change the subject.

“I was supposed to meet someone over there but he had to work late so I am headed back to town.”

“Oh really?” you asked, perking up some. “And just who were you supposed to be meeting?”

“None of your business young man,” I remarked trying to get out of the hot seat.

“Getting some on the side are ya? What if we decide to tell hubby?”

“You don’t know what you are talking about,” I tried to sound convincing.

“Yeah right. I know what you were up to and I’m gonna tell your old man.”

“Come on. A girl can have some fun now and again can’t she? You don’t need to tell him anything,” I was almost pleading now. I had gotten myself into some real trouble here.

“I won’t tell him but it will cost you, right Mike?”

“Yeah right,” Mike agreed. I don’t know if he knew what you were up to but he figured he might as well see where it was going. Anything else he had planned for tonight was shot to hell.

“Cost me? What is it going to cost me? I am already giving you guys a ride into town. I could have let you walk the last 5 miles.”

“And we could have too so that don’t count. We had beer lined up in Jonesville. Now you’re gonna buy us some here.”

“I can’t buy you beer. You’re not old enough,” I protested.

“You’ve done it before. Besides if you don’t, I’ll nark on ya.”

I thought it over for a minute. It wouldn’t be so bad to get you guys some beer. Especially since I knew you wouldn’t be drinking and driving. “Ok, I’ll buy it but I have a condition of my own.”

“What?” you both asked at once.

“We are going to party together. All of us had other plans and they all fell through so let’s commiserate.”

“I can deal with that. Where are we going?’

“My mom is staying out tonight and little brother is at a friend’s house. We can go to my place,” Mike offered.

“Fine, I’ll drop you guys off, go get the beer bursa escort and be right back.”

“No way! We are going with you. If you leave you won’t come back.”

Ok, so it was a pretty transparent plan but I thought you MIGHT go for it. “Can’t blame a girl for trying,” I smiled.

We went through the store and got a case of cold beer. The drive back to Mike’s was pretty quiet. When we got there he cranked some tunes and we all popped the top on a beer. We were just sitting around chillin and drinking our beer when Mike piped up with, “so now what shall we do?”

“I’m horny,” you announced. “Let’s watch some porn.”

“We can’t watch porn,” Mike practically shrieked nodding his head in my direction.

“Mike,” I said leaning over towards him, “I’ve seen porn before.”

“You don’t think it would be too weird,” he whined.

“Any weirder than sitting here getting drunk with me?”

“Good point. But the only vcr I have is in my room,” Mike sounded nervous.

You jumped out of your chair and heading towards the bedroom said, “Then lets go.”

There was no need for further discussion so we followed you into Mike’s room. Of course the only place to sit was on the bed so I took a seat in the middle with you guys one on each side. Mike popped in a tape and we watched for a bit. All three of us had been partying some before we hooked up so we were buzzing pretty good after a few more beers. The movie was like most porns and we were making crude comments and dishing on the actors for most of it.

About half way through the movie Mike announced he had to take a leak. He got up and walked towards the bathroom. The lights were off so we could see the tv better. I went to reach over you to set my beer on the nightstand. I lost my balance and in trying to catch myself accidentally rubbed across your crotch and noticed how hard you were.

“I’m sorry,” I fumbled. To be honest I was impressed with the out line of it. I tried to get back up when I felt your hands on my tits. “What are you doing?” I asked as I turned to look at you.

“You touched mine so I am touching yours,” you announced matter-of-factly.

“Listen here young man,” I tried to protest.

“You know you want it,” you purred as you dropped you gaze to my chest and reached for my other tit.

“That’s beside the point. What about Mike?”

“What about Mike?” you answered.

“He’ll be right back.”

“So,” and before I could say anything else you kissed me. Any objections I might have had were gone. I melted into the kiss. I was horny when I picked you guys up on the side of the road. Truth be known, in the back of my mind, I was thinking what fun it would be to get one of you in the sack. I could use a good hard fuck by some nice young thing. I never really thought it would happen though.

What the fuck!!??” Mike bellowed as he came back form the bathroom. “Dude, she’s married!!”

You broke the kiss and looked at him, “And I am horny. What’s your point?”

“Man, that’s Tony’s mom,” he further protested.

“Well, I’m not gonna fuck Tony now am I?”

“But..But,” Mike was dumbfounded.

I had a brilliant idea. I got off the bed and walked over to Mike. I wrapped one arm around him and let my other hand fall to his crotch as I brought his face close to mine. “I won’t tell if you don’t.” I pulled him in for a deep, passionate kiss. “What do you say? This could be lots of fun.”

Mike looked over my shoulder to where you were still sitting on the bed. I couldn’t see but I could hear the rustling and I guessed you were stroking your cock through the fabric of you pants. “Man, it will be awesome. No one has to know. It will be just the three of us,” you said to convince him. Getting off the bed you walked over to us. Unbuttoning bursa escort bayan my shirt and grabbing my tits once again you said, “Or you can just watch. I am going to get some either way.”

Mike held me away from him for a moment to look down at my chest. You pointed my tits toward his face and he bent down and sucked a nipple in his mouth. “I know you’d go for it, man. Now let’s get naked.”

It was a matter of a few seconds and we all stood there with out clothes. I was in the middle with one of you on each side sucking on my tits. My fingers were running through your hair as my moans got louder. Little did you know I was already dripping wet.

“I’ve read your stories and I know how you like to suck cock,” you said as you let my nipple slide from you lips. “Come over here and suck mine,” you demanded as you sat on the edge of the bed.

I pried myself away from Mike and got to my knees between your legs. Your young cock was standing tall and proud, throbbing from the rush of blood. I let my fingers circle around it as my tongue sought out your balls. I ran around each one and sucked them into my mouth for good measure before licking my way to the sensitive tip.

“Oh FUCK YEAH!” you moaned as I swallowed you with one good gulp. “Mike, man, this is unreal.”

“So is what I’m looking at,” I heard Mike from right behind me. I soon felt his hands sliding across my ass and down between my legs. “She is sopping wet down here, dude.”

“Lick it. I want to know what she tastes like,” you instruct him.

I felt Mike’s tongue slide between my thighs while I fondled your balls and let your hard cock bang against the back of my throat. I opened my legs wide and let him have all he wanted as I bobbed my head up and down on your cock. I used my tongue to press your hard meat against the roof of my mouth for a tighter feel.

After a few seconds he came up for air saying, “This is the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted. She’s shaved! You gotta try it.” He didn’t wait for a reply before diving back in. My hips were bucking against his face as my mouth was devouring your cock. It was a race to see who would cum first.

I thought I had you when Mike’s tongue left my cunt. Without warning I felt his cock slide deep into my pussy with one full stroke. I would have screamed in passion had I not had your cock deep in my throat. My pussy walls constricted, milking him and taking me over the edge. I sucked your cock like a vacuum as I shivered through my orgasm. Before I was done you were holding my head and shooting your cum down my throat.

When you shot your last drop you pulled free and exclaimed, “Mike, you have GOT to let her suck your dick man. She is unreal.”

Mike took a few more strokes then pulled free, leaving me empty and wanting more. He climbed onto the bed as you slid over giving him your space. I wasted no time in licking his cock clean of my juices and swallowing his hard cock. It wasn’t long before Mike was pumping his cum right behind where yours had just gone. I swallowed his down and then sat back on my heels.

“You guys still wanna go over to Newton?” I asked as I crawled up next to you on the bed.

“Hell, no,” Mike replied. “But I do want another beer.”

“Grab one for us too,” you called after him as he stepped off the bed and headed to the kitchen.

The movie was still playing as we settled side by side on the bed. I snuggled close and reached out to play with your limp dick as we watched. “Let me have some of that smooth pussy Mike was bragging bout,” you ordered as you laid me back on the bed. I did as you wanted and opened my legs to allow you access. You climbed between my legs and dove right into my still quivering pussy. “MMMMM, Mike was right. This is good shit.”

My fingers found the escort bursa back of your head and held you in place as your fingers slid into my wet tunnel. I was bucking against your face with you sucking my clit and fingering my cunt when Mike came back in with our beer.

“What a sight!? Do you guys want a beer?”

You came up only long enough to sneer at him, “Don’t bother me man. Can’t you see I’m eatin?” You doubled your efforts when you dove back down and had my ass rising off the bed in no time.

When I finally came back to earth and you sat up to grab your beer, I looked over to Mike. He was watching us with his cock in his hand. He was stroking nice and slow as he enjoyed the live performance.

I climbed past you and over to Mike’s lap. I straddled across his hard cock and let myself drop slowly down. When I was in to the hilt I reached past him and grabbed my beer. After a few chugs I set the beer down and started rocking back and forth on the hard cock impaling my quaking pussy. Mike grabbed my hips and helped me to slide back and forth. I locked Mike in a passionate French kiss as yet another orgasm swept through my body.

When I regained composure I looked over to see your cock raging up from your crotch. “Looks like someone else needs attention.”

“But I’m not done yet,” Mike protested.

“It’s ok,” you assured him. “You 2 lie down on the bed. Let her on top,” you instructed. I had a good idea of what you had in mind and was thrilled at the prospect.

We wiggled into the position you told us. Mike’s cock was still planted firmly in my hot, wet pussy. I had my legs tucked under me putting my ass high in the air and open to you. I felt your hand on my cheek and your weight right behind me.

“Now hold still until I tell you.”

I heard you spit into your hand and rub it across the head of your dick. It was a nice gesture but unnecessary as all the cum that had run down the crack of my ass had made it nice and wet. I felt the head of your cock against my tight hole and tried to relax to accommodate you. I had never had a cock in both holes at once. I wasn’t sure I could do it but I was willing to try. Mike helped out by reaching his hands to my cheeks and pulling them open. He thrust his hips up, shoving me back against your invading tool.

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed out as you sank in deep.

“Are you ok?” you both asked with true concern.

“Oh Fuck YES!!!!” I growled. “Just give me a minute. I can’t believe how full I am. This is UNREAL!” After a few minutes to get used to all this cock in my nether regions, I slowly started to grind between the 2 of you.

“That’s it baby,” you encouraged. “Fuck us both. Nice and slow.”

It was the most incredible thing I had ever felt. I had cocks in both of my fuck holes. I could feel one slide out as the other one slid in. My mind was a blur. I was cumming almost constantly. I hoped no one was home upstairs because I was howling like a bitch in heat. I am not sure who was fucking whom. I was rocking between the 2 of you in my own rhythm. My whole body was on fire. I couldn’t get enough.

Then I felt it. Mike tensed first. You were right behind him. Soon I felt both of you explode. You tried to ram both cocks deep inside and I took them as best as I could. My pussy and ass were convulsing, cumming right along with you. The three of us howled and bucked with ecstasy.

When we were all exhausted we fell in a heap together in the bed. Arms, legs, and bodies were everywhere.

Mike was the first to speak. “That was incredible.” He opened his eyes and looked at me. “You aren’t going to tell anyone are you?”

“Who would I tell? This is just between the three of us,” I assured him. “Besides if I told we wouldn’t be able to do it again,” I laughed as I untangled myself and tried to get out of bed.

One of you grabbed me and pulled me back down as Mike said, “Just where do you think you are going? We aren’t done with you yet.”

Evidently “again” is sooner than I thought…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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