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As I woke up that morning Rachel smiled at me and whispered in my ear. She told me her period had started during the night. She kissed my neck, and groped for my cock. As she stroked me, I got harder.

“My pussy is hot and wet. Have you every fucked a girl when she hade her period?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“It is hotter wetter and nastier. When I get laid while having my period, I cum so hard.”

“Fuck my bloody pussy honey, I’ll make it very good for you.”

As I got between her legs, she pulled the crotch of her panties aside, and removed the stained pad. She grabbed my cock and guided it into her hot wet pussy. I buried my cock in one smooth wet motion. Rachel had an orgasm before I bottomed in her. Her hips began to twist and thrust as if she were trying to tear my cock of in her. I pounded into her, as she continued to cum. Her nails tore at my back, as she grunted and groaned through one climax after another. Before long I emptied my seed into to her clutching and sucking center. Then I collapsed on her and lay gasping for breath. My softening cock still plugging her bloody cunt.

Rachel whispered in my ear, telling me how good I was. She promised to reward me for giving her this treat. She promised to suck my cock until I couldn’t get it up anymore, then tongue my ass hole until I was hard again. I smiled at her.

“Do you want to kill me?”

“You are young, it will probably take me years to fuck you to death.”

“Rachel, the way you make love to me, it will probably take less than a week.”

She giggled and said. “I just want to make sure you are satisfied with me. I am not as young as the students here.”

“You don’t have to be. I have been in love with you since I met Caroline.”

“Alan don’t lie to me, you didn’t even notice me except as Caroline’s mother.”

” I noticed you. You gave me a hardon before I could even cum.”

“The first time I jerked bursa escort off was when you opened your pool and wore that 2-piece suit”

“Fell asleep that night dreaming of playing with your tits.”

“I was only twelve then.”

As my penis softened, it slipped from her entrance. The blood and cum began to leak out of her. Rachel held the pad to her crotch and said. “I guess I better get cleaned up. Do you want to join me?”

As we went to the bathroom, Rachel sat on the toilet and pulled my cock into her mouth. She hummed as she licked my messy cock clean. Pulling me further forward she put my cock between her soft tits. As her squeezed them around my cock she told me to fuck her tits.

“Yes honey, fuck them, cum all over them.”

“Your still gonna fuck my ass and mouth before we go to breakfast.”

“Rachel, why did this wait so long? We missed all that time.”

I pumped my hips as her head dipped down and she licked my cock as it came up from between her breasts. Her mouth would open and my cock head would enter it. Her tongue would swirl around the tip, and she would suck hard. As I groaned in pleasure, my cock would retreat down between her beautiful breasts. I thrust forward again between her parted lips. Rachel’s tongue searched for pre-cum before she allowed me to enter her mouth again. This time sucking me and licking me longer than before.

“Rachel, I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Cum for me Alan, cum on my face and tits.”

Rachel quickly sucked me deep into her mouth. She kept me there until the throbbing announced that I was starting to cum. She quickly removed my cock and stroked it, aiming it at her face. Rachel moved my cock, smearing her face with cum until she looked like a cum covered slut.

“I’m your cum slut. Only yours. You can cum on me, in me, any time you want. I am your whores, your lover, your girlfriend or your slut. I love you and want to bursa escort bayan be the mother of your baby. When I get back here as a student, I will stop the pill. I am going to have your baby.”

We went into the shower to wash off. I adjusted the water as Rachel stood legs apart letting our mixed, pink tinged juices run down her thighs. The mixture of her menstrual flow and our cum slid slowly down her leg. I entered the shower followed by this sexy older woman. Her hand found the soap and she began to lather my cock. Her intentions did not seem to be to clean me, but rather to arouse me. I grabbed another bar of soap and began to lather her tits.

“What do you want me to fuck first Rachel?”

“My ass. Why else would I make it so soapy?”

I turned her around and slipped two soapy fingers into her ass to make sure penetration would not be painful. “That’s enough, fuck my ass.”

“Bend over, grab the towel bar and hold on.”

I moved behind her and spread her cheeks. I placed my cock at the entrance to her ass then backed off. I inserted my cock in her slimy cunt and soaked it for a few minutes, I took a gob of pink tinged juices and greased her ass with it. I then pressed my cock head to her rosebud. As I prepared to enter her, she screamed at me.


I pushed forward hard and fast. It went in easily but tightly. She grunted and squealed with the penetration, but shoved her ass back to meet me. As I began to pump her Rachel squeezed my cock inside her. . “Oh yes fuck me hard and deep.”

“Your ass is so tight.”

“Are you glad I went to the party with you?”

“What do you think?”

“Tell me I want to hear it, are you sure you don’t want a coed like Caroline?”

“I want you.”

“If you couldn’t have me, would you want Caroline?”

“I guess so.”

“Well for the rest of the semester I’m gonna talk to her about escort bursa taking care of you. I don’t want to worry about coeds taking you away from me.”

“Won’t you worry about Caroline?”

“No I offered to share you with her if she broke up with Jeff.”

I pushed my cock into her faster wanting to quiet her and end this conversation. I did not think Caroline would agree to it and I really didn’t know if I wanted to.

“Just think you might get both of us in your bed, could you handle it.”

“I think I could.”

“You might get to find out. Caroline told me that she and Jeff were fighting a lot.”

“Yeah, that’s the way it always is the fight when they are not fucking.”

“Finish fucking me, so we can get dressed.”

I started to pound her harder and faster. She twisted her ass, and pushed back at me. I slapped her ass gently to add some heat to it. She groaned and began to shake as her orgasm approached

“I’m cummin now, cum with me Alan.”

“Oh shit, so good Rachel take it now.”

As we came, we separated, and Rachel kneeled in front of me.

“I told you no breakfast until you came in my mouth too.”

She guided my messy brown tinged dick into her mouth and slowly licked and cleaned me off. Then she began to suck in earnest, as the shower continued to cascade over us. Her mouth continued to work on me until is was on the verge of cumming, Her finger tickled my prostate and I pulled her head tightly to me.

“Yes, suck me, swallow my load, here it comes, take it.”

She sucked, and licked me clean. As she stood, she told me to get ready for breakfast as we were meeting Caroline and Jeff. In a little while we were at the restaurant. There sat Caroline alone at the table, her eyes were red. It was obvious that she had been crying. It turned out that she and Jeff had broken up. She didn’t want to go back to her room, and she couldn’t go back to Jeff’s room. Rachel suggested that she stay with us that night. Caroline said that she might like the arrangement but that she was not bi. Rachel said she wasn’t either but that they could share a wonderful man.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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