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Big Dicks

DISCLAIMER: No, this story is not real. Hell, it might not even sound realistic. The people are real (although the names have been changed), but that’s about it. I’m not big on build-up or character development, so if that’s what you’re looking for, prepare to be disappointed. I hope you enjoy it, but if you don’t I probably won’t lose any sleep over it…


Greg had been in heaven for the last couple of weeks. Since his wife had pretended to catch him fucking her daughter, his life had started to resemble some kind of porn movie. Every morning he would be woken up by one or both of them sucking his cock. The blowjob would last until he came, then they would all go about their day. Later in the evening he would fuck one of them while the other one watched, and a few times he had fucked them both at the same time again. He knew it was wrong to be fucking his stepdaughter, but he just couldn’t resist her sexy body, especially now that her own mother was not only condoning it, but joining in on the festivities. He couldn’t help but think that it was all too good to be true. Little did he know how right he was.

He had arrived home from work to an empty house. He was a bit disappointed at first, but he was confident that one of the girls would be home before long and that he would have at least one hot girl to fuck. As he walked into the kitchen he noticed a book sitting on the table with an envelope and a handwritten note on top of it. He picked up the note, instantly recognizing Wendy’s handwriting.

“Greg,” it read. “I have put a bookmark in the book on the table. Please read everything from that point forward, then read what’s in the envelope.”

Confused, Greg picked up the book and opened it to the marked page. It only took a moment before he realized he was reading Serena’s diary. The marked page was July 11th, the same day Greg had first fucked Serena. His heart rate increased as he read his stepdaughters words, describing everything they had done together. It started with her detailed description of the first time he had fucked her; then there was the entry about the gangbang she had experienced at the hands of Greg and his friends; another entry describing the day Greg had first fucked Erin, Serena’s best friend; a shorter entry regarding the toys he had bought for them and the threesome they had had later that day; a lengthy description of the orgy that followed, where Greg had fucked Serena and four of her friends; an entry describing how she had watched Greg fuck her mom; and of course several regarding the last three weeks, when Jared had finally been able to fuck Serena with her mother’s approval.

Greg couldn’t figure out why Wendy would have been reading this, nor could he imagine what she must have been thinking as she read it. Another part of him was angry with Serena for writing these things down konak escort in the first place. She had even written about how jealous she was when she had learned that Erin’s period was late, and that there was a chance she was pregnant with Greg’s child. She confessed to her diary that she would love to carry Greg’s baby, and that she hoped she would get that chance one day.

He put the book down and picked up the envelope. Tearing it open, he pulled out another note, also written in Wendy’s handwriting.

“Greg,” it read. “I don’t know where to start. The last couple of weeks have been both exciting and taboo. I wanted to find out what Serena was writing in her diary about it, so I snuck a peek when she was at work. Needless to say I was quite surprised to find out that you had been fucking my daughter behind my back. Initially, I was furious, but then I began to feel foolish as well. I had just been played by my husband and my daughter, the two people I love the most in this world. My anger grew when I found out that you had treated her like a worthless whore, passing her around to get fucked by all of your friends. I can’t even describe how much more angry I got when I found out that you had fucked Serena and four of her best friends.

“I don’t know what to do,” the note continued. “I don’t see how I can stay married to you. You and Serena both betrayed me in a very hurtful way. I will eventually forgive Serena, because she’s my daughter and I have to, but I don’t see how I could ever forgive you.

“Serena and I are at my parents’ place. Please do not try to contact either of us. I would appreciate it if you would take your things and stay in a hotel for the next little while until we can figure out what to do with the house. I will call you when I am ready.”

Greg stood in shocked silence, staring at the note in his hand. He collapsed back down into one of the kitchen chairs and began to cry.

A week later Greg was sitting in his hotel room, reading a book when he heard a knock at the door. He got up and glanced through the peephole, recognizing Serena on the other side. He unlocked the door and opened it, standing face-to-face with her for the first time since before the note.

“Daddy!” she cried, throwing her arms around him. Instinctively, he hugged her back, backing into the room and closing the door. “I’m so sorry! I never thought Mom would read my diary!” He pushed her away and sat on the couch. She followed him and sat down beside him. “Are you okay?”

“Of course I’m not okay!” he said. “I’m living in a fucking hotel room!” His frustration at the situation had gotten the better of him, and tears were forming in Serena’s eyes. “I never should have fucked you,” he said, more calmly.

“But Daddy, you said you liked it!” she said.

“I did,” he replied, “but it was wrong. I cheated on your manisa escort mother.” They were both silent for a minute, then Greg finally looked her in the eye. “Why would you write those things in your diary?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I write everything in there.”

“You write it in your diary when you have sex with someone?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “I’ve been doing it ever since I lost my virginity.”

“That’s fucking stupid,” he said. Strangely, he found himself wishing he could read those earlier entries. “And what was all that bullshit about wanting to have my baby?” She looked down at her lap.

“I was jealous of Erin,” she said. “When she told me there was a chance she was pregnant, I wished it was me you had cum inside. You’ve never cum inside me.”

“Way to go,” he said. “My marriage to your mother is ruined, and you and I can’t see each other any more, all because you wanted to write your slutty tales in your diary.”

“I’m so sorry, Daddy,” she sobbed. They sat in silence for a couple of minutes, Serena crying inaudibly.

“Get up,” he said to her. She looked up at him, then stood up slowly. “Take off your clothes.” She did nothing, not even look at him. “I said, take off your fucking clothes,” he repeated. His second request snapped her out of her inaction and she began to get undressed. “You screwed up, now you’re going to get punished.” She took off the last of her clothing, tossing it on the floor. “Get on your knees.” She did as he asked, then he stood up in front of her and began taking off his clothes. “This will be the last time I ever fuck you, and I’m going to enjoy every last second of it.” Once he was naked he began to stroke his cock. He walked over to her, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face in so she was sucking his balls. “I’m going to use you like a dirty little fuck toy. All you are is an object for me to stick my cock into.” He pulled her away from his balls and started to smack his dick against her face.

“I’m your dirty fuck toy Daddy!” she cried. She had her mouth open and her tongue out, as though she were trying to catch his cock in her mouth. He lined it up and shoved it in deep, making her gag right away.

“You like that, don’t you fuck toy?” he asked. “You’d do anything for my big cock, wouldn’t you?” He pulled his cock out to let her answer.

“Yes Daddy!” she gasped. “I’ll give you every inch of my body!” He pushed his cock back into the side of her mouth, stretching her cheek out to the side. He then began to lightly smack the bulge in the side of her face. He shoved it back down her throat and fucked her face some more, continuing to slap her. “Use my body Daddy!” she gasped as he pulled out for a minute. “Shove that dick down my throat!” He smacked her across the face hard and then resumed ramming his dick down her throat.

“Gag menderes escort on that dick, you stupid cunt! You’re a worthless fucking whore, just like your mother!” He shoved his cock in deep and held it there, cutting off her air. He pulled back out and let her take a deep breath before repeating the same thing again. He continued this for a few minutes, then dragged her by the hair up and onto the bed. He had her lie on her back so that her head was hanging off the edge, then he stood above her and rammed his cock straight back down her throat. “Take that dick bitch!” he said, smacking her tits and her face. “You’d better not fucking enjoy this!” He fucked her face for another minute or two, then pulled out. He put her on her hands and knees and crawled onto the bed behind her, shoving his cock into her pussy. “You’re such a dirty slut!” he said, fucking her.

“Hurt me Daddy!” she said. “Use my fucking pussy!” He wound up and smacked her ass as hard as he could. “Ouch!” she cried. “That fucking hurt! Give me that cock Daddy!” He smacked her ass again, still pounding her hard, and also began pulling her hair.

“Take my fucking cock, you little cum slut!” he said. He even reached up to her throat and began choking her as he fucked her.

“Your dick feels fucking huge, Daddy!” she wheezed. A couple of minutes later, just as it seemed she was about to cum, Greg pulled out and smacked her ass.

“I told you not to enjoy it, bitch!” he said. He then repositioned his cock and rammed it up her ass, making her cry out. He kept spanking her, pulling her hair and choking her as he slammed repeatedly into her ass.

“Stretch out my fucking asshole!” she cried. He slammed her hard, noting as he pulled her head back that she had tears running down her face. He fucked her ass for a few more minutes, then pulled out. He flipped her onto her back and quickly rammed his cock back into her pussy. As he fucked her he pinned her wrists down to the mattress. “Use my fucking pussy Daddy!” she cried. “Stretch it with your big cock!” He let go of her wrists and used one hand to pin her down by her throat while the other one manhandled her tits.

“I’m going to cum in your pussy slut!” he said. “I’m going to cum deep inside this dirty little cunt of yours and make you pregnant!”

“Cum for me Daddy!” she cried. “Let me feel it shoot into my dirty pussy!”

“You’re a no-good fucking cock whore!” he said. “I’m going to fill you with my cum!” A few seconds later he exploded into her, holding his cock in deep.

“Yes Daddy!” she cried as she came as well. “Fill my tight little cunt! Fill it with your hot cum!” Both of their orgasms seemed to last forever, then Greg held his cock inside her until it began to soften. He then pulled it out and collapsed back on the bed. “Oh my god Daddy! I can’t believe you finally came inside me!” He stood up and started tossing her clothes to her.

“I’m going to miss that pussy,” he said. “I wish there was another way.” They both got dressed as the tears started to roll down Serena’s face. He walked her to the door and gave her one last kiss. “Goodbye,” he said as he closed the door after her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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