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I get called to the local mall. You were shoplifting at Victoria’s Secret. I get there and the girl working behind the counter tells me you had been trying on bra and panty sets and she noticed she was missing two sets. I noticed her name was Sara. And how couldn’t I, she was short, about 5’2″, wearing a sexy little suit, dark brown hair and brown eyes, tan skin and huge tits. That was where her name tag was. She shows me to the back office where you were waiting.

Wow! Tall, slender, long legs and beautiful face. I ask you what is going on. You tell me that it was all a mistake. I can see your bra under the open buttons on your blouse. I also notice that the bra and panty sets on the desk are all see through! I tell you that I have to handcuff you for safety reasons. I noticed your nipples started poking through your blouse when I said that.

I place the handcuffs on you and notice your skin is soft and hot. As I am handcuffing you, you push back against me. I grab you as I think you are trying to get away. Your hands are right at crotch level and grab my cock, which responds by growing.

I tell you to quit resisting and you tell me that it’s more fun when there is a fight. I start blushing and Sara starts giggling. As I turn you around, Sara notices your bra and says it is one of the missing pieces.

I tell you I will have to take it as evidence. I ask Sara if she is sure it is a stolen bra. Sara says it was a set and she will have to check to make sure. I tell Sara that normally I would have to call for a female officer but there are none working tonight. I ask Sara if she is ok with just me present. She smiles and says she is.

I tell Sara that I need her to check the bra. I notice you smile in the mirror. That makes my cock get even stiffer!

Sara comes over to us. I am holding onto your wrists and handcuffs. Sara reaches over and finishes unbuttoning your blouse to check the bra. She says she’s not sure and needs to check for a tag. She starts moving her hands around the inside of the bra, rubbing your tits. You start squirming as she avoids your nipples and your pussy starts to get wet.

I ask Sara again if that is one of the missing sets. She says she needs to check the panties to be sure, with a smile… Sara then goes and locks the door.

Sara walks back over to us. She unbuttons your pants and begins to inch them down over your hips to look at your panties. You rock your hips back, causing your hands to brush against my now erect cock.

Sara gets your pants down and says she needs to check for the tag. At this aydın escort point we all know she’s lying but we don’t care. Sara reaches in and starts feeling your cleanly shaven pussy. You hands begin squeezing and rubbing my cock, opening my zipper and pulling it out.

Sara finds your clit and you feel your legs start quaking as you start to climax. You cannot believe it is happening so fast. Yet you don’t have time to think as your pussy starts to tremble and your juices flood Sara’s fingers and she now has two fingers working in and out of your pussy.

Sara looks up at you with a smile as she brings her fingers up to her lips to taste you. She then reaches down and reinserts her fingers into your dripping pussy. She pulls them back out and says, “Officer, I think you need to examine this, you know as evidence…”

She brings your taste up to my lips and inserts them into my mouth. I suck on her fingers as you squeeze my cock. I ask Sara, “How can I tell if it is evidence. I need something to compare it to.”

Sara was one step ahead. While she was fingering you, Sara had taken her other hand, reached up her skirt, slid her panties aside and slipped a finger into her pussy. Sara brought her other hand up to my mouth and replaced your taste with hers. I told her I would have to do some more investigating.

You ask Sara if you get a taste. Sara said not yet. You haven’t been punished for trying to steal. With that, Sara grabs you by the hair and pulls you forward, dropping you to your knees. She then turns your head, placing your face next to my cock.

Sara tells you to suck my cock as she balances you so you don’t fall forward. You take the head of my cock in your mouth and began licking and sucking on it. Your tongue and mouth feel great! Sara reaches forward with one hand and undoes your bra. After undoing the bra, she reaches around and begins pinching your nipples. Getting them erect and sending shockwaves straight to your pussy!

Sara holds onto the handcuffs with one hand and starts spanking you with the other hand. At first, it gets your ass hot, making your pussy wetter! You take all of my cock in your mouth and are deep-throating me all the way in. Then your ass starts to sting. Suddenly, you are yanked onto your back.

I get undressed as Sara straddles your head, pulling her skirt up and moving her G-String. You vaguely hear, “You wanted a taste, now eat my pussy!” as she sits on your open mouth.

As you are eating Sara’s sweet, trimmed pussy, I go to her and start undressing her, freeing her round, aydınlıkevler escort soft tits and begin pinching and teasing her nipples. She starts to breathe faster as you get her closer to climaxing. I put my cock into her mouth as you start sucking on her clit, gently biting it. Sara starts cumming, moaning and slurping around my cock.

I find the handcuff key and undo your cuffs as Sara recovers. Once I have the handcuffs off, you grab me and push me down on the floor. You take my cock in your mouth and you maneuver around and place your pussy over my face. You are sucking my cock better than I have ever had as I concentrate on your pussy to keep from coming. I feel your nose against my balls, your lips making a vacuum suction around my cock.

I eat your pussy, pushing my tongue in as deep as I can, then pulling it back out and finding your clit, alternating between flicking your clit and plunging my tongue back into your pussy as far as I can. You start moaning around my cock as you are taking all of my cock into your mouth and throat.

I take a finger and starting penetrating your pussy as I focus on your clit. As I get my finger well lubricated, I place it at the entrance to your ass. You moan even louder and suck harder as I penetrate your ass with my finger. You start squeezing my head with your legs as we cum together. I blow my cum down your throat as my face floods with your juices. Heaven…

You keep sucking on my cock…It is sensitive. Sara approaches and starts kissing you around my cock. You start feeling and caressing my balls as I feel two sets of lips and two tongues on my cock. It is a fantasy come true. I have never had two sets of lips on my cock at once. It starts twitching, coming back to life.

Sara goes from kissing you to kissing and licking your neck, the sensitive part on your shoulder that gives you goosebumps…Leading down to your breasts and focusing on your nipples. They start to grow as my cock in your mouth starts to grow and harden.

Sara continues kissing and licking down your stomach, pausing at your belly button, tickling you. She moves to your hips and arrives at your smooth, wet pussy. You have now sucked my cock to full hardness and decide you need to have it.

You position me on my back and position your pussy over my cock. You lower yourself, facing me, inching my cock into you. Your pussy is hot, wet and tight. You take me in and start moving your body back and forth and up and down.

Sara moves over to me and straddles my head, lowering ayrancı escort herself onto my mouth and you start sucking and biting her tits. You and Sara are making out as I am sucking on her clit. Your pussy keeps grasping and squeezing my cock, feeling so good.

Sara cums on my face as you help her reach her climax by biting her nipples. You stop fucking my cock and get up. You get on all fours and look back at me. I quickly get behind you and reinsert my cock into your pussy. We are surprised to feel Sara start licking us where we are joined. She is licking your pussy and my cock at the same time. It feels amazing.

Sara uses her hands to rub your clit and grasps my cock. She is controlling me fucking you. Almost like she is fucking you with my cock. You begin cumming as she sucks on your clit while slipping a finger into your pussy with my cock.

She pulls my cock out and licks your juices off. Sara then inserts my cock back into your pussy, fucking you with my cock some more. She pulls it out and cleans it off again. Sara then continues sucking and slobering on my cock, getting it all slick. She then places my cock at the entrance to your ass. She pauses and takes your clit into her mouth as I push into your ass slowly, letting you adjust to my cock opening you up.

My cock inches into your amazing, tight ass. Slowly pushing deeper and deeper until I am all the way in. We pause and just enjoy the feeling of being buried in your ass.

We are brought back to the moment as you feel Sara’s fingers sliding into you pussy and searching for your G Spot while her other hand starts playing with my balls. She is also licking and sucking on your clit, causing you to start moving and us to start fucking.

I am letting you control the movement, sliding your ass back and forth as you react to Sara finding your G Spot and nibbling on your clit at the same time. Sara starts squeezing and pulling on my nuts, which have started tightening up as they get ready to unload into your ass. You start to move faster as I am holding onto your hips and watch my cock disappear over and over into your ass. It is amazing!

Your body is on fire and you begin cumming! It starts out as small waves from somewhere inside you. It spreads to your ass and clit, overtaking your pussy causing it to spasm. Your muscles are clenching and gripping, squeezing my cock as it fights to move inside you.

Your climax pushes me over the edge and I start cumming in your ass. My cock is throbbing and flexing as I spurt over and over, cumming so very hard into you.

Sara underneath you continues to lightly chew on your pussy as you come down from your orgasmic high. We untangle and get cleaned up. As you finish getting dressed, I grabbed your hands, handcuffing your wrists again. You ask me what I am doing and I advise you still aren’t free to go…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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