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This is part twenty-nine of my adventures in the early nineties with an older gay man, his friends, and several strangers. Check my post history for earlier installments of the story of an older man’s toy.

Blaise’s friend — and my sometime Master — Bill came up for a weekend in August. He’d been curious about my shows and wanted to spend some more time with Blaise.

I let myself into Blaise’s house Saturday morning like I always do. Bill already was in the shower and Blaise was in the kitchen. Bill had come up Friday night just like when I went down to his place for our Master-slave weekend a couple months earlier.

“Should I go surprise him?” I asked Blaise. “Or is this weekend just for you two? I don’t mind giving you some space.”

“God, no!” Blaise said, almost offended that I would suggest such a thing. “Get those clothes off and get in there. He’ll love it!”

I stripped in “my” room and quietly slipped into the bathroom. I peeked around the shower curtain to see Bill naked facing away from me.

Before he could move, I was behind him snaking my hands around his waist to find his wet, black cock.

“You’re too short to be Blaise,” he said.

I had to hug against him tightly to get my arms around him and my cheek was against his left shoulder blade.

“There’s only one other person who’d sneak into my shower.” He turned around still in my arms.

“Hi, Bill,” I said, looking up at him.

I couldn’t help noticing the sensation of his limp cock banging against mine as he turned. I already was getting aroused.

“If it isn’t my favorite little twink,” he boomed, squeezing and lifting me off my feet as he hugged me.

“I thought you might like a little surprise,” I said, my hands already massaging his black cock and balls. “Blaise agreed.”

“Blaise knows exactly how much fun I had with you,” Bill said. “Seeing you again — and coming to your show tonight — was a big part of the reason I came up here.”

“I can’t wait for you to see my show,” I said, pushing up on my toes and grabbing his bottom lip with my teeth, sucking it hard. “But you do know I’ll give you any show you want any time you ask, don’t you?”

My cock was almost hard, and I could feel Bill’s beginning to curl up and push against my stomach.

“I might have to take you up on that,” Bill said just before pushing his tongue into my mouth. My hands found his growing cock and balls again. I squeezed and stroked and massaged him to a full erection before pulling back.

I bent down and licked over his swollen red head before sliding his uniquely curved meat into my mouth. I bobbed up and down him until I heard him suck a loud lungful of air, his back tense.

I released him and turned around. I put one foot on the top of the tub wall to spread my ass just enough.

“Can your favorite twink bum a ride?” I asked him.

Bill said nothing, just reached around and pulled close to me, his left arm crossing my chest so his hand could grab my shoulder in a tight hug.

His round belly pressed against my back as he squatted down to guide his thick eight-plus inches to my already lubed asshole.

When he straightened his legs, his thick red head pushed into my sphincter. I gasped and whimpered, stiffening all over at the sensation.

As he pushed in and up, he snaked his right hand under my balls from the front and lifted my torso a bit. I was nearly on my tiptoes as he lifted my entire body an inch or two with his arms and stiff cock.

Bill was nearly five inches taller than me. So, he practically had to lift me in his arms to get good penetration. He was strong enough to handle some of my weight and held me high enough to get deep inside me.

I had only been half-hard when I stepped into the water. I was rock hard the instant Bill lifted me almost completely into the air.

I threw my head back into his shoulder and moaned loudly.

“Mmm, Bill. Fuck! That’s good,” I purred.

Bill began a slow, wobbling bounce with his knees and hips. His mouth clamped down onto my shoulder. Two fingers of his right hand created a tight ring around my aching cock and balls.

“Give me that black cock, Bill!” I demanded. “Deeper, Daddy! Deeper!”

I had a feeling he’d like a pet name when we weren’t in Master-slave mode. I’d recently started calling Blaise “Daddy” in the throes of passion, and he loved it. It always gave him an extra charge. I figured it might have the same effect on Bill. I couldn’t have been more correct.

His uniquely shaped meat was built for this very position as he pushed harder and deeper. It penetrated and pistoned in and out of my contracting sphincter with ease.

I could feel both our hearts pounding and chests heaving as we danced naked in the shower. In just a couple minutes I heard Bill’s familiar heavy breathing and felt his cock throbbing within me.

He practically screamed in my ear as he filled me with hot cum, squeezing my chest as tightly as I was squeezing his cock. My sphincter began istanbul travesti contracting rapidly around his meat and my own cock exploded onto his fingers.

“Oh, God! You fucking twink,” he breathed into my neck. He was slowly rubbing up and down my torso with both his massive hands. “Nobody’s ever called me ‘Daddy.’ That just did it for me! It was so sexy!”

“You are kind of a daddy,” I said, reaching around to caress as much of his back and butt as I could reach. “You seem to have a thing for fresh, young meat. And I know one young buck that’s addicted to big, black cock.”

I pushed my wet ass back into his hips. His cock was just beginning to shrink inside me.

“God! I wish you could stay harder longer and just stay inside me,” I said with a sigh. “This was the perfect position for your cock. You fit so perfectly! This might even be better than having you on top.”

“Hmm,” Bill moaned, pulling back. “You’re always talking about my cock.”

“It’s so hot, Daddy!” I said, turning around to face him. “I love your cock! And, in certain positions, it really feels better than anybody else’s. I mean, it was perfect for this. It was perfect for when you were on top of me at your place. You can talk about my cock if you want, Daddy!”

I still was rocking my own hard cock up and down against his fuzzy abdomen.

“I can’t get enough of you, Daddy!” I moaned.

He laughed, his voice booming through the house, and grabbed my ass with both hands. He lifted me up again onto my toes and I lunged up to grab his thick lower lip between my teeth.

I could feel my gooey cum still on his fingers. Our cocks banged together as they shrank.

After a minute or so of exploring his lips, we separated and began cleaning each other.

An hour later, I was naked on my knees switching between the cocks of men fifteen and almost thirty years my senior. White, then black. Long and deep, then quick and shallow. I couldn’t get enough of both dark and white meat until both managed to cum at the same time in my mouth together.

It was amazing to have their two heads in my mouth at once, licking and sucking on them until I felt both of them begin to throb together.

I looked up and saw they were kissing and caressing each other while their young twink begged for their cum.

Within a few seconds I was rewarded with not one, but two blasts of sperm into my mouth. I swallowed them eagerly, sucking both heads and swirling my tongue rapidly, excitedly around both men’s cocks.

After I’d sucked, licked, and cleaned all their cum off of them and my own face and hands, we ended up naked in Blaise’s bed.

“How many boys get a black daddy and a white daddy?” I asked. I absently stroked their shriveled cocks as I lay between them.

The intensity of their orgasms had done them in and after ten minutes of my light stroking and petting, both older men were asleep.

I rolled onto my side, lay my head on Blaise’s stomach and dozed off, as well.

I awoke before Blaise or Bill and went back to massaging their limp cocks. Within a few minutes they both began to respond, though they didn’t wake up.

I shifted around to get on my knees between them so I could reach their cocks with my mouth. They continued to grow as I began giving each man a long suck in turn, first one then the other. Both hands were stroking and jacking as I went.

It didn’t take long for both men to stir and look down at me in confusion.

“Now, that’s how to wake up from a nap!” Bill said.

“Do my daddies want to share me?” I asked. “Both my holes are empty.”

Without waiting for an answer, I moved around on my knees over Bill’s cock, my ass very intentionally in the air across the bed.

In the time it took me to give Bill’s meat a few wet, tongue-twirling strokes, Blaise was on his knees behind me with his hard cock rubbing over my ass crack. A couple seconds later I felt the cold goo of our favorite lube.

He pushed against my sphincter slowly, gently. I moaned, straightened my back and pulled Bill’s cock still captured in my mouth up and away from his groin in ecstasy. I heard both older men pull in long, loud mouthfuls of air.

I immediately dropped back to an intense oral exploration of my black daddy’s cock and balls. My white daddy was exploring the inner world of my anal cavity.

Eventually, Blaise and I developed a back-and-forth rhythm of him pushing into me and pushing me onto Bill’s cock. When Blaise pulled back my clenched ass held on enough to pull me back from Bill’s meat. We became a well-timed and well-lubed ass and mouth fucking machine.

But it only lasted a couple minutes. In spite of the nap, all three of us had cum a couple times already and were practically empty.

I felt my asshole begin to contract around Blaise’s thin cock about the same time I felt his throbs begin. Just about then, I also felt Bill’s cock and balls begin to twitch and contract.

Bill filled my mouth with his thin, bitter istanbul travestileri semen just a second before Blaise filled my ass with his. I also blew a small load onto the bed as my stiff cock bounced and throbbed between my legs.

When my ass expelled Blaise’s limp cock he finally dropped to the bed beside Bill. I lowered myself to Bill’s belly. His now limp, saliva-wet cock under my chest.

I stroked lightly over Bill’s round belly as Blaise rolled onto his side to begin kissing his old friend and lover.

As I stepped on stage six hours later, I kept Blaise from leaving before I called Bill out in the front row.

“I want everyone to meet my two daddies,” I announced. “Stand up, Bill. You’ve all thought it. You know you have. Yes, Blaise is my daddy and I’m his young twink.”

“But what you don’t know is that I also have a black daddy,” I continued. “You all know I like big things. And you’ve all seen me on some very big and very black things. So, why shouldn’t I have a big black daddy making sure I stay in line?”

“Tonight’s show is a first for Daddy Bill,” I said. “He’s never been to one of my public shows. I’ve given him a few private shows, of course. But he’s never seen me perform like you guys have.”

I started my slow-burn strip show from street clothes, slowly unbuttoning my shirt while paying attention to each man in the front row individually.

I tossed my shirt to Blaise and ended up before Bill for a very dramatic pop of the button of my jeans right in his face. I motioned for him to lower my zipper. Just as my thong covered cock was about to be exposed, I gave him a hard thrust to make it jump out into his face.

It was more than half-hard by then. The tight thong barely kept it inside as I pulled back to turn my back to the audience.

I danced my jeans down my legs to reveal my bare ass. Once I was bent in half, I reached back to pull the fabric of the thong out of my spread crack to show off the chrome butt plug and let it sparkle in the light.

I stood up and turned to let the audience watch my usual slow reveal of more and more of my stiffening cock as I teased my thong down.

I wasn’t quite hard yet. So, when I had the thong out of the way, I stepped back over to Bill and let him caress and stroke me to full rage.

On stage, I leaned back on the arm of my chair and began my slow, sensual hand job. I positioned myself to give a clear view of the butt plug shining below my tightening balls.

I always try to stretch this part out to build tension and sensuality. That night I couldn’t last quite so long with Bill just a few feet away from me. I wanted to give him the best possible show. But it always was a little more exciting to have someone I know in the audience.

When I finally sent my thick load across the stage, the room erupted. I toweled off and hugged Bill as I walked past him through the crowd.

After the show, I grabbed Bill and placed him beside me on the couch. Ezekiel couldn’t be there again. So, my daddies and I sat together for the after-party.

I was again wearing my denim jacket and a black g-string with a cock ring underneath. Bill’s big, brown hand covered my bare thigh as we sat together.

In a few minutes I draped my leg over Bill’s thigh to spread my legs and display my bulging package to Bill specifically, but also to the rest of my audience. As we drank and talked, quite a few audience members came to pay their respects and tip me. More than one offered their services as a “daddy.” As usual, they all were referred to Blaise with a wink. A couple also got a quick cock squeeze.

Bill was surprised and impressed by the amount of cash he saw change hands and how enamored my audience was with me.

“You’re like a rock star to these guys,” he said just as I pushed my g-string pouch down to release my ringed cock and balls as I’d done before.

I placed his big hand on my growing cock and grabbed his own stiffening khaki-covered meat.

“Let’s see if I can turn you into a rock star,” I whispered.

Eventually, the crowd began to thin. Blaise made to leave. And Bill started to follow him to spend the night at his house before heading back home Sunday.

“You need to stay for a while,” I said, looking into his eyes. “Blaise spends his Sundays with his family. I can take you to get your stuff in the morning. I have a key to his house.”

“But my clothes are there,” he protested.

“So,” I said, standing naked before him.

Just as I closed the door behind the last man to leave the Lodge, I turned around and locked eyes with Bill. I walked over to the couch without breaking my gaze and dropped back down beside him. A second later our lips were locked, and my hand was groping his groin through his khakis again.

Within a couple minutes I was on my knees straddling him on the couch. I yanked his zipper down and released his growing black cock. We continued to make out like teenagers as I stroked his curved dick.

Bill travesti istanbul had his huge hands wrapped tightly around my white ass. My now aching cock strained against the cock ring and bobbled in the space between us as our tongues explored.

After a few minutes of breathless kissing and tongue wrestling, Bill broke off and began stroking my pulsing cock with his huge hand. We both were panting.

“Let’s go to bed,” I suggested. “We can both get a mouthful.”

Once he was naked, I pushed Bill down onto the bed and crawled over him. As I began licking his fat red head, I maneuvered my body around to place my own stiff cock over his face.

In seconds we both were sucking, slurping and bobbing our heads on each other’s cocks.

I moaned loudly when Bill blew his first wad into my mouth. I jacked his shaft furiously to quickly drain him, swallowing every drop.

I continued to lick and suck his oozing meat as it shriveled, and he twitched and jumped every time my tongue hit his frenulum.

He was taking a slower approach with my pink steak. He had me deep in the back of his mouth. I could feel his uvula against my own frenulum as he sucked and swallowed. Finally, he pushed my hips upward to create some space in his mouth.

He started bobbing up and down on my shaft, his lips stretched over his teeth and his jaw clamped tight on me.

I found myself moaning and gasping at the sensation with his limp dick still in my mouth. It took only a few seconds of that to force what was left of my thin semen into his waiting mouth. I had cum about five times that day. There wasn’t much left. I was just glad I had enough to put on a good show earlier.

Eventually, we both were spent. My head was lying on his thigh as I slowly caressed his wrinkled black cock. My cock shrank rapidly between his lips. He began squeezing and caressing my ass cheeks.

A few minutes later, I rolled off Bill and crawled up beside him. He changed positions enough to wrap me in a naked bear hug from behind as we drifted off.

The next morning, I took Bill out to see the pond and deck I had told him about. He was impressed. I was horny.

Minutes later, I was unbuckling Bill’s belt and he was pulling his shirt off. We both were panting from long minutes of kissing and groping each other. It was a warm Sunday morning in August and the pond was the perfect place for a quickie before he left.

Once I had Bill naked, I engulfed his growing cock as I knelt naked before him. I hadn’t felt the need to wear anything out to the pond. I knew it would just get in the way.

I sucked and stroked my black daddy to a stiff, curled hard-on while maneuvering him down onto the deck.

Once he was prone and stiff, I grabbed a tube of lube I carried with me and slathered some along his curved stick.

A second later I was straddling him and straightening him as much as possible. I locked eyes with him in as seductive and lustful a gaze as I could give him. Without breaking his gaze, I slowly lowered myself.

I gasped and jumped slightly when I felt his black cock push against and then into my tight, slightly sore ass hole.

I slowly eased myself down, allowing him deeper and deeper access into my body cavity.

Bill drew in a long, deep breath. I began squeezing his cock with my sphincter with long, tight contractions. I held myself up on my knees with my hands on the deck on either side of his head. I kept my eyes locked on his.

Our breathing increased as I bounced up and down with his curved cock creating amazing sensations in my ass. I didn’t break his gaze until I couldn’t help but close my eyes in ecstasy.

I milked his cock with long sensual strokes, squeezing and releasing my sphincter as I slid up and down on my black daddy’s meat.

On some of the up-strokes, Bill gasped with wide eyes as I pulled his cock up and away from his body with nothing but the strong grip of my ass.

I moved as slowly as I could. I wanted to stretch this out and give Bill the ride of his life. Still, I could last only a few minutes before I felt my own juices rising.

I think my own stiff cock began to throb just before Bill’s did. As I gyrated up and down on his cock, my own dick and balls bounced and rubbed against his belly and pubic hair creating a unique masturbatory feeling not unlike the wonderful frottage I’d enjoyed with Ezekiel.

I felt my cum rising and my sphincter began contracting around his throbbing cock.

I began stroking and jacking myself as I increased my speed and bounced on Bill’s cock as fast as I could until we both exploded. I blew a huge wad of cum across and over his belly and chest. He filled my ass with his hot, thick cum. I could feel the heat and even the thickness as it gushed into me.

My head was thrown back and I moaned and grunted in uncontrolled ecstasy.

Finally, I dropped onto his chest as our ejaculations subsided.

I lay my head on his chest as I let his cock finish oozing within me and eventually go limp. I felt my own cum between his belly and mine as I lay there panting. Some had flown nearly to his collarbones. I licked off as much as I could reach.

“I’m so glad I stayed here last night,” he panted. His hands were slowly caressing my back and running through my hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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