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It had been over a month since I had been by my friend’s house and ended up balls deep in his married daughter’s pussy. I still can’t believe that happened. We were just sneaking a joint behind her dad’s shed and the next thing I know my cockhead was grinding against her cervix.

At first I’d been super worried that somehow the cat was going to get out of the bag on that deal; someone at my door ready to kick my ass, or a phonecall to my wife…but so far so good as nothing has indicated anyone is the wiser.

Enough time has passed that the guilt has subsided and now I find myself lost in that day over and over in my mind which leaves me hard as a rock and beginning to try to scheme up a way to repeat it somehow. I know I shouldn’t and it’s a damned dangerous game, but that naughty look Ariel gave me as she slipped around the corner right after I pulled my cock out of her, haunted me everyday. Knowing she was immediately going to jump in the truck between her husband and her dad within a minute of us fucking on a lawnchair behind the shed made me want her that much more. I found myself thinking about her more than I was comfortable with…that sexy pussy dominated my every thought.

I figured I’d stop by Jay’s house to ‘see’ how things were going. The fact that he hadn’t stopped by mine in the last month did concern me a little, but we’d sometimes go a stretch without any stop-bys…besides, I had a feeling if he ‘knew’ anything I would’ve definitely heard from him by now.

When I pulled up to the curb, Jay’s truck was there so I knew he was home. I sat for just a minute after turning off my truck and thought, ‘here we go’ as I climed out and headed for the door.

He came out of the door just as I made it to the porch, which is customary as my truck is a bit loud and rumbly…never being able to sneak up on anyone in it.

“What are you up to?” he says with that same old smile.

Feeling somewhat relieved I answered that I was just stopping by to see what he was doing.

“Got any smoke?” he asks with a crookid grin and raised eyebrows.

“Of course,” I reply, “Don’t I always.”

“Alright, come on in,” he says while turning to open the door behind him. I followed as he fills me in that his wife has gone with Ariel to pick up a birthday cake for her hubby…his party being tomorrow. Oh hell, did I luck out. I didn’t expect to actually see Ariel on my first pop over.

I proceed to pull a bag of weed out of my pocket, followed by my little pipe. I glance around as we are standing in his living room and ask, “Here?”

“Fire it up,” he tells me.

Within a few minutes we’re laughing about a story he was telling, regarding a couple guys where he works. We’re both feeling the effects of several big hits off my pipe, his living room wafting in weed smoke.

I’d gotten caught up laughing with Jay and almost forgotten where I was…until the front door opened and his wife came walking in with Ariel right behind her carrying a cake.

Jay’s wife immediately asks if there’s anything left for her in my pipe. As I glanced in her direction, I saw Ariel behind her, give me a look I couldn’t quite figure out…surprised? mad? excited? I couldn’t read her.

She turns without a word and heads for the kitchen. Great, she probably had second thoughts about it all and now it appears as if I’m invading on her territory…I was starting to regret this particular visit. She’s more than likely thinking I’m stalking her at this point.

Like so many times before, I hand my pipe to Jay’s wife as I procure my bag, asking her to refill it.

I announce I need to use the restroom as I leave them in the living room. No doubt, at least those two are happy I stopped by…they like to smoke, but rarely have any.

I slid past the kitchen on the way to the restroom. My heart was pounding as I spotted Ariel standing at the counter with her back to me.

She was wearing a dark blue t-shirt dress. It came to the middle of her thighs, with a split about six inches up each side from the bottom…similar to what some girls wear to bed.

The way that thing draped over her ass was hypnotic. Damn, she was even sexier than last time.

“Birthday tomorrow huh?” I ask, feeling her out…not knowing exactly what to expect but trying to be as ‘normal’ as possible. In effect signaling to her that our last ‘meeting’ could just be forgotten about altogether if that suited her.

Ariel turned her head to look at me over her shoulder. She held that look for a couple seconds then answered back very nonchalantly, “Yeah.”

At least it doesn’t feel like she hates me, that’s a good sign. Probably best if I go back to just being her dad’s friend and leave well enough alone.

Ariel was still looking at me over her shoulder when she glances downward, almost like she was indicating the emptiness behind her. Then she looks towards the living room where her parents could be heard talking, looks back at me, lightly bites her bottom lip and asks? “What do you think about bursa escort my shirt dress?”

Oh, I love this sexy little tease of a woman! In a blink I’m standing behind her and replied that I did indeed like what she was wearing.

“It’s so soft and feels so good against my skin.” She tells me. I wanted to reach out and touch her, but was still a little cautious.

Looking towards the living room–with my heart in my throat–I ask her the question that will answer all of mine…”Does this outfit come with panties?”

Still a little unsure of the situation–I mean she could be just fucking with me in all of this–I brace myself for what her reaction might be.

“Find out for yourself,” she tells me with a smile. Fuck, I can’t believe this girl. My need to know that answer overrides any rational thought.

I glance back towards the living room as I reach out and lightly grab onto her hips.

Ariel doesn’t resist in the slightest. Mmm fuck. She feels good and this shirt thing is so thin and soft on her. I’m almost shaking as I pull her ass against my hardening cock trapped in my shorts.

She goes with it and my hands make their way down the front of her thighs, past the hem of that shirt and right onto the warm soft skin of her thighs. Damn.

I’m holding my breath as I slide my fingers inwards onto her inner thighs and begin slowly pulling them back up…lifting the front edge of her shirt dress in the process. Fuck, this feels good.

Continuing on, I drag my hands and fingers up her warm thighs with my mouth right by her neck as my fingers find a hot, smooth pussy at the junction of her thighs.

My question has definitely been answered. No panties. I just wonder if she ever wears panties.

I can’t resist lightly kissing her neck. This is so naughty.

“You’re fucking bad” Ariel says in a breathy whisper, her hands holding the edge of the counter in front of us.

The fingers of my right hand begin squishing into a plump wetness as they cup her warm pussy.

I cannot believe this is the same girl I watched growing up. The same girl who use to secretly tease me when I’d stop by to see her dad. Up until a month ago I just assumed it had all been a harmless schoolgirl crush.

My fingers are getting really wet as I easily hook my two middle fingers right up into her married pussy, the tips of which are evidently finding her feel-good spot because she begins subtly humping against my hand. Dammit my cock is getting hard.

Within minutes of seeing this woman again and already my fingers are exploring her married pussy…my friend’s married daughter’s pussy. Holy shit! I almost completely forgot where the hell I was. Remembering that we’re in her parent’s house had both of my feet on the brake pedal.

I quickly pull my fingers out of Ariel’s sweet, warm pussy and step back a couple feet. She turns around as her shirt dress falls back into place and looks at me as I motion my eyes towards the living room. She bites her bottom lip again as she glances down at my crotch then back up to my eyes. I cannot believe I’m here…doing this.

I step back up to her and, getting close, whisper in her ear, “Kiss me.”

I pull back away from her ear and we look straight at each other…her eyes searching back and forth from my eyes to my lips.

Laughter from the living room raises the naughtiness of this situation up a notch, causing me to quickly turn and look in that direction.

Thank God the kitchen is a hallway and a turn off the living room.

Turning back towards Ariel she comes right in and kisses me with her lips all over mine. In her parent’s kitchen, with her husband’s birthday cake behind her, she lays it on me as her tongue fills my mouth while her hands are suddenly rubbing on the back of my neck and head.

I can’t help it as I grab her hips again and pull her strongly against me while meeting her enthusiasm on a level I haven’t felt in forever.

I began to grind and hump against her. I can’t fucking help it. This curvy, naughty, horny woman has me wanting to fuck so damn bad that I’m about to do it.

Ariel spreads her legs while I grind into her t-shirt coverd pussy, pressing her against the counter behind us.

I reach down instinctively with my right hand and grab her left knee, my fingers hooking behind it and pulling it up beside my hip. She squeezes a hand down between us and starts grabbing at the button on my shorts.

“Are you crazy?” I whisper right in her ear.

She pulls my head down, putting her mouth right by my ear then whispers, “I want to feel your dick, one time”

Before I can physically protest, Ariel’s hand is wrapping around my cock.

Oh fuck me, that feels so dambed good. How the hell did she get my shorts opened so quick?

Again, in the back of my mind I vaguely remember where I am; Jay’s house…him and his wife in the next room…his married daughter’s hand now jacking my hard cock.

This is too much. This horny cutie is going to get bursa escort bayan me in a world of shit if I don’t be careful. I need to shut this down for now before we get caught.

Holy Fuck. She’s got her fist around my dick…and there’s something warm and wet smashing against the head. Are you kidding me? Glancing downward I see she’s got my dick up under her shirt dress. She’s rubbing my throbbing cock up and down her plump, wet pussy while I’ve got my right hand wrapped around and under her left thigh…fingers on her ass, pulling her against me. It’s like I’m on autopilot and can’t let go.

“Can you feel my pussy with your dick,” Ariel whispers. This is so fucking hot, there’s no way I can say no.

“Girl, your parents are right there,” I whisper back as she continues to work my dick and I continue to pull her against me.

“Just one time,” she whispers. “Slide your cock into me one time,…you know you want to.” her lips right on my ear.

She keeps going and I can’t stop myself as I squat lower and Ariel wastes no time in maneuvering my hard cockhead right in between her slippery lips.

My body is moving on its own accord as without conscious thought I push a third of my solid cock right into this young married girl’s slippery wet pussy.

She lets go of my dick to reach up and grab onto my shoulders, pulling herself up just a bit.

“Do it…uhhh… push your big dick into me,” she whispers right into my ear, “Fuck your cock into my pussy just one time.”

I push just a bit more and–oh fuck, that feels so good–my cock is going farther inside…inside her plump wet pussy. This is for real. I’m fucking Ariel…again. In her parent’s kitchen. I’ve got my hard cock in my friend’s daughter!

“Dammit Ariel,” I whisper.

“It’s in me” she whispers back. “Your big dick…uhhhh,” she breathes out long and slow, “Is in my pussy.” Her breathing right in my ear. I can hear this girl’s soul.

Sudden knocking on the front door caused me to pop my dick right out of the best feeling I’ve ever known and re-button my shorts faster than a gunshot. Ariel’s t-shirt dress casually falling back into place covering her wet sex.

Holy shit, that scared the fuck out of me–no pun intended.

Immediately I head to the restroom, my originally intended destination.

Once inside with the door closed, I look at myself in the mirror and think how stupid that was. We could have been caught so easily and had it not been for someone at the front door, we more than likely would’ve been.

Fuck, I’ve got to get some control. I’m a married man for God’s sake, I’ve had sex a million times; at home in bed, on the couch, a time or two in my truck. Anyone who’s been married for awhile knows the routine. It becomes automatic. It does feel good, but after a few years it’s just the same old same.

This. This damn girl is something I can’t get out of my head. Her fucking sexy, curvy, golden thighed, fuck-bunny body…and a mind that’s even naughtier than her body.

This is the kind of thing that can ruin a married guy’s life…or even worse.

I can never let it get to that point. What if everyone found out? My whole life would go to hell.

Only problem is Ariel has such a warm, smooth, wet pussy. It is literally the best thing I’ve ever felt in my life.

Why does it have to belong to my friend’s daughter? Fuck.

The way I’m obsessing over her body, it’s going to be all but impossible to ‘just-say-no’.

I hear voices through the bathroom door and know that I have to come out.

Opening the door and heading into the living room, the mystery knocker is revealed; Ariel’s hubby…or ‘hubbs’ as she affectionately calls him.

He and Jay are standing just inside the front door looking at with appears to be one of those high-powered remote control cars.

. Not like the ones in the toy isle at Walmart, Ariel’s hubby builds and races these things, they’re actually quite fast.

I make my way over as they both see me coming.

“How’s it going?” I greet what’s-his-name.

“Hey man, what are you up to?” he replies back with his naturally good-natured demeanor..

I have to lie and say, ‘not much.’ At no time is ‘Fucking your wife by the sink,’ a good answer to any question.

I almost feel bad for the guy. He’s always been nice anytime I’ve seen him in the past, and he’s the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back. Only problem is I just had my hard dick inside his young wife’s pussy not five minutes ago…and that’s all I can think about.

I watch as them two go back into conversation about that car he’s holding. From what I gather, he just finished putting it together and wants to show it off.

They ask if I want to go check it out with them in the backyard.

“Sure,” I tell them, and that’s where we end up.

Within a few minutes he’s got that thing fired-up and running around the yard.

I stand there doing my best to act interested, but all I can think about escort bursa is Ariel. I glance around and realize she hasn’t come out here with us.

I wonder how long it’s been since hubby’s had his cock in her. I wonder how often they fuck. Everyday? This morning? Hell, I don’t care. All I can think about is how damn good it feels to have my cock in that sweet, young pussy.

I notice Jay’s wife walk out and watch this car zooming around the yard. It is actually quite impressive how fast the thing is.

Jay drove a dirt track race car when he was younger. Having built it himself, he was proud of the occasional forth or fifth place finish, but most of the time something broke, overheated, or he’d get tangled up with one of the other cars before the checkered flag was waved. The cost was eventually more than he could keep up with so the car was sold and he was delegated to the stands as a spectator, which didn’t really do it for him after having been on the track.

It’s been a few years since he’s even been back to the track, and he almost never mentions it anymore. But I could see that look on his face when piloting this modified remote controlled car as it buzzed all over his backyard. it was like he was in the driver’s seat all over again.

I stepped over to him and told him i had to get going. He told me it was good to see and to stop by anytime. I reciprocated and with that, I was headed back into his house with the intent of making my way to my truck and down the road…that is until I got inside his house.

I found Ariel standing at the sink again, looking out the window at all that was happening in the backyard.

“You leaving?” she asks as she turns around facing me, her big boobs showcased perfectly in that damned t-shirt dress…nipples pointing right at me.

Damn, she looks better everytime I see her now.

“I should get going,” I reply while my eyes involuntarily try to undress her. That soft, thin material caressing her exaggerated curves seems to automatically elicit that reaction from me. Knowing that garment is all that is hiding her smooth pussy – the very one I just had my dick inside a few minutes ago – doesn’t help my willpower in the least.

“Check this out first,” she tells me nonchalantly, like we didn’t just do what we did.

She turns back around, leaning over the sink a bit, “You can see the whole backyard from this window.”

Fuck. There was her ass again. That dress thing ending right at the bottom of her cheeks now with the way she was leaning over the counter, she knew exactly what she was doing to me.

I also knew for a fact, there was a hot willing pussy just an inch or two up under the hem that lay at the very top of those thick golden thighs. A pussy I’d already been inside of a couple of times…one of those times mere minutes ago.

“Come look,” she says glancing back over her shoulder at me while playfully bouncing up and down on her tip toes.

I can’t stop myself from closing that distance. Her ass is so inviting, too much so to resist. I grab Ariel’s hips again which doesn’t startle her in the least. I push myself against her as she automatically pushes that ass back into me.

I learn over her, putting my head next to hers so I could, in fact, ‘check-out’ the view of the backyard, I can’t help but to grind into her perfect plump little ass. Damn. Fuck. This girl.

Ariel begins to move in time with me…she subtly grinds downward when I grind up.

We continue like this for a few long seconds, grinding against each other while watching the backyard activities through the window.

Ariel’s breathing is becoming audible now, with a noticeable huff on each exhale.

My squeeze on her hips has increased in time with the hardening of my cock which is lined up perfectly with her ass.

Our grinding exaggerates itself with Ariel’s breathy “Huh, huh, huh,” in time with my grinding…seemingly like I am banging that out of her. I want my throbbing cock inside her hot peach pussy now. I want to Fuck. Right now.

Almost like she read my mind – or perhaps she’s just as horny as me – Ariel says in a pleading whisper, “Do it, put your dick in me again.”

My cockhead was already sticking above my shorts where it was soaking the backside of my shirt with precum from all of our grinding.

I pulled my shirt up exposing my purple swollen cockhead then ground it back against her fabric covered ass.

Grabbing back onto Ariel’s hips, she reaches back and tugs the hem of her shirt dress out from between us and…Oh Fuck…my cockhead is immediately nestling into that heavenly V at the bottom of her ass cheeks while bumping the back of her young wet pussy.

This doesn’t go unnoticed by Ariel as I hear her breathe out, “Fuck…I feel your dick.”

“Do you want my dick inside you Ariel?” I ask her. “Do you want to feel it?” I tease, while pushing my cock against that soft, wet warmth. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yefuuuhuuhhh,” came her heavily exhaled, distorted reply as I had already began pushing my dickhead into her plump little pussy, causing her head to tilt back against my shoulder.

I pulled back and then pushed into that perfect pussy again. Damn it feels so warm…and wet. Like a mouth gripping my throbbing cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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