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Fucked by my therapist (but in a good way)

(Stroke patient has sex with physiotherapist assigned by home heath from hospital.)

This is based off of a true story that was related to me by one of my male readers who wished to remain anonymous.

This is my first attempt to craft a story from a reader’s real life experience. Depending on the reception, I may try it again.

All participants are over the age of 18.

Thank you to Winston7733 for his editing and suggestions

What I’m about to tell you is a true story about the time I had sex with my home health therapist.

When I was in my early forties, I suffered from a stroke that affected my left side. After some months spent in a hospital relearning how to walk and use my left hand, I was sent home with an order for a physiotherapist to come a few times each week to continue with my rehabilitation.

One fine spring morning I was sitting in my apartment, dressed only in my very short silk dressing gown, with just a pair of briefs underneath.

I am a keen crossdresser, and the dressing gown was one of the many feminine items I have in my closet. On a normal day I will spend the entire day “en femme,” but that morning I had decided to not wear my usual panties because I didn’t know what to expect for my therapist’s first visit.

When I answered the door, I was greeted by a tall handsome man with fair curly hair, wearing a light colored polo shirt with matching shorts. He was carrying a tote bag that I assumed had his supplies for my treatment. I felt my cock stir a little at the sight of his piercing blue eyes.

He introduced himself as Ray

During some light conversation we got to know a little about each another, it was revealed that Ray was 11 years my junior. He asked what my goal was for this round of treatment, and I told him I wanted to get my left leg stronger so I could walk around my apartment bahis şirketleri with greater ease. Then he demonstrated some exercises that I could do between treatments.

After he had put me through my exercises, Ray recommended a light massage to loosen up my tense and aching muscles. As I led him to my bedroom, the only place where I would stretch out fully, I felt a little mischievous and said, “Fancy little old me getting a gorgeous young man like you into my bedroom.”

Ray’s face turned a bright red but remained silent except to say, “Get on the bed and lie on your right side.”

Soon I was on the bed facing away from him wearing nothing but my briefs. For a moment or two, Ray prodded around the muscles in my knee, before moving upwards, along my thigh and stopping at my hip. I gasped.

“Seems like we’ve found the problem,” he said with a hint of excitement as he extracted a brown bottle of oil from his bag. Then he rolled me onto my back. “Let’s get these off of you, so we don’t get any oil on them.”

He took hold of the waistband of my briefs and pulled them down, then he tossed them on the floor along with my dressing gown. I lay before him fully exposed and when Ray began massaging my thigh, my uncut cock started to wake up. Ray poured some oil into his hand before massaging my hip, I let out an audible moan of pleasure.

“Feel better already?” He asked, looking me directly in the eyes. While he was working my hip, the back of his had brushed up against my balls.

“Yes that feels more than better, Ray. That feels wonderful.” At this point my cock had already hardened and rigidly pointed north. It’s about seven inches when fully erect and about an inch thick. He moved one hand down and gently grasped my now aching manhood and whispered “Mm, somebody is excited. I guess I’ll just have to take care of this, won’t I?”

When I turned my head I found I was at eye-level with his crotch. The significant bahis firmaları bulge in his shorts was enough to tell me he was also getting excited. I reached out and let my fingers feel his size and said, “I can see something else is also taking an interest.”

Ray gasped and said, “You shouldn’t do that,” but his voice was rather unconvincing, so I ignored him.

“Why not?” I asked. “Seems to me that I should at least return the favor.” Ray made no move to stop me as I pulled his shorts down. They fell to the floor, releasing his straining cock.

He threw his leg over my torso and was straddled my chest. His cock was sticking out staring me straight in the face. What it didn’t have in length, it was only about 7 inches long, it made up for in thickness. It was probably an inch and a quarter thick and like me was also completely shaved and uncut.

“I like to have it sucked first,” he said.

Christ, this man was horny! I scooted myself down underneath him, so I could close my mouth around his gorgeous thick cock. It wasn’t more than five seconds later, when he grabbed the sides of my head and started fucking my face and throat, luckily, I have no gag reflex so deep throating him was easy. I could tell that Ray, like me, was in heaven. I lifted my head off his cock and asked, “Are you going to fuck me?”

“Yes, it’s my intention to ream open that tight arse of yours with my stiff rod so hard you’ll squeal like a pig.”

At that he shoved his cock back into my mouth and resumed fucking my face for a few more minutes before pulling out and positioning himself between my legs. Taking hold of each leg, Ray placed my ankles on each of his shoulders. Then I watched him line up his shaft with my hole. He looked into my eyes and I’m sure all he saw there was pure lust and desire. After applying some pressure to my hole, it opened to allow him entrance.

When he put the head inside, I started to babble, “Oh My God! Oh My kaçak bahis siteleri God! It’s so thick!”

After letting it rest there for a few seconds, Ray suddenly grabbed my hips and slammed his fully erect cock balls deep inside me. I yelled, “FUCK! THAT’S SO deep!” For the next four or five thrusts Ray would pulled out to the point where only the head was inside before slamming the whole of his manhood back inside me. I said, “That’s it, fuck me, Ray.”

He replied, “Your man-pussy is so fucking tight!”

Soon he got into a leisurely rhythm, and I reached for my own erect cock, but he swatted my hand away and replaced it with his own. He began stroking my shaft to the rhythm of his cock fucking my asshole.

After about twenty minutes I came, followed quickly by Ray, and I could feel his warm cum fill my insides. When he finally pulled out, he walked over to me and shoved his still hard cock into my mouth and ordered, “Clean me off, slut!” At that moment, I certainly felt slutty and would have done anything for him, so I licked him clean, then I sucked his cock and milked whatever cum remained.

A few minutes later, we got dressed and I walked him to my door, where we shared a passionate kiss before he left. I was in a wonderful mood and decided to spend the rest of the day wearing sexy lingerie.

That was the only time we had sex during one of my appointments, but once I was discharged from the home health treatments, Ray and I continued to see each other for over a year. Eventually, he had to move his business a few miles away and it was too difficult to fit me in for “pleasure.”

During one of his post-therapy visits, Ray found my feminine clothes hanging in the closet. From then on he wanted me dressed as a woman whenever I went to his house.

That happened a few years ago, but I still think about the time I was fucked by my therapist.

The end

If you liked this story, please rate and leave me a comment. Depending on how this tale is received, I may attempt another story based on a reader’s suggestions. If you have a story idea that you would like me to write, feel free to send me your suggestion.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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