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Sometimes the moment just gets the better of you. I had such an occurrence last month on a hiking outing with a girlfriend. What started out as a three-hour hike up and over a local mountain, turned into a sexual experience I will never forget, and likely never repeat.

I do quite a bit of hiking in the mountains around our medium-sized town here in Montana. There is a group of us gals that regularly gets together to explore the trails and peaks that line the valley in which our town sits. Last Wednesday, I had made plans to hike with Kelly, a friend I met a couple of months ago through a mutual acquaintance.

Kelly and I had been hiking together before, but only as part of a larger group. I have always found her to be adventurous, out-going and fun to be around. So when she called last Monday for a hike the following Wednesday, I readily accepted.

I usually get out on the trails three or four times a week. I use these hikes or runs as a way to stay in shape and augment what I consider to be a fairly rigorous fitness regimen. I work my body hard and am quite proud of the results. One might describe me as long and lean. I am 5′-8” tall and weigh about 120. I have average-sized breasts, meaning they look good in a jog bra, but don’t get in the way when I run. My best feature, if I do say so myself, is my backside. Let me put it this way: When I wear a certain pair of Levi’s 501 jeans, men walking behind me often get mesmerized and find themselves walking into utility poles. I enjoy the attention I get for my body, and often consciously wear things designed to show it off.

When Kelly and I met Wednesday morning at the Mt. Carson trailhead, I was dressed in revealing, but not out-of-place workout clothing. I wore a standard pair of lycra-cotton workout shorts, the kind that fit tight like bicycling shorts, only shorter, and a pair of standard issue cotton thong underwear. (Remember, one does not want panty lines showing through one’s tight shorts.) Up top, I had on a purple sports bra covered by a midriff-baring t-shirt.

As I got out of the car, Kelly approached with a smile on her face and remarked about the cobalt-blue sky day she had arranged for our hike. She was wearing a pair of beige hiking shorts and a black sports bra. As she strode toward me, I was struck by two things. First, I didn’t realize her breasts were that much larger than mine. Maybe it was the sports bra, I reasoned (I’m a little competitive). Second, I was surprised to see she had an elaborate tattoo surrounding her belly button. Don’t get me wrong, the tattoo looked pretty cool. I was just taken aback when I saw it. Not many people I know have tattoos. In fact, she had two. As we finished our greeting and set off up the trail with Kelly in the lead, I noticed she also had another elaborate tattoo in the small of her back. It was partially hidden by the waist band of her shorts, but I could tell is started just above the top of her butt crack.

We hiked for about two straight hours, laughing and talking the whole way up. We saw a couple other individual hikers, but the trail was largely ours alone.

Kelly led just about the whole time. She set a quick, tough pace. By the time we got to the top of the mountain, at about noon, we both were sweaty and ready for some food and drink. Mt. Carson is the high point on a fairly long string of mountains. From the top of Carson, we left the trail and started traversing the ridge line looking for a good lunch spot. About half-mile from the trail, we found a nicely secluded flat rock out-cropping with an excellent view of the valley below. We sat down and I pulled our water bottles and lunch out my backpack (nice of me to carry all our food and water, eh?). For about a half and hour, we sat there eating, drinking and soaking in the sun. Our conversation kept returning to exclamations of what an incredible day it was. It was hot, but not too hot. There was a pleasant breeze from the south. The wildflowers were still out in force.

Soaking Up Some Sun

When she finished eating, Kelly asked me if I was in a hurry to get going. I told her I had nowhere I had to be. “Good, let’s just lay here a while and catch some rays,” she said. I readily agreed and stretched out on the big flat rock on which we were sitting. “I love it out here, don’t you Kai?” Kelly said as she stood up. I shielded my eyes from the sun and looked up at her just as she was pulling her sports bra off over her head, exposing her breasts. She put one hand on the side of each breast, pushed them together and slid her hands across her nipples, up her chest and neck, over her cheeks and into her hair. As she ran her fingers through her hair she let out a deep sigh and sat down next to me.

Trying to be nonchalant, I looked over at her, smirked and said, “Worried about tan lines?” She laughed and said, “I guess so. Just feels natural.” Who could argue with that, I said to myself. She then laid back and immediately reached down and unbuttoned Ankara escort her shorts, slid down the zipper, raised her hips and pulled off her shorts. I was surprised enough that she took off her top, but this woman was going to lay around in just her panties, I thought. Well, that thought was only fleeting as I quickly noted she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She intended to sunbathe nude.

I laid there with my eyes closed, trying hard not to do anything to appear prudish. After all, I am far from a prude, but I didn’t know Kelly all that well. She must have sensed that I was a little uncomfortable with her sudden nudity. She rolled over on her side and propped her head on bent arm. “Is this making you uncomfortable,” she asked. I told her I wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I was just a bit anxious that someone might discover our sunbathing spot.

She assured me we were well out of sight of the Mt. Carson trail and in a spot no one hiking the ridgeline could see. I decided she was right, and I felt myself relax a bit. She must have noticed my body letting go of some tension and she smiled and laughed a contented laugh.

We laid there in the sun for about five minutes without saying anything. During that time, my eyes hidden behind sunglasses, I looked over her body. Being competitive, I often find myself comparing my body to others’. Her breasts definitely were bigger than mine. They were well shaped, round and full. Her nipples were smallish and totally erect. She had a little meat around the middle, but she still looked to be in great shape. I also noted that she had no pubic hair, at least that was visible from my vantage point. Just as I was taking note of her shaved special place, without lifting her head, she said, “Are you checking me out?” Suddenly my heart was in my throat. I felt like I had just been caught stealing money from my mom’s purse, or something. Before I could say anything, she said, “That’s alright. It’s like a car wreck. If someone strips naked and lays down next to you, you can’t help but look. It’s human nature.”

With the tension lifted, I was able to laugh and concur with her assessment. She then said, “You should try it. It really feels great.”

I’d Do It If I Were You

I don’t know if it was the subtle peer pressure, or the warm sun, or what, but I sat up, shrugged my shoulders and quickly pulled off my shirt and sports bra. I laid down and, just as she had done, lifted my hips and slipped off my shorts. Now clad only in my thong panties, I sat back up and looked around apprehensively, making sure no one was around. Feeling pretty pleased with my boldness, I laid back down and focused on the warm sun beating down on my now nearly naked body.

Again without even lifting her head, she said, “Aren’t you going to go all the way?” “Why not,” I said as I lifted my butt off the rock, hooked my fingers in the sides of my panties and slipped them off my hips, over my knees and down around my ankles. I got my left foot out of them and brought the panties up to my hands with my right foot. Once I got the panties off over my right boot, I tucked them under my head with my t-shirt, sports bra and shorts. I again laid back and concentrated on the warmth.

Somehow, I sensed she was now looking me over, just as I had done to her. I looked over at her under my sunglasses. Sure enough, she was up on her elbow, obviously looking me up and down. “You look great,” she said to my surprise. “I especially like the way you shave your pussy.”

I had shaved just the night before, leaving a closely trimmed, narrow strip of hair running up from the top of my slit. “Very sexy,” she added. Not wanting to appear too anxious to address the topic, I said, “Thanks, I noticed you shave it all. How long have you been doing that?” “Not too long, a couple of months,” she replied. “I really like how nice and soft the skin is down there and how shaving exposes my clit. Makes it really sensitive.”

Whoa, that was candor, I thought. We sat there in an awkward silence for a couple of minutes, before she burst forth with a comment that sticks with me still today. She said, “I got to tell you, this is really turning me on.” As she completed that sentence, she raised both hands to her breasts and rolled her nipples between her fingers. Her nipples instantly responded. She then moved her hands from her breasts and slid them down across her tattooed belly button towards her shaved…I remember actually thinking the word “pussy.” That is a word I rarely if ever use. It was then I realized I was getting turned on too. Even just thinking the word pussy made me blush with excitement.

This May Get Interesting

I continued watching her slide her hands down her stomach. Her left hand stopped, covering her belly button and tattoo. Her right hand continued down to her pussy. Oh my God, she was going to masturbate. Right there in front of me. I might have stood up, flustered, and gotten dressed if I hadn’t been so mesmerized. Ankara escort bayan I kept watching as she clearly was running a finger up and down her slit. She paused and looked over at me catching me intently watching her activity. She lifted her right hand from her pussy with her middle finger extended. It glistened in the sunlight. She was obviously wet and very turned on. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her smile and she dropped her hand back between her legs. She began moving her first and second finger together in a circular motion. I knew from experience she was rhythmically rubbing her clit.

“I can’t believe you are doing this,” I said in an excited, awed tone. “Me neither, but it feels so good. Sit up so you can see better.” Without even thinking, I sat up and turned to face her stretched out body. I brought my legs up under me, highly aware of my nakedness, and sat Indian-style watching her masturbate. To clear my view, she dropped her left hand to her side and spread her legs a little more. From this perspective, I could look down and see all of her pussy with her fingers continuing to work her clit. With my arms folded across my stomach, I bent forward and suddenly became aware of my bare breasts. With my arms crossed, and still intently watching Kelly masturbate, I reached up and pinched my nipples and held my breasts in my hands.

As I sat there holding my breasts, Kelly stopped rubbing her clit and quickly stood up. Without saying a word, she turned and faced me and put her right foot up on a rock to my left. She again dropped her right hand to her pussy and started again massaging her clit. Seemingly towering above me as I sat bare-assed on the hard rock, Kelly was perfectly positioned to block the afternoon sun from my eyes. Looking up, I had a clear view of her shaved pussy lips. She continued rubbing her pussy and began to let out sighs every few seconds. Her left hand found its way to her right breast. She began to quicken her masturbation pace and the sighs became longer and a bit louder. The next thing I knew, she suddenly stopped, seemed to totally tense up and then bobbed forward a few times letting out a long breath. She came.

A few seconds later, she sat down on the rock next to me. The same one she just had her foot on while she masturbated only a foot from my face. Facing me with her knees apart, she said, “See what I mean about being shaved making my clit sensitive? Ummm, it’s still swollen.” I looked between her legs, and, sure enough, her clit was clearly visible between her shaved pussy lips. She reached out and grabbed my hand and pulled it toward her. “Here, feel this,” she said. I offered no resistance, largely because she caught me so off guard. The next thing I knew, my right hand was touching another woman’s pussy. She put my fingers right on her clit. “Have you ever touched another woman before,” she asked.

I replied that, no, I never had. “Here, let me lay back down,” she said as she stood up, holding my hand against her pussy. She moved slowly in front of me, never letting go of my hand. All sorts of thoughts were rushing through my mind, analyzing what was happening and trying to make sense of it. Before I could come to any type of moral decisions, she was laying prone in front of me and saying, “Feel how wet I am down here.” She slid my hand down to her pussy opening and ran my hand up and down her slit. It seemed her entire crotch was wet.

The next thing I heard was Kelly saying, “Yeah, that’s it,” and I realized she had let go of my hand, but I was still sliding my fingers up and down her wet pussy slit. Without even thinking, I inserted my middle finger as deep as it would go in Kelly’s pussy and wagged it up and down. Catching myself, I stopped and withdrew my hand from her crotch.

Sensing my reluctance, Kelly quickly sat up facing me and brought her legs up under her mimicking my Indian-style sitting position. Without missing a beat, she reached over and grabbed both my hands and brought them to her breasts.

I could tell she was looking into my eyes, but I didn’t meet her gaze. My focus was on my hands which, to my own surprise, were testing the heft of another woman’s breasts. Almost as if I were watching someone else’s hands, I noted each of my index fingers were resting on an erect nipple, while the other three fingers and thumb cradled the undersides of her lovely breasts.

Still seemingly in some sort of trance, I gently worked my hands around her breasts, fondling them from every angle, exploring their malleability and marveling at their size relative to my own.

My mind was running now at full speed. Questions about just what the hell was I doing consumed my thoughts. Is this okay? Where am I going with this?

What Am I Doing? I Like Guys….Too

While I was distracted from the rush of stimuli produced by sitting completely nude high on a rock outcropping while touching another naked woman’s bare breasts, I hardly noticed Escort Ankara Kelly dragging the back of her fingers across my own erect nipples. I looked down and watched as my breasts disappeared into the embrace of her sun-warmed hands.

As I looked up from my chest, I found myself looking straight into her face which now was only about six inches from my own. I still couldn’t meet her gaze and I looked away. As I tried to focus on a distant mountain peak, she moved in closer and I felt her lips press on my cheek, right by my ear. She lightly kissed her way across my face until the next kiss would have to go on my lips, or not at all. I looked up at her right as she pressed her lips against mine. I felt her tongue gently slide around the edge of my lips, almost asking permission to slip in further. Enjoying her light touch, I pushed back lightly with my lips, giving her the signal she was awaiting. As I lightly parted my lips, she slid her tongue all the way into my mouth. I responded by meeting her tongue with mine.

As we continued kissing, we together got up on our knees and she pulled me tight against her. Our breasts compressed between us and I felt strangely comfortable with the excitement of what was, for me, a wholly unconventional embrace.

Our kisses grew more passionate and we moved around a bit to give our knees a break from the hard rock beneath us. As we moved, I relished in the sensations emanating from my chest as our breasts brushed against each other’s. The feeling of her large breasts against my chest, coupled with the her kisses and the naughty feeling of it all was turning me on like I had never been turned on before.

My sexual excitement grew as I felt her hand slide down my back and across my left butt cheek. I knew where her hand was headed and was ready. I grew tense with anticipation as her fingers moved across the front my thigh. She turned her hand and slid her palm down across the thin, closely-trimmed line of pubic hair above my pussy. At last, I felt her fingers graze my shaved pussy lips. I could hardly stand the tension as I waited for her fingers to enter my most private area.

We were still kissing, but I was so focused on her hand between my legs, my lips were on auto-pilot. I lifted one of my knees and moved it further from my other legs to give her better access. I noticed she dropped her right shoulder and was reaching further down. I then felt a finger nail being drawn across my anus, across my peritoneum and right into my wet slit.

Aaaaah, at last. Once her finger entered me, it was as if a flood of moisture had been released. Suddenly, I could feel my pussy lips covered in wetness. Her fingers slid effortlessly all around my pussy. Her knowing fingers paid special attention to my clit as she got into a bit of rhythm. We stopped kissing as I fell into some sort of zone of pleasure, focused only on this woman’s hand working between my legs.

I reached up and lifted her breasts again with my hands. I bent down and licked her nipples and gently sucked them into my mouth. I was really getting into this now. Kelly knew what she was doing. She knew what turned a woman on. She knew what places to touch, how to touch them and when to ease off. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. It was so exciting, so foreign, so natural, yet so naughty-feeling.

With my face buried in her breasts, I reached around and put my hands on the lower part of her ass and pulled her tight against me. She continued rubbing my clit and lightly cooing as I sucked her hard nipples into my mouth. I moved my hands around her ass, pausing to pull her ass cheeks apart every now and then before letting them go and starting all over again. Each time I pulled her ass cheeks apart, I imagined running my finger down her ass crack and touching her asshole, just like she had done to me. And each time, I stopped myself, fearful of taking that next step.

Thinking about touching her in the most intimate of places sent my mind into a whole new place. I knew I was ready for anything and wouldn’t be ashamed to try anything with Kelly. I was so turned on, there was no turning back. I wanted to touch her asshole. I wanted to lick her between her legs. I wanted to lay back, my bare ass on the rock, and spread my legs for her. I wanted her mouth on me.

That Next Step is a Doozy

“Let’s change positions, my knees are starting to hurt,” Kelly said. Without saying anything, I sat down and laid on my back and spread my legs, just like I had been thinking about only moments prior. Kelly stood up and looked down on me. “That is so sexy,” she said. “You are beautiful.” Looking up at her, I dropped my hand between my legs and played with myself, feeling my wetness and giving some concentrated attention to my clit.

Kelly dropped to her knees between my legs and quickly moved to a prone position. She immediately put her mouth on my pussy and began exploring my insides with her tongue. She extended her tongue to probe the entrance to my pussy and then used the flat of her tongue to give me long, sensuous licks across my clit. Occasionally I would hear a sexy slurp, followed by a subtle swallow as Kelly cleared her mouth of my juices and her saliva.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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