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My husband was always telling me that he fantasised about me we another man. Maybe it was the fact that I’d had the chance to fuck other people before we met and he hadn’t. He often asked me to describe that when we were fucking or I was playing with his cock. I didn’t mind describing my earlier exploits, but the fact that he said he was desperate to see me with another man got me thinking from time to time, what if? Well what if finally happened, and it was certainly an experience that neither of us would forget.

We had booked ourselves a short break, as we liked to do, to get a bit of time away from the routine and let our hair down…. Mainly in the bedroom. We had flown out to Greece on a Friday lunchtime and had nicely settled into our hotel by the evening. As was the norm we had practically ripped each other’s clothes off as soon as we got to the room and fucked each other hard until we were exhausted. Following a goodnights sleep we had a wonderful breakfast in the sunshine the following morning and a lazy day lounging by the pool. After a nice evening meal, with too many glasses of wine, we spent another evening fucking in our room, and on the balcony, which was a first.

We both woke up with fuzzy heads the next day and whilst my husband was happy to spend an extra hour or two in bed, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to catch the sun and decided I could sleep off the night before out by the pool. I put on my bikini, gave Dale a kiss and made my way out to the pool area. I set myself up on a lounger and started to put sun cream on myself. I then realised that without Dale there I would not be able to put lotion on my back properly. I decided to leave that for a while and lay on my back. The hotel we were at was mostly couples and older people as it was out of the main season, so I undid the clasp on my bikini top, to let my breasts free to soak up the sun.

I must have dozed off for quite a while and found myself woken up by someone sitting on the end of my lounger. Assuming it was Dale I opened my eyes and sat up, only to find one of the waiters sitting there looking at me. I let out a let squeal of surprise and quickly covered myself up.

“Hey don’t be so worried,” said the waiter with a smile, “I noticed you were starting to get a bit red, you know, so thought I’d better wake you up.”

He was right, I’d forgotten to put lotion on my breasts and they were starting to turn a shade of pink.

“Oh thankyou,” I mumbled and leaned over to get the lotion out of my bag.

I noticed that the waiter, Gregos, according to his badge, hadn’t actually moved.

“Ummm,” I mumbled again, motioning towards my breasts.

Gregos laughed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, but you have a very beautiful body.”

Beautiful body? In my early forties with a couple of children behind me, wasn’t exactly how I saw it, although Dale would beg to differ.

“Yes, well thankyou,” I garbled, “but if I could….”

“Of course, but let me know if you need help putting the lotion elsewhere, doesn’t look like you have anyone else to do it.”

He had a point, where had Dale got to? I guess he must have been exhausted from the night before, which wasn’t surprising, I had made him cum three times, once before dinner and then twice back in the room, that was more than he normally got in a couple of weeks. I smiled at the thought.

“Could I get you a drink?” Gregos asked.

I came back to the present, having completely drifted off thinking about last night.

“Oh, er, yes please, a cocktail would be nice.”

“Any particular sort of cocktail?” he asked with a smile. Was it me, or did he over emphasise the word cock?

“Surprise me,” I answered.

Gregos smiled at me again and off he went. Surely he didn’t fancy me? He could only have been in his mid Twenties. I’d heard all the stories about Greek waiters, all seemed a bit cliché to me, but couldn’t help thinking he’d taken a shine to me. He appeared very shortly with a nice long drink for me. No idea what it was, but tasted very strong, clearly more alcohol than anything else. I knew what I was like on holiday with a bit of alcohol inside me, usually led to wanting something else inside me, so put it on the side and decided to take my time with it.

“Is there anything else I can help you with Madam?” Gregos asked. Always eager to please it bahis firmaları seemed. There was still no sign of Dale and I needed lotion on my back.

“Would you mind?” I asked nodding at the lotion and rolled onto my front.

“Not a bit,” he said with another dazzling grin.

I chided myself for the thoughts that were about to get into my head and closed my eyes as he rubbed lotion into my back. He’s clearly done this once or twice I thought as he hands worked the lotion into me. Mmmm I felt so relaxed, his fingers had started to work more into a massage than just doing what he was meant to be doing. Fortunately I’d chosen quite a secluded area by the pool, but I’m sure other people could see what was going on. Was there something going on? It sure felt like it as his hands approached the material of my bikini bottoms.

“Er, that is fine, thankyou Gregos,” I stammered, as I felt his hand slowly push under the material.

“Are you sure?” he asked warmly.

“Yes I’m sure, thankyou. You are very kind.” I feel a slight dampness between my legs and knew I had to stop this before things got out of hand.

Gregos smiled at me and as moved slightly on the lounger I could feel the outline of his erection brush against my thigh. What on earth was happening here? I was a married woman waiting for my husband to appear and here was this, rather handsome looking it had to be said, Greek man, seemingly making a play for me. I noticed Gregos wait for a little while longer, presumably for his cock to go back to normal, before he got up and walked away, still with a grin on his face. I wondered how many times he done that before? Still, didn’t do a woman’s pride any harm whatsoever it had to be said. I went back to having thoughts about the night before, without having any idea what the night ahead was about to bring and went back to sleep.

Eventually Dale decided to make an appearance.

“How you doing sleepyhead?” he asked as he kissed me on the cheek to wake up.

“Oh, not bad,” I replied as I stretched out, “just enjoying the sun. How are you feeling.”

“A lot better for a nice lie in and for seeing your breasts on display,” he said and stripped down to his shorts before launching himself into the swimming pool.

Moments later Gregos appeared with another cocktail for me. I picked up my bikini top to cover myself up, although as I looked around I could see I clearly wasn’t the only one that had gone topless. Gregos laughed and gave me a big smile as he put the drink down.

“Your husband?” he asked, motioning towards Dale in the pool. “he’s a very lucky man,”.

Gregos smiled at me and walked off, presumably to try his luck elsewhere.

Dale appeared seconds later. “Who was that?” he enquired as he started to dry himself off.

“Oh, just a waiter,” I replied indifferently.

“Hmmm, seems to have taken a shine to you,” Dale said grinning.

“Has he? Can’t say I noticed.” I answered.

“Really? By the look he gave you, I’d say he’d quite like to get inside your pants.” Dale laughed.

“Dale! I doubt he thinks anything of the sort and I have you for that.” I replied, although I knew my husband was right.

“Oh well, shame, I’d quite enjoy watching him fuck you.”

Did he really just say that? I felt a sudden rush of wetness between my legs. Dale looked at me, my silence and red face speaking volumes. Dale picked up a towel and put it over my waist and then pulled his lounger right next to mine. He squirted some suncream onto my stomach and slowly, very slowly began to massage it in.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like him to fuck you?” he whispered in my ear as his hand gradually moved under the towel and began to toy with the elastic on my bikini bottoms.

“Imagine that hot young cock thrusting into your pussy, fucking you hard, making you so fucking wet.”

His hands slipped further inside my bottoms and over my shaved pussy until I could feel his finger touching my clitoris. I let out a little gasp and thanked myself for picking that secluded spot. Dale rubbed his finger around my clit and continued to tell me how much he’d like to see me being fucked and watching as Gregos shot his load deep into my pussy. Fuck, he had got me so hot, and as he pushed two fingers inside me I immediately felt the rush of an orgasm hit me and did my best to stay as kaçak iddaa still as possible as my juices flowed deep within my pussy. That was so good. I lay back on the lounger well spent.

“Enjoy that?” he grinned. I just smiled at him, noticing a bulge in his shorts.

“You can worry about that later,” he laughed, noticing me staring. “Do you want me to ask him then?”

I looked at him blankly. “Ask who what?”

“Gregos. Do you want me to ask him if he wants to fuck you?” he asked me and I couldn’t quite tell whether or not he was joking, so I called his bluff.

“Yes, why not,” I replied, certain he would laugh it off.

Suddenly he stood up and went over to the bar. Christ, he wasn’t seriously going to ask him was he? I could see Dale chatting with Gregos and both of them looking at me. He then sauntered back over holding two cocktails in his hands.

“Here you go,” he said, passing me the drink with a stupid grin on his face.

Dale said nothing more and for some reason I didn’t ask him what they had been chatting about. Was I worried that Dale hadn’t asked him and I would be disappointed, or that Gregos had said no? I have to admit that if Dale was okay for Gregos to have me, I would go for it. I was pretty sure though that was just the drink talking though and this was nothing more than a holiday fantasy.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty uneventful. We went down to the hotel restaurant for dinner and shared a bottle of wine. Dale had asked me to wear my sexiest clothes, and although it was warm I had put on a very sexy silk and lace bra and pantie combination with hold ups. I knew he loved me wearing stockings and would doubtless want to cum over them later. I could tell he was very horny and I felt the same myself after our little moment earlier. After dinner we had one drink in the bar and decided we needed some serious bedroom time so made our way back to our room.

Dale carefully peeled my dress off and I could tell by the look on his face he very pleased with what he saw underneath.

“You look so hot,” he told me.

He led me to the bed and lay me down. He then went into the side drawer and took out an eye mask that I had brought to help me sleep on the plane. He lifted my head up and slipped the mask over my eyes. This felt so hot. I loved being blindfolded and the anticipation of what was to come. I lay back ready for Dale to have his way with me. Just then there was a knock at the door.

“Who’s that?” I asked jumping up.

“Never you mind,” he replied secretively and asked me to lie back down. I did so.

I heard Dale answer the door and voices before the door closed again.

“Dale?” I asked, “what’s going on?”

I knew I should take the eye mask off, but part of me loved not knowing what Dale was up to.

I heard a soft “shush” and lay still as I felt Dale come back over and begin to caress my body. He stroked and rubbed my body all over, just the way I liked, stopping to plant kisses on some of my most sensitive areas. I let a gasp. Not for the first time that day I was feeling so turned on and although I couldn’t see it, I knew a damp spot had already appeared in my panties. Dale pulled my bra down releasing my breasts and I groaned as he went to work on my already hard nipples. He lightly sucked on them and nipped them, which had me squirming. I was so turned on, and reached a hand down to touch my pussy, which he playfully slapped away.

“Please,” I begged. I was desperate to be touched. Dale said nothing.

He stopped working on my breasts and moved further down the bed. This was more like it. He caressed the inside of my thighs, touching the skin between pants and stocking tops. I wanted him so badly, I needed him to touch my pussy, but I stayed quiet and let him get on with it. I felt him take hold of the bottom of my panties and move them slightly so he could access my pussy. I groaned deeply as his tongue found my clit and sucked and licked at it. God, I was so close to coming but I wanted this feeling to last. He lightly circled my clit and slipped a finger inside me, making me even wetter. After a few minutes of having my cunt licked and fingered, Dale stopped and spread my leg’s apart. With my pants still on, he slowly eased his hard cock deep into me. I let out yet another groan of pleasure as he slid into me as far as he could. kaçak bahis Wait a minute. Something didn’t feel right, well that’s not quite true it felt fucking fantastic, but I’d been fucked many many times by my husband and I knew his cock didn’t go that far into me. Shit, this wasn’t Dale. I suddenly froze and moved to get up. I felt whoever it was, and assumed at this point it was Gregos, stop. Within a flash I felt another pair of hands on my face and another soothing “shush”.

“Lie back and enjoy.” Now that was definitely Dale.

I felt Dale lift my head and remove the eye mask. I had closed my eyes underneath and was reluctant to open them, scared it might ruin the moment, but I did so anyway. I looked up to see the face of Gregos leaning over me, holding still with his cock buried inside me. Dale was now standing a few feet away from the bed, naked, with his erection firmly on show and held tight in his hand. He’d obviously been enjoying the show as I could see the end of his cock was glistening with pre cum. Dale smiled at me and I smiled back. I was too far gone now to stop. Dale nodded at Gregos and the Greek hunk began his rhythm again, sliding his cock back and forth inside my soaking wet vagina.

“Come here,” I whispered to Dale.

He walked to the bed and I motioned for him to put his cock by face. I moved my head so I could get comfortable and took his cock inside my mouth. I felt so full. A cock in mouth and one buried in my pussy. We had often used this as a fantasy when we were fucking, but the reality was better than I could have imagined. Gregos was thrusting hard inside of me whilst I greedily went to work on Dale’s cock. I licked and sucked on his helmet, tasting his juices dribbling from the end, desperate to get a mouthful of his hot cum. I was groaning and panting as I felt myself nearing orgasm and I knew the two men weren’t that far away either. It didn’t surprise me that it was Dale that went first. I knew this must be turning him on so much. He took his cock out of my mouth and with just a couple of strokes fired a stream of hot sticky cum straight over my face. He continued to wank his cock shooting several more loads, mainly now into my gaping mouth, until he had nothing left and stood watching Gregos continue to fuck me. It was my turn next, as I swallowed down the cum that had landed in my mouth I could take no more and succumbed to the intense orgasm that was about to hit me. I grabbed hold of Gregos and literally exploded as he held his cock inside me. I screamed at the intensity of my release and held him for what seemed like ages as I let this incredible moment wash over me. As my orgasm finally dispersed I flopped back on the bed and let Gregos finish fucking me.

“You want me to cum inside you?” he asked, ever the gentleman I thought.

“Cum on my tits,” I replied. My breasts were exposed and with globs of cum still on my face I thought I may as well have some more.

Gregos took his cock out of me and I could see why I felt a lot more full than usual, it was certainly impressive. He wanked his cocked which was covered in my juices and I knew he was ready to come. I guess I had just had one of my fantasies fulfilled so thinking it only fair…..

“Let him do it,” I suddenly said looking at Dale.

“What?” Dale said looking confused.

“Wank him off.” I commanded, “You’ve always said you wanted to know what it was like to do it to another man, now’s your chance.”

Gregos looked too far gone to care and I could tell Dale wanted to do it. He quickly moved to where Gregos was, took his cock in his hand and within no more than ten strokes of the Greek’s shaft I had another jet of cum spraying over my tits and onto my face. Dale kept wanking at Gregos’ cock until he could get every last bit of cum from it. My body was absolutely covered, I’d forgotten just how far a younger man could shoot his cum. Dale was still holding the other man’s cock until it started to soften. Clearly he had enjoyed it. I lay back and rubbed the cum that was all over my chest into my tit’s giving the two of them was last little show before they went to clean up.

Gregos got himself dressed and left, not before thanking us both for the experience, whilst I went off for a shower. That was the first time I had ever had two cocks in one go. I wasn’t sure how thing’s would be in the cold light of day, but Dale was fine and it would fair to say after that night our sex life went from strength to strength. That may have been my first threesome, but needless to say it was in no way my last. I’ll let you know all about that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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