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Several weeks had passed since Lady Rose’s very successful lingerie and sex toy party hosted in her Victorian mansion in Piper Point in which Penny had been the centre of sexual activities and focus of attention for some of her Sisters of the Ladies Network. Seven of the guests, including Emily, owner of the Zambesi Dress Boutique where Penny had bought her evening gown, and Amanda, her assistant, who, as dominatrices, had given Penny her first initiation into the Sisterhood by playfully raping her and introducing her to mild BDSM, had shared a table at the annual gala event at which she had also been the centre of attention and sexual toy for the evening’s erotic entertainment.

In fact, given the nature of what happened to Penny at both the annual dinner and lingerie and sex toy party, those several weeks were absolutely quiet and tame for her except for the time she spent with her two daughters Penelope and Pamela.

However, things were about to change for Penny once more. On a mid-afternoon Tuesday, the phone rang, and when Penny answered it, the person on the other end was none other than Rhoda Jones, the Headmistress of Miss Jones’ Academy, one of Sydney’s most prestigious private girls’ day and boarding school where the daughters of just about anybody who was anybody attended despite the high cost of tuition and room and board.

It was, in fact, Rhoda and her beautiful, Asian assistant Kiko who had seduced Penny and enjoyed her sexually for the better part of a morning that went into the early afternoon when she had gone in to meet Miss Jones to discuss payment of overdue tuition for her daughters’ schooling.

The mild threat that her daughters’ tuition had to be paid or they would be dismissed from the Academy was, in fact, a ruse to get Penny into Rhoda’s office so she could seduce Penny as a way of postponing the tuition until Penny got the money. Feeling as if she had no choice but to submit to Rhoda’s sexual advances if her daughters were to remain at the school they both loved, Penny went along with all Rhoda and Kiko sexually did to her and had her do to them. So, the ruse worked, and it worked beautifully.

Not only did Rhoda and Kiko enjoy intense sexual activities that included cunnilingus, analingus, and fucking her with a large strap on dildo, but their success with Penny led to her becoming the newest member of the Ladies Network, a group of women who enjoyed social and sexual interaction throughout the year, culminating at their Annual Gala Dinner where the newest Sister became the star, sexual attraction for the evening.

In recognition of their Sisterhood each member wore a gold ankle bracelet with a rainbow on it on her right ankle, the rainbow being the worldwide symbol of the lesbian and bi-sexual community.

“Hello,” Penny spoke softly into the receiver.

“Good afternoon, Penny, this is Rhoda, Rhoda Jones, from the Academy. How are you?” she asked enthusiastically.

Caught off guard and being a little startled to hear Rhoda’s voice, Penny stammered, “W…well, hello, Rhoda. I didn’t expect to hear from you.”

“Oh, nonsense! We’re Sisters of the Network now. Aren’t we?” Rhoda said sarcastically and rhetorically.

“Yes, yes we are, Rhoda,” Penny replied, still wondering why Rhoda was calling her, knowing her daughters’ tuition had been taken care of and paid in full.

“Well, then, don’t act so surprised, but to allay any fears, I’m calling for two reasons. First, to let you know how exciting you were the night of our dinner. Your sexual performance with the dancer Mona was out-of-this-world! I know you didn’t see Kiko and me since we were at a table off to the side several rows behind your front row table, and you were much too pre-occupied with better things to do than come chit chat with Kiko and me.”

Rhoda couldn’t see Penny’s look of relief that came over her face or the sigh she slowly exhaled, but Penny said, “Why, thank you for the wonderful compliment, Rhoda. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk at some time during the dinner.”

“Oh, not to worry, Pet. Quite understandable. You were a very busy woman,” Rhoda teased.

“Yes, yes I was, but what is the second reason for your calling me? You said you had two reasons,” Penny asked inquisitively, not having the faintest idea what the other reason might be.

“You’re right. You’re absolutely right, Penny,” Rhoda said more seriously. “I wanted to know if you’d be willing to come to my office tomorrow morning to discuss something of great importance, and before you get any ideas that it’s for a repeat performance of your first visit to my office, let me ease your mind. Kiko and I will keep our hands and other parts of our bodies off you; although, it would be tempting.”

Penny heard Rhoda giggling on the other end of the line.

“No, I’d like to discuss with you about a student from another country who has been awarded a full scholarship to attend our Academy,” Rhoda said in her professional manner.

“But, what would that have to do with me, Ankara bayan escort Rhoda?” asked Penny.

“It’s too long and involved to discuss over the phone, Penny, that’s the reason I’m asking if you could please come to my office tomorrow so I can explain about this student in full detail and how her coming to our Academy might affect you,” Rhoda continued.

Penny hesitated before answering as thoughts raced through her head as she tried to put two and two together to come up with a plausible answer that would include her in this equation.

Finally she said, “Well, Rhoda, I guess I could come in to see you to discuss this situation. I have to admit you made me curious.”

“So glad to hear that, Penny. Will ten o’clock work for you?” asked Rhoda.

“Yes, ten o’clock will be fine, Rhoda,” Penny answered readily.

“We’ll see you then, Penny. Good talking with you, and both Kiko and I look forward to seeing you,” Rhoda assured Penny.

“Until tomorrow then,” answered Penny as she hung up the receiver.

With a puzzled look on her face, Penny thought long and hard as she walked over to her favourite, over-sized chair, sat down, and quietly asked herself, “I wonder what this is all about?” ——– After greeting Penny with a warm hug and soft kiss, Kiko escorted Penny into Rhoda’s office. She then turned and left to go back to her desk in the outer office.

Rhoda looked up from behind her desk, a bright, warm smile on her beautiful face.

“Good morning, Penny. Punctual as usual I see,” Rhoda grinned.

Rhoda got up from her large chair and came around her desk, saying, “Come, Penny, let’s go sit on the two, big, soft chairs by the window so we can be comfortable and look at one another while we discuss this matter of some importance regarding this scholarship student.”

Rhoda waited for Penny to sit down, watching her cross her lovely, long legs that caused her skirt to rise to her left mid-thigh. Without an original, slightest sexual inclination, Rhoda, nevertheless, felt herself tingle between her legs.

“My, the sight of Penny has such an erotic effect on me,” sighed Rhoda as she continued to tingle between her legs after she had sat down opposite Penny, deliberately squeezing her thighs together to press her labia against her hardening clit. “No, I can’t let this happen. I have to keep my mind and emotions focused on the business at hand.”

Again, smiling at Penny, only this time wanly from her ongoing attempt to keep her heating libido at bay, Rhoda spoke in a gentle, non-professional voice, “Let’s get right to the point of my having asked you here this morning.”

Penny nodded her agreement. She wanted to know as quickly as possible the reason for this meeting with Rhoda.

“Well, Penny, as I told you over the phone, we have a new student coming in next week to whom the Board of Directors, of which I’m one, of course, awarded a full scholarship to the Academy. This is one of the public services and humanitarian gifts we do every year in order to give less fortunate, but academically capable, students a chance for a better education,” Rhoda began.

Looking at Rhoda with approval, Penny said, “That’s a very commendable thing to do, Rhoda. The world needs more humanitarian awards to help the less fortunate.”

“True, true,” Rhoda said agreeably.

“But what does this have to do with me, Rhoda?” inquired Penny.

“I was getting to that, Penny,” Rhoda continued.

“The girl’s name is Gayesha (Gay eesha). She’s from Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon. It is a small island country about eighteen miles off the southern tip of India. She lives in the small town of Ratnapura that is located 101 kilometers southeast of the capitol Colombo. Her family ekes out a meager living cultivating rice on their small plot of land. She is a very lovely, intelligent young girl who does quite well in school; however, the school she attends is small and not the most progressive. This, of course, means her chances of getting into a college is low to none.”

“That is so sad, Rhoda,” Penny said sympathetically.

“Each year the Academy receives a list of names of possible candidates who deserve our scholarship, but it was Gayesha who was our choice so she would be able to complete her education here despite the fact she is eighteen and set to graduate; nevertheless, she has to make up her academic deficiencies before she’ll be able to qualify to be accepted into either a two year community college or four year university,” explained Rhoda.

“Well, Rhoda, how do I fit into all this?” asked Penny.

“Ah, that’s the very thing I called about and asked you to come in to discuss this very important matter. You see, Gayesha already being eighteen makes her older than all the other students, especially those who board here because they live too far away to commute daily,” Rhoda explained.

“Yes, I can see how that might be a problem for the young girl,” agreed Penny.

“Since this is the case, I thought Gayesha might Escort bayan Ankara be more comfortable living in a private home, and having gone through the list of possible homes where she might be placed, your name kept coming back as one of, if not the best, choice. I say this due to the fact you are a widow with no man living in your home and you have two daughters who attend the Academy. A perfect home setting for Gayesha. Don’t you think?” asked Rhoda in an almost pleading manner.

When Penny heard Rhoda’s suggestion that she be a surrogate mom for Gayesha while living in her home with Penelope and Pamela, she was caught off guard and didn’t know how to answer Rhoda’s request. Therefore, Penny was slow to answer, and Rhoda, knowing what a responsibility this would place on Penny, sat patiently while Penny worked at wrapping her mind around her proposal.

Penny finally spoke up and said, “Rhoda, what you ask of me places quite alot of responsibility on my shoulders, and yet my heart goes out to Gayesha and her needs to live in a good home environment.”

“True. Very true, Penny,” Rhoda agreed without pushing.

“I do have a large home with two spare bedrooms, so having a place for Gayesha is no problem, and Penelope and Pamela might enjoy having an older, let’s say, sister in the house, especially since she is from a distinctively different part of the world and background. It might even be good for them.”

“Also true,” agreed Rhoda, getting the impression Penny was convincing herself to take Gayesha into her home.

Penny sighed deeply and, looking across the small space separating Rhoda and her, said, “I guess what I’m leading up to is to tell you I’d be delighted to open up my home to Gayesha and have her become one of the family.”

“Wonderful, Penny,” Rhoda said, beaming with satisfaction. “Gayesha will be arriving by the end of the week, and I shall bring her to your home myself. If that works for you, of course.”

Penny smiled, “That will be fine, Rhoda. This will give me time to talk to my girls who I am sure will have no problem having a guest living in our home, especially since she’ll be a student at the Academy.” ——–

That evening Penny sat down with her daughters and told them about Gayesha and having been asked by Miss Jones the Headmistress of the Academy to let her live with them. When Penelope and Pamela heard Gayesha was from Sri Lanka and was a few years older than they, they were all excited by the idea. Both thought it would be fun having a new, big sister in the house. So, that was settled, and all that was left was to wait until Friday when Rhoda brought Gayesha to her new home.

It was around four in the afternoon when the doorbell rang and Penelope and Pamela excitedly ran to get the door with Penny not far behind them. By the time Penelope had opened the door, they saw Rhoda and Gayesha standing in the doorway, Gayesha’s eyes wide open with astonishment and awe at the size and beauty of Penny’s home. In fact, ever since her arrival at the Kingsford Smith International Airport Gayesha had been stunned with the size of everything, her home being in a small town of narrow streets and alley ways that was encased by fields of agriculture and dotted with gem mines.

Gayesha, standing about five feet five inches tall, was a naturally beautiful young girl whose complexion was quite smooth and dark, the range of skin colour in her country being from almost white to dark as seen in India. Her hair was straight, shiny, and coal black that hung past her shoulders to the middle of her back. Her eyes were a very dark chocolate brown that caught reflected light so that there seemed to be a small, white dot in her corneas. Her pupils were coal black like her hair.

She had a small nose that flared at her nostrils, and her lips on which she wore a very light red lipstick were sensually full.

Since she was eighteen, Gayesha was fully developed. She had large, ample breasts, but not overly large; a narrow waist; broad, full hips that matched the size of her breasts; and shapely legs with small feet on which she wore a pair of open-toe sandals without heels. Her toenails were painted with red nail polish.

As Penny looked at Gayesha approvingly, taken with her fresh beauty and her robust body, she wasn’t truely aware of her shape since she was wearing a traditional lungi the colour of saffron that was wrapped around her hips, tied with a knot at the waist, and hung loosely down to just above her ankles. There was a fold in the middle where the material came together and overlapped. She was wearing a loose-fitting white blouse with short, puffy sleeves.

Gayesha’s most striking feature were her Sri Lanka eyes, the dark corneas made more pronounced by the whites of her eyes; her long, curved dark eyelashes; and her dark eyebrows, all coming together in a very sensual way. Gayesha’s eyes were absolutely captivating.

Rhoda caught Penny starring at Gayesha and knew she was admiring her beauty, and she couldn’t blame her because Bayan escort Ankara she, too, had been taken aback and captivated with Gayesha’s natural beauty and well-formed, young body when she first saw her walking into the terminal from Customs.

Breaking the moment, Rhoda spoke up, “Penny, this is Gayesha, your house guest.”

Rhoda’s words of introduction broke into Penny’s sexually aroused world.

“Oh, yes,” Penny said as she held her hand out to Gayesha who took it tentatively into hers, sending a tingle of excitement course through Penny’s aroused body.

“I’m so happy to meet you, Gayesha, and welcome to your new home,” Penny said in a pleasant, soft voice while holding Gayesha’s stunning eyes with hers.

Turning to her daughters, Penny said, “And these two young ladies are my daughters, Penelope and Pamela.

Excitedly Penelope and Pamela said, “Hi, happy to meet you and that you’ll be living with us.”

Gayesha replied quite softly, “Thank you. I’m most pleased to be here and so grateful for your taking me into your big, beautiful home.”

“Well, let’s not just stand here. Come on in,” Penny said enthusiastically. “Penelope and Pamela, get Gayesha’s luggage and set it against the foyer wall. We’ll take it upstairs later when we show Gayesha her room and give her a tour of the house,” Penny said.

Looking slightly embarrassed, Gayesha said sheepishly, “I have only this one, small piece of luggage.”

Hoping to cheer Gayesha up, Penny said, “Not to worry, Gayesha. We’ll take care of that. The three of us will drive you into the city where you can choose some new clothes for school, casual, as well as dressy.”

“Now, please come inside,” Penny said invitingly as she turned and led them into the large living room where they sat and talked for some time before Rhoda left, leaving Gayesha with her new family.

After a delightful evening of getting better acquainted with one another, Penny took Gayesha upstairs and showed her the bedroom that would be hers. Of course, Gayesha was overwhelmed with the size of the room and how beautiful it was. Her home was so small family members had to share rooms and beds, she sleeping with her mom while her dad slept out on the worn sofa. Her older sister and brother shared a room but had their own bedding that was nothing more than reed mats with thick coverings on them. ——–

Sometime during the night Penny was awakened, aware that she was not alone in bed. Someone was close beside her, and she felt a hand caressing her full breast, tweaking her aroused, erect nipple.

Shocked and somewhat afraid, even knowing she had set the burglar alarm before retiring for the night, Penny whispered, “Who are you?”

The hand stopped massaging Penny’s breast, and a soft, gentle voice answered, “Oh, Ms. Penny, excuse my boldness. It’s Gayesha.”

Dumbfounded, Penny asked, “Gayesha, what are you doing in my bed, and why are you playing with my breasts?”

Penny felt Gayesha’s young body shudder next to hers, noticing the warmth of the contact.

“I’m so sorry, Ms. Penny. I was lonely in that big room all by myself, and I am so used to sleeping next to my mom and feeling her warm body touching mine,” Gayesha sighed.

“But why are you massaging my breasts, Gayesha?” Penny asked, a note of curiosity in her voice.

“I often play with my mom’s big breasts while lying next to her, and she plays with my breasts that are big like hers,” Gayesha answered unashamed of what she was telling Penny.

“But, Dear, don’t you think that it’s wrong for you and your mom to be sexually active with one another?” Penny asked, even now more intrigued with what Gayesha had just told her about the intimacy shared between her and her mom.

“Is that all you and your mom do in bed, Gayesha?” asked Penny who felt herself becoming sexually aroused by the very thought of it and the images of Gayesha and her mother caressing the body of the other. The thought and image seemed so decadent if not incestuous.

Penny loved women, and her two daughters were beautiful, but not once did she ever think of them in sexual ways, but now to be told by Gayesha that she and her mom were sexually active stirred erotic thoughts inside her aroused mind and body. She wondered how long this incestuous relationship had been going on between her mom and her, and so she asked.

“Just since I became eighteen have my mom and me become sexually active even though being naked around each other is quite normal for us. We not only play with the breasts of the other, but we caress the whole body even between the legs where we finger the cunt and clit until we become so sexually aroused that we lick and suck the cunt and clit of the other until we ejaculate into the mouth of the other to taste and enjoy,” Gayesha explained casually.

“Gayesha, you say the word cunt to refer to the female genitalia. Don’t you think pussy is a better word?” asked Penny, caught by the lurid sound of the word cunt even though she knew it all too well.

Without a moment of hesitation Gayesha answered Penny’s blunt question, “Oh, no, Ms. Penny, everyone is Sri Lanka calls a woman’s genitals cunt. We know the word pussy but think it is not descriptive enough since it too can mean a kitten. Yes?”

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