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Lance and Dina worked at a firm for years always head to head, bumping to the top one or the other. Lance was young and handsome, with features of a god, his light brown hair smooth on his head, his green eyes fierce like a tiger. He wore his gray suit and tie carrying a brown leather briefcase straight to Dina’s office.

Dina was longing for someone to touch her. She rubbed her vagina softly under her desk as she signed some documents when Lance came in. Lance stared at her, crimson locks and bright eyes, large breasts and plushy ass. Or at least he thought it was plushy.

She was a sexy fierce competitor and he came to give her some news. He gave her the once over, a button up top, white, and a short pencil skirt. Her heels were black and sharp, sharp like her tongue in court.

Dina removed her hand for her genitals and looked at him “What do you want Lance?”

Lance smiled “Remember our bet?”

“Yes I remember the bet, if you won the next case, I’d let you take out on a date or do whatever.” Dina rolled her eyes.

Lance closed the door “We went on the date now I’m here for the whatever.” It was late at night, so it was most likely that they were the only two in the office then.

“I didn’t mean it that way.” Dina gave an innocent smile.

“Oh? Then I guess I’ll leave, I thought you were a woman of your word.” Dina smirked at this.

“Okay, I’m game.” Dina told him.

“So you’ll let me do whatever I want?” Lance asked.

“Yes.” Dina needed a release.

“I want to see you masturbate.” Lance said. Dina blushed “On top of your desk, where I can see you.” Lance then looked around her office “And no with your hands.”

Dina stood up and pulled her skirt off, her cotton panties slid down with ease, her pussy was leaking, wanting to be touched. “Then with what?”

Lance placed his briefcase on the floor and looked around, he picked up a trophy, it was a bowling trophy she had won when the firm entered a bowling league, it was a large golden bowling pin. bahis firmaları He handed it to her.

Dina blushed as she mounted her desk.

“Spread your legs wider so I can see everything.” Lance told her, She squatted on her desk and bent her legs to the side. Lance saw her pink treasure, throbbing with desire. Dina took the trophy and began penetrating her pussy with it.

The rough met hit her walls hard, causing her juices to squirt with each push. She moaned.

“You’re beautiful.” Lance murmured flicking her clit. “Ride it for me.” Dina pulled the trophy onto the desk and squatted over it, slowly she began mounting the trophy rubbing her pussy on it’s hard tip.

“Ah…” Dina fucked herself with the trophy slowly until she sank all the way down on

it. Lance was getting turned on, he bent her over the test and continue fucking her with the trophy.

“Yes!” Dina groaned as it hit her core, it pounded her harder and then it was removed. Dina’s pussy juices fell onto the floor.

Lance rubbed her fingers over her wet slit “You’re so moist.” Dina quivered at his touch. Lance picked up a pen and entered it into her wet pussy.

“Ohhh.” Dina’s muscles tightened around the small metal tube plunging her depths.

“I want to be inside you.” Lance whispered.

“Then take your pants off.” Dina groaned, she started pulling his pants off in need of his cock, the pen fell onto the floor as she pulled his underwear off. Lance’s cock was elven inches, and was fully erect.

“I want to bury it deep in your cunt.” Lance whispered.

“Do it.” Dina urged. Lance bent her over a chair, her torso hung over one half, her face was forward as her legs dangled over the chair, she looked up to see what he was doing. Lance pulled her legs apart and pushed his cock all the way inside her.

“Ah!” Dina groaned at his length, it pulsated against her walls. Lance picked her up, she wrapped her legs around his waist, he leaned against the wall and pushed his dick inside her.

“Oh!” kaçak iddaa Dina’s pussy squirted as he fucked her, his entire length moved back and forth at a her core. Lance sped up pumping his hips harder, his shaft was still hardening. Lance then turned her around and started to fuck her against the wall.

Dina wanted to scream in pleasure, he kept thrusting as the walls closed around on him “You’re tearing my pussy apart.” She groaned.

“Oh yeah?” Lance pushed his cock roughly inside her. Dina couldn’t hold herself much longer. Lance soon pulled out.

“Why’d you stop?” Dina asked out of breath.

“Lets finish this at my place.” Lance kissed her hot lips. Dina couldn’t help, but smile, she pulled her skirt back on.

“I have to use the restroom first, I’ll meet you outside.” Dina told him, she went quickly to the women’s bathroom. She really needed to pee now. Dina found a clean stall and heisted her skirt up her waist when she heard someone enter the bathroom.

Lance poked his head inside the stall “I can’t wait.” He told her kissing her. He sat on the seat his dick still erect.

“Let me fill your ass.” Dina backed into him unsure how this would wore. Lance spread her cheeks wide and placed his cock tip at the entrance of her asshole. Lance pressed himself inside the tight hole.

“Oh my god…” Dina needed to wait, the heat from his cock spreading in her anus was too much.

“I can’t wait.” Lance said and he slid her ass down onto his rod.

“Oh!” Dina felt the pee start trickling. Once he was all the way in Lance spread her legs, her pussy vibrated in front of them as he pumped her hind quarters.

“I’m going to pee!” Dina yelled.

“Mhmmm.” That wasn’t Lance’s concern as he ravaged her ass with his cock, feeling it tighten down made him thrust even harder, golden fleck of urine sprung from her pink cove and onto the floor. Lance removed his cock from her ass and picked her up and placed her on the sink. She noticed he’d brought his briefcase into kaçak bahis the bathroom.

“You’re all dirty now.” Lance looked at the bar soap sitting on a rack above the sink,

he ran water over it and started to press it into her pussy “Want me to clean it?”

“Do whatever.” Dina rubbed her breasts. Lance pulled them out and started sucking on them, Dina was in heaven, the roughness against her softness made her cum once more.

“I had bought something for you.” Lance opened his brief case revealing a bottle of champagne “Lean over.” Dina did as he said, she leaned against the sink, holding her ass up high, she heard a pop and then felt as the cork went into the entrance of her rectum.

Lance started shoving the bottle into her pussy, it felt tingly in her sensitive flesh, Lance licked over her clit as the champagne ran out of her. They were so much in love with pleasuring themselves they didn’t notice Ted enter the room. Ted was Lance’s partner at the firm.

He was so entranced by what was going on he started to rub his cock.

“Give me two.” Dina whispered at Lance who turned to see Ted. Lance removed the bottle and the cork.

“Where do you want me?” Lance asked.

“My ass, Ted take my pussy please.” Dina’s groans turned Ted on, Ted sat on the floor, dick erect, Dina placed it in her hand rubbing the stiffness as she lowered herself onto his dick. She rubbed her breast as her pussy was filled again. Lance bent her over to shove his might into her ass.

“Yes!” Dina yelled and they both started moving, she felt their dicks hit each other through the walls, it was a delicious feeling. Ted soon started standing up and he held Dina as he fucked her pussy and Lance held her back as he plummeted into her ass, they moved inside her harder and harder, her tightness pushed them to their limits, all three came, her ass and pussy was full of cum, but she still wanted them

“Keep going.” Dina told them, them both started pounding her cum filled holds, feeling the thick sticky mess they left inside her pushing inside her. The cum was oozing with each thrust, until they came again.

Lance kissed Dina “How about another bet, new case tomorrow.” Dina’s only reply was a seductive smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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