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On my drive home from work I think of all the things I must

do for the weekend. The big question will be if I could get

it all done. One is I must go get my puppy some food because

I gave her the last of it as I was leaving for work this morning.

So I pull up to the market it is slow so I figure it is just a

run and out. But you know how it is when you go to the market

you find things that you know your out of and end up shopping.

So that is what I did.

After finishing the shopping part. I head up the check out

and look at the few people that are in the store and wonder

if there Friday night is going to be as boring as mine or there

someone home waiting for them? Getting back to the task

at hand I pay for my groceries and notice someone staring

at me out of the corner of my eye. I look up to see who it is and

damn it is an old flame from before I went to college. As I

walk out the door he follows me out and ask me how have things

been for me? I tell him I am good. Than I ask how about him.

He tells me that he is good he took over his father’s

business. I tell him cool that means he must have a girl at

home. He tells me no there is know one yet. I smile and ask

is there something your not telling me? I know what you have

and how good it is. He just smiles.

That is when he ask me so who are you going home to? I tell him

my puppy. That is when he ask me if I had plans for tonight?

I gaziosmanpaşa escort tell no just to make it home and play and walk my puppy. He

ask me if I wanted to go out I tell him it’s been a long

day. But you can come over and we can catch up on old times.

He tells me that would be great. He ask me if he needs to bring

anything I look him up and down and smile and tell just himself

to just bring himself. I give him directions and head home.

Just as I am walking up to my door someone turns into my driveway.

I look around and it is him. Than as I am about to look away

someone else gets out of his car also. That makes me wonder

what is going on. As I walk up to him he tells me that he forgot

that his cousin was coming over. So I looked at him and say

in a low voice, that changes things a lot. That is when he

tell me maybe and maybe not.

As I let them in, I take my dog to his room fill his bowl with

water and food and close the door. Just I turn around his

cousin walks up to me and tells me that he is sorry that he

messed up the plans that I had. I tell him that is fine. As

I make my way to the kitchen I turn around and see him staring

at my ass. I make my way to the kitchen smiling. My ex walks

in and with the smile still on my face he ask me what an I smiling

about I tell him nothing and he pats me on my ass starts smiling


I walk back into my dining room haymana escort with a few drinks and snacks,

where they have turned on the tv and made themselves comfortable.

I ask them is there anything I could get them before I run

upstairs for a little while. I tell them it will only take

a little while than we could talk.

I go to my room and start running the shower so it could get

hot for me. I go to my room and grab me something to wear. I

walk to the bathroom and it seems a bit quite and I yell is

everything ok? They yell back it is great. I walk in and close

the door and start undressing. I step into the show and start

letting the hot water hit every part of my body and it is feeling

so good. I grab my body wash and start washing myself.

I was so into my shower that I did not hear the door open. The

next thing I know my ex is in the shower with me. I look at him

and ask what is he doing. He tells me that he felt bad for messing

our plans up and wanted to make it up to me. I look at him and

ask him where is his cousin he tells me that he is looking

at tv and that he was fine. That is when he starts kissing

me all over my neck. Just the way he was touching me was bringing

back old memories and his smell oh damn his smell yes I wanted

him. He grabs my breast and starts sucking them telling

me how much he missed me. I loving everything he was doing

and wanted more, but ankara escort I was sure was coming. He than turns

me around and bends me over and the next thing I know he is

placing his dick at the opening of my pussy. I tell him please

give me every inch I want it so bad.

He tells me wants it too. I reach back to feel his dick and

say too myself I don’t remember it being this big. He

feels my hesitation and ask me if something is wrong I tell

him it’s not wrong, it’s just bigger than I remember.

He ask me do you still want it? I tell him yes. He takes it and

leads it back to the opening of my pussy and start working

it in. I move my ass closer trying to help it go in. My pussy

is so tight that I do not know if will go in. He feel my frustration

and he tells me to not worry it is going to go in. That is when

I he turns me around and lifts me up and starts making it into

my pussy. I look into his eyes and he could tell that I am loving

every inch of it.

As he is driving it in and out of me I could feel it going deeper

making me jump each time. My body is shaking so much that

I feel I have lost control but still I am loving it so much.

He looks into my eyes again ask me if it is too much I tell him

to please keep fucking me I am loving everything. That is

when he start driving it into me more and my pussy is loving

it. That is when he ask me if we could move this to my bedroom.

I tell him yes but not yet. He looks with this question in

his eyes . I tell him I want to suck his dick first. I feel him

about to take his dick out but just than he slams it deeper

into me catching me off guard. What a great surprise. surprise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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