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About a year ago I wrote and published a very hot story called “Massage This”. It’s in the “Interracial Love” section. It was a work of pure fantasy about two co-workers who connect following a series of massages but it was actually based on real people, myself being the amateur masseur. I’ve always enjoyed reading erotic stories and find that writing them is not only therapeutic but very stimulating. That I’d combine this interest with massage is a natural progression because I’ve always been a big fan of massage.

I like getting massages as does almost everyone, but I really enjoy giving them even more. I think they are a wonderful relaxation technique and can also be very useful as part of an injury rehab situation. Massage can also be quite an effective form of sexual foreplay. It relaxes both the parties involved and stimulates blood flow throughout the body, especially to the genital area. Whenever I’ve used this technique, by the time I reach the vaginal area I inevitably find it already quite aroused and well lubricated.

That all brings me to the story I have to tell you now. I know there’s no sense in my saying that what follows is a true story. If I were reading it instead of writing it I probably wouldn’t buy it either. Whether you believe it or not really doesn’t matter much, but it is true. It is so similar in many ways to my “Massage This” story that it’s even hard for me to believe sometimes. But here goes anyway.

Recently I’d been given the opportunity to receive an intense training course in massage from a very successful therapist that I’ve been seeing for several years for my own back pain. I’d taken a course in it some years ago for my own enjoyment and had always ataköy escort thought about making it a career someday. I’d often discussed this with Dennis so he knew of my interest. When his practice became so successful that he had to begin turning clients away a few months ago, he asked if I was still interested.

Dennis is a full-time massage therapist who works in conjunction with a chiropractor. They share an office and usually he sees the patient following his or her visit with the doctor. Several of his patients have approached him about getting massages during the day without coming into the office. With his busy practice, this was not possible. That’s where his offer to me comes in.

Dennis knows that I work nights and only 3 nights a week at that. That leaves me with my days pretty much open. The proposal was to train me in a few weeks and then refer to me those people who preferred to be seen away from the office. After a few weeks of indecision, I accepted his offer.

What followed was three weeks of intense training several nights a week until he felt I was ready. I would not be a licensed massage therapist and he would make that clear to any referrals he sent my way. Dennis had an extra portable massage table that I could use and I would be seeing clients at their homes on weekdays. They would pay the normal fee and I would give Dennis 25%.

This situation has worked out quite well. I make some extra spending cash doing something I enjoy. The first referral was Georgina. She is 40 years old, married with a son in college. Over coffee between his appointments, Dennis introduced us and we discussed the arrangement. She called the next day and ataköy escort bayan scheduled a trial massage. Things went quite well. We chatted throughout the hour and she was very pleased with my work. Georgina decided to schedule herself every other Thursday at noon. My second client was Mary. Things went much the same way and Mary also liked the idea of every other Thursday at noon. Before long I was seeing 4 clients on a bi-weekly basis and that is my current workload.

Although I maintain a professional demeanor, Georgina and I have become pretty good friends. She usually prepares a light lunch for us and we enjoy each other’s company. For the first two sessions Georgina wore a two-piece bathing suit for her massages. Most of my clients either wear that or a bra and panties. Over lunch before our third session, she asked if I’d mind if she just wore a robe. She explained that she’d be more comfortable that way and I had no problems with it.

While I did her back and shoulders, I lowered the top of the robe to her waist. I pulled it back up as I moved to her legs and lifted the bottom of the robe to just below her buttocks to get access to her legs. As I massaged the back of her thighs she spread her legs a bit and I realized that I could see between them all the way to her vagina. I was kind of mesmerized by the sight and sort of worked the thighs longer than usual. She told me that her thigh muscles were kind of tight and spread them a little more. When she did I could see her slit open slightly and knew that she was lubricating. I wasn’t sure what to do until she said, “Just a little higher”.

As my index finger brushed the outer lip of her vagina, escort ataköy she shuddered noticeably. I thought I was in big trouble but she said “Yes that’s it” and I knew what she wanted. I gently spread her thighs wider, exposing her lovely pink flower and lifted the robe to her waist. I spent some time working her buttocks and upper thighs, staying clear of the area she obviously wanted done. When I finally touched her outer lips, she began to moan lightly. I avoided her clitoris for long minutes to prolong her pleasure and intensify the experience for her. As I took it between two fingers it was as if a bolt of electricity passed through her body. She seemed to be having small orgasms and rocking her hips as I asked her to roll over.

Spreading her legs wide, I lowered my head and flicked my tongue on her clit. She seemed to explode again. I then took the nub between my lips and sucked it and soon she had an orgasm that seemed to rack her entire body with spasms. I had never seen a woman come so hard in my life. It was amazing to watch. It was several minutes before her breathing was normal enough to speak. Looking up at me with glazed-over eyes, Georgina said the words every man loves to hear. “That was absolutely the best orgasm of my life”.

A few minutes later she returned the favor, giving me an incredible blow job. She really seemed to enjoy sucking my cock and said so as we lay there in that wonderful post- orgasm period, chatting and exploring each other’s bodies. After a tandem shower we climbed into her queen sized bed and made love for the rest of the afternoon.

We have since moved our day to Friday and now I see her each week instead of every other week. Most, but not all, of our sessions start with a massage. We are remarkably compatible sexually and remain good friends. It is a terrific arrangement for both of us for reasons I’ll discuss in part II. Nothing similar has happened with any of my other clients, and I’m glad of that.

End of part I.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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