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I walk into the club, instantly surrounded by the pulsing bass of the speakers. The sound reverberates low in my body, teasing my clit and making me even wetter.

My eyes slide over the room, and it doesn’t take be long to find you. You look like sin. Blonde hair curling slightly from under a black beanie – I do love those on you! I’d make you wear them when we fuck, but I love running my fingers through your silky hair just a little more.

Your face is home. Clean lines, almost boyish, but saved by your strong jaw and wickedly tilted green eyes. My angel. My devil.

As if sensing my gaze, you lift your head from the ear of the petite redhead you were whispering sweet nothings too.

My tight jeans are low on my hips. My t-shirt is tight over my chest. My chestnut hair is longer since the last time I saw you, and I have bangs now, shading my blue-green eyes. My body is a little slimmer too, but I still have those curves you love so much.

My heavy steel-toed boots make no sound as I stalk towards you. Your delicious lips curve slightly as you take me in. Your eyes flash.


I stand in front you. You tower over me. Our eyes meet. It’s still there. The passion. Thrumming, throbbing, building.

“Excuse me?” your redhead whines. “We were dancing here!” She looks at me like I’m some crazy girl. Maybe I am, but you don’t care.

“Youweredancing,” I say, not sparing her a glance. My tone is not harsh; I’m not jealous, just in a hurry. You are no longer surprised by my indifference to your ‘dates’. They may have your body for a night or two, butIhave your soul. Forever.

She scoffs, looking to you for sanity, but when you’re with me, you no longer have any. You ignore her, you know I don’t share. If you ever feel the need for another women in our bed, then I’m not doing my job right. It’s never been a problem.

Your smile widens, flashing perfect white teeth.

At the same moment, we reach for each other. Our lips crash together, tasting, teasing.God, it’s been too long!

Your date runs off, sobbing. She’ll get over it.

“How long?” you gasp against my lips as we part for air.

“Tonight,” I reply. It not enough, never enough, but somehow, we’ll make do.

You nod, taking my hand and lead me towards the door. As we pass the bar, the senior bartenders chuckle and shake the heads. They know me. They know they won’t see you again tonight.

Suddenly we’re in the cool night air, the chill doing nothing to cool our arousal. Instead I feel feverish, like I’m burning up inside. I need you so bad. I’d beg if you asked, but you never do, because you need me just as much.

Soon we’re in you apartment above the Chinese takeout next door. I love Chinese food, I don’t mind the smell. It reminds me of you. I can still feel the bass from the club as you pin me against the wall.

After minutes of almost frantic kissing and caressing, we stand naked before each other. You take in my new tattoo, swirling lazily over my right pendik escort hip and diving down to the top of my smooth mound. I see you haven’t had anything new done, the scorpion still curling proudly around your right nipple.

Your body is just like I remembered, just like I dreamed about. Lean muscle and broad shoulders, defined but still soft. And hard, very hard.

In a brief moment of tenderness, you wrap me in your strong arms, and I feel safe, sheltered. “It’s good to be home,” I murmur against your chest. You know I don’t mean this house, this city. I meanyou. I, the eternal nomad, the traveller, found my home in your arms. In these moments, I can never remember why I always leave.

Soon, you begin kissing me again, soft at first, but growing stronger, more possessive. Soul-deep. I respond in kind.

Suddenly, I’m falling, but I’m saved by the softness of your bed. You’re above me, pressing inside before I can take a breath. There’s no need for foreplay, I’ve been wet since I drove across the state line. There’s plenty of time for your talented tongue later, I never did mind having the main course before the appetizer.

You thrust into me hard, knowing well what we both like. Hard, rough and more than a little dirty.

I wrap my legs around your waist, pulling you deeper. I feel every inch of you, stretching me wide fitting me perfectly. We were made for each other.

The pressure is building fast, too fast, not fast enough. You shift to your knees, holding my waist up, my body arched, only my shoulders touching the bed. You’re so strong. You thrust in me. It feels like you’re tearing me apart. I love it.

I cum, screaming your name, bucking and tossing under you. I clench around you and you join me. I love the feeling of your warm cum filling my belly, dripping from me as you pull out, spent.

You lie next to me, wrapping me in your arms. I love this. I love you. So I say it.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Babe.” And you do. We’ve told each other before, but it’s always nice to hear.

I feel you harden against me already, but we wait, enjoying just being together.

I take your left hand in mine, my fingers running lightly over the tattoo around your ring finger. It matches mine. Most people get the wrong idea; they think we’re married. You asked me once, and I said yes, so I guess we’re engaged, but neither of us is ready to get married. Not yet. And there’s no way I’d dress up like a meringue, even for you.

We don’t talk about our issues. We learned long ago that it spoils the mood. We fight, then have hot make-up sex, true; but it’s not worth the lost time. We just go in circles. I’m not ready to settle down. My wanderlust hasn’t been sated yet. You still enjoy playing the field too much. I have no doubt that you would be faithful if I said I was ready, but for now, we’re both still finding ourselves.

What happens when you find your true love, your soulmate when you’re young? You either do the whole maltepe escort ‘marriage, kids’ thing, and always regret not seeing the world, or you let each other go, and trust you’ll find your way back to each other’s arms. We’re still finding our way.

Your hand slips from mine as you snake down my body, kissing every piece of skin you can find on the way. I sigh with pleasure as you nibble my breasts. I could hold you there all night, but you’re drawn downwards. Your tongue dips into my belly button, and I moan as I imagine your tongue stabbing other places in my body.

I bark a laugh as you blow a raspberry, slapping your head playfully. You look up, eyes sparkling with humour. I stroke your strong cheek, letting all I feel shine through my eyes. Still watching me, you dip your head, blowing softly on my wet pussy lips. Your cool breath makes me moan, and you can’t resist tasting me.

You lick one long, slow swath from my asshole up to my clit, flicking it before you lift your head. You close your eyes, savouring the taste of me, the taste ofus, mixed together in my pussy. I thread my hands through your longish hair; gripping gently and pushing you back down. The humour is back in your eyes, but you comply, wanting more of me.

You kiss my spread thighs. You lave my mound. You nibble my lips. Then, oh, god!Thenyou start again. You bastard.

I hate you.

But soon you stop teasing, and your tongue stabs deeply into my pussy, just like I dreamed it would. The pressure builds slowly, and you knead my thighs with your large hands. It’s not enough. I tug at your hair, and after a token show of resistance, you shift you tongue from my pussy to my clit, swirling slowly.

One of your hands moves, and suddenly I feel three of your long fingers slamming inside of me, curling to find that special spot that makes me scream. And soon I do. You don’t let up. The only movement you make is to splay a hand over my belly to hold me still as I begin to buck wildly. I cum. And you don’t stop.

I love you.

I float, languid and free. But then I feel it building again. This one takes longer, but as I break for you, you move, your face and hand trading places. You eat me out as your fingers work my clit. You slow, but don’t stop until I push you away.

I want more.

I pull us to our knees, and straddle you, sinking onto your straining cock. You hold me still and kiss me to oblivion. I wrap around you, loving the feel of you panting, vibrating against me. My vibrator. I almost laugh, but you start moving. Slow, but god! Oh, so deep!

Lifting me slowly, ’till you almost pop out, my muscles clenching franticly, desperate not to loose you. Lowering me, slowly, ’till I feel your balls touching my ass. Then you grind against me. Then you begin again. It takes longer to build this way, but it will be worth it.

I lean back, and you nibble down my neck, feasting on my breasts. I explode, my nails scraping your skin. You groan, and pull me flush kartal escort against you, my hard nipples rubbing against your sweat-slicked chest. I bite your ear, tugging on the many silver earrings circling it. I have more tattoos. You have more piercings. But not by much.

Your hands slip lower, and one dips in my crack. I feel you coat your fingers with the moisture from my pussy, then probe my back entrance. You’re the only one I trust with my ass. I save it for you. You slip a long finger inside, and I feel that pleasurable burning. You thrust a few times, before adding another. I feel deliciously stretched. Through all this, you keep thrusting into my pussy, never faltering. I’m slow close, and as I look into your eyes, I see you are too.

You nuzzle my cheek, almost cat like, then dip your head to my neck. I expect more kisses, more licks, but instead, you growl, “Mine.”

You’re so possessive; I can only gasp back, “Yes!”

You sink your teeth into my neck, and I scream.

You thrust, I cum; you moan, I clench; you cum, I scream.

You always make me scream. The neighbours always know when I’m in town. They don’t mind, I think it turns them on to hear us. They stopped calling the cops years ago. The last time the boys in blue banged on the door, I answered naked. You nearly pissed yourself, you were laughing so hard.

We sit still, panting in each other’s arms. A trickle of blood runs from where you bit me. That’s okay. I feel your blood under my hands from where I scratched you. We’re quite the pair.

Soon, we’re writhing together again. And again. And again.

This is one reason why we can’t stay together. We never sleep. I got fired twice because I turned up late for work too many times. Sometimes, we’retooperfect for each other.

I wake to harsh sunlight beating through you windows. You still sleep beside me. I contemplate waking you, but I look at the clock, and I know we don’t have enough time to do everything you’ll want to do. We’re like X-rated Energiser Bunnies, but I have to go.

I kiss you softly, so as not to wake you, then I quickly dress, not making a sound. I’ve gotten good at that. You hate when I leave like this, but you hate watching me walk out the door too. You’ll forgive me. I’m not sure I ever will.

I look at you once more before I close the door. You look so sweet, boyish, like when we were younger. Innocent. A single blond curl graces your smooth forehead, and my hand twitches, wanting to brush it off.

I love you. I belong to you, body, mind, heart and soul, just as you belong to me. But I’m not ready. I’ll be back in town in a couple months, and you’ll make me scream again. Maybe I’ll be ready then. Maybe not.

I love you. You were my first, when we were both too young to be doing such things, but I never regretted it. You were so sweet. You still are, but you hide it well. I’m the only one whoknowsyou.

You were my first, and I know you’ll be my last, when we’re old and grey, pictures of our many grandchildren smiling down from the walls. If we’re lucky, we’ll die together. Heart attacks probably, with you still buried inside me.

What a way to go!

I love you. Always will. My heart, my soul, my home.

See you soon…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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