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I was in my first year of college. Since the summer break was about to begin I was looking for a job. There were some possibilities posted outside the student union so I looked them over. One seemed worth looking into.

“Young man willing to travel, working as assistant to a salesperson. Must be willing to deal with people in a friendly and helpful way, work long hours and work closely with me. Please call ………. for further details.” Twila Tharp, CEO, Great Expectations

The woman who interviewed me was a good thirty but she was ok, if you know what I mean. The actual job description was still something of a mystery. She sat at her desk in front of her computer as I sat in a chair well in front of her. She was barefoot and kept wiggling her toes as she asked me questions. Some of the questions were really out there, like did I like boys or girls. In the end she said I could have the job a week or two to see if it would work for her.

I barely got to pack my bag before we were headed down the turnpike. When we registered in a motel she headed to the shower and told me to get ready to do the same. She called from the bathroom for me to come in. I found her standing there completely naked.

“Why don’t you have your clothes off?” she asked. Without waiting for an answer she told me to strip. At nineteen I wasn’t about to argue. My mind was rivited on her body, slim, well toned and small breasted with a shaved pussy. My cock was as big as it ever gets. When I was naked she told me to get into the shower but had me get out after a minute or so.

“Come here.” she said, as she laid back on the floor. I did as she said, got on my knees between her open legs and let her take my cock in her fist, placing it on her vaginal opening. Imagine my surprise at how easy it was to slip into her. All the things I had imagined were shit. Thanks to Mother Nature I knew exactly what to do. I fucked her quickly shooting my load into her cunt as she responded with her own spasms. She was patient, waiting, as we lay there in the aftermath but my erection returned, still deep into her cunt. I began to fuck her again.

This time it took longer and she met my strokes with an almost scary intensity until she had an enormous orgasm, squeezing my cock with her vagina and holding me tight with her legs as I ejaculated again. Then we were done.

“You did well.” she said. “Tomorrow we go to a tiresome man who has a lovely daughter. I fear the man may find you to his liking. If he does you must give him reason to deal with us in the future. That’s the job. You may never get a taste of his daughter.”

She made me lay on my back and cleaned my genitals with her mouth. This was obviously something she loved doing. Although it made me hard the tank was dry for the moment. She got on her back wanting me to return the favor. At nineteen I suddenly found myself in heaven. Everything I had ever dreamed of was happening.

I licked the semen, which had run down to the floor from her gaping vaginal opening. I spent some time licking away the treasure from her asscrack past her anus. She pushed the pooled semen out of her cunt into my mouth. I had been eating my semen for years so it was no big deal. When I got to her clitoris she got hot again, holding my head as her hips pumped until her spasms began. After that she was done. She turned away from me and fell asleep.

On this evening I had more sex than I had in my entire life. The promise was there for more of the same every night not to mention the customers. Already, I erotik film izle had a pretty good idea how she did business. I dressed, went outside and smoked a cigarette before going to the store across the street to buy a pint of whiskey. Although I wasn’t much of a drinker I drank enough to drive me to bed.

The next day we were on the road by nine. It wasn’t productive to go too early. We stopped at what seemed like a small neighborhood store, hardly worth the effort, but this was where most of her business was done since dealing with the big chain stores was out of her league. The owner was already working but he knew my boss and took time to talk with her. He kept looking at me and I began to suspect that I was the bait.

She came to me and said, “We can do well here if you close the deal.” This was all too weird. My instincts told me to run, but I was already too willing to see what would happen next. I followed the manager into a private room where he promptly got on his knees in front of me. I dropped my pants to my ankles as he began to play with my cock and scrotum until I was hard. He gave me a standard blowjob. Nothing fancy. I ejaculated into his mouth as he swallowed. That’s all he wanted. He got up and went back out to do business.

When we were back in the car Twila said, “You did well.”

“There was no beautiful daughter.” I said.

“Hey, give me a break. We didn’t have an appointment.” she said

“How do we make money? I mean what are we selling?” I asked.

“We’re selling sex, baby. Haven’t you figured that out yet?” she said. “Some customers want pussy and others want a man. Are you up to that? I promise you’ll get all the pussy you can handle.”

“I’ve never really been into men. Whatever, I want no ass fucking.” I said.

“I have a selection of anal dilators that you could use to stretch your asshole with. It wouldn’t be bad at all once you’re ready for it, especially with lube. Why not give it a try? I can help you tonight if you want. I have to admit it turns me on just thinking about it.” she said. “Assholes turn me on.”

We dropped the subject and stopped at another store where an attractive dirty blond with a shag and a lovely face smiled when she saw Twila. After a short conversation they disappeared into a back room leaving me with the woman’s four year old daughter. I sat on the floor with her as we colored in her books. She was still in the scribbling phase but she liked having company. A very nice little girl. Twila was gone for a half hour. By that time the kid had gone out to play and I was outside smoking a cigarette.

As we drove away Twila asked, “Is your tank full yet?”

“I don’t know.” I said.

“Well, time to fill up. This next place is going to be your dream come true.” she said

After twenty minutes or so we stopped at a diner for lunch. Another twenty and we stopped at a motorcycle repair shop with rough looking guys sporting a wealth of tatoos and attitude. I was tall, better than 6′ 5″ and fairly muscular for someone who didn’t workout but I was nothing like these men. My selling point was that I was very good looking with blond hair down past my ears and blue eyes with white teeth and scant body hair. I also had a cock that most men only dream about. It was a gift from mother nature. The kids in high school gym class used to mock me, but they never knew what I did with the coach. It had always been like that. I was a plaything from an early age.

Twila took me to a small frame dwelling in the back where a woman film izle answered the door. She was like the men in the repair shop but behind her were two blond beauties wearing short shorts, a T with no bra and bare feet. My tank filled up real fast at this point. The mother said, “These are my daughters. If you knock them up I will kill you.”

The girls took me outside where there was big tub of water in an old gas tank. They both laughed as we got naked. I don’t think they were real smart but they were sexy as all get out. Before they could get in the water I stopped them.

“Let me smell you before we get in the water.” I said. They were all for that, getting on their backs and spreading wide with their knees bent. Should I live to be a hundred I will never enjoy such a feast of ripe, young pussy and smelly assholes until my dying day. I was drunk with lust and licked each girl clean of the wetness and secretions and goodness that they had to offer. I began worrying one girl’s clit with my tongue and she was turning on in a hurry. Her orgasm was long and intense as she held my head. After, I licked the corona of vaginal debris she had pushed out enjoying its heavenly smell and sour taste.

Then her sister became my next target. Both girls were a match, maybe nineteen to twenty two with firm titties and erect nipples. I went down on the second one and drank her essence with my nose and made short work licking her sex. She was dirtier than her sister but I didn’t care. I licked her clean too and worked on her clit until she came like a trainwreck. They were both quiet now. Post orgasmic. I let them lay there on the wooden floor as I got a cigarette from my pants pocket and had a smoke. It was nice just looking at their naked twats. One of the girls had pushed out a bit of shit during her orgasm.

I couldn’t find anything to clean her with so I used my finger to transfer the shit to the edge of the deck they were laying on. I didn’t mind the smell on my finger. It was just sex. As they began to recover they sat up and we got into the pool. Both of them were slow to play but they soon got into it, marveling at the size of my cock, feeling it, squeezing my scrotum and fingering my asshole. They made me lie on the deck as they began to masturbate me. It didn’t take long for me to ejaculate, much to their delight. They licked the cum from my body, lapping it up and sucking my cock. Twila was right, this was my dream come true.

All good things must come to an end. An hour later we were on our way to where we would spend the night. “You’re turning out much better than I thought you would.” she said. “I hope there’s some left for me.”

That night she had me lay on my side as she inserted increasingly large anal dilators until I could have taken a a large man’s fist. She was right, if you did it slowly it wasn’t so bad although I didn’t find it to be a turn on. It was simply preparation for the next day’s work. So far I had not made a penny, but that soon changed. The next day Twila gave me $5000 in cash telling me there was more to come. It turned out I was becoming something of a star in the sexual underworld. I guess word got around.

We had breakfast at a pancake place on the interstate. Then we ended up at the State Capitol where we were escorted to the Office of the Comptroller where we were brought into his office. It turned out the guy was a fag and my ass was the target. Once he got rid of the staff we got down to business. Thank goodness for the anal dilators and the lube. It was over in five minutes. seks filmi izle It took a day of changing my underwear before the drainage stopped.

Later that day we stopped at a nail and massage place where the boss disappeared for an hour. I read magazines and sat outside smoking cigarettes. When Twila came out we walked to a drug store where she bought items that people like us needed. That was all for the day. At the motel we went to we had sex, just like that, then we washed and spent the balance of the day looking at tv as we lay naked on the bed. Thankfully Twila liked baseball.

Apparently there would be no end to this journey we were on. I could not help but think of Don Quixote slaying windmills. I hoped that there might be more teenaged girls in the mix. Twila was a pro. I mean, she didn’t seem that interested in me unless it was time to work or time for her to get off. Then she got her period. I was surprised. This seemed like an opportunity to make money but Twila stayed in bed. Some people really like that stuff but nothing from Twila.

While she was indisposed I spent time with one of the girls at the nail and massage place. Her name was Pamela and she wanted to get out of there. We spent a lot of time at a local park just talking and hit it off. With my new found wealth we got a room at a motel and had sex. Pamela was nineteen and although not a world class beauty she knew how to suck cock. We spent three hours in the sack before I left her sleeping.

I thought about my part in this fantasy that I was involved with and decided that the $5000 I already had might very well be all I would ever get so I walked the the bus station and went home. It’s doubtful that Twila would have done anymore for me so I felt no guilt, but she had my email address and got in touch with me.

“Don’t be a sap.” she said. “We can make some real money if we work together. I’ll wait here at the La Dee Da motel for you to return.” So I did. The evening I got back we had sex. It was all oral and all wonderful. She sucked me dry. Twila liked anal/oral so I worked on her tight, little bung hole with my tongue until she was satisfied. Then we slept.

The next day we went to a carnival where there were all sorts of freaks. My job was to be the “big cock”in a private show. The “girl” who was chosen to star with me had a vestigial cock and a cunt. It was a freak show. Actually it didn’t last long. I shot my load in her face whereupon she sucked my cock as the paying customers clapped. It was cheap money and we got away before the cops arrived.

Our next stop was a lesbian hangout with butch women who reminded me of the guys in the motorcycle repair shop. I could not understand what the appeal was. Obviously there was a dynamic in play that I just did not understand. These girls were men with pussies. Exactly what Twila did I have no idea and I was glad to get away from there.

That night I fucked Twila in the ass, something I had never done before with anyone. It felt nice, hot and tight. In the aftermath of our coupling I kissed her, something that shocked her.

“No kissing.” she said. “Let’s not complicate things.”

The next day we chilled out but Twila brought out the anal dilators towards dinnertime. It was my turn to be the bait and we were going to NeverNever land. It turned out to be a show, like a stage show for fags. The attraction was the size of my cock. This brought us an incredible amount of cash. This freakie stuff is where the real money is. Go figure. So far I hadn’t sucked one cock, but my asshole was taking a beating. It was about this time that I decided that enough was enough.

The next day I took Twila in my arms and said , “I love you baby but I can’t do this anymore.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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