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The usual summertime family gathering had moved from the backyard to the living room since it’d been a particularly hot day and most of the men wanted to watch whatever was on the sports channel. Jean had feigned interest in whatever sport thing was on simply to get out of helping her mother and Aunt with cleaning duty. So she’d happily take being ignored and on her phone in the living room than have to pretend to be interested in whatever topic of conversation they were having in the kitchen.

Jean shifted in her spot for what felt like the fiftieth time since she’d sat on the couch sandwiched between her uncle and a cousin from out of town. Her uncle Noah’s hand had been resting gently on her knee since the beginning of the game, but every now and then his hand would move up and down her thigh, before he seemed to realize what he was doing, and then he’d move it back to rest on her knee once again. His fingers kept grazing over her inner thigh and it was all Jean could do not to fidget every time she felt his fingers move. She could feel a heat building in her lower belly that made her shiver. It was by sheer luck at this point that no one seemed to notice Jean’s fidgeting or how she couldn’t stop shifting her hips uselessly. The cushions did her no good but to remind her that grinding down on them would not help how needy it made her feel. Uncle Noah’s hand was suddenly tightly holding her leg, his fingers rubbing her inner thigh, but it was his pinky edging too close to her groin that did her in.

With a huff Jean stood and excused herself to the bathroom, not bothering to look anyone in the eye, hoping that everyone was too focused on the TV to see how flustered she might have looked. She shut herself up in the bathroom and gave a huge sigh of relief as her body calmed down. Not that it did Jean much good, because she could still feel the ghost of her Uncle Noah’s grip on her leg. She took a deep breath to steady herself one more time before she would head back downstairs. As she reached for the doorknob the door swung open and closed, her uncle now standing there with a smug look on his handsome face.

“Well, I thought I might find you in here,” Uncle Noah grinned as he reached behind him and twisted the lock into position. “But you really should lock the door if you want privacy.”

Jean’s eyes followed his movements before looking back at his face, She’s assumed he’d been acting strange earlier because he’d been at least a bit buzzed but right now he looked completely sober and possibly a little predatory. “W-why do you need privacy right now?”

Her Uncle Noah hummed before moving past her swiftly, lifting the toilet seat and unzipping his khakis to take his cock out. Jean whipped her head around to take her eyes off her uncle and look at the door just as she heard the clear sound of him peeing. He chuckled at her reaction, “You’re not even a little curious about my dick, or is the pissing a turn-off?”

With nothing but a look of horror, Jean twisted her head back to look at Uncle Noah, “Who would think of pee as a turn-on?” she barely registered that he’d never taken his eyes off of her the whole time, even as he finished, cleaned himself up, and flushed.

Her Uncle was still grinning as he washed and dried his hands, “You’ve been eighteen for a couple of months now, at this point you can’t possibly be a virgin,” He teased, “but I guess you can’t be experienced enough to know what a piss kink is?” his tone was so patronizing and Jean felt like she had something to prove.

“How do you know I’m not a virgin?” Jean scowled up at her uncle, even leaned over the sink as he was, it seemed as though he towered over her.

Suddenly one of her Uncle’s hands was between her thighs, fingers grazing the skin around the hem of her shorts, “You’re a very pretty girl, Jeanie. But mostly I’m pretty sure a virgin would have freaked out when an older man simply touched her thigh, let alone rub at her for almost a full hour.”

She leaned back until her ass was half sitting on the counter to try to move her groin away from his hand, “I-I’m not a slut.”

“No, I didn’t say you were but-” His words paused as he moved his hand intentionally, up past the fabric gripping her naked thigh. Whatever he was about to say never made it out of his mouth, instead with a grin Uncle Noah looked down at where his hand was, “Are you sure about that?”

Jean stifled a moan when she felt a finger rub over her closed pussy lips over and over. She covered her mouth with one of her hands, “N-no s-stop… I’m not-” She was mortified.

Uncle Noah looked up at her face as he continued rubbing at her, “Well I thought you were still a good girl but no panties under these cute little shorts?” He teased her by pressing at her pussy lips but still not nudging past. “I bet if I push my fingers in you’ll be soaking wet, bet this pussy would suck me in like a whore.”

She groaned as her hips rolled of their own accord, pushing against her Uncle’s fingers, Jean shook her head, trying kaçak iddaa to gain some kind of control over her body but his touch made the heat in her lower belly want to bloom.

“Your body is being more honest about what type of girl you are.” He used his knuckles to keep rubbing at her mound as his other hand grabbed under one of her knees to force her foot to prop up on the counter to give him a better view between the wide legs of her shorts. “If you want these fingers you need to beg like a good slut.” He watched her with a serious expression. “Or I can leave you like this and we both pretend this never happened.”

Jean huffed, barely holding herself up she was slumped on the counter as his knuckles teased her entrance, She knew she should stop him and this should end and yet, “Y-yes I w-want them.” Her voice was small behind the hand still covering her mouth.

Uncle Noah stilled his hand, “Nah-ah, how do we ask for things?”

Jean’s whole face went red at the words. That was the exact phrase she’d heard over and over as a small child being taught manners. She took several breaths and tried not to look directly in her Uncle’s eyes because he used those exact words on purpose, and she didn’t want to see his satisfaction in knowing that it worked. “Please Uncle Noah put your fingers in my pussy.”

He hummed, giving her pussy one last stroke before swiftly shoving two fingers into her, “What a good slut. This mouth just sucked my fingers right in.” His fingers shifted around inside her, pressing against the warm silky walls of her pussy. “Well you’ve got my fingers inside you, Jeanie, do you want anything else? I will say we only have so much time before the family notices something might be up, so you should decide quickly.”

His fingers were big and long and Jean didn’t need to think about what she wanted this time. The hand over her mouth came down and she took hold of the wrist of the hand inside her, “Please Uncle Noah fuck my pussy with your fingers.”

Her Uncle Noah smiled proudly, “That’s a good girl, I knew you could do it.” There he was parroting more words from her childhood as his fingers slid almost all the way out of her body only to slam right back in. He added a third finger and he set a steady pace of in-out, in-in-out, over and over. Jean could barely hold her whines back as she rocked to meet his fingers. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and an attempt to turn the knob. So quick Uncle Noah had a big hand cover Jean’s mouth and nose, the fingers still half in her pussy froze their movements.

“Um, Noah what’s going on you’ve been in there a bit?” Jean’s eyes went wide in horror at the sound of her mother’s voice through the door but Uncle Noah looked so unaffected as he slowly slid his fingers back inside her, pushing them in as far as he could make them go. Jean was breathing so hard against the hand covering her mouth that she could feel spit and saliva against her lips, at the corners of her mouth. “You wouldn’t happen to know where Jean ran off to would you? I didn’t see her in her room.”

Uncle Noah kept his eyes on her as he spoke. “She’s in here with me Ren. Jeanie wasn’t feeling too good so I came to check on her, I guess that grilled shrimp didn’t agree with her cause I found our poor girl puking her guts out. I figured I’d help hold her hair back and get cleaned up before she goes and gets some rest.”

“Oh goodness, well that’s nice of you, Noah. Is there anything I can get you? A towel or something?” Her mother sounds only mildly annoyed and not even the least bit suspicious about her brother locked in a room alone with her only child.

Uncle Noah began slowly pulling his fingers out of her while calmly explaining, “I’ve already got one, and besides, Jeanie’s feeling a bit self-conscious about being seen like this and that it’s gotten a little smelly in here. Don’t worry though Ren, Jeanie’s in good hands, once she feels like she can move I’ll get her in bed.”

Her mother was silent for a moment, “That’s fine I suppose. You okay in there, Jean sweetie?” She called through the door.

It was then that her Uncle’s fingers were shoved back into her pussy so swift and deep that Jean couldn’t help the punched out groan that slipped out of her just as her Uncle released her mouth so she could reply with a harsh sounding, “Yeah mom.” she felt like she could barely catch a breath.

“Alright baby feel better, I’ll let everyone downstairs know.” She paused, “And thanks Noah for taking care of this. I’ll let Rose know she might need to head home ahead of you.” Then Jean’s mom was down the stairs leaving Jean alone with her Uncle once again.

His fingers pumped in and out of her at a slow steady pace now, “Your mom would be appalled to see you like this Jeanie, and really she’d be right to feel that way. It’s just such inappropriate behavior for a family gathering, so I guess in a way you’re lucky I’m the one who found you out huh?” he said as if his fingers weren’t abusing her dripping hole. She could feel kaçak bahis the wetness between her thighs sloshing down to soak the fabric of her shorts. The wetter she felt the more heat she felt in the pit of her belly.

Jean gave a quiet moan and stuttered, “I-I feel li-ike I’m gonna-” She almost groaned in frustration when suddenly her uncle stopped moving his hand. Her grip on his wrist tightened, and if he knew that was how she was showing her frustration her Uncle Noah ignored it.

“I know you know the words.” another familiar phrase as he looked at her smugly refusing to move the tips of his fingers held just passed her pussy lips.

Jean gave a pitiful whined but didn’t hesitate to say, “P-please Uncle make me cum on your fingers.” that was clearly all he wanted because no sooner was he pumping his fingers in and out over and over, faster than before. This time he kept a steady pace no longer slowing as Jean started huffing and grinding forward to meet his fingers. Jean could feel her orgasm building again higher and higher until she felt her whole body seize. Mouth open wide in a silent scream, Jean curled forward as her legs came together to squeeze her Uncle’s arm between her thighs. She was breathing hard as she finally slumped back onto the counter with limbs akimbo, she could no longer control herself and felt tingly, warm, and relaxed all over. She’d never cum so quickly or felt so good after an orgasm before, clearly, her Uncle was really good at this stuff.

Uncle Noah pulled his digits free of her body and with them, it felt like a deluge of liquid released to further soak her already wet shorts. He took a look at his fingers before looking back at her smugly. She didn’t register his next movements until his half-hard cock was out and his hand was back between her thighs scooping at her wetness. “You sure do cum like a needy whore for someone who says she’s not a slut.” He rubs a handful of her juices over as much of his cock as he could before pausing as he had thought.

He backed away from Jean for just a moment and goes to turn on the shower. “Wh-what are you doing?” still totally confused in her post cum haze.

“We aren’t quite done here, Jeanie and it’s best we make sure no one can think to question what’s going on in here.” He turned back to face her, a hand idly rubbing at his cock. “Do you think you just get to come with help from your favorite Uncle and walk away without returning the favor in some way? I know you weren’t raised to be so impolite.” Uncle Noah looked at her like she might be a little stupid and as her brain came back online she pouted.

Jean struggled to sit from her slumping on the counter and look at her uncle properly. “Um r-right okay what do you want then?” he didn’t answer though just continued to look at her with a hand on his hip. She blinked once, twice as she looked at him until her brain finally truly caught up and she looked down at the slowly stiffening cock between her uncle’s thighs. “OH oh, right.” She said breathlessly. Jean finally managed to slip from the counter and it wasn’t even seconds before gravity had the slick remnant of her orgasm that wasn’t sliding down her legs and dripped onto the floor between her feet. Her Uncle Noah didn’t seem interested in whether she was feeling steady, as he pushed Jean down to her knees so that her eyes would be level with the monster that was his cock. Jean hesitated only a moment before she wrapped her hands around his shaft, brought the head to her lips, and began licking. It was intimidating, to say the least, she was sure it was thicker than her wrist and nearly as long as her forearm. His cock was bigger than any she’s ever seen, being this so close to it gave her a bold rush of excitement.

Jean glanced up at Uncle Noah and it was as if all the air in her chest was simply gone. He was watching her with an intense look, eyes filled with a heady mix of lust, love, and his usual smug confidence. She felt like he was some ancient god and she’d be granted some great gift, as long as she could please him to satisfaction. So Jean had gone from licking the head to sucking it into her mouth making sure to watch her teeth as she slurped around his girth. She licked the underside of his cock, feeling the vein there pulse against her tongue and though Jean had already come she could feel heat pooling low in her belly again.

Uncle Noah reached toward her, stroking her cheek as he looked down at her before running the fingers that had been inside her several minutes ago through her hair, “You’re doing such a good job Jeanie, but I’m going to need you to use that throat.” He grinned at the sulky whine she let out. “If I wanted a sad handjob I would’ve just gone home with my wife.”

With a deep breath through her nose, Jean shifted her position and took more of the cock into her mouth until she could feel the stretch of her jaw begin to ache. She could barely breathe around his dick and with every huff, she could feel spit and dribble leaking from the sides of her mouth. illegal bahis She slowly pulled off the length so the tip was resting on her lower lip so she could take a breath before taking him back in her mouth as deep as she could. Jean bobbed her head over his cock over and over, she could barely get half of her Uncle’s cock in her but she tried to make up for it was enthusiasm. Jean thought Uncle Noah would appreciate that at least but when she looked up at him his expression was that of someone barely tolerating an annoyance and it made her whine pitifully.

“It seems this is the best you can manage Jeanie, and that’s ok, seeing as you’ve only fucked immature boys till now.” Uncle Noah, he assured her but still sounded disappointed. Jean’s hands came up to rest on his lower belly as if to beg. He nodded then as if he knew what she might be trying to communicate, “Don’t worry Jeanie we can fix that right? I’ll teach you how to take a real man’s cock.” With no hesitation, he moved her head in just the right way to help her get into a better angle, “Now I’ll do it for you this time okay? you’ll have to pay attention so you can practice on your own. Relax your throat for me, make sure not to tense up. You tense up and it will hurt.”

Jean tried to nod in the affirmative, but she choked a little on the cock still sitting on her tongue. She had to blink back the unshed tears as she looked up at her Uncle. One of his hands held the back of her head firmly while the other came to rest over her cheek. She relaxed into his hold, she could feel the muscles in her jaw relaxing as if she were melting, Uncle Noah made an affirmative sound as he began slowly pushing his long girthy cock further and further down her throat. Jean could barely breathe around the thickness as it continued its slow slide into her. She felt the head touching the back of her throat but he didn’t stop there, still quite a few inches to go before he would bottom out, Jean keened as he pushed further down her throat. She was doing her best to simply relax in her Uncle’s hold but even then her jaw still felt stretched to its limit. When Jean was just sure she couldn’t take any more of the wide stretch of her lips she felt the prickle of Uncle Noah’s pubes against her nose. Jean looked up at his face then hoping to see approval.

As luck would have it this time around, he was grinning down at her and she could feel the fingers against her cheek rubbing gentle circles into her skin, “Damn Jeanie, you’re just the prettiest thing I think I’ve ever seen.” His hand went from her cheek to feel at her throat, rubbing his fingers over the bulge from where he filled her up. The hand that held the back of her head tightened its grip. He began to pull himself out of her throat until just the head was left resting against the back of Jean’s tongue before pushing all the way back to bottom out. “I’m going to fuck your throat now Jeanie so try to remember to breathe through your nose.”

With that said he started bobbing her head up and down, she could feel drool and slick sliding down her chin with every thrust inward. Jean could barely get enough air as his cock pumped into her over and over. She lost track of everything except for the feeling of Uncle Noah’s cock pummeling the walls of her throat, it was mesmerizing in its own way and part of her never wanted it to end. So when his thrusts began to stutter and his cock simply rocked in her throat she almost wasn’t ready. Luckily she’d steadied herself as Uncle Noah’s iron grip pressed her face into his groin so hard it flattened her nose against him until she couldn’t even get air in. She could feel his cock pulsing as he came over and over down her throat, Jean could only hope it would flow down into her stomach as she scratched at Uncle Noah’s hips hoping he would realize that he was keeping her from breathing.

It felt like an eternity of time had passed, and Jean was feeling so lightheaded from the lack of air that she thought she would pass out when her uncle’s grip loosened and he finally, slowly began to pull his softening cock out of her slimy wet mouth. As the tip slid past her tongue she could feel one last glob of cum ooze into her mouth. Uncle Noah looked down at her, never taking his eyes off of her as he grabbed a hand towel and wiped himself clean, and righted his clothes. Jean could barely hold herself up on her knees as she breathed, feeling as though she’d run a marathon. “You look like a real slut now Jeanie. If you weren’t my niece I’d take a few pics to send to my buddies.”

Jean blushed as she became more aware of how she probably looked, her chin covered in sticky cum and drool. He once pristine white button-down was wet and partially sheer, her push-up bra on full display, but it was her shorts that were nearly completely soaked with evidence of her own ecstasy. She suddenly felt so gross and self-conscious Jean did her best to look everywhere but at her uncle as she struggled to stand.

Uncle Noah chuckled as he reached out to steady her, “Hey,” He said softly, “Jeanie sweetie that’s nothing to be ashamed of you know. Real men love slutty women.” He unbuttoned her blouse not even a little bothered by the wetness, but he didn’t move to take it off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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