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“Seriously Jo?, Three weeks?” Tess asked her step-sis on their weekly Skype call to each other.

“Yep. Final assignment paper work is in the mill as we speak. I’ll be back stateside before Christmas and will have some leave before I have to report,” Jo told her sister-lover.

“Super! Can’t wait to see you, baby!” Tess exclaimed excitedly.

“Me either. In fact, I’m thinking of flying to you first so that we can have a few days to chill before you drive home for the holidays, and I’ll make the drive home with you from school, if that’s cool,” Jo said further.

“Seriously? You’re asking if I want to hang with you? You’re really asking that stupid question?” Tess replied.

“Well, you know, with all of those married chicks beating down your door these days, didn’t want to get in the way of your social life,” Jo jokingly replied.

Of course she knew of Tess’ recent and frequent romps with married women and, while she cautioned Tess to be careful about fooling around with cheating, married women as an older sib would do, she also wasn’t being judgmental; neither of the step-sibs ever being that with each other about their love lives, or more accurately, their fuck-lives.

“Everbody else has to get in line behind you, babe, you know that,” Tess said to her step-sis, holding her bare breasts in both hands, squeezing them, fondling them for Jo’s benefit through the Skype video connection.

Their last few video chats had been like that, Tess naked, or partially so, for her sis’ enjoyment. All of the computers in the media center at Jo’s base had screen-shields so that other soldiers couldn’t see their neighbor’s screen as they chatted with loved ones at home. Plenty of military wives, girlfriends, and husbands/boyfriends showing their soldiers plenty of flesh as a desperate attempt to keep the home fires burning for each other, so to speak. Add the mic/headset to the mix and you ‘almost’ had a modicum of privacy.

“Can’t wait to come home, Tess, can’t wait to see you, sis,” Jo said in a lonesome, yearning tone, her eyes smoldering with desire as she watched her step-sis fondle herself for Jo’s benefit.

It’d be something for Jo to take with her back to her cramped, but private, military quarters after their call, something for Jo to think about when in her bed, alone, pleasuring herself for physical relief at night. Jo hadn’t been with another woman in over a year. Oh sure, she could’ve when she was in the ‘Stans’, Afghanistan, or Pakistan, plenty of opportunity to indulge had she wanted. But, Jo wasn’t going to risk being outed in the military, perferring to ignore the come-ons from some of her fellow military women who weren’t quite as discrete about their sexual proclivities. No, she’d wait until coming home, the need to be discrete while in the military being a real concern.

“Soon enough, baby, soon enough,” Tess said with conviction.

“Time’s almost up, sis, so what’s your plan for the weekend?” Jo asked.

“Ah, I told mom (Chris, her step-mom, Jo’s birth mother) I’d show the daughter of the Franks around campus while she’s here for the All-State Orchestra’s Concert at the Campus.” The Franks were friends of their parents and their daughter was a High School Senior who was planning on attending Tess’ school after graduation.

“Well, good luck with that; okay, got to go…love ya, sis,” Jo said in goodbye.

“Back ‘atcha, Jo,” Tess replied and exchanging air kisses, the step-sibs signed off from the call.

Tess logged off of her laptop, and turning off her lights, climbed into bed to go to sleep. But, of course, that didn’t happen, her mind ‘busy’ thinking about her courses, her sis, her ‘baby-sitting’ duties on Saturday, tossing and turning in her bed.

The daughter, Megan, celebrated her eighteenth birthday a week ago, according to Chris, and Tess’ school was the last stop on the orchestra’s three-college tour. And, Chris went on to say, the Franks, Mrs. Franks, really, thought it to be a grand idea if Tess could show Megan around the campus on that Saturday and Megan could ride home with Tess on Sunday, for the Thanksgiving Holidays.

All necessary permissions had been given, Tess was told, and all she had to do was pick up Megan at the band’s hotel on Saturday morning.

Yippee-fucking-do, thought Tess, but answered, instead, “Sure mom, be glad to; the Franks know that we’ll have Sunday night on the road and won’t be home ’til Monday, right?”

“Yes, they do…..Tess, I really appreciate you doing this for them, I mean, you know she’s their only child and, well, I’m sure you know how important Megan’s happiness is to them,” Chris said to her step-daughter.

“Yeah, mom, I get it….not a problem, okay? I’ll give you a call when we get to a hotel on Sunday night, okay?” Tess replied, saying goodbye afterwards.

Yep, that’s how it went and there was no way around it or out of it, Tess thought as she tossed about in her bed, restless.

Well, wasn’t but one thing to do, Tess decided, and in a routine trabzon escort that both house-mates used when sleep wouldn’t come, Tess walked across the hall to her house-mate’s room, finding Jean sitting up in bed, reading from a textbook.

“Hey!” Jean said with a smile.

“Can’t sleep,” Tess grumbled as she got into Jean’s bed, laying herself out next to Jean.

“Let me finish this chapter, and I’ll take care of you, okay, baby?” Jean said, reaching with her hand to slip it under Tess’ panties, her fingers softly rubbing Tess’ pussy a second later while she returned to her reading.

“Yeaaah, that feels good….” Tess said in answer, her eyes closed as she responded to Jean’s practiced touch, sighing her pleasure.

Finishing the last page of the chapter, Jean quietly closed her book, placed it on the floor next to the bed and turned off the lamp. Rolling over towards Tess, Jean slipped off Tess’ panties, tossing them to the floor. Kissing Tess sweetly, tenderly, she began slowly fingering her house-mate. Jean pulled her lips from Tess’, sliding her body until she was between Tess’ legs. Lowering her gorgeous boobs until her nipple brushed against Tess’ aroused clitoris, Jean rubbed her hard nipple back and forth across Tess’ clit, the friction getting both women aroused.

Dropping her mouth to her house-mate’s pussy, Jean did what she now did best. She ate pussy, she ate Tess’ pussy for an awfully long, delicious time, causing Tess to tire quickly from her orgasms as a result of Jean’s cunnilingus, Tess’ body quaking and shaking with each one.

Cradling Tess to her body afterwards, Jean kissed the top of Tess’ head, knowing that when she, Jean, couldn’t sleep, Tess would do the same for her.

That’s what friends do for each other, right?….

“Tess! Tess! Over here,” the blonde-haired girl called from a conversation nook of the Hotel’s large lobby. Turning, Tess spied Megan as the High Schooler waved at Tess.

“Hey Megan, great to see ya’,” Tess said as they exchanged hugs of greetings.

“Hey Megan, is that your date for tonight?” one of the girls near where Megan had been standing called out, the girl’s tone clearly teasing and mean-streaked.

“Fuck off, Claire….Aren’t you late for your weekly date to blow the football team?” Megan responded in a not-so-teasing-way, “And don’t foget your knee-pads this time, sweetie, you know how chapped your knees can get when you service the boys.”

Megan’s remark caused the cat-call girl to blush immediately, the hate in her eyes sending bolts of destruction towards Megan. Blowing out a gasp of exasperated air, the cat-call girl turned on her heels and stormed out of the lobby amid laughter from several band-mates who were standing nearby and had heard the exchange between the two, obviously, non-friends.

“Wow! Well, that shut her up,” Tess remarked as she took one of Megan’s bags in her hand, leading them to the front door exit. Stopping to speak with a chaperon at the large tour bus parked under the hotel canopy, Megan’s name was checked and cleared, the chaperon wishing Megan good luck with her campus tour.

“Bitch!” Megan spit out as they continued their walk to Tess’ Beemer, “She got mad because, what I said to her?, about her?, is the worse kept secret at school.”

“Ouch,” Tess remarked, “So, she’s the team’s punch-board?”

“Pretty much…..her and a couple of others at school,” Megan replied, her anger lessening with each passing second.

“Always have the jock groupies at every school,” Tess said in way of conversation.

“Yeah, I suppose….” Megan conceded, “Sad, if you ask me,” stopping when Tess’ trunk lid popped up as they neared the car.

“So what was she ragging on you about?” Tess asked further, more than a little curious about the ‘date’ remark from cat-call girl.

“Oh…when we were freshman we played ‘spin-the-bottle’ at a house party one night and on my turn, the bottle stopped on one of the guys. So, I closed my eyes and pursed my lips for my kiss, right? Bitch pushed the guy out of the way and laid a ‘frenchie’ on me while one of her cunt-friends snapped phone-pics of she and I kissing. When I heard everybody laughing, I opened my eyes and saw it was her! and everybody else was laughing at the joke.” Megan explained as she got into Tess’ car, “Ever since then, she always teases me about being a lez and shit like that.”

“Don’t sweat it, Megan; High School crap doesn’t mean shit, blow it off, sweetie,” Tess counseled the teenager as she started her car, backed out, and turned towards campus.

“Yeah, I know…So, how’s it going with you?” Megan asked to change the subject, “Big-ass College Senior, huh? Must be great!”

“Finally,” Tess laughingly agreed,”So ready to graduate next semester,” the upcoming Spring semester, her reference.

“Anyplace to grab some coffee?” Megan asked as Tess turned onto the main drive into her campus.

“Great place for coffee,” Tess confirmed as she pulled trabzon escort bayan into a parking lot near the quad.

They sat inside the Coffee Hut because of the chilly November air, catching each other up on the past few years since Tess had been away at college.

“So, the Science School and just a general tour of campus?” Tess asked Megan after hearing of Megan’s interests and plans for college.

“Yeah, that’d be wonderful; can’t thank you enough for doing this, Tess, really appreciate it,” Megan said to Tess, “And? Maybe? A little of the non-classroom college scene?” Megan asked further, her face and raised eyebrows showing hopefulness.

“Well, we’ll see,” Tess answered, rising to leave the Hut to begin the tour with Megan.

“Awwww, Tess, Please??? I can’t do shit at home with my uptight parents breathing down my neck and as far as boys are concerned? I mean, come on, look at me, who’s going to beat down my door?” Megan pleaded, her low self-esteem glowing like a Vegas neon sign.

Megan was around Tess’ height, five-eigth’ish, lanky, slender, probably could use ten or so pounds on her frame to make her look less so. She had a swimmer’s body with broad shoulders and small boobs and was a key part of a couple of the swim club’s relay teams. She’d never make the Olympics as a swimmer, or anything athletic, but she could play the Cello like a master, earning first chair with the Honor Orchestra that year.

“Come on, please, please, Tess?” Megan pleaded again.

“We’ll see, okay? Now, let’s start over here,” Tess answered, leading her charge on the walkway across the Quad to the Science buildings, across campus.

They were done with the campus in about two hours and, with Tess as a tour guide, they did a drive-around of the city, the rural countryside and the foothills nearby.

“There you have it, Megan, the fifty-cent tour of what college life will sorta’ be about,” Tess said as they left the hamburger stand, where they had lunched, for Tess’ house.

“Like the campus and all,” Megan replied, “Might not be a bad place for a few years after all.”

“Good, let’s head for the house and see what’s shaking with the house-mate and we’ll figure out something to do tonight, okay?” Tess said in reply….

“Throw your stuff in my room for now, we’ll figure out sleeping arrangements later, Meg; okay if I call you Meg?” Tess said to Megan after reaching the top of the stairs and pointing to the open door of her room.

“Yeah, sure, most people do,” Meg replied, laying her two small bags in the corner of Tess’ bedroom, admiring the large king-sized bed and the four-poster headboard and footboard.

“Listen, I want to jump into the shower before Jean gets home and hogs all the hot water. I’ll point you to the TV room and if you can’t find anything to watch, we have loads of movies on the shelves,” Tess said as she led Meg downstairs to the den/living room/TV room.

“Yeah, that’s fine, go ahead and do your thing, I’ll be fine,” Meg replied with a smile.

Tess showered, shampooed, dried and dressed in record time for her, not wanting to leave her charge alone for too long. Bouncing down the stairs, she stopped on the middle landing, her face suddenly screwing-up in an ‘Oh Shit!’ expression.

Walking the rest of the way to where Meg was, Tess could clearly hear the familiar sounds of sex-noise coming from the TV. Peeking around the corner, Tess could see Meg sitting in the middle of the couch, her face intently watching the lesbian porn DVD playing on their system.

FUCK!! Tess shouted in her mind, berating herself for forgetting to take the damned DVD out after watching it the other night.

“Umm, Meg, Ummm, look, I’m sorry….I thought that was out of the player….aaahhhh shit! Meg, I’m sorry, just turn it off, okay?” Tess said, fumbling with her words, obviously.

“Oh no, it’s okay, Tess….never watched porn before, much less Lesbian porn. Have to say, it’s pretty interesting,” Meg said to Tess but her eyes staying glued to the action on the screen.

“Yeah, but still….,” the sound of the front door opening, cutting off her words.

“Hey Tess, how’s it going, sweetie?” Jean’s voice cried out when she walked through the door with one of her frequent fucks, one that Tess should know the name of but couldn’t, for the life of her, ever remember.

Grabbing the remote from the coffee table quickly, Tess turned off the DVD, producing a surprised frown on Megan’s face. Thinking quickly, Tess introduced Megan to Jean, leaving it to Jean to intro Di to Meg.

Di! That was her name.

“So, what are you two guys up to tonight?” Jean cried out from the kitchen, returning to the others with four ice-cold beers in her hands, handing them out.

Looking at Meg, Tess was trying to decide whether or not to protest Jean giving her a beer when Meg took the decision away by taking a long pull at the Corona, clearly not her first time at drinking beer.

“Meg, escort trabzon look, I’m sorta’ responsible for you until we get home on Monday; are you able to handle alcohol?” Tess asked, truly a little uncomfortable with it all.

“Tess? Seriously?” was all that Meg replied.

“Look, I’m jus’ sayin’……aaaah fuck it; if you get hammered, I’m not cleaning up after you, hear me?” Tess conceded, tipping her bottle neck against Meg’s in surrender.

“So, answer me, what have you guys got planned for tonight?” Jean persisted.

“Nada, zilch, nuttin’ honey,” Tess answered, “why?”

“Well, Di and I were just talking about the fact that’s it’s been forever since either one of us got fuck-faced drunk. We were thinking that this cold night would be a great night to stay in and play ‘shots’; you guys up for it?” Jean said while plopping down onto Di’s lap, Di sitting in one of the over-stuffed chairs of the room.

“Oooooh yeah, come on Tess, let’s play ‘shots’,” Meg chimed in excitedly, the thought of playing a drinking game appealing to her since she didn’t get a chance, at home, to do much drinking with the few friends that she had.

“Shots. You want to play shots?” Tess asked Meg, noticing that Meg was sorta’ watching as Di casually stroked her hand up and down Jean’s leg.

“Yeah…oh, come on, Tess; we’ll be ‘safe’, in the house, no driving, it’ll be fun,” Meg persisted, her desire to be included in the college gals’ game driving her pleas to Tess.

“Great!” Jean declared as if the decision was made, “I’ll put some music on; Tess, get the cards, and Di, get the Tequila, we keep it in the freezer, to stay cold.”

“The freezer?” Di questioned as she walked into the kitchen to retrieve the cactus juice.

“Yeah,” Tess called over her shoulder as she dug through the end table’s drawer for a deck of cards, “Tequila’s soooo much smoother when ice-cold,” explaining it for Di.

The game was simple enough since the aim of the game was to get fall-down drunk; first one to pass out, loses. Not a particularly smart game but, hey!, they’re college kids, okay?

Tess lost the first hand, her two of clubs being the low card in the turnover of the top cards from each player’s pile of dealt cards. Grimacing as the Tequila slid down her throat, Tess did her shot to the cheers of the other three gals.

So it went for the next hour or so, the hoots and hollers getting drunkenly louder with each shot taken. Words began to be slurred after a half-hour and eyes drooping dreamingly on all four of the gals as they consumed their losing shots.

Have to say, the four young women held their own with the Tequila for much longer than one might think, but, in the end, the Tequila was winning the game as it usually does.

“Thish ish fuuuuun,” Meg slurred after taking her shot, finishing the bottle by doing so. Giggling, Meg tried to stand but that wasn’t going to happen, losing her balance and falling, Tess’ arms able to stop her from hitting her head on the coffee table.

“You’re drunk, you little sneaky slut,” Tess laughingly said to Meg, all four gals laughing at Meg’s fall, Tess, herself, feeling the effects of the cactus juice.

“I’m not shneaky,” Meg protested, giggling with her head on Tess’ shoulder, “Ooooh, look at them,” Meg said, the words coming from her mouth slowly, her arm raised, finger pointing at Jean and Di rather unsteadily.

Lifting her head from where she had laid it to rest on top of Meg’s head that was on her shoulder, Tess’ bleary eyes took in the sight of Jean and Di drunkenly kissing each other, both of them having fallen to the living room floor, neither caring, or remembering, that they had an audience.

“Okay, time to put you to bed, but you’re going to have to help me get you up,” Tess said to Meg, her intention being a good one, the ability to stand without falling? not so much, Meg’s unsteadiness causing them to fall back onto the couch.

“Fuck it!” Tess declared to Meg, “let’s just rest for a few minutes and then we’ll try it again.”

“‘K’,” Meg slurred, her head spinning from the Tequila shots, her eyes still watching Jean and Di on the living room floor, half-closed, but, still watching as Jean, while still kissing Di, was now rubbing her hand over Di’s boobs.

Tess and Meg continued to watch the other gals kiss and touch each other. Tess knew, somewhere in her fucked-up head, that she should get Meg outta’ here, away from the live porno show going on in the living room. Knowing it and then being able to do anything about it?, well, that was different now wasn’t it?

It was when Jean roughly pulled Di’s shirt apart, lowering her mouth to suck on one of Di’s nipples, that Tess snapped alert enough to try, again, to get Meg away from ‘the show’.

“Come on, shweetie,” Tess slurred, “Let’s get you upstairs; I think we can do it this time,” Tess said while hoping, really, that they could.

“Spoil-sport,” Meg protested, “Let’s watch some more, this is fun…..” but, rising unsteadily, she allowed herself to be pulled to her feet, she and Tess weaving as they tried to find their balance.

“Yeah, yeah,” Tess remarked as she led Meg to the stairs, both weaving unsteadily, stepping around Jean and Di’s bodies as they continued to kiss and grope each other on the floor of the living room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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