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I met Jeannie, a college girl in England, on the Lesbos island site. What a shame it closed! After engaging in sexy chat, she sent me five photos she took with a digital camera through her bathroom mirror. She is slender with 34″ breasts I guess. Dark hair and pretty. But all the pics were in her underwear alas. One with jeans and bra, and others with different skimpy knickers. All provocative of course! I sent her some of my more revealing pics, showing just about everything I have to offer! We decided we’d like to chat online so exchanged IM addresses. Jeannie’s one of the very few women who use the ‘c’ word without upsetting me. It’s so natural coming from her – not insulting at all. It’s a word I very rarely use myself. But …

‘Hi Jeannie – thanks for pics! I just love those panties.’

‘You’re very welcome sweetie.’

‘Did mine help you.’

‘Oh … ever so much!’

‘I was dying to slip my hand down the top of your jeans.’

‘Oh Sarah! You’d get wet fingers.’

‘Great! Then I could taste you. I love tasting young virgins! Explore for the hidden treasure in your knickers – discover the secret of your passion!!’

‘No secret darling!’

‘It is a secret to me – well, so far! Besides, I adore getting my fingers wet with young lady’s nectar. So fresh!’

‘I’m sure you’ll discover it very soon…’

‘Do you think so Jeannie? Lovely and soft and fleshy.’

‘Oh yes. I don’t think I’ll be holding back with you.’

‘Perhaps we ought to peel your jeans off then.’

‘Maybe we should. My knickers are far too pretty to stay hidden.’

‘Mmm describe them.’

‘Lacy black hipsters, very low cut.’

‘Mine are pink at the moment.’


‘And rather soaked. Speculating about what you’re hiding from me.’

‘Good! I’m an incurable underwear fetishist.’

‘Can you wet your fingers and describe the taste for me?’

‘Would you like me to show you. Sweet and rather like lemons.’

‘Lovely. And yes, I’d love to see – oh wow. I want them! Not to mention what’s underneath!’

‘Just ease your fingers in there. And you can give me a nice finger fuck.’

‘Whilst I explore your pussy. How many fingers can you take?’

‘Four darling.’

‘Mmm, lovely. Feeling your hot wet pussy wrapping around my fingers. Oh yes – lovely knickers.’

‘The problem with black is that they show up the stains so easily!!’

‘Mmm, yes.’

‘You can open my labia.’

‘Im going to look like quite the little whore when we’re done. urfa escort Kiss my clit.’

‘Lips closing over your hard little button. Mmm and your breasts look so tantalising. Love to suckle the nipples.’

‘I wish they were a bit bigger.’

‘Probably bigger than mine Jeannie – I’ll e-mail them!!’

‘Your thighs are nice and smooth and warm.’

‘God you’re making me horny. I can feel the heat from your pussy. I’m putting my head between your thighs. Mmm inhaling the scent of your lovely secret.’

‘Feeling your hair brushing on my thighs.’

‘My nose brushing against your clit. Up and down. Smelling the nectar. My tongue tasting the juices.’

‘I’m whimpering a little – my clit is so sensitive.’

‘The delicious cream. Scooping it onto my tongue and filling my cheeks with it. So so so good.’

‘Oh god yes. Mmm. Taste my cunt juices.’

‘Now my tongue explores your vagina. Slowly entering the paradise of woman. Moving round the walls. Deeper and deeper.’

‘Oh yes.’

‘Sucking gently on the labia. As my tongue searches for the spot.’

‘Lick me. Tensing my muscles around your tongue.’

‘Lips kissing and suckling the petals. Mmmm and my hand feeling your rosebud. Mmm that so nice and warm – I can probe it with my middle finger.’

‘That’s very very sexy. Moaning a little.’

‘Tongue deep inside and finger inside your bum.’

‘Yes yes. Oh fuck – YES.’

‘Opening your thighs wide now.’

‘I love having my bum played with.’

‘Lifting your legs high to present your mysteries to me. Mouth now sucking in the whole of your vulva. Eating it. Neatly trimmed bush slick with wetness. Tongue pushing deep into your pussy.’

‘Clenching my thighs round your face.’

‘You have a very delicious cunt darling. Are you going to come for me.’

‘Fuck yes.’

‘Now I am straddling your head.’

‘Tell me dirty, filthy things Sarah. Make me feel like your slut.’

‘My pussy over your mouth. Pressing onto your lips. Squirming over your mouth.’

‘My clit pressing against your nose. Fingernails scratching your back.’

‘My fingers deep inside you bum. I might dribble pee over your face.’

‘Mmm…please do.’

‘Playing with your clit with my fingers before sliding three inside your little pussy. Tight and innocent.’

‘Fill me.’

‘My juices are oozing all over your lips.’

‘Face sticky.’

‘My tongue is buried deep into your pussy. Now, as I finger you, my tongue urfa escort bayan moved to your rosebud.’

‘Saraaaaah! I’m going to cum.’

‘My tongue is prodding into your bum.’

‘Oh fuck.’

‘That warm chocolatey entrance. Bitter sweet.’

‘Please lick my arse. Yes yes. Deep as you can.’

‘Tongue in your arse, fingers in your cunt. My cunt rubbing over your mouth. Loins tremble. Squealing with pleasure. Thighs press hard.’

‘Fuck me babe, fuck me. Make me cum hard.’

‘Muscles of your bum tightening on my tongue.’


‘Tightening on my fingers fucking you deep and hard.’

‘Going to cum now.’

‘Your thighs are beginning to thrash. I can feel the trembles in your belly. I can feel the orgasm welling up from deep in your belly. YES YES YES. FUCK FUCK FUCK. Eyes screwed up in agony as the orgasm builds up. Back arched. Breathing stops. Your body is tense – so tight. Here it comes. Come on. Come on.’


‘Crying out. Come come come. Shaking.’


‘Cumming hard. Go for it. Come on Jeannie. Your beautiful cunt is throbbing – fizzing – your clit trembling with lust.’

‘Y E E E E E E SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Oh FUCK. My juices are oozing over your face. Can you taste them??’


(A pause while Jeannie recovers her breath and I pleasure my pussy, panting.)

‘Mmmmmmmm. You are a delightful lover, Sarah. I’m still catching my breath.’

‘How many more times will you cum today?’

‘Hard to say!’

‘Masturbating over my pics.’

‘Depends how many times I look at those excellent pics of your gorgeous cunt!’

‘Mmmm I only wish could see yours darling.’

‘Maybe when we’ve done this some more I’ll treat you sweetie.’

‘That would be great – some more I mean – well, both!’

‘Are you ready for another??’

‘Let me catch my breath back!’

‘I had a lady a couple of years ago who loved knickers – being felt through them licked through them.’

‘That’s a big turn on for me too.’

‘Loved me to smell her juices through them. Lick the stains. I think she sniffed her mom’s soiled panties as well!’

‘Behave sweetie, or I’m going to start masturbating again!’

‘Go on then Jeannie – if I suddenly disappear you’ll know why. I’m boiling over here. Do you like sniffing other women’s soiled knickers.’

‘Secretly, yes. I once stole a friend’s when she escort urfa was staying round mine.’

‘My girlfriend loves to hide her head up my skirt and inhale deeply.’

‘Kiss my crotch. Get you all horny. Hot. But not mom’s Sarah.’

‘Some girls do like to secretly use mom’s knickers. Some actually wear them feeling the knickers that encased their mom’s damp cunt. Gets them all horny and hot. And then they masturbate into them!!’

‘Sarah … Do you want to know what I’m doing right now?’


‘Sniffing your knickers. Licking the stains from your knickers.’


‘I’m on my knees, leaning over my laptop… and the middle finger of one hand is in my bum.’

‘Wow – that’s lovely. So dirty and horny. You are a filthy slut of course.’

‘Ha ha! Like you. Lol.’

‘Let the other one play with your clit – and then I can hear you moan again.’

‘Ok, but I’ll have to stop typing.’

‘Just do it – reading my words – loving your cunt – licking and nibbling your lace knickers – inhaling the delicious scent of your crotch stained with your nectar. Then pulling them to one side, my tongue searching for the entrance to your sweet cunt – how soft and heavenly – pushing deep, enjoying the taste of your virgin cunt oozing with juices – with a finger deep in your bum. It’s my finger really, Jeannie, finger fucking your bum, and my tongue scooping in and out of your delectable cunt. Loving it, nibbling the rumpled labia – chewing them – eating them. I can feel your belly tremble deep inside. Your loins tensing, muscles tightening again. Bottom clenching, eyes tightly shut, mouth open, grimacing with ecstasy – moaning in agony as the orgasm build up deep inside your belly. Thighs shaking. Moaning is louder – panting. My tongue in your bum now – tongue fucking your arse – and finger fucking your cunt. Harder – faster – deeper – deeper – deeper.

‘Yes yes yes Jeannie. I can feel you shaking and fizzing hard, trembling. Your belly really quaking. Here it comes.

‘Come on Jeannie, come – come – come for Sarah. YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEESSSSS. I can feel the climax build up and explode like a volcanic eruption! Bloody hell … my turn.’

(A short silence while Jeannie gets her breath back and I bring myself to a delightful orgasm whilst fantasizing, studying her pics on my other laptop screen. Young virgin pussy. Mmm.)

‘Fuck, Sarah, you’re good! Fabulous! I hope no-one heard my loud moans and shouting. I shouted out ‘OH MY GOD. FUCK FUCK FUCK! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.’

‘Was that as good as the first, Jeannie?’

‘More intense – oh sweetie, I do love a little anal fun.’

‘You are a very exciting young lady. Delicious. I had a wonderful come as well. With you.’

‘Let’s do this again Sarah. Soon.’

‘Yes please.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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