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A day at the gym
By: NC828

*This is my first story that I have ever written. I hope you enjoy it

I am about 6’1″ and 240 lbs. I have short brown hair and blue eyes.I love the outdoors and I love to swim and workout on a regular basis. With that said, I will get on with the story.

I was up at 8 in the morning. I could not go back to sleep if I had to. I decided that since I could not sleep a nice hot shower would feel really nice and it would also help me to wake up.

“I think I will go to the gym”, I said to my wife that was still lying in the bed as I was getting dressed. “Ok honey” she replied. As I was packing my gym clothes into my gym bag I asked her if she would like to join me. She told me to go on ahead without her and to enjoy myself and that she would be up when I returned. I loaded my things into the car and I was off and on my way to the gym.

As I walked into the facility, I grabbed a few towels and made my way back to the men’s locker room. As I made my way back to my usual spot I noticed two very large black men changing just a few sections over from me. I noticed them staring at me as I made my way to my usual locker. I was thinking to myself what they were talking about as they shot an unusual look my way as I passed. I got to my spot and decided that I would take a swim before I started my workout. I got my shirt off and hung it inside the locker and then proceeded to remove my pants. As I hung my pants on the hanger inside the locker and started to remove my boxers, no sooner than they hit the floor I was slammed into my locker door from behind and knocked unconscious.

As I started to come back into reality, I realized that I was being drug into the shower room by two very large black men wearing nothing but bikini style underwear and flip-flops. The first thing I noticed was the two huge bulges protruding from the front of their underwear. I assume it was the same two men changing as I entered the locker room. As we entered the shower room I noticed a long bench in the middle and the two men threw me down onto the bench on my stomach knocking the wind from my lungs once again. As one of the men held my arms I noticed the other getting down on his hands and knees with something in his hands. The next thing I felt was my hands being strapped together by what seemed to be a large zip tie. I could not move my hands apart and I was stuck to this bench at the mercy of these two men.

I figure the more I struggle, the worse off I am going to make this on myself. I decided I would lay here for a bit and hear what the men had to say to me. It’s not like I was going anywhere. One of the men walked around in front and took a knee in front of me explaining that it had been a very long time since he had a nice piece of tight white ass and I looked like the type of person that could supply him and his friend with exactly that. I sure as hell didn’t like where this was heading so I decided to scream in hope that someone would hear me and come help me out of the mess I was currently in. As I began to scream the man that was still standing Sex hikayeleri dropped his underwear to the shower room floor and proceeded to move to the front of me and fill my open mouth with his thick, massive uncut cock, muffling the loud screams that once escaped from my lips. I began to gag as his huge cock filled my mouth completely and made its way back into my throat. “Sorry” he said and pulled back just enough to keep me quiet but not gag me to the point of puking.

I felt the bench begin to slide underneath me, almost like he was trying to get me on the edge of this bench I was face down on. I soon realized it was exactly that, he wanted me on the edge to have a good unobstructed view to my tight virgin asshole. The other guy walked around into view so that I was able to see his super long, thick, uncut cock hanging in front of a huge set of massive balls that looked like they were ready to be drained. His cock had to be every bit of thirteen inches long and three inches in diameter. I was thinking to myself, “how in the hell does he expect to fit that in my ass”? As I was lying on the bench face down awaiting my punishment from this guy’s humongous schlong, I felt a warm and unusual feeling. It was this guy’s tongue probing my tight asshole and getting it lubed up for the insertion of his giant cock. I hate to admit it, but it felt really good and I know that I was not looking forward to what was going to be happening next. Soon after he was done tonguing my ass I felt his fingers probing my ass and applying something cold and slick, I assume it was a lube of some sort. First, one finger and then two and three until he was satisfied with his application and proceeded to stand up behind me.

As he stood, he placed his feet on the inside of mine and slowly started spreading my feet further apart giving himself straight aim right to my tender virgin asshole. I felt his hands grab my ass cheeks and begin to spread them to position his monster cock at the entrance of my asshole. I was so scared and I had no idea what to expect. The guy positioned in front of me removed his cock from my mouth as his partner asked me if I was ready for the fucking of a lifetime and also reassured me that he would take it somewhat slow since I was a “white piece of shit virgin” that was about to have a new asshole ripped open regardless of how slow he took it. I felt the tip of his humongous mushroom shaped head touch my puckered up tight asshole and slight pressure. “Ready or not, here it comes” and I began to feel extreme pressure pushing against my hole. I have never felt hurt like I was experiencing right now. I started screaming and crying from the intense pain that I was feeling. As I got louder, the other man shoved his cock back into my mouth once again gagging me, “shut the fuck up you little piece of shit”. I felt like I was being split in half and just as I thought that it couldn’t get any worse, he shoved with his hips and I felt the head of his cock pop into my tight ass. It hurt so bad and I was so ready for this to be over. I guess the guy that had his cock in my ass thought that I had long enough to get somewhat used to his size and began Sikiş hikayeleri pushing slowly at first and when the thickest part of his cock was stretching my tight little hole to the max, he buried as much of his monster in me as he possible could. I heard the guy with his cock in my mouth say “I cannot believe this little virgin slut took as much of your cock as he did”. The other guy stated “I am going to get that other two inches in this little boy toys cunt if I have to cram it in there. One way or another it will be in his ass before we are done with him”. The guy in my ass continued to slowly stroke in and out gradually picking up the pace as I seemed to relax a little more and just as I was getting somewhat used to his size and rhythm, he slammed his massive member all the way in my tight ass and his balls slapped against mine. “I told you I would get the rest of it in there, if it was the last thing I did” I heard him exclaim to his friend who was still fucking my face with his thick cock. “Let me have a turn with his sweet little ass” he said to his friend.

As the man stood and removed his thick cock from my mouth his friend slowly slid his cock out of my ass so that only the head remained in me. I felt that familiar pressure from when he was inserting his cock in me and with a loud pop, he pulled the head of his cock from my ass. My ass was on fire and I would not be surprised if it was bleeding a little. Both men stood in front of me looking down at me laughing and calling me their little slutty boy toy. The guy that had just got done fucking my face looked down and said “I don’t think he is ready for this big thick cock, it may be too much for him”. I do have to admit that his cock was significantly thicker than the guy who just stretched me open. He was not quite as long as the first guy but that really didn’t matter at the present time. “I am going to enjoy fucking this little slut and making him wish he had never come to the gym this morning”. His cock was about nine inches long and about four to five inches thick, not that I had a tape to measure it with. I felt him apply some more lube to my ass and then heard him lubing his cock and getting it good and hard to fuck me once more. He continued to spread my legs the same way as the first guy and then proceeded to spread my ass cheeks. I felt the head of his cock press against me and before he started pushing he said, “I am going to make this hurt, you will wish I had never been here and in your ass.” “I am going to make sure you feel every inch, vein, bump and make sure your tight ass is stretched to the fucking max you little cunt of a whore”. With that, he placed the head of his cock at the entrance of my ass and with one swift thrust, buried his massively thick cock to the hilt in my ass. My ass was on fire and there was not a damn thing I could do about it. I began to cry and that’s when the other guy moved in front of me and shoved his cock in my mouth. “Stop that crying you little bitch, you know you like this big black cock in your tight virgin ass”, “well, not so virgin anymore” the other guy exclaimed as they both laughed out loud. The guy fucking my ass was making Erotik hikaye fast, hard and long strokes burying all of his cock every time showing no mercy to my tender white ass. The guy fucking my throat had grabbed the back of my head thrusting as hard as he could to get as much cock in my mouth and throat as humanly possible. The whole time he was fucking my face I was gagging and puking all over his big black cock. I felt his cock begin to swell and I knew what was about to happen and there was nothing I could do. “I hope you are ready for this big load that I am about to deposit in your warm wet mouth, try not to choke you little cum slut”. With that he shoved my head down on his cock and unloaded what felt like gallons of hot, thick, salty cum down my throat. Once my throat was full of his seed and nowhere else to go, it started filling my mouth. I just couldn’t seem to swallow fast enough and it began to escape from around his cock and run down my chin dripping onto the bench. The whole time he was filling me with his seed, his friend never let up fucking my ass. “I am about to cum”, he stated and with that he buried his cock once more, a warm feeling came over me as he opened the flood gates filling my ass with his massive load. When the flow ended, he began to slowly pull his cock from my ass. As he was removing his cock, my ass tightened and began milking it, not wanting a single drop to escape. When all that remained was the head of his cock, he slowly pulled out stretching my ass even more. “Like that is even possible”, I thought to myself. With a loud pop his cock was now out of my ass.

I was too tired to yell or scream as the cock that filled my mouth was removed and then something I never expected happened. I felt my ass cheeks spread once again and then a tongue probing my gaping hole, eating the massive load of cum from my asshole. It felt amazing. I would never admit it to them, but it was a nice change from what just happened. As I was lying there enjoying the feeling of his big tongue in my ass eating his friends load, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, my hands were free and I was still lying on the bench faced down with the shower running over my legs and ass. There were two men standing at the entrance of the shower room looking down at me. “What the hell happened to you” one of the men asked. “I was just attacked my two large black men, they strapped me to this bench and raped me”. “What time is it”, I asked. “Twelve thirty” the other gentleman responded. “Oh shit, I have to get home”, I said jumping up from the bench. As I jumped up, I thought my guts were going to fall out of my ass. My legs were sore ass hell, but nothing compared to how bad my ass hurt. I showered off and washed myself and made my way into the locker room to dry off and to get dressed. I opened my locker and saw a note hanging from one of the hooks inside that read, “hope you had as good a time as we did you little white slut, and if for some reason you want some more of our big black cock, give us a call and we will happily oblige”. I stuffed the note in the pocket of my shorts and put them on. I grabbed my bag and ran from the locker room and didn’t stop running until I reached my car.

*I hope you enjoyed my story. It was my first and I hope that you will leave some positive feedback or advice on how to improve on my stories from here on out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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