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It’s my senior year in high school and I just turned 18, and I’m leaving school on Friday afternoon, facing a shitty weekend. My car is in the shop, and having no wheels, my girl announced she was going to go out with a stud on the football team. I knew he’d be fucking her eyes out tonight. I knew she would fuck on a first date, at least she did with me. And I would be sitting at home alone, bored to death.

I was late leaving school and I had to walk to the city bus stop to catch the bus home. I hated taking the bus and knew I would have to wait over 30 minutes for it to arrive, if it was on time. I thought I would try to hitch a ride and started walking with my thumb out. It wasn’t long when a big new Buick passed and stopped just ahead. I ran up to the car and opened the passenger door and he asked where I was going and I jumped in. He was older, probably forty, looked fit and had a well trimmed beard. He said his condo wasn’t far from where I lived and he could give me a ride all the way. We were approaching a gas station and he asked if I minded if he stopped and made a pit stop. What was I going to say?

He pulled in and parked and said “come on in if you want to, or you are welcome to wait in the car.”

I decided to wait in the car and watched him walk to the men’s room. He was wearing tight designer jeans that I thought were too tight for a man his age. But he definitely was in shape and had the body for them. From the back he looked much younger. It was then I noticed the magazines on the bench seat, they were gay porn! There was a man on the cover with a huge cock. I picked it up and started looking through it. I had never seen a hard cock other than my own, and here I was looking at pictures of cocks, cocks getting stroked, getting sucked, and cocks fucking men in the ass. And it was all man on man. Not a woman anywhere. I was mesmerized, having never given sex with a man a thought. I was getting lost in the pictures and noticed I was getting hard. I had to adjust my cock in my jeans, and I looked up and saw him peeking out of the men’s room door. He was standing there watching me and I knew he knew that I was looking at his magazines. He started walking towards the car and I noticed he had a big bulge. I was ashamed at myself for checking out his crotch and looked the other way.

He got in and started the car and said “I noticed you found my magazines. I should have put them under ümraniye gecelik escort the seat. I hope they didn’t offend you.”

I said “no, I’ve never seen anything like that before, but what two consenting adults do is their business.”

As he was driving he opened the magazine to a picture of a handsome man with a big cock in his mouth and said “I like this picture a lot. What do you think? Looking at that bulge in your jeans, I think you like it too.”

I looked at it, looked over at him, looked back at the picture and answered “I’m not sure how he’s doing it with that big cock in his mouth, but it looks like he’s smiling, like he’s really enjoying himself. I can’t believe we’re talking about a picture of a man sucking a cock, and I don’t even know your name. I’m Joe.”

He laughed and said “I’m Jimmy. and I can guarantee he’s enjoying it. You mean you’ve never sucked a cock?”

“No, never have and have never even thought about it. I’ve never seen an erect cock other than my own before.”

“I live in these condos just ahead, would you like to come in for a beer, Joe?”

I thought to myself that I had no plans for the night and a free beer would be nice. “Sure, I could use a beer.”

He pulled in to the garage and I followed him to the elevator and got on. He pushed the twentieth floor, the top floor. As we rode up I told him about my car and girlfriend problems. He was a good listener. His condo was impressively decorated and had great views. He grabbed us a couple of beers and we sat on the couch. He said “you seemed to like looking at the magazines, so you’ll really like watching a movie.”

Before I could answer he had a gay porn movie playing on his 70 inch flat screen tv. Two men were undressing each other, groping and kissing. I chugged my beer and couldn’t believe what I was watching. He took my empty and went to get me another one. He came back and handed me the beer and sat close next to me just as one of the men sank to his knees started sucking the other man’s big cock. He was slurping and moaning and the other man was commanding him to suck his cock, and to suck it good.

Jimmy started massaging my thigh and said “relax and go with it. I’ll bring you new pleasures and will stop if you ever want me to.” He pulled my polo up over my head and off and commented on my muscular chest. He then slid down to his knees between my kadıköygrup yapan escort legs and took my shoes off and then unfastened my belt and jeans. I raised my ass and he pulled off my jeans and boxers in one motion and I was sitting naked on a man’s sofa, drinking a cold beer and watching gay porn. I couldn’t believe it, but I was comfortable being naked in front of a gay man, proud of my body, having spent many hours in the gym lifting weights. I was glad he hadn’t undressed, though. Somehow it didn’t feel so gay not having to see him undressed. I knew he wanted to and was going to suck my cock. And I knew my girl was going to get fucked tonight, so it’s only fair that I get my rocks off too. I thought a blowjob is a blowjob, no matter who is giving it. Getting your cock sucked by a man doesn’t make you gay just because he is, right?

He leaned over and licked my cock from the base to the head and back down to my balls. He sucked my balls into his mouth and rolled them around with his tongue. It felt great and was something no girl had ever done to me before. He pulled me forward so my ass was hanging off the edge of the sofa and engulfed my cock in his skillful mouth. Man did he know how to suck cock. He worked up and down the length, slobbering on it as his saliva ran down my balls. He lifted my legs and licked down to my asshole. His tongue moved around my hole and started pushing in, probing my ass, working magic. This was totally new for me and I loved it. He replaced his tongue with his finger as he again took my cock into his mouth. He was simultaneously bobbing on my cock and fingering my ass, finding a sweet spot that was driving me crazy. I was squirming on his finger as it explored my ass, bringing me new pleasures. I was breathing hard and moaning. I felt an orgasm building as I started to shiver all over. I told him I was about to cum, and instead of backing off like every girl that had ever sucked me, he started sucking harder and faster. I exploded in his mouth and he took my load, swallowing it all. I had never had a girl take my load like that. I laid back and closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath.

I was relaxing, eyes closed, listening to the sounds of gay porn and thought how strange, yet comfortable it felt to be here, naked, having just got a fabulous blowjob from a hunk of a man I just met. Suddenly I felt Jimmy climbing onto the sofa. I opened bostancı türk escort my eyes to find he had undressed and was straddling me with a knee on either side of my hips, and was towering over me, smiling. I looked down his muscular body, strong chest, six pack abs to his big, fully erect cock.

He said “Joe, you know how great it is to get your cock sucked by a man, now it’s time for you to learn how much fun it is to suck cock.”

Listening to a man slurping on a cock in the movie, I responded, “I’m not gay and am not going to give you a blowjob.”

“You can’t take your eyes off it. You know you want to touch it, taste it, don’t you?” He leaned in putting his cock on my lips and started rubbing it back and forth across my mouth.

I looked at him in the eyes as he continued to move his hips, rubbing his cock around my face. He smiled and gently pushed the head of his big cock on my lips. I reached out with my tongue and licked the slit, around the head, and he pushed it into my mouth. I had a cock in my mouth! And there was no stopping now. I explored it with my tongue and mouth, finding the feel and taste exciting. I started to move down the long shaft and realized I was having fun, enjoying sucking Jimmy’s cock. He moaned and said “oh, that feels great. You really are a cock sucker. I wasn’t sure when I picked you up. oh yea, take it all, don’t stop.”

He started thrusting his cock deep into my mouth and throat until my nose was bumping into his stomach, faster and faster, fucking my face and I was loving it. I was trying to suck his cock the way he had just sucked mine. I heard slurping sounds and realized it was me, competing with the movie, seeing who could make the most noise. I was moaning, humming on Jimmy’s rock hard cock. He grabbed my head with both hands and took control, making slow, deep thrusts, telling me he loved my gay mouth.

“Yea, you are a natural cock sucker. I’m getting ready to feed you my cum and you are going to love it. Here it comes.”

I felt his body tense as his cock exploded in my mouth, load after load. I noticed the manly, delicious, unique taste as I was quickly swallowing his cum. The intensity and size of his loads slowed as he moaned with pleasure. I kept sucking slowly wanting to get every drop until he pulled it out of my mouth.

He said “that was an awesome blowjob for me, and I got the impression that you thoroughly enjoyed it, too. I bet you can’t wait to suck it again.”

“I have to admit it. I never thought I would ever suck a cock, much less, enjoy it. And I really enjoyed it when you shot off in my mouth.”

“There’s plenty more where that came from, and the night is young. I’ll get us another beer, don’t get dressed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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