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Welcome to the seventh installment of the wonderfully naughty adventures of a young beautiful housewife who decides to be in porn. Hope you enjoy. Give me feedback. I need feedback. I live on feedback. Also I love when you readers vote for my little work. So after you read the story please vote on it. Now on to the story. I’m truly sorry this chapter took so long to come out but I was waiting for someone to edit my story but they left me hanging. Do you like how the story is developing. Tell me yes, tell me no. Tell me anything you want.

As Stacy’s hand is wrapped around the base of her husband’s penis, she runs her tongue in a swirling motion from the base all the way to the tip of his head. When she reaches the tip, she then begins to flick her tongue across his piss slit. Collecting some of his pre-cum on her tongue already. With his wife’s masterful tongue and along with Serena’s own tongue licking his nipples causes Alex to moan loudly.

Serena stops licking his right nipple and then she starts to run her tongue down his chest, down his stomach, leaving a glistening tail of her saliva wherever her tongue touched until she meets Stacy at his manhood. Stacy looks up at her friend and the two blonde bombshells share a knowing smile. With her hand still on the base of her man’s penis, the married blonde pulls her mouth away from the penis before her and offers it to Serena. The porn vixen lowers her face into Alex’s groin and engulfs his penis in her mouth, completely swallowing his entire length.

She then begins to move her mouth up and down his shaft while holding the base of his shaft with her index and thumb. The porn star sucks Alex with long strokes, when his head comes to rest in her mouth; she then sucks ravenously on the bulbous head. Running her tongue in circles along the bulbous round flesh, even allowing her tongue to massage his piss slit. The porn star continues to swallow the mix of her saliva and his pre cum. Alex’s hand comes to rest on the gorgeous sex star’s head, giving her encouragement.

All the while Stacy watches in awe of her beautiful friend sucking her husband. Stacy can not believe how turned on she is watching another woman sucks her husband’s penis. The married blonde begins to massage her ample right breast and even begins to tweak and pull on the nipple as her left hands glides down her body and snakes its way between her shapely legs till they reach her sex. Stacy loves the new weight and fullness of her breasts. She can not take her eyes of the illicit show going on before her.

Serena now uses her right hand to pull up and down on his length while she continues to suck the first few inches into her mouth as her tongue runs over the warm veiny flesh of Alex’s manhood. Looking up, she notices her married friend rubbing herself and flashes her a smile and quickly begins to suck and lick his head.

“Oh yeah Serena. Keeping sucking my dick.” said Alex in a breathy teeth clenched manner.

Stacy’s hand is now running up and down her slit as well as between her folds as wetness collects on her delicate well manicured fingers all the while she squeezes and massages her right breast. Her own breathing becoming shallow from the self -manipulation.

Seeing that her husband’s eyes are closed and he is moaning constantly from the attention his manhood is receiving from Serena, Stacy gasped in a breathy voice “I bet you love Serena sucking your cock. You love having her beautiful lips wrapped around your hardness. It makes me so fucking wet just watching.” knowing that talking like this would blow her husband’s mind, seeing this new side to her as own her index finger and middle finger plunged inside of wet pussy.

“UH HUH!” moaned Alex to his question as Serena’s talented mouth and the vulgar words of his beautiful wife are too much for him to handle and his body tenses as his cock begins to jerk as his seminal fluid begins to spurt from his piss slit.

Noticing his impending release clamps her lips around his head as the first spurt hits the roof of her mouth. The porn star easily swallows the salty vicious fluid down her throat. Then another healthy spurt is swallowed down. Finally after two more spurts, Alex’s penis begins to soften as he panted breathlessly “Fuck that was amazing.” with a giant smile on his face as he looks at Serena.

Serena just smiles back, then gets up on the bed on her knees and makes her way toward Stacy, who is still fingering her pussy from the scene displayed before her. The blonde porn star stands up before her friend who has a look of confusion of her gorgeous face as Serena places her hands under Stacy’s chin and tilts her head up, while the porn star leans over. Stacy looks as though she is expecting to be kissed but the porn vixen moaned out “UH! UH!” waving her finger back and forth while shaking her head no.

Stacy gives her a confused look, then Serena carefully says garbled “Open mouth”, as though she has a mouthful. Stacy does just that as Alex watches on intently, he is now siting up waiting to see what ısparta escort is going to occur. Taking her friend’s gorgeous face in her hands, and after aligning their mouths, the blonde porn star opens her mouth. What comes out is long strands of Alex’s sperm and her saliva as it goes from her mouth and into Stacy’s.

Alex eyed widened to unbelievable depths as he watched his wife’s porn star friend feed his sperm to Stacy like a mother bird feeds her baby. Normally it would take his penis longer to recuperate but already his manhood began to come to life while watching the lewd exchange happening mere feet from him.

Stacy opens her mouth wider to ensure that she does not miss any of the mixture. Almost as soon as the spit and vicious fluid enters her mouth, the married blonde greedily swallows it down. Glob after glob enters her mouth and she continues to swallow until all of the mixture is gone. Stacy smiles at Serena while she licks her lips sexily making sure not to miss any of Alex’s tasty sperm. The blonde porn star smiles back at her then leans down as the two blondes press their lips to one another’s. With in seconds of lips contact, their tongues began to dance like snakes against one another as they can still taste the remains of Alex on one another.

Alex just watches smiling as he watches his wife and her gorgeous friend sharing an intimate soul kiss. As the two women end the kiss and turn smiling at their one man audience, Stacy wipes her chin with her middle finger of the remaining mixture of saliva and sperm and quickly licking the well manicured digit clean says “Mmmm, yummy”, while looking Alex did in his eyes with a look of pure nastiness. That sends a shiver down her husband’s spine and electricity into his manhood as his penis is near complete hardness once again.

Alex has never seen his young gorgeous wife act so lewd, nasty, so slutty as Alex thinks to himself. More unbelievable to himself is the fact that he loves the way Stacy is acting. He loves this new side to his beautiful bride.

Serena then stated to Alex “ Isn’t Stacy a nasty girl or what.” as she is now in back of Stacy and reaches around her and begins to massage and caress the young wife’s large breasts . Alex just nods his head in total agreement as he begins to move over toward the two gorgeous blondes. When her arrives in front of his wife, he kneels before her and leans his head down as he quickly flicks his tongue across Stacy’s right nipple in between Serena’s fingers. He even slowly sucks on the hard nipple as his wife reaches down and runs her rights hand through his hair as she pulls his mouth into her ample breast. Serena then moves around the front of her friend and she too drops down to her knees while cupping Stacy’s left breast, she begins to run her tongue in circles over her breast.

Serena runs her tongue in circular motions over the married blonde’s arolae, leaving the flesh glistening with saliva all the while Alex continues to suck his wife’s right nipple as he gently squeezes the firm breast. The double tongue assault her breast are receiving caused Stacy to moan out “ Both of your tongues feel so fantastic on my breasts.”

As Serena begins to flick her tongue over Stacy’s sensitive nipple, the young wife begins to run her left hand through the blonde friend’s long flowing tresses. Stacy can not help but lean her head back and smile at the idea both her friend and husband are sharing her body. That thought sends shock waves throughout her body.

Serena stops the oral attention she is giving her friend’s right breast and moves over to whisper something in Alex’s ear, he stops sucking his wife’s nipple and smiles as he listen to what the blonde porn star has to say.

As the two now look at Stacy with wide smiles, Serena instructs her friend to lay back on the bed. Stacy uses her elbows to allow herself to sit up to see what they have in store for her. Serena places her left hand on Stacy’s left inner thigh as Alex places his left on her right inner thigh as they both begin to spread her legs. As they continue to keep their eye contact with Stacy, they descend toward her pussy.

Serena begins to run her tongue up and down the length of her friend’s glistening wet slit as the married blonde’s juices collect in her mouth, Alex joins in. His and Serena’s tongue even wrestle with one another as they run over and through Stacy’s folds. Stacy breathing becomes pants as her husband and her friend lick her pussy. The blonde porn star begins to suck her friend’s folds into her mouth as Alex’s tongue finds her clit, using small circles to drill the extremely sensitive nub as Stacy is engulfed into pleasure.

Stacy can not believe both her husband and her friend are licking, and sucking her pussy at the same time. Serena now clamps her mouth over her friend’s delectable sex as she sucks the entire pussy with expertise. Alex is now rolling his tongue around Stacy’s clit as well as sucking the sensitive nub into his mouth.

Stacy begins to squeal from the kastamonu escort oral tag teaming that her pussy is receiving as she closes her eyes and allows the pure pleasure to wash over her being. As Serena continues sucking her friend’s increasingly moistening pussy, she then brings her right hand up to her folds of Stacy’s pussy, so she can spread them to allow her tongue to worm between the tasty lips.

“FUCK! YOUR TONGUES FEEL SO FABULOUS!” caused Stacy to scream out from sensory overload.

Both Alex and Serena share a look and a smile with one another as they receive delight from the pleasure they are giving to Stacy. All the while making sure their tongues stay connected to the married blonde’s sexually inflamed pussy.

Serena’s tongue continues to slide along the inner walls of Stacy’s pussy as it sends shivers over the newlywed’s body. The blonde porn star begins to dip her tongue into Stacy’s hole. Using her talented tongue and a forward bobbing of her head she jabs her friend’s pussy like a penis all the while Alex continues sucking his wife’s now very erect nub.

As Stacy’s moaning and panting become more intense, she then naturally reaches out with her hands and pulls both Serena and Alex into her wet sex. As Serena switches off from jabbing her tongue into Stacy’s hole and running her tongue along her friend’s inner lips begins to send the newlywed over the top. What finally causes lighting bolts of sure ecstasy to over come her sex is the attention Alex’s tongue is giving to his wife’s clit. Alex’s licking, sucking, and nibbling of the small nub of pleasure causes his wife’s pussy to spasm.

“OH GOD!SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!” exclaimed Stacy in panting, jagged voice as the orgasm over comes her beautiful body while her lower back tenses, her toes curl, and as her ass lift slightly off the bed.

But Serena and Alex continue their oral ministrations on Stacy’s convulsing pussy as the newlywed’s breathing becomes a series of squeals, pants, and moans. As he notices his wife begins to relax on the bed, he stops the sucking of her clit. He then moves up next to her and as she looks over at him with a smile, he leans in and plants a tender kiss on her lips.

While this was going on, Serena continues to lap at her friend’s pussy lips, bringing the tasty juices in her mouth with her tongue and swallowing them down as to savor them in delight. After giving Stacy’s pussy one last long lick from the entire length of her friend’s pussy, so pulls her mouth from the delicious sight and makes her way up toward Stacy and Alex.

As Alex’s and her kiss ends, she looks over to see her friend descend toward them with her gorgeous face glistening with the mixture of pussy juice and her own saliva. Seeing this beautiful creature face in such a condition, sent shivers down Stacy’s body.

The blonde newlywed sat up as her friend squatted next to her on the bed. Stacy reaches out lovingly with her right hand and strokes Serena’s wet cheek and chin said “Sorry about the mess.”

“This is one mess I enjoy.” replied Serena as she licks her lips.

With that statement, Stacy leans upward, while Serena leans down into as their lips meet and share a passionate yet delicate kiss. Both of their lips open slightly as their tongues soon become a part of the desire they share for one another as their hands roam over the body in front of them.

“Hey girls what about me?” teased Alex as he could watch his beautiful wife and the adult film actress he had spent many hours watching perform for the camera, kiss endlessly.

Stacy pulls her lips from her friend’s and moves toward Alex and their lips meet in a passionate embrace. As Stacy sucks on the tip of her man’s tongue, Serena moves over to the kissing couple. Taking notice of her friend out the corner of her eye, Stacy lips contact with her husband ceases, with her right hand on Alex’s chin she gently moves her head to the side, where Serena is kneeling next to him.

Serena place her left hand on the side of his face as she pulls him in, she leans in until their lips make contact with one another. Immediately, both of their mouths open as they share a full on the mouth kiss while their tongues dance with each other as they dart from mouth to mouth.

One of Alex’s hands come to rest on Serena’s small of her back while his right hand begins to squeeze her very large firm right breast. Serena’s left hand rests on his muscular tight ass, all the while her left hand snakes between their bodies and come to rest on his manhood. Her delicate hand wraps itself around his length and she begins to stroke his penis as lust and passion in their kiss intensifies.

Stacy just sits back and admires her husband and her friend sharing a fiery kiss, with a deep smile and said “Brake it up you too!” in a playfully stern voice as she wags her finger at them.

The two just turn to her and they all share a laugh. Stacy notices that her husband manhood is three fourths of the way fully erect as Serena continues stroking his manhood. kayseri escort “Do you think you can handle another go around?” asked Stacy looking directly at Alex.

“No problem.” says a very confident Alex as Stacy makes her way over to the two of them.

Stacy gets on his left side, Serena then whispering something to her friend. The blonde porn star then releases his penis and gets on his right side. The blonde newlywed leans down as her left hand grips his ass for support, while she takes her man’s penis is her hand and gives the tip of his manhood a few long flicks with her tongue as she sucks the first few inches into her mouth.

Serena leans down toward his penis, also gripping his ass for support as her tongue meets Stacy’s at his head. The two women’s tongue wrestle with one another as they explore and bathe every inch of his manhood in their saliva. In no time his penis is fully hard, slick with the spit of his wife and her friend. Stacy’s hand begins to slide up and down his saliva slick shaft.


Stacy mouth clamps over his head as she sucks intently on the sensitive bulb, while Serena tongue licks over the length of his shaft, while planting kisses along his 6 inches. Stacy pulls her mouth from his penis and come to kneel directly in front of him. Serena then places her mouth over his shaft and begins to suck on his bulbous head while her tongue flick up and down the length of his piss slit.

After sucking Alex for a few minutes, she pulls her mouth off to have her tongue and his penis connected by a long thins strand of his pre cum. Quickly she licks it up in her mouth and with a smile she said “Yummy.” before offering his manhood back to Stacy. Stacy just smiles as she leans and her tongue licks in a circular motion on the tip of her husband’s penis, while Alex hand comes to rest on her back for support.

Serena kneeling down with her left hand on his stomach for support, she leans down as her right hand grasps both of his testicles. As her face is now aligned with his testicles, the blonde porn starlet tongue traces circles all along his right sac.

“MMMMMMMM!” moaned Alex as he smiles at the fact two gorgeous women are servicing him.

Stacy continues to slide more and more of her husband’s penis slowly and carefully into her mouth until she is able to engulf the entire 6 inches. Her nose is nestled in his thick coarse pubic hair. Alex and her eyes meet as she shoots him a smile while her mouth is clamped to his hard manhood. She then begins to slide her mouth up and down his length as her tongue runs over the hard and veiny flesh before her.

All the while Stacy is deep throating Alex, Serena is now switching off sucking his testicles in her mouth. Her tongue runs over his balls. Stacy sucks the bulbous head of her man’s penis as her tongue furiously laps all around the tip, while her well-manicured fingers continue to strike up and down his length.

With out warning, Stacy pulls her mouth away from his penis as she continues stroking him, she then said “I want to see you fuck Serena again.”

Serena pulls her mouth off away from his testicles as she looks up to see the married couple share a tender but passion filled exchange. Stacy ends the kiss not before giving his chin a kiss, then taking him by the hand she leads him to the middle of the bed. There she gently pushes onto his back. Serena then stands up over Alex, and when she is aligned she begins to lower herself down. Stacy is kneeling at his side, holding the base of his penis as Serena’s pussy continues to lower until she has made contact with his hardness.

With ease, Alex continues to slide inside the warm wetness of the porn star as Serena lowers herself fully until her pubic bone comes into contact with his. Serena placing her hands on his chest begins to raise her ass upwards and then downwards at a slow steady pace while impaling herself on Alex’s hardness.

“Your cock feels so good.” said Serena.

“You like my dick don’t you baby.” replied Alex.

“UH HUH!” countered Serena as she begins to gyrate her hips in a sexy figure eight on his penis.

“Damn girl your pussy is fantastic!” retorted Alex.

Stacy makes her way to come to rest at Alex’s head and with out a bit of warning stands up facing Serena and then lowers herself of his face. Before he can say a work all he sees is the amazing view of his hot wife’s pussy lowering on to his face. Alex licks his lips in anticipation and with in seconds his wife’s is squatting on his face. Alex begins licking her pussy slit as he places his hands on each of her thighs, while she places his hands on his chest next to Serena’s

“His cock feels good doesn’t it?” asked Stacy of Serena.

“His cock is a perfect fit.” replied as she begins to bounce up and down with more rapidity.

“UH HUH!” is all Stacy was able to moan as Alex’s tongue dances over her sensitive flesh.

Alex brings his right hand to his wife’s pussy and uses it to spread her folds, so his tongue can dance inside of her wetness. Stacy then brings her own right hand down between her legs as she begins to furiously rub her. She begins to moan loudly and more continuous from the attention her pussy is receiving by way of her husband’s tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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