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Plugging in her ear-buds, Sami reached over to Lynn’s hand with her own and squeezed it tenderly, which drew a smile from Lynn.

They were taxiing and about to take off from LAX for the final leg of their flight to Maui. Sami’s insides was aflutter with excitement for this trip; hell, except for moving to New Orleans for college, the furthest that Sami had ever been from her home near Jackson, was to Birmingham, so yes, Sami was excited by the trip.

Feeling the big jet lift from the runway, Sami’s eyes took in the blue waters of the Pacific, while her ears heard the earthy tones of Etta James, singing only as Etta could do. Looking to Lynn as she leaned back in her first-class seat, Sami’s thoughts returned to the other thing that had her stomach aflutter.

The awfulness of the scene with Charlene, and her being ‘outed’ by the girl she once loved like a sister.

That New Year’s Day, after Charlene had screamed Sami’s lesbianism to the family, Sami had run up the stairs, slamming her door and throwing herself onto her bed, her hands shaking with the urge to strangle that bitch, Charlene.

Oh sure, Sami could’ve fired right back, dropping Charlene into the grease as well, but for once in her life, Sami chose not to do that; was it because at the bottom of it all, she still had deep feelings for Charlene? Sami didn’t know that, but she did know that it this case, turnabout wasn’t fair play.

Sami heard the car door slam shut, and heard Charlene drive off, spinning her wheels and trying to throw gravel at Sami’s new car. Thankfully, she missed. Sami heard the muffled conversation, downstairs, between her parents, and Charlene’s parents, finally pulling a pillow over her head and ears.

The winter sun was setting when the soft knock at her door awakened Sami; automatically, Sami said, “Come in,” and was greeted by the sight of her dad, a small smile on his face.

Sami felt the heat rush to her face in embarrassment and shame, turning her face from her pops.

“Mom fixed you a plate of supper and has it in the fridge, baby, you know, if you’re hungry,” Sami’s dad said as he sat on the corner of Sami’s bed.

“Thanks, pops, but I’m not feeling very hungry right now, okay? Maybe later,” Sami replied.

The silence was deafening in Sami’s childhood room.

“Sami, just so that you know, about what’s going on between you and your cousin; well, mom and I just want you to know that nothing will ever change the fact that you’re our babygirl, and that we love you as you are, for who you are,” Sami’s pops said.

“And just so that you know,” Sami’s dad continued, “your cousin’s accusations in front of us wasn’t right; it wasn’t right to do that, to embarrass you like that, and its not like she told us something that we hadn’t already sorta figured out for ourselves,” he said, patting Sami on her leg, gently, fatherly, his touch, a tonic for Sami’s troubled soul.

Turning her head to face her pops, with her mouth open, in shock? Sami just stared at him, wanting to say something but her mouth just not working at the moment.

Smiling, Sami’s dad pulled his babygirl to his body, his long, farmer-muscled arms wrapping around her, protectively, his voice trying to soothe her crying.

“Sami, you’re just too pretty of a woman not to have beaus lined up clear back to Memphis; when you avoided dating in high school and at college, well sugar, your mom and me might be country, but we’ve still got a few brain cells between us,” chuckling a bit while his hand patted and smoothed Sami-girl’s blonde tresses.

Sniffling, but still keeping her head against her pops’ chest, Sami said, “And you and mom, ya’ll are okay with that?”

“We’re okay with you, Sami-girl, we’re okay with you; and if that’s who you are, then, yes, we’re okay with ‘that’, as you say,” planting a soft kiss to his babygirl’s head, afterwards.

They held on to each other for a while, neither talking, both letting the moment go where it will.

“Hungry, munchkin?” Sami’s dad finally asked, breaking the silence.

“I could eat,” Sami admitted.

“Yeah, you always could do that,” Pops jokingly said and giving Sami a good-natured shove afterwards.

“Yeah, well, it’s all that slave labor you had me do as a kid,” Sami teased back, pushing back at her pops.

Hearing them walking down the stairs, Sami’s mom walked in from the porch, and without a word, hugged her beautiful, golden-haired daughter, closing her eyes and thanking the good Lord that they had Sami in their lives.

Despite the horrible end of the old year with Charlene, it was an outstanding way to start a New Year.


Sami absolutely fell in love with Hawaii and had she been able to, she would have pressed the rewind button on her life to the beginning of their trip so that it would never end.

She got her very first taste of ‘Maui Wowie’ through Lynn’s friend, Pete, and knew, instinctively, that all other weed would forever pale in comparison. yalova escort bayan She and Lynn played golf, played with a couple of local college students, and of course, played with each other, neither tiring of bedding the other.

For Sami, however, one of the most touching evenings of the whole trip was the evening she and Lynn spent with the two ladies, life-partners, who lived up the road from their rented condo.

As Sami played with their dog and listened to the conversation, her heart ached for what she felt ‘might’ have been the future for her and Bonnie, had the fates dictated otherwise than what had happened on that horrible night that she lost Bonnie.

As much as she loved Lynn and Ali, she knew that they would, one day, be that couple, not she and they; and she knew that to think otherwise would be setting herself up for the heartbreak of all heartbreaks.

But for however long it would last, she could not deny the love in her heart for her two girls.


Sami had to pinch herself, at times, to check if she was really awake, and to see if all of this good fortune had, indeed, really happened to her.

By the time she left her two loves in Hawaii and had returned to the City, she had become an officer of their corporation, had been given the green light to pursue her website idea, and had been offered Ali’s French Quarter apartment to rent, for her own space.

The girls’ friend, Sharon, wasn’t exactly moving with speed in her search of an apartment for Sami; oh, Sharon had taken Sami on several ‘look-sees’ at places, but none of them met the criteria of Sami.

After the third or fourth such outing, Sami realized that Sharon was more about trying to get into Sami’s pants than she was about finding Sami a place to live. Not that Sharon wasn’t a ‘bedable’ commodity; she was good-looking, had a great body, and as sexed-up as any woman Sami had been around. Bitch was constantly horny, Sami thought, and seemingly always on the prowl for cock or pussy; Sharon was an equal opportunity slut, for damn sure, Sami had figured out.

But, for whatever reason, Sami wasn’t attracted to Sharon as a sex partner and fended off Sharon’s sexual advances, successfully.

Sami’s sex life wasn’t suffering, though, not at all.

There was Gina, an assistant to Ali’s lawyer who was ready to drop her panties for Sami at anytime, and seemingly enjoyed being Sami’s bitch whenever they were together.

Casey and Sami continued to see each other from time to time, their outings more like a real ‘date’ than simply a booty call. They enjoyed doing things together, outside of bed, and while Sami’s bed was always where they ended their outings, it wasn’t the main focus of their relationship, strange as that might seem.

Nikki had left New Orleans after Sami’s last fall semester, taking a position with UCLA as a department head. She and Sami’s last hook-up was a sweat-inducing fuck-fest that went on into the early morning hours and, indeed, left them with good memories of each other.

Su and Sami saw each other a couple of times a month and without the pretense of having a date; no, their liaisons was simply because they liked fucking each other, and no pretense was needed for that.

And, though not wise, Sami would occasionally bed one of the older, rich and bored clients of their gallery. Those that let Sami know that they fancied a romp in the hay with her, and to whom Sami was attracted, sexually, would usually be rewarded with a fucking of the century; not all, of course, but some, to be sure.

Sami, Lynn and Ali continued loving each other, of course, sometimes as a threesome, and sometimes, not; Sami was always ready to get into bed with either Lynn or Ali as a partner, and unbelievably, none of the three of them had problems with the one on one flings that Sami would have with one or the other..

Lynn and Ali loved Sami deeply but they also encouraged her to spread her wings as a young, single Sapphic Soul and date. The three of them knew that what they had would always be, no matter who Sami dated or fucked.

Sami did notice, however, after the three of them had returned from Hawaii, that Lynn and Ali seemed conflicted at times about the plans they had discussed concerning a gallery site in Hawaii. Indeed, they, Lynn and Ali, vacillated about decisions that Sami thought the three of them had agreed to, and that troubled Sami-girl, it surely did.

On a weekend getaway for the three of them, ideas were tossed about, agreed on, then rescinded, and then put back on the table. By the end of that getaway, Sami wasn’t quite sure what had been decided or tossed out of the idea basket.

Sami wasn’t quite sure where their heads were these days but she thought it best that she find out.

One thing that had been agreed to on that trip, however, was that Sami would model for Lynn’s Lesbian Erotica series that she wanted to shoot, using Sami and another model.

Ramona, yalova escort a tall Afro woman of incredible beauty, was Sami’s partner for the shoots. From day one, it was all she could do to keep her desires in check with Ramona. Their chemistry was sizzling hot; the camera saw it, Lynn saw it, and Sami felt it, as did Ramona, it turned out.

On the last night of the final shooting for the series, she and Ramona gave in to the lust that had been steadily building throughout the project. As incredible as that night of lovemaking had been for them both, it turned out to be only the beginning of the steamy, torrid relationship that they formed.


“Baby? Is that you?” Ramona’s voice called down when she heard the front door of Sami’s apartment close.

“Yeah, sweetie, it’s just me,” Sami called back, then heading for the fridge to grab a beer, calling back to Ramona and asking if she wanted one, as well.

“Yep, give me a second, and I’ll be right down to join you,” Ramona cheerfully replied.

Sami took a long pull at her beer, savoring its coldness as it ran down her throat, then laid her head on the back of the couch, closing her eyes in relaxation. She smelled Ramona’s scent before she felt her luscious lips on her own.

“Mmmm,” Ramona purred after she had kissed Sami, “I just love those lips of yours, girl,” smiling at Sami who had opened her eyes, and smiled back.

“Which ones? The ones on my face or the ones between my legs?” Sami jokingly asked her lover.

“Both of them, silly girl, both of them, of course,” Ramona joked back as she settled onto the couch against Sami’s body, putting a hand to pull Sami’s head to lie on her shoulder.

Stroking Sami’s face and hair slowly and softly with her fingertips, she leaned in and kissed Sami again, this time, a little hotter, and a little longer.

“Missed you, baby,” Ramona said as she hugged Sami to her body.

Ramona still lived with her roommate, at her own apartment, except on the weekends; on the weekends, Ramona came to Sami’s place, Sami having given her a key, a few weeks back.

She would move in with Sami in a fucking heartbeat if Sami ever asked her to, of that, she had no doubt. Ramona was ready to jump into a full blown couple’s relationship with this white girl, her white girl, but she knew Sami well enough not to push that agenda. No, Ramona thought, she wouldn’t push it, but she surely would work towards it with Sami.

“Sondra called a little while ago, by the way,” Ramona said to Sami.

“Booty call, I’d bet,” Sami replied.

“And you’d be right,” Ramona confirmed with a chuckle.

A couple of weeks ago, on a whim and because they were both stoned, Sami and Ramona had been talking about threesomes; the more they talked about it, the more they became turned on by the thought. Picking up her cell, Sami had called Sondra and asked her if she’d like to come over to party with her and Ramona.

“I’ll be waiting out in front of the dorm,” was Sondra’s reply, after asking Sami what time she’d pick her up.

Sondra didn’t even blink when she saw that Ramona was a black girl, and got into the threesome scene in a most willing manner, and that was the good news about that event. The bad news was that she called almost weekly, asking for a repeat visit with them, almost, it seemed, to the point of an obsession.

Sami and Ramona did have her back in their bed a couple of times, much to everyone’s satisfaction.

“So, do you want to call her to come over?” Ramona asked while she busied herself with nibbling on Sami’s ear.

“No, I’d just as soon it’d be just you and me tonight, baby,” Sami replied, “but, tomorrow, I’ve got a meeting with Ali and Lynn, and fair warning, it might be all day.”

“That’s okay, I brought my laptop and books, so I’ll be able to keep busy,” Ramona replied as she slowly started unbuttoning Sami’s blouse. Peeling Sami’s blouse aside, she dropped her mouth to suck Sami’s breasts, fondling and feeling her up as she did so.

“Baby, I’d like to hit the shower,” Sami to Ramona but enjoying what Ramona was doing to her titties.

“We will, baby, and maybe later, we might even eat something,” Ramona replied as she lifted Sami’s skirt high and gathered it around Sami’s hips.

“Looks like you’re about to eat something now,” Sami said as Ramona got on her knees and positioned herself between Sami’s now-spread legs.

“Just an appetizer, baby, just an appetizer,” Ramona smilingly said before pulling Sami’s panties from her body, then dropping her head to get a taste of her Mississippi blonde.

Laying her head on the back of the couch and closing her eyes, Sami ran her fingers through Ramona’s hair and allowed Ramona’s mouth and tongue to steal the tension from her body and soul.

And these days, with what was going on with Lynn and Ali, there was plenty of tension in Sami-girl’s life.

This would be the third meeting since Ali escort yalova and Lynn started making noises about moving to Maui, talking this nonsense about the pressures of the business, and of how the City had changed so much since Katrina.

Sami took it all in, saying little, biding her time to say what she wanted to say, and today, she thought as she drove into Ali’s driveway at the big house, today would be that day.

She loved her girls, did Sami, loved them dearly but today, she was ready to bitch-slap them both, if that’s what it was going to take to knock some sense back into their cute, adorable heads…




“No!” Sami reaffirmed, her voice a bit stronger, now.

“What do you mean, no?” Ali asked, her voice speaking for both her and Lynn.

“I mean, nyet, nada, zilch, nil, uh-uh, or however you take the meaning of the word,” Sami said as she stood, walked to the sideboard and poured herself a half-tumbler of Scotch, but not asking the girls if they wanted anything to drink.

Returning to her seat at the dining room table, Sami took a long pull at her Scotch, grimacing a bit as the liquor slid down her throat, and closing her eyes for a moment to gather her thoughts.

Lynn and Ali, a bit dumbstruck, simply stared at Sami, waiting for her to say more.

“Okay, you two have spent the last three hours whining and bitching about how the ‘pressures’ of the gallery are too much for you to handle; ya’ll have spent the last three hours boo-hooing at the state of things in the City since Katrina, and of how it’s just ‘too much’ for ya’ll to deal with; I’ve listened, and now, you will listen to me, okay?”

Silently, Lynn and Ali simply nodded their heads, their eyes on Sami, now.

“Do we have agreement that the gallery is doing well, that the gallery is an unqualified success much sooner than ya’ll anticipated when you opened it?” Sami asked her two partners.

“Yes,” was Ali’s terse answer.

“Do we have agreement that the website has been a roaring success, and that the stream of income is much stronger than any of us had thought when I got it running?” Sami asked further.

“Yes,” was Lynn’s contribution to the one-sided conversation.

“Then, can we assume that the two of you are satisfied with the way I’m running things at the gallery, and at the website?” Sami said further, establishing the basis of what was yet to come from her, in way of argument.

“Of course Sami, of course; Lynn and I know that you’ve taken over in a most admirable manner and are doing a great job; there’s no argument about that,” Ali said, once again speaking for her and Lynn.

“Then, why in the hell are you two fucking bailing out?” Sami threw at them, “why are you two wusses jumping ship?” Sami tossed onto the table.

“Look, I ‘get’ that you want to run away and spend the rest of your lives in the Islands; hey, I get that,” Sami said, “but, to abandon the City forever, to toss your dreams and hopes away because of ‘pressure’? What pressure, tell me, what fucking pressure?” Sami said, verbally slapping them both.

“Sami,” Lynn said, “It’s more because since Ali and I have been together, since we started down the road to opening the gallery, we’ve had so little time to do our art, and with our responsibilities, we have even less.”

“So, who’s stopping you, Lynn? Ali?” Sami countered, “I’ve got the gallery under control; I’ve got the website under control; I’ve got the staff under control, and you must think I do, otherwise, you wouldn’t be thinking about living in the Islands and letting me continue to run things, right?”

“Go to the Islands, buy a vacation home in the Islands, hell, spend a year in the Islands to get your shit together, if that’s what you have to do,” Sami continued with a bit of anger at these two.

“But, to toss your family’s home into the trash pile, to abandon this City forever? Sorry, that I don’t get, Ali,” Sami spat out with a bit of distaste.

“Ali, you, of all people, to even think about abandoning the City forever, that I don’t get at all; your family is part of the bedrock of this City, and yeah, I know that the City has changed since K, but Damnit girl, haven’t you guys felt the new vibe in this City? I’m not a native, and I can feel the new energy, the new vibe from those who have chosen to return, to make it better than it was before K,” Sami said further, then pausing to gather her thoughts a bit more.

“If the people who really know what a grand place New Orleans has been in the past bail out, then who will return it to that wonderful City that it has been?” Sami asked, rhetorically, “Who will ensure that it becomes so, again? Bail out and the very things that you want least will certainly happen, of that, there can be no doubt.”

“More than anything, the City needs the people who love it to take care of it, to make sure that the thugs and gangsters don’t bury it; look around, you guys, look at the young and dynamic Joes and Janes who have chosen to return, to recapture the city from the assholes that would destroy it; I can’t believe you guys would just turn your back on it, now, now when the future needs care-taking more then ever.”

“Sami…” Ali started to say but was cut short by Sami.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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