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“Come in, Carol, come in. I see you’re here on time….Mr. Roberts will be with you soon.”

Blushing slightly under the cute assistant’s stare, I sat down on a creaky plastic chair, watching the oak door in the corner of the room. Soft music played in the background, and it sounded like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. After a few moments of uncomfortable near-silence, the door cracked open and a husky voice rang into the room.

“Carol Jones? Mr. Roberts will see you now.” I stood up and picked up my purse and walked past the door, padding down a carpeted, dimly lit hallway and walked into a dusky office, sitting down on the old wooden chair provided. I was exited, my insides twisting into knots, my pussy dripping. The door shut behind me and the lights slowly came on. A balding man in his late 40’s sat across an old mahogany desk, meaty hands clasped in front of him.

“So, Miss Carol…Hm…I see you’re here to use my services, yes?” I nod meekly and pull out of my purse a rather large pile of $100 bills. “You have the payment, good.” He picked up the cash and counted it greedily. “Just as we agreed. Now, please follow me, and I’ll show you to your room.” He smirked and stood up with a small grunt, and I noted a large bulge in his pants. He waddled down a hallway I had failed to notice before, and soon showed me into a small, bare stainless steel room with a metal chair in the middle. Around the walls were many sealed compartments, and a few screens. I disrobed immediately, and smirked as I watched his eyes widen and his crotch swell up even more. “T-take a seat, miss.” He managed to get out, and I sat down on the cold chair, shivers running up my back as my bare flesh hit the freezing metal.

He eyed my clean-shaven, glistening pussy for a few minutes mardin escort before excusing himself, extremely red in the face. All around me, machines began to whir and clank softly, the door sliding shut seamlessly. Out of the chair and floor pop metal cuffs, which then wrap tightly around my wrists, arms, chests, thighs, and ankles. The chair then flattens out into a metal table, and it pulls me up so I’m laying on it, my pussy and ass wide open to the machines, my boobs pushing up towards the ceiling. Mr. Roberts’ voice came through a hidden speaker. “Don’t worry, Carol, I assure you this process is entirely natural. Please enjoy your last few hours as a female. Begin trans-sexual operation.” The screens blinked to life and I read the information blaring on them. ‘Carol Jones. 24 years of age. 5’6″. Brown hair, green eyes. Requested procedure: Gender swap.’ A female voice echoed softly into the chamber. “Carol, we’ll start by gently removing your breasts. Then, we’ll change your vagina and give you the reproductive system of a male and a fully sensitive, working penis. After that, we’ll shape your face, alter your fingerprints, change your hair and eye color. Are you ready to begin?” I blinked and nodded a little, murmuring, “Yes.”

As soon as the words left my lips, I felt something long, warm, and fat push up into my pussy. “Oh, and we will also wipe your memory and give you a fake identity and a fake childhood. Thank you for your time!” I moaned as the dildo began to thrust in and out of my pussy, and I enjoyed the sensation for the last time, moaning louder as it began to vibrate strongly, but strangely, I never reached a climax. Slowly, my chest began to go numb, and a metal thing shaped like a sports bra lowered onto my chest, pressing marmaris escort firmly – but not uncomfortably – onto my chest.

I felt the oddest sensation, a prickling feeling that soon changed to a pleasant sucking, and I felt my nipples harden up as something inside the machine sucked and played with my tits as I felt them slowly shrink, growing lighter and lighter. The dildo was still vibrating, and it continued to thrust in and out of me, and a small mechanical hand stroked my clit. I sighed and enjoyed the sensation, but my sigh was cut short as a burning pain ripped through my nipples. I cried out, then gasped as the metal lifted away and I was flat as a board, my DD breasts gone.

I became aware of the strongly vibrating dildo thrusting in and out harder and harder, then all of a sudden it stuck all the way up, shooting deep inside my womb, which it stuck to with sharp clamps. I scream and arch my back and then the dildo releases something into me, and I cringe and thrash as it feels like my insides are rearranging themselves, which they probably are. Slowly, the pain and uncomfortableness fades, and I wiggle my hips, gasping as I felt the weight of a large, dangling cock, and two warm, heavy balls rolling against my hips. I moan in pleasure, but my sound is quickly cut off as two thick pads press against my cheeks, and a metal mask presses hard into my face. Two thin tubes are jammed up my nose, feeding oxygen to me, and a thin prong pulls out my tongue, and the world goes black as a sharp prick spears me between the eyes.


When I came to, groaning, I blinked in surprise as a sexy male face blinked back, his beautiful lips twisting up into a sexy smile, black hair dropping into his strongly-chiseled face, his deep nevşehir escort blue eyes shining. I laugh, jerking as my voice comes out low, melodious and seductive. The table I was strapped to contracts and pulls me back into a sitting position as a comfortable blindfold is pressed softly against my eyes, a pair of thick, padded earphones fitting snugly against my head. A small, fleshy hand reaches out and grasps my new cock in its hand, another two hands taking my balls and starting to rub them. A buzzing sound fills my ears and tiny electric sensations pop up randomly all over my body, and I moan from the strokes on my cock. Suddenly, my cock is pulled into what feels like a throat, and it is sucked on vigorously. My mind spun in a whirl, utterly confused. A feminine voice whispers seductively in my ear.

“You’re very relaxed…so very relaxed…becoming sleepy…”

“No, I’m – what?” I say, confusedly. The mouth on my cock starts to suck me harder, the hands on my balls stimulating and rubbing me, and a hand starts to stroke my now-muscular chest.

“You are sleepy. Very sleepy…”

Against my will, I yawn. “Sleepy…” I murmur.

“You are so relaxed, you sink down into a very relaxed state….you want to go deeper and deeper.”

“Mmmm…” I sigh happily, letting myself fall into a very relaxed state, the buzzing in my ears fading, and I feel a pleasant tingling running up and down my body.

“What is your name?”

“Carol Jones..”

“This name is no longer yours. Your name has vanished from your memory forever. Now, what is your name?”

“Hmm…I can’t remember….can you tell me?”

“You name is Eric Jones. You are a 24-year-old male who grew up in New York…” The voice continues to tell me about my life, and I drink it all in greedily. “Eric?”


“You’re happy. Very happy….slowly, very slowly…you start to wake up.”

“Happy….” I mumble, smiling. As I feel the blindfold being pulled away, I open my eyes and stand up, admiring my body in the mirror.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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